You Know You Are a “Judeo-Christian” When:

1. You know you are a Judeo-Christian when:

You think that Muslims harbor “murderous intentions” and believe that “Judeo-Christianity” advocates preemptively murdering them, but you, two buddies and your “service” dog go to a kabob place to eat. “Within seconds” of entering the restaurant, you are confronted by the apparent owner of the store who objected to your dog being in the store. You are “fairly certain” that the man was a “Pakistani Muslim,” so you don’t seem to be blind. The “service” dog was there to “counterbalance, alert and guide” you, but you could tell that this man was a Pakistani and a Muslim. In addition, you see other people in the restaurant who “apparently” were Muslim “because of their coverings.”  Maybe you secretly dig Muslim chicks, but I digress. You then inform the owner of your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and demand you be served the food you ordered. I guess you must have phoned in the order because this conversation is taking place “seconds” after you entered the restaurant. The man complied with your request.

Of course, you, “love your neighbor” being the nice “Judeo-Christian” that you are.  However your “Judeo-Christian” beliefs include being “obliged” to kill someone you think is going to kill you. You point out, of course, that “the majority of Muslims here in our country are not about Jihad”. How nice of you. It’s their country too, but I digress. However, even though you have just said you don’t think they are about Jihad (whatever that means) you then end your missive with “However, a belief system which commands its believers to deceive and lie to non-adherents about their murderous intentions is most certainly  one that should be closely examined.”

You then submit this “story” to the living mummy, Pamela Geller, a woman who supports the mass murder of Muslims (though she also at least once tossed in Europeans too) so she can put it up on her website for every Shas Party reject to read.

Yup, that’s a Judeo-Christian for you.

One day I may talk about another “Judeo-Christian.” It’ll be pretty interesting.

2. Geller, Spencer, and the rest of the usual suspects exist for one reason only and that is to turn stupid “Judeo-Christians” into tools for Zionism at the popular level. On that level these leading Islamophobes are free to just make shit up which they do all the time.

On the other side of the coin, The M$M’s primary role is to make sure that slightly more educated and less reactionary people – many of them also Judeo Christians – are fed a higher caliber of Zionist bullshit with some actual facts tossed in because some of them sometimes notice the contradictions.

This carpet bombing of the American middle and working classes with two interwoven forms of Zionist Bullshit has helped lead us into ridiculous wars on terror, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, and on and on. It has also created a “legal” environment in this country which is nothing short of open warfare against Muslims living in the United States.  From all indications there are tons of people in government jobs at the federal, state and local levels,  most of them middle and working class Americans, who have swallowed all this Zionist Bullshit for decades. Many of these people are in law enforcement. (Law enfarcement would be a much better term.)

Take a look at this excellent article by Hussein Rashid about the totally out of control NYPD whose gross violations of Muslim rights resembles something you’d find in any totalitarian state. Rashid notes that the film “The Third Jihad” – a film made by Israeli-Canadian Rabbi and Zionist fanatic Raphael Shore and supported by crazies like Geller and Spencer – was shown to 1300 NYPD police officers (some reports indicate more) and ran on a “permanent loop” at their trainings.  The NYPD had denied this, but the truth came out anyway. And of course, the NYPD denied that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s own appearance in this film was intentional. Uh, err, except for the fact that he sat down for a “90 minute interview expressly for the film.”

Could you imagine if Kelly had sat down for a 90 minute interview for a film called “The Third Temple” while sending his officers out to spy on as many Jews as they could find?

Films like “The Third Jihad” and “Obsession” (also done by Shore) help lay the foundation for the complete disregard for the rights of Muslims in the United States and create the atmosphere that makes all of our killing of Muslims abroad acceptable.

Hatred of Muslims is not just rampant at the NYPD, as I’ve documented many times on this site, it clearly also permeates the FBI and the CIA. In fact the CIA gave the NYPD quite the helping hand with its Zionist-Bullshit spying on Muslims in New York.

Let me digress. Guess who narrated “The Third Jihad.” Zuhdi Jasser, Zionism’s token Muslim.  Guess who then led the demonstrations in support of NYPD spying on Muslims and which were mentioned in the MSM as if they were legit.  Guess. Shas Party members get two guesses and then they can click here.

3. It’s video time.

This is why “Judeo-Christians” should support gay rights.

(btw, I support gay rights, so come on Judeo-Christians, hop on the train.)

72 responses to “You Know You Are a “Judeo-Christian” When:

  1. Man,I am a christian but don’t go to any church,,95% of them are under the jewish spell,Jesus is right to call those Ashkenazi devils in Revelation 2:9,,3:9;;THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN,,all those stupid idiots that follow the jews will enjoy eternity in hell with them.
    Here is a best book every goy should read.

  2. Ex-Christian

    Actually, you know your a Judeo-Christian, when you:
    a) Cannot accurately quote the book you claim you believe in;
    b) Know nothing about history or geography;
    c) Believe everything your “pastor” told you, up to and including that all others are infidels, unworthy and destined for hell;
    d) Believe the God has “rewarded” America (somehow) for it’s war (on everything);
    e) Believe that only Christians such as yourself worship the “one true God”, and all else are heretics and / or enemies;
    f) Break your word, your commitments and your promises just like everyone else does;
    g) Support the war on “terror”;
    h) Encourage your neighbors, children and strangers alike to champion the American Way of Life as the “answer” to the world’s problems;
    i) Believe that all dark-skinned people are somehow “inferior”;
    j) Respect nothing, not even yourself;
    k) Receive your “opinions” about life, facts, culture, people and events from the network “news”;
    l) Smugly treat everyone else not of your “church” clan as inferior;
    m) Ignore the scandals, smut and financial ineptitude of your church leadership;
    n) Believe that the entire world must be proselytized for your particular brand of “faith”, so that everyone else can be just like you are — stupid, ignorant, inbred, racist, fearful and self-righteous.

  3. Well I don’t support gay rights! I support heterosexual rights! Gay rights is just more zionist bullshit!

  4. how totally incorrect! not to mention prejudiced. first, judeo-christian is a term that does not refer to specific individuals, rather a religious basis, coming from the Torah. second, islam is also of the Book. both are innovations of an innovation from egypt and babylon.

    but, you have your little spiel. not to mention gay rights is an issue completely dominated by jews. all the top leadership of all the special gay interest groups are jewish. so, if you feel PC, you have been brainwashed not to think.

  5. The Jews always have to remind you they have enemies….maybe, if they behaved better they wouldn’t have any….

  6. The Ashkenazim were not made “Proselytes” to the Anti-Israelite “Stool Sculpture Deity” cult the Synagogue of Stan until Circa 740 AD. Which is one very good reason to de-Jewify Palestine, Read Matthew 13 where the Messiah for Israel {the People/12 Tribes/Company of Nations/Europeans] tells about where the “Jew” worshipping MORONS/BRAINDEADGOY/TAXPAYERS are going…!

  7. We hate Islam…we do not hate Muslims…we hate the blindness that is on the heart and minds on Muslims ….they are terribly lost…..Love the Muslims but hate the blindness on their hearts from Islam!

  8. I believe the US military will mutiny rather than permit an Israeli attack in Iran or do the deed for the Israelis which is more likely to be favored by the brave heroes of Operation Cast Lead.

    Please consider: An American Mutiny In The Persian Gulf

  9. Gays don’t have any rights. The entire issue of “Rights” is yet another Ashkenazi/Jewish invention. When you agree that you have “Rights” you are giving power to those (above you on the Totem Pole) who are ready and willing to claim the power to give you those “Rights”, or to deny them to others. The entire legal system as we know it today is a Zionist/Jewish invention whose deepest legal roots lie in the rancid soil of Banking, and in the Talmud (a large compilation of ancient ‘Jewish’ writings and practises that few so-called ‘Christians’ even know exists).

    With all due respect to Mohammed (pbuh), the Islamic faith was created in order to oppose Talmudism. Therefore, all decent and free-thinking Christians (i.e., the true followers of Jesus, and NOT the brain-dead followers of the Jewish Bible) should be with the Muslims. I am a nominal Christian who has lived amongst Muslims for many years, and I can say that they are lovely people. This is largely due to their brains having not (yet) been warped or distorted by Zionist claptrap and myths as have most Christian’s brains.

    And yes, Muslim women are indeed ‘hot’ and often exotically and incredibly beautiful, but only in marriage. You don’t simply lust after a Muslim lady … you marry her. They all tend to have more curvaceous, womanly bodies … it is very difficult to find Muslim women who have those androgynous, stick-like body shapes routinely celebrated by the ‘Western’ fashion industry. Muslim societies are very healthy, which is why the Israeli elite like to recruit dumb American and British soldiers & airmen to pound Muslim towns and cities to rubble, in order to force spiteful degradation upon them. Remember!!! The same Zionist armed forces once did (between 1942 and 1945) the very same thing to Europe’s most beautiful and civilized people … the Germans.

    Moral of the story? More of us need to learn (rapido) how to add “2 + 2 + 2” together, without breaking into a sweat. Face up to it: the Jews ‘did’ the Second World War, initiated the NWO by instigating the United Nations, demanded the killing of JFK, and masterminded 9-11. The time has now come for everyone in the world who is NOT formally Jewish to recognize and accept what our common enemy truly is. And then act accordingly.

  10. skulz fontaine

    Devon buddy, are you out of your freaking mind? Dude…really. Who the fuck is “we?” Why would you “hate Islam?” Did some nondescript unmentioned “Islam” shit all over your corn flakes? Devon, about the only “blindness” I can gather from your ever so erudite remark would be your’s alone. As for Muslims being lost, I’m thinking you absolutely would NOT want to try a geography contest with ANY Muslim. You’d get your ass handed back to you on a used world atlas.
    I’m going to make one of those existential leaps of logic here and assume that you’re one of the asshat “Judeo-Ziongelicals” that MT comments about. Holy Balls of Boaz son, you are fucking ignorant as you are simply painfully stupid. One last thought bonehead, you sure as hell do NOT know a thing about the “love of Christ.”
    DISCLAIMER- affectations of the vulgar are purely my own and may in NO regard by construed as a reflection on the fine webby that is Mantiq al-Tayr.

  11. Joseph Small

    I live in a major American city. Every day, I see Muslims, hiding, in their clothes, the weapons of mass destruction. They are everywhere. Cooks, cabdrivers, delivery men, they are everywhere. My cell phone has an app, that measures skin color, clothing, and speech, and can instantly alert HomosexuaLand Insecurity that they are DROWNING IN TERRORISTS. They have never treated me bad personally, and many smile and try to be friendly, but I KNOW THAT THEY WILL RISE UP SUDDENLY AND TURN ON US, WHITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
    Do people actually think like this? My God.
    I’ve got a little poem I wrote: Islam this and Islam that, Islam thin and Islam fat, all this talk of Islam is giving me the blues, because the SAME THING HAPPENED when Hitler burned the Jews!

  12. The sexuals has their human rights like the rest of us no matter how they prefer to satisfy themselves sexually and i support the rights of all of us not to be mentally and visibly raped by the sodomites disgusting sexual parades. Sex is a private thing to the majority of us (who, as it happens, are non-sodomites) and so it should be held private.

  13. Been there, done that, got the Christian T-shirt

    A more succinct way of putting it:

    The Judeo-Christians believe that the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of endtimes Bible prophecy, and therefore Israel/Jews, a.k.a ‘God’s chosen nation/Jews’ can do no wrong and must be blessed and supported (moral or financial or political) by all believing Gentiles.

    If you want an accurate Christian theological definition for these folks, the best that I can come up with is ‘pre-millennial dispensationalists influenced by Zionist-twisted eschatology of the Scofield Bible’.

    Once you fully understand this, you’ll fully know the motivation behind all the quirks in their behavior and their way of thinking.

    I hope this has been enlightening for you.

  14. Lazio Giggalo

    New York City is a Totalitarian State under the Dictatorship of Emporer Bloomberg who illegally became elected Mayor through back door deals at City Hall! Why did he get away with it? Because he’s a Zionist who as Emporers do have a Statue of himself in Tele Vive in Israel! So no surprise The Emporer steps on the U.S. Constitution when ever he has the opportunity! Hense The Emporer bragged that he had the 7th largest army in the world with The NYPD under his command! The NYPD treat the Muslims like the Palestinians and no surprise there because Emporer Bloomberg is following Israel with Civil Rights Violations as the world saw with the brutal attack on the Occupy Wall Street Protesters because they occupied a damn Park named after Liberty! America is a changing Folks! It’s happening right in front of your eyes and heads just get deeper in the sand!

  15. matt Dillon

    Unless it referes to the oldest and most famous war in all of history, the term “Judeo-Christian” is as dumb an oxymorn as “political correctness”

  16. Hans U. Friedrich

    I largely agree, but would be happy if the term “christian” would not even in that sense being ab-used. The “judeo-chriatians” are no Christians! Period! They are religious Jews, and their religion is satanism. This is what Christ said, in his eternal word, the Bible!

  17. I can’t BELIEVE you said you support gay rights!

    What, are you committing suicide?

    If you are another psy op, congrat U fucking lations.

  18. The term judeo christian was invented after world war 2

    you gave qualifications for judeo christians with terms a to n—I had top notch nuns priests lay teachers because we were not taught any of their bullshit–so in my grammar school we would not qualify as JCs
    this was in brooklyn, NY

    we were taught to be honest, respect parents, work hard, be helpful to others, don’t steal, etc
    therefore we certainly cannot qualify as zionistas and JCs, and we have zilch in common with these evangelical idiots

  19. I can attest to the truth of this because I was raised as a Catholic to believe that the Jews are “the chosen people” and all that other nonsense. It wasn’t until I reached middle age that I woke up. That’s the kind of mind control that religion has on people. I cannot explain it. I did not question anything out loud (although I did question inside my head) because to question meant that YOU LACKED PROPER FAITH, and who wants to be known as a doubter when everyone else seemed to have this blind faith. To doubt was a risk because you knew that the people you looked to care and shelter you had blind faith and plus you loved them and so they must be right—right? It’s a big mind game. Also, no one wants to believe when they finally come to their senses that they have been lied to all their lives–that their lives have been a total scam. It knocks the wind out of you, disorients you. But what I realized was that it did not kill me to know the truth. Belief systems promote weakness, never strength. And I had to let go of my huge ego which was inside my head telling me that there was no way I could be so stupid to fall for such lies. I was that stupid, or human or whatever.

    I live a good distance from my parents who still believe in all they taught me to believe in. The last time I visited I had a discussion with my parents about 9/11 and asked them if they wanted me to tell them the truth of what I believed happened. They said yes and so we had this discussion about how the Jews control everything and how they are behind such suffering in this world. I called them human predators. Well, my father agreed with me on a lot of what I said then said, “But I have a hard time believing they are evil because the Jews are such a “religious” people.” I replied, “Are they really or is that what you have been told or have been shown by the Jewish controlled media?” He couldn’t really wrap his head around their awfulness and so the discussion ended. Hopefully I planted enough seeds that he will find the truth.

    All this to say that it is possible to disengage from their mind control. It is not hopeless even if you think it is. I am proof that the truth wins out. And I have paid that forward by teaching my children and attempting to open up the minds of my very mind controlled immediate family. We must do it compassionately because they are victims of the Jew’s mind control games and you cannot know what you do not know until you know it. I look at it that way. People are waking up to their deceptions. I see it every day. We have every reason to be hopeful if we tell the truth quietly and clearly so that those who have been lied to can process this information.


  21. makes no difference whether the evangelical twisted christians are in the US, or the part of Palestine which is now under occupation by twisted, psychopathic parasites, since both are morphing into something alien, driven by these aforementioned malign influences..

  22. Anything “judeo” is sick.

    Anything that “judeo” is appended to is becomes the antithesis of what it should be. Thus, a Judeo-Christian is an anti-Christ Christian, an oxymoron.

    Judeo, i.e., judaism is a system of thought that should be superseded by something better. As a Christian, I share no affinity with jews, except jews that may be evolving out of judaism, a la the editor and founder (I forget his name) of ziopedia, who considers himself a recovering jew, one who is throwing off his jewishness and trying to be human. I share affinity with his humanity not his jewishness. His jewiishness is anti-human.

    There are judeo-Muslims, and plenty of them. Or I should say that there are many Muslims that have much affinity with jews and judaism. I don’t understand that. I think embracing judaism is embracing anti-good. Jesus., Christ, represents, epitomizes goodness. I see Judaism is an anti-Christ, anti-good, system of thought so I don’t understand anyone embracing it or having any affinity with it.

    Feel free to correct me where I am wrong, judeo-Chrisians, judeo-Muslims… or Muslims that see so much affinity between judaism and Islam.

  23. How about this: “Christianity as we know it – a state-sponsored and protected religion with legal and corporate status – did not exist before the year 312, when Roman Emperor Constantine removed the proscriptive laws against Christians. In truth, the Christian religion is not the creation of Jesus Christ, but of Constantine, who invented the entity called the Roman Catholic Church when he granted it legal incorporation in the year 317. From then on, church Bishops became imperial advisors and trustees, and the Roman army marched into battle under the so-called Christian emblem, the Labarum (from the Greek letters “Chi, Rho”, X, P,, look it up), symbolizing the union of church and empire.”

  24. Like someone else said above, I also don’t attend a church, but I do believe their to be a God, and Jesus is the Christ between us to be able to have communion with God. without him, we would never have been able to reach the Lords ears. He would not have communicated with us or would have nothing to do with us. Thanks be to to God and his son Jesus. Who had mercy on all of us. Those who refuse to acknowledge the Lord as Lord of their lives will be lost forever and as they don’t see the truth for what it is, they will never see it. The Jewish people also have the opportunity to choose Jesus as their Lord and to serve him. To serve means to love your neighbour as you love yourself and to love God with all your heart, soul and mind. If you don’t love others, you are capable of killing them, destroying them and displacing them out of their homes. You are then the children of Satan and as such you will be compensated on the day of judgement.

  25. what you say about judeo/christian is really right, whether we should call them gentiles or not.Regardles,WE are the lost sheep of the House of Israel,and i dare say that close to 99% of the people that are calling themselves Jews are Edomites and not jews at all.In gen. 48 we see that Israels name is on TWO nations and that has got to be the british/commonwealth and the U.S. .Reading Ezekiel we find what is coming on the House of Israel in these two nations …not good ! In Gen.27:34,40-41 we see the Edomites will take over these two nation and yes they want to kill Israel (thats us) !! The present place called Israel (which should not be) is also ruled by these same Edomites !! We stupid christians..we’ve been had by Satans ministers,preachers and priests !! The mandate that started with Adam and went all the way to Josephs two sons (Israels grandsons) are still on these two nations ! Have these two nations got problems or what ? For you know the Almighty is NOT going to bless those that serve false gods !

  26. You write like you have brain damage or something. Really piss poor rants.

  27. It appears that the word Evangelical = Evil+ Angelical, and refers to Christians who have backslid into practicing the Judeo ritual covenant law of forcing prepuce excision surgery on infants and children, instead of practicing proper hygiene, just like the Islamics are doing, so no one is innocent, all are guilty of sexually traumatizing prepubescent humans. The Judeo/Christo/Muslimimic religions are all oxy-moronic.

  28. “Gay Rights” is another leg of the stool of the communist dialectic, to destroy the culture and family.

    Ignore all the idiotic theories about gays. They are simply developmentally retarded, fixated at age 4-5 to identify with their own sex for sexuality, rather than developing normally. Notice how all gays have this childish demeanor. Emotional regression teaches us that in times of stress we will go back to a point in development for our reaction. Gays are always under stress, so they are always acting out childishly, like a 5 year old – no consciousn, no regard for others, no regard for consequences. Just squall loudly and demand what your feelings tell you to pursue.
    That is why pedophiles are gays, they relate to children so closely.

    By the way, those liberal morons that think communism is the answer didn’t pay any attention to Communist Russia and China. Tens of millions of Christians slaughtered, gulag’d, abject poverty and totalitarian control. Communism is to keep the middle and lower class down under the boot. Don’t be such idiots.

  29. Did you really, actually, honestly say you SUPPORT GAY RIGHTS?

    I am still wiping the spooge out of my eyes.

    If an imam were to issue a fatwa on this, what would he say?

  30. And by the way, we are NOT humans!

    HU means monster in hebespeak, next time you meet an observant jew, ask if he or she is HUman, and see what reaction you get. If pressed to say they are HUman, jews will follow it up by muttering a hebespeak phrase that means I CANCEL IT, good fucking lawyers they congenitally are.

    Also we are not persons. The word person derives from the Latin word persona, MASK.

    Wise up. We are not HUmanity, we are men and women. People.

  31. ruby22-kate

    Say Mantiq you have really touched a few raw nerves here today (4-4-12).

    Equal rights for gays! gasp out loud, that is definately a Judeo-Evangelical third rail. I’d be willing to bet my entire monthly soc.sec.check that each and every person posting here today + yesterday has a homosexual relative somewhere in the family closet. Let me be the first to acknowledge that I have 2! Two, two beloved cousins, one of each gender,one passed to his eternal reward.

    That anyone would judge my departed cousin merely on his sexual preference does boggle my mind. Before you condemn him take a minute to think about the repercussions on his children and grandchildren (yes like most of his generation he tried the marriage route, he truly desired to be ‘normal.’.) Whatever that meant to him or anyone else. And naturally the repercussions on your own soul. Isn’t hate the epitome of evil, at least in Christianity, which is all I’m versed in.

    Yes you know you are a judeo christian if you automatically judge people on one little iota of their life. Before you judge & criticize could you at least ask if this was a good person? A person who brought joy into many lives.
    Or maybe you could read that Bible you’re always brandishing, you know the part where it says, “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

  32. Ruby, typical emotional response without critical thinking. Where are gays “judged” in my post, for instance? They are merely identified. If you like pedophilia, then what is the judgment? They think its ok.

    I am saying its a dysfunctional way to be, and really I would feel more sorry for them, if it weren’t for their squalling about their “rights” and how those who find their behavior repugnant and harmful to a well-functioning society.
    This is why Ahmanihad of Iran said they have no gays, they are a cultured society. Meaning they retain normal roles for men and women and things progress normally. No latchkey children, no nannies who are afraid to punish, no government to forbid spanking. No social engineering to destroy the family.
    Part of the dialectic is training you women to go with your feelings, without filtering them thru a brain. Just burst out if it makes you not “feel good”. You’re “liberated”! Make inane posts that miss the point. And no way you will understand or back down.

  33. ruby22-kate

    Tom, where on earth did you get the impression I was talking to you? My forte is not communism, and as to your post I’d say it isn’t yours either.

    And your theory that all gays are retarded/repressed at around age 5, why not expand on that pearl of critical ‘thinking?’ That is a judgment in my book, but if you have researched this maybe you could share some of your sources?
    I guess you missed the post by Fargane – “just zionist bullshit” judgment.
    Katz – paragraph 2 equates gays with Jews(that’s not a judgment according to …..?
    Anglo Saxon – gays have no rights, a bit weak but still a judgment……..
    Famagusta – parading sodomites are disgusting (no judgment there? ) Fargane, several more times, trying to get the spoooge out of his/her eyes, but not in a judging way?

    No critical thinking to find here, just pure d emotion, so no need to go over that again.

    Your ignorance is only surpassed by your ego.

    Maybe you, Tom, should examine your feelings, no skeletons in your closet, or is the word closet too scary for you?

  34. In my hysteria I missed this nugget you wrote Tom.”No latchkey children, no nannies who are afraid to punish, no government to forbid spanking.”

    Does this mean you’re a pedophobe? Do you long for the days when children could be legally abused and women were ignorant to the fact that the double x chromosome puts your paternalism out of business?

  35. Kate,

    Well, if you weren’t before, you sure are now.
    The Communists require destruction of the family to achieve their goals. So we have the bogus sexual revolution, aided by perverts like Kinsey, who published blatant lies in his “studies” to help us think we are all supposed to be cheating relentlessly; Hefner/Playboy and Penthouse destroying normal sexual attitudes; Steinem, who admitted she was enlisted to promote Women’s Lib for the EXPRESS PURPOSE OF DESTROYING THE AMERICAN FAMILY UNIT; and even rock and roll (yes, long story, but since you need proof for everything, for another time).

    What, are you supporting pedophiles? If you knew who was writing the history books, you would not claim that child abuse is lesser now than it was before. Where is your evidence for that? “Abuse” has been redefined by the feminazi social-engineering industry to accuse one of same if they actually order children to behave and do chores and have a consciousness. Like the wars on crime, poverty, and drugs, the war on abuse merely makes it worse.

    Remove the paternal influence and you destroy the consciousness of the child. Proof is all thechildren in adults; bodies we have running around, male and female, promoting evil, psychopathically attacking countries around the globe and turning us into a nation of mass murderes. And destroying any country that has a real patriarchy, the ONLY form of governance that is sustainable and for the good of all. Patriarchy is the difference between ethics (doing the right thing for all) vs. law, required by women who have no men to protect them anymore, hence the explosion of unethical government in the western world. Ghaddafi was a patriarch, and Libya, by the way, had the best women’s rights in the world by far.

    But the morons that listen to National Petroleum Radio and other corporate/Pentagon outlets believed the garbage about him being a ruthless dictator”, a load of typical hogwash trotted out before we go in and loot the next victim of our fearless leaders.

    No, lets don’t spend time talking about critical thinking, since it is not something you are familiar with. Since you can’t rebut the gay “theory”, ask for proof, which of course the apologists don’t have for claiming it is natural.

    No matter how delusional you are about chromosones, you need the government and laws to protect you now, instead of good ethical men since they have gbeen demonized and are afraid to go near you nasty crazy lying unethical reactionary b*t*hes. There are a lot of men in jail right now for lies about abuse, eagerly believed by the feminazi domestic legal system, and when the woman finally calms down and recants, nothing happens to her. Back to Communism, they have won, and that is why things keep going down the tubes. Believing women = men is extraordinarily ridiculous. Women in charge hasn’t made anything better, except you “feel” better about not having to be real women anymore. But you are the world’s biggest users of anti-depressant drugs. Congratulations. So much more, but I know when I’m talking to myself.

  36. Eh Tom, I only have a couple minutes to chat with you.

    What gay theory are we speaking of here tom, yours, that children are traumatized into homosexuality and never mature? What you call apologists others call researchers. I note you give no sources, your rant is misogyny 101.

    And as for calling women lying unethical reactionary bitches – you need to know that it is your true colors shining through.

    Gloria Steinem & the CIA, am familiar with it, also am aware that women still only make 70cents to a man’s dollar, rock & roll, I like the way it lets my emotions rule me, and except for your closing remarks “But you are the world’s biggest users of anti-depressant drugs. Congratulations. So much more, but I know ” you forgot to blame drugs.

    At that jab about anti depressant drugs – are you directing that at me? I hope not.
    I’m sorry for you that the xy chromosome is obsolete, but not sorry for any women in your life.

    And stop trying the pedophile thing on me, I love children, I passionately love children but I have never had sexual fantasies or acts with a child.

    I was a widow at 27 with two children, 3 & 5, they survived the trauma of losing their father, it did not make them into aimless criminals, sex perverts or any of the other slime you post about.
    My conversation with you is over, Tom, I think you’re a jag off.

  37. Excellent article!!Judeo-Christain is an oxymoron.JEWS DON”T USE IT!!!!Old time Catholics-till Vatican 2 NEVER DID!!!!The term originated with the English Civil War of the 1600’s.Merry old England;the one without Jews/usury,and a Central Bank sudddenly was awash with ‘Preacher’s sent in by Jews.These Tyndallites,and Calvinists turned the ‘conservative’ middle class,into Jew loving,freedom anti-tax,the hell with everyone else,;God gave me my money types.SOUND FAMILIER?Thy got these nuts elected to Parliment,than made an allience with the first ‘Commies’-THE LEVELLERS!!!!Sound like NEOCONSERVATIVES HUH???Their leader was Oliver Cromwell,He got his funding from who?THE JEWS,who he promised re admittance to Britain,and a Central Bank under there control.A return to the INTEREST that the King opposed.All of this done in the guise of BIBLICAL TRUTH.Their victoriouse forces were known as he JUDEO-Christains.The King,a traditional Christain who believed in traditional Christianity,which is liberation from Jewish nonsense,and no adherence to it,was beheaded after a mock trial.The Jews were left in,and Christmas was banned as a ‘Pagan Holiday.’.The theater closed.Church going was forced.The Catholic Church banned,and the Puritans reigned.Ot was hell,and we ive under that formula again!!!!Its always the same.REMEMBER JEW ARE NEVER ANYTHING BUT JEWS.THEY ARE NOT DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS,Anti-King,or Pro-King.Communists or Capitalists.They use these systems for control.AS for Gays.The Pro-Jews and Anti-Jews use this issue iike they use them all.We should fight as they do;I don’t care your personel life if it is amongst consenting adults.JUst mind your business, but FIGHT THE ZIONISTS!!!!

  38. J ews
    U sing
    D eranged
    E vangelical
    O rators

    C reate
    H ypocritical
    R eligious
    I diots
    S erving
    T he
    I ntolerent
    A mbivalent
    N ihilistic
    I nsufferable
    T yrantical
    Y ahweh

  39. Anglo Saxon

    Message of support for ‘Tom’ … posting on the topics of Communism and Femo-Nazis.

    You are “right on the money” my Brother! Broadly, you appear to have correctly assessed several of our root problems.

    Maternalistic societies (as best expressed by the Maternal Utopia we otherwise know as the ‘USA’) spell doom for those who adopt such gender-skewed, social and legal biases.

    Don’t waste your time arguing or debating with the “ruby22-kates” of this world. They are only capable of ‘thinking’ with their emotions. She already dislikes you (because you dared to answer her back and point out her errors) therefore her a-priori emotional bias will now prevent her from ever seeing the clear logic in your arguments. Remember that MRI scans have proven that the female brain is hyper-connected to its emotional centre (the Limbic System).

    The United States (and United Kingdom, etc) will never be healed until all women under the age of 35 are excluded from politics. Period. Without the female vote, there would never have been a “Bill Clinton” or “Barack Obama” in the White House. The exclusion of hormone-saturated young women (i.e., aged under 35) from national politics is another reason why traditional Islamic societies are healthier than comparable ones found in the so-called ‘West’ (‘West’ = code word for those areas under Zionist dominance).

  40. Thanks, Anglo Saxon. Yes, ruby22-kates was a classic feminazi nutjob who is a waste of time to try to teach anything.. Since she has nothing of value to say, she used the classic technique of “dismissing me”, after babbling on for a bit. Off to gossip with her friends who probably have synched up their periods. women only gossip, they don’t think, they have been taught to “honor” their feelings. But the equation is…feelings tempered by thinking equals proper emotions. Which is why they behave so irrationally and inappropriately. The thinking filter is bypassed because feminism told them it is ok.
    Came back to make sure she saw the Cassandra Kennedy debaucle in the news this morning, where the feminazi court system took the word of an 11 year old girl to incarcerate her father for 11 years before she finally decided to recant. She did not have an attack of conscious, only the father can impart a conscious with patriarchal rule, but she probably figured out that the Cowlitz feminazi DA would let her off with a little lecture. “To encourage others like her to come forward”. Give me a break. Shhould have said “to encourage other she-males to come forward and accuse men wrongly to they can get their just deserts for being men, and the she-males don’t have to worry about consequences to themselves.
    The brainwashing and social engineering of the Amerikan she-male is complete, since they lack the filter to question the con job, and the intellect to overcome it. Plus, it just “feels good” to go along with the absurd arguments against men, which like Kennedy case, are based on lies. Most women are hopeless, the only good ones left are actually not available, they married good men and are avoided the hopeless lonliness of the feminazi.
    I refuse to vote for a shemale. They do not have ethics, are not properly aggressive (they are nasty aggressive, emotion-based, not thought-based), cannot think things through critically and for the greater good, hate men, are trying to compete with men who they cannot compete with so they have to be liars, nasty, irrational, condescending, and do everything they can to promote women and degrade men.
    Their place would be in the home, a critical part of society, but too late, and our children have suffered greatly. So feminazis are pointless. Dangerous, though, and self-assuredly delusional, so they are a menace to a properly functioning society. Its too late, the bad guys won. Stupid women.
    Why is rascism, sexiam, etc-ism so very bad, but feminism is ok?????

  41. Anglo Saxon

    Tom … Alex Jones is seldom 100% correct on anything (in my opinion) but I won’t castigate him for it. He’s still doing very useful work for the powers of light.

    Please find time to check out his recent “Prison Planet” report posted on YouTube (linked below), featuring a British girl named Katy Perry. It usefully illustrates some of the reasons behind the sick, social symptoms that you have rightly highlighted.

    Good luck my brother, and remember to stay centred!! Ultimately, most of our femo-nazi womenfolk are simply victims of calculated evil, just like the rest of us. But I must agree with you, their displays of egocentrism are truly hard to tolerate, especially when the female in question is over the age of 24. You’d expect them to be emotionally grown up by that age. In a healthy society they would be.

    In several respects, the Brits appear to have a bit more spine (willingness to speak out) than the average American. True or not, this next linked article will probably make you laugh, and also confirm many of your suspicions about ‘feminism’:

  42. I’ve watched a few Pam Geller videos on youtube. She reminded me of a “Goodfella” wife so naturally she would only attract the same cheap trash mentality. Who are the Islamphobes and Zionists…they are the criminals, cons, and the kind of Christians I went to church with when I was growing up. Worshiping white Jesus God and pity the other fools. They huddle together as if the darkies are after them with their hoodoo voodoo. They worship Israel. The best day of my life was going back to town as an adult and announcing my conversion to Islam. And later my marriage to a Muslim man and later my 4 Muslim kids. Now I go back and talk about the evil of Zionism ha ha ha! I made sure to live in the ME for a few years so that I could dispel their illusions with authority. My evil onslaught seems endless and they wish they never knew me…
    Some of us never do get with that synagogue of Satan program, we are spared by the grace of God! Did you hear that Devon?

  43. Dante Ardenz

    Alex Jones is a Zionist false flag operation.He has a Jewish wife and attributes todays problems to hidden Nazis’s which is absurd nonsense.His theories are all approved by the ADL!!!!THatswhy he is even on the air.He works on distortion ignorence,and confusion.If Nazis ruled anything the Jews would rule nothing.But I see,he and Fatso Limbaugh(Zionist Shill,Pervert,Liar) even have influence on here(Femanazi, I see used here).And don’t give me that Hitler was a Rothchild BULLSHIT.He confiscated there wealth and appropriated there art!Churchill and Roosevelt,the Bolshivick rulers were backed by them,.NOT GERMANY OR THE AXIS.The Grand Mufti of Jeruselum backed Germany.There were Muslim units in the German Forces!!!!So if you seek to win this fight.Get yourselves a some good history books,and OPEN YOUR MINDS!!!A house divided against itself cannot stand,and using the Israel Nazi propagana merits you all no friends.THere was vast Anti-German propaganda in WW1-WW2,pushed by Jews just like against the Muslim world today.Repeating this stuff is absurd! READ SOME REAL HISTORY BEFORE YOU SPEAK.LEARN/READ like the Great Prophet told you!!!DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT.COM-Author Churchills War,Hitlers War.HIS BROTHER WAS A MUSLIM CONVERT AND RAF COLONEL!!!!!

  44. bintal3aasifeh

    Is it me being a typical Arab or are there a lot of crazy white people making comments today?

  45. Anglo Saxon,
    I had given up on Alex Jones, but that video is the most important one I have seen in a while. All of a sudden I have utmost respect for his intellect and intentions. Geez, I will start tuning him in again. This is mindblowing.
    Alex has tuned into the teachings of Elder George, at
    Elder George gave up on the commentary after 2011, when I convinced him it was all over, but essays before then, and his books, are absolute truth and wisdom. And they are absolutely respectful of females.
    I just get pissed off at the feminazis, because I have finally learned for good that they will not wise up, and life is too short. Apparently they think things are getting better in our lifetime. The power of observation requires critical thinking..
    Thanks for the Alex Jones video.

  46. OzzieThinker

    That video was a cracker MT. All that was missing was a big sloppy kiss. I won’t be taking up the mayor’s offer. If Jerusalem was the last place on Earth I would rather perish than visiting. Happy Easter to you and your readers, by the way. Some interesting comments here this time. I will read them carefully over the weekend.
    The problem with prejudice is it comes back to bite its critics. There is no doubt that “Christians” are defacto Jews and the planners ensured that they follow the Torah religiously. There is also no doubt that the Jewish God is a racist bigot. If we take the fall of Jericho, the fantasists like to present “magical trumpets” hailing a valiant stampede ridding the world of terrible “heathens”. But the ancient texts tell a different story. In fact God decreed [for some unexplained reason] that the riches within the walls of Jericho “belonged” to the Jews. So there you have it. “God” reassigned property so all must be good and righteous. It seems the trumpets had little to do with the fall of Jericho other than sounding the call to arms. Jewish assassins were hiding in the house of a harlot called Ramah [from memory]. So to the Jew, blessed are the harlots and those who deceive. The “righteous” Jews made off with 3 tonnes of booty and massacred every Goyim man woman and child outside Ramah’s household. Nevertheless reading the accounts of Mohamed’s atrocities in Medina, I find a similar philosophy. At least, from memory, he at least offered to spare the women and children though.
    As Persia/Iran is a topic of interest currently, the special relationship with the Jew is captured very well in Esther (KJV Chapter 8-9). Jolly old king Ahasuerus decided to marry Esther, who happened to be Jewish and the niece of Mordecai. The Persian king’s right hand man and 2IC was a fella called Haman. It appears that Haman had discovered that Esther had been “married into” the royal family to give Mordecai control of the country. Outside the perplexing mystery of how 75.810 “mighty men” could have been slaughtered in two days by untrained and unarmed “slaves”, Esther [upon Mordecai’s guidance] did target the complete ELIMINATION of all the power of the people. To me, with my limited intellect, that sounds like an order of genocide against the ancient Persians. This genocide is celebrated today. It is called Purim. Of course it would be impossible to kill 75 thousand mighty men without massive casualty unless you gained the trust of every household and poisoned its members, for instance. We learn from the Passover that Jewish households were difficult to distinguish from any other, so they need to mark their houses. Were they slaves that lived precisely as their captors or did their coexistence with the Goyim “feel like” enslavement?
    In spirited debates with my Muslim comrades, I keep asking the same question. “Tell me how Mohamed has defied the Torah and show me you are not Jewish”, I say. Thus far no one has provided any insight as it seems Mohamed did not defy the Torah and, as with the Judeo Christians, Muslims are defacto Jews too. Anglo Saxon I would love to see evidence of how Islam was “set up to oppose the Talmudic tradition”. In the chapter “Mohamed and the pig” of my book, I see his defining the pig as unclean the key. Of course, in his example the pigs dig up the water filled skins and ruin a “miracle”. Thinking about that were the pigs being celebrated for their ingenuity or rebellion against fabrication? Alternatively Mohamed’s ire might have been real and maybe he felt that ignorance is bliss and his followers should believe his tricks. When I think about the Jewish and Muslim tradition, I draw the conclusion that the pig might be very satisfied with the outcome. As unclean, their flesh is effectively hallowed and they appear to be worshiped deceitfully. Of course the Jews claim it is obvious. The pigs are “dirty animals” and will roll in muck out in the desert. However when I analyse the facts I come to very different conclusions. Yes the pigs will roll in excrement when housed in confined dwellings, but in the wild they roll in dirt to attack parasites on their bodies. Rolling in mud is also clever, as the water evaporates less quickly and they stay cooler for longer in the heat of the sun. They are also not that much more ”dirty” than any other wild creature. Indeed dogs display far worse behaviours.
    Pigs are described by animal psychologists as deeply sensitive. This is a trait of vanity. Hierarchically, they are a selfish social animal and strictly observe the rule “every man harry for themselves”. They are also, as Mohamed found out, renowned for their cunning. There is one final thing. In Animal Farm why did George Orwell select the pigs as deceitful leaders? It is no secret that the Russian revolution was a Zionist bankrolled coup d’état. There is no secret that all the instrumental members of the Soviet Workers Party were Jews. There is no secret that the ruling elite behaved like pigs. The only question that needs to be answered is do pigs set the moral and social standards for humanity?

  47. Anglo Saxon

    @ Dante Ardenz | April 5, 2012 at 9:02 pm |

    Great post Dante. I do identify with your concerns. But, don’t worry, I only ever watch Alex Jones’ videos with a critical eye. It seems like commenter Tom also employs the same intellectual care.

    I know who Alex Jones’ sponsors are. He is connected with an Jewish/Israeli intelligence gathering outfit based in Austin, Texas (from where he broadcasts). I forget the name of this organization, but you will readily find it with some well-targeted searches.

    Yes, and don’t worry! I too have noticed his obsession with ‘Nazis’ … in fact it seems to be de rigour for his well-produced videos to talk rubbish about “the Nazis” and 1930s’ Germany during the first 15 minutes of his every production. Go back and check for yourself.

    I never single source my information. I can take just 40 percent from any Alex Jones video and still come out ahead. Same with David Icke. You will find much of value in Icke’s videos, but almost every release of Icke’s still contains some claptrap or other about “we are all the same” and “racial differences only exist in the imagination” nonsense. Icke too obsesses with the abstract concept known as ‘Nazis’ … which when you analyse it is next to meaningless. Throughout the 20 year (approx) existence of the NSDAP party, they never referred to themselves as ‘Nazi’.

    For those starting out, who have not yet learned how to discriminate, then it must be tough and often confusing (as it was for me 7 to 9 years ago).

    I agree … the term “femonazi” is kind-of silly, but unfortunately there are females who do fit this bill to a Tee. Wish there weren’t but there are. Especially in the USA and Canada! Perhaps the label “mentally sick” might be more appropriate?

    And as for the (still ongoing) demonization of Adolf Hitler and Germany between the years 1933-45, it seems the PTB are very frightened of anyone attempting to revert back to any of the policies he and his NSDAP party used to great effect. Particularly Germany’s reversion to barter and their rejection of the International Banking system. I believe this is the real reason why Germany had to be entirely destroyed … they were demonstrating to the entire world the degree of fantastic success (economic, scientific, cultural, and spiritual) that can be quickly achieved once you divorce yourself entirely from the International Bankers. The whole tiresome issue of the ‘Jews’ and the Holocau$t is a side-show, and a contrived distraction which is presumably why a man who only enjoyed political power for 12 short years is still being demonized 67 years after his inglorious death in an underground bunker.

    Good luck to all, and a big thanks to my Muslim brother Mantiq al-Tayr, for maintaining this excellent blog.

    Be of good heart Brothers. The days of Judaism’s dominance will soon be ended. Keep up the pressure Brothers, and DO NOT RELENT.

    Best wishes from your ‘Christian’ Brother … angelsächsische.

  48. Anglo Saxon

    @ OzzieThinker | April 5, 2012 at 11:16 pm |

    As you might have anticipated, I cannot provide any evidence to show that Islam was set up to oppose Talmudism. That is simply a theory … a proposition. It would make sense considering the local history of those early times.

    What I do find interesting is that the early Muslims would pray facing Jerusalem. Only later did they suddenly alter their rituals in order to face Mecca.

  49. bin dead awhile

    hey MT hope you well. Firstly I dont bat for the other side, its just not cricket. Personally whatever anyone does ‘hidden’ the imperative word being hidden, does not trouble me, as when we stand in the namaaz line we are all equal and Allah will be the final judge. But… Now heres the kicker, but if you do things openly and force Me to accept your beliefs then I have a problem with that. There is no compulsion in religion even if the religion is holcaustanity, statnism, talmudism or even homosexuality. So if anyone practises it keep it to yourselves and partners, cos you deep in your hearts know its wrong. Amal bin maroof nahy anil munkar. (Mt dont get angry, transliteration is not my forte)

    @ozzi. If the author of the great book has one message (for now we will use the ten commandments, you wouldnt like your neighbour messing with your wife now would you?) and sent it to one group of people in australia the black fellas(aborigines) for instant, they rejected it so he sends it to the dingos, but before it gets to them the black fellas wipe off the messanger, ol shiela. So now he sends it to the convicts from england. Guess what they to it like a duck to water.

    But it was the same message get tweaked here and there. The pig is also not allowed in christianity so is usuary. You see the christians dont know about it cos the FULL message never get to them. Did not Jesus(P.B.U.H) throw the money changers out?

    On another note, The fast of muharram the Prophet P.B.U.H. Said the jews fast on the one day, oppose them and fast on two. With regards to the beard he said keep it but take the stash off cos the jews keep theirs. You say you wrote a book, damn i live in a pineapple under the sea, but read the Quran properly it can give you some understanding.

    On a side note i like to know what story you have about the pig digging something out. Its the first i have heard of it? Give me sources.

  50. bin dead awhile

    @ ozzie, with regards to pigs.. I have been to farms and seen after one male has sex with the female another one will come behind lick the sperm and proceed to have sex with same female. I believe in you are what you eat. So today we look at people who eat pigs take on the personality of pigs. You see westerners let another man kiss his wife and think nothing of it. Behaviour i have seen with pigs. Monkeys dont allow another monkey to touch his woman, same with animals in the wild. Go to kruger national park, dont look at national jewgraphic.

  51. bin dead awhile

    Mt while im in tha mood……wheres MY videos???? Comeon nigga trows a bro a bone. Im dying here for crying out loud. Oy ve i give up.

  52. can you give me the video or you tube that you are referring to with elder george alex jones as shown in paragraph written

  53. mantiqaltayr

    Sure thing. I’m also making you the featured link for a post that’s going up in a few minutes.

  54. The Final Battle Is For Your Mind And Soul!
    Google: The Mind Has No Firewall, it’s written by the military and is a must read!
    Until they have plugged us all into the internet with our minds and keyboards/mice are tossed behind us, ways to ID us in every aspect of our lives will continue, because the machine of blackops is never satisfied, never full. It won’t be until we’re all hardwired into the global manufactured, false reality, second life like abomination of Internet 6.0!

    Smartphones = lie with a sweet name
    patriot act = lies with a sweet name

    Just as I’d imagine they’d call some type of legislation against Christianity, the “True Cross act of 2029!” it’s all a big game of lies, folks! Lies!

    Your soul is what they’re after! Rebuke all entities trying to communicate with you in the name of Christ Jesus, Yahweh, Holy Spirit, watch them run, watch them flee! They are scared of the mighty One True God. Do not be fooled by darkness, it has no real power.

    But there are those who will accept what these evil entities have to offer, delusion and a false belief they’ve gained hidden knowledge. Remember, “nothing is new under the sun”.

    Everything hidden will be exposed when God returns, and the evil creatures fear Him, and rightly so! The humans who have been lulled by these evil entities are afraid, too, they do their best to bash precious Christ, but they will be defeated in the end, unless they choose God. They will be thrown in the same lake the invisible serpents and scorpions will be thrown into.

    The “don’t tread on me” flag is illuminati garbage, the same snake image is on Metallica’s black album cover. The Bible gives Christians the power to TREAD ON SERPENTS AND SCORPIONS and OVER ALL POWER OF THE ENEMY. These are mentions of real, spiritual enemies! They should be tread upon at all times! They are weak but God is strong!

    They’re running ANCIENT ALIENS on THC and aliens everywhere, occult symbolism in everything you could imagine, popular music, movies, television shows, comics, entertainment magazines, you only need to know what to look for, this whole world is polluted by the occult, they want you to kneel on the commands of evil, do not fall for the trick, do not fall for the false illumination, come to Christ and CLAIM the power over ALL EVIL!

    Never forget: The beast system longs to trick and absorb us all, for any true Christian is a threat to the beast system and its lies.

    When you gain confidence in your faith, they will send messengers in human likeness or humans taken over to try and pollute your belief, to try and sway you from your faith. If you follow a paganized form of Christianity or give up your belief, the attacks will not be as pronounced, or they may stop altogether, for you will have “fallen away” and aren’t a spiritual threat.

    WE are ETERNAL beings, the powers of darkness despise this and want to rob us of our heavenly place in our heavenly home.

    Avoid ghost-hunter shows, anyone searching for ET or other such garbage, they are all manifestations of the same evil. Trust God and His Word. People posting against this truth are likely a part of the delusion.

    The cover of The Dark Side of The Moon album is illuminati proof, summed up in one photo, of a (spiritual) transformation which is a lie. Don’t be fooled by creatures appearing as light or bathed in light or blinding you in light. Reject them all through Christ and they will flee like the cowardly vermin they are.

  55. OzzieThinker

    Read all comment – my Easter sacrafice. No really all contribute including the “femo-nazi”. If there is to be free speach at all, the views of those you detest must be set in equally prevelance to “favoured opinions”.

    Personally I start overy days with a couple of rashers of bacon, which gives me the right outlook. The good news is that it is Zionism that is in crisis. You see world populations have become so big and confused that the brotherhood struggles to sort the wheat from the chaff. Not only that the pesky Goyim have figured and are starting to play the Israelite’s “game” against them.

    My personal concern is this started way before the Israelite was created and all the prejudices that led to the outcast derelicts, the massive planetary and interplanetary wars are still alive and well. Exclusion NEVER worked. Attacks always result in counter attacks. THERE IS NO RIGHT AND WRONG – ONLY “PREFERENCE”. As Bertrum Russell said, “unless mankind learns to cooperate it will destroy ityself”. The truth is out of the bag and the game is up. Everyone need to start behaving like adults.

    Followers of Mosaic law be aware there is a single commandment. It is “thou shalt not Steal”. You accept that and you turn preferences in to “rights”. No one was “given” anything [other than their lives] but everyone decided they would take it anyway. You have turned that gift of life into a right. Out of that ignorance and confusion satanic laws wage war on every freedom of conscience aided and abetted by the power of the “majority”. Such is the hatred of proscribed “victims” they try and force “redemption” on offenders, just as the medievil torturers collected “confessions”.

    I had not heard that “Hu” was a euphamism for “monster”, but it is correct. The very critics of the Zionist appalling practices are equally revolting to God. Different facets of nature, different characters did not appear “by accident” or as a result of an evil “alter ego”. They are different sides of the same object. Separation of spirit and soul has created some unnecessary confusion, but everything can and will balance. Only the meek can inherit the earth because warriors are destined to detroy it.

  56. owainglyndwr1416

    You know you are a Judeo Christian when: A Jew tells you White Phosphorus is a defensive Weapon and you believe him/her

    A Jew invites you to witness Kaporot Chicken sacrifice and you don’t see anything Satanic or cruel in that vile rite.

  57. owainglyndwr1416

    If you don’t know what Kapparot is prepare to be shocked

    They call it ritual slaughter.. Sorry it is ritual Sacrifice.. Satanic, Evil.. disgusting.. I know now why those sick freaks refuse to assimilate..

  58. ruby22-kate

    So now I’m labeled femo-nazi? Where does this type of language stem from? Am I talking to Rush Limbaugh devotees?

    I’m here, I have a purpose here, I’ve been invited here and I won’t censor myself to please you.

    I see Tom’s purpose is to bully women that don’t know their place (to be the slave of a slave?) Your hatred of women has oozed down the blog, making everything sticky with your fear/hatred, and other excretements.

    I’m very disappointed, that after you’ve had time to think it over and gained support from Anglo Saxon & Ozzie Thinker, that it encourages your hatred and misery to congeal, to harden into mega misery, for you and everyone that comes in contact with you. You’ve hurt my feelings, if that was your intent, but as a woman, bigotry is no stranger to me.

    I’m done with the topic, I enjoy reading the comments here, that’s part of the reason I’m here. You can go back to your brilliant critical thinking; you admire the communist Moammar Gadafi,and yuo hate communism cause it didn’t work, except when it did under Gadafi?

    Happy Easter everyone, excuse the off topic b.s. I could only watch 2:34 of the video, too disturbing, must be my crazy, hormonal emotional feelings………’.feelings of an almost human nature, that will not do. (from The Wall, Pink Floyd)’, that devil rock&roll.
    You know you’re a judeo christian when it’s more important to take a personal ad hominim jab at me than to focus on justice for Palestine.

  59. owainglyndwr1416

    @ruby22-kate Don’t mind anyone calling you a Femo Nazi.. Since i learned the TRUE meaning of National Socialism i became one overnight.. The truth is we have been lied to by evil Jews for so long now that to be called anything associated with Hitler or WWII Germany is supposed to be the worse thing you could be labelled .. I say SCREW THEM and besides the last time a Jew told the truth was?? erm NEVER.. It is not in their scheming nature and its a Religious thing for them to lie so Nazism ?? Cool as f*ck..

    I am getting really irked with the use of Nazi symbols to explain pure evil.. Pure evil is the Hammer and Sickle and that Satanic once Red; Blue Hexagon of ZioSatanism. Hitler was in the process of booting all of the Jews out of Europe to Madagascar..

    Hitler declared War against Stalin because he understood how evil Communism is but he was BETRAYED by the Allies .. Churchill said after he erased Dresden “We slaughtered the Wrong Pig” and it wan’t long after the War that the Iron curtain went up and the beginning of the cold War .. Pattons views on Russia got him assassinated..

    Commi bastard Jews murdered 100,000,000 Gentiles.. Where is our holocaust memorial ??

  60. @owainglyndwr1416 Well put! What you wrote is complementary to AngloSaxon post, which I replicate because is too important to do not:

    “And as for the (still ongoing) demonization of Adolf Hitler and Germany between the years 1933-45, it seems the PTB are very frightened of anyone attempting to revert back to any of the policies he and his NSDAP party used to great effect. Particularly Germany’s reversion to barter and their rejection of the International Banking system. I believe this is the real reason why Germany had to be entirely destroyed … they were demonstrating to the entire world the degree of fantastic success (economic, scientific, cultural, and spiritual) that can be quickly achieved once you divorce yourself entirely from the International Bankers. The whole tiresome issue of the ‘Jews’ and the Holocau$t is a side-show, and a contrived distraction which is presumably why a man who only enjoyed political power for 12 short years is still being demonized 67 years after his inglorious death in an underground bunker.”

    The two posts I liked more so far ! Thanks a lot !

    P.S.: Our memorial is burning day-in-day-out before God the Father: it is Jesus Christ, the paschal lamb slain. Happy Easter.

  61. OzzieThinker

    @ruby22-kate I never said anyone “was” a femo-nazi, but I am happy to communicate with anyone and listen to their views. No-one is excluded including femo-nazi’s,

    Unfettered Pentateuch can be found in the Book of Devarim (5th book of the Torah – watered down in Deuteronomy).. Goyim are translated as “strangers”. Boy I’d hate to be considered a stranger by a Jew. Let us be precise here. Not all Jews are Jews. They have to be direct decendants of the old Israelites

    And animal sacrafices are not just ok, they are permited by God. Children must be sold for 5 Shekels….and according to “God” (ROFLAO) the Goyim must willing capitulate with everything outlined in the Pentateuch. Who WROTE the pentateuch? Surely not DIRTY STINKING ISRAELITES (as oposed to a clean sweet smelling Jews)……;-)

  62. Dante Ardenz

    ThisEaster I attended a lovely dinner which was ruined by JUDIO CHRISTIANS!!!!Oh they were dear modern Vatican 2 Catholics.The man was actually of Middle Eastern Desent,the wife,pure German American,their son a geeky Catholoc School boy.Guess what?The Jews did not really kill Christ!!!And what a shame that ‘evil’ man Hitler hurt them.The great,courageouse and Historian David Irving(Please see David Irving Action Report was no good)-his brother was a Muslim convert and RAF Colonel,but they didn’t like Israel either.The Roman/Ottoman,Egyptian,and Persian Empires,Greek,or Germanics were irrelevent,and just the pure light of that corrupt Rothchild paid off,terrified of the Jews entity known as The Vatican,was any good.They told me to read some of that part Jew Pole,and Zionist toady John Pauls writings, YAWN!!!Forgive the abusive Nuns and child molesters they encourage,and read some creepy Jews book on the Holahoax,Gagg.So you see dear comrades in this fight.Their are Judi0 Christains everywhere.Consciouse and unconsciouse.Just drooling over the ‘Chosen People’.Thats why I cannot ever call myself a Christain.I believe in God.But not any Church who in ANY MANNER endorses,gives credit to,or has any sympathy for Jews,uses Hitler as a constant demon,or waves that Jew Red and Blue flag.With Jews one can NEVER compromise.Why?They never compromise.Thats why they rule us,and make US LIKE IT.

  63. owainglyndwr1416

    When the Pope says Jesus was betrayed that is all he says.. He doesn’t say Jesus was murdered by Jews (Jesuits made sure of that Ker-Ching)he merely said Jesus was betrayed (like the Millions of kids abused by the RCC).. I was told all the Jews and Judeo Christians are going to Hell.. That is all well and good but does that mean we have to put up with their lies and warmongering ways ? I say NO.. We have a voice so use it .. I do !! OK i get strange looks when i preach honest sermons in public places like Supermarkets but the urge to speak out is too great.. I haven’t many disciples yet but i have managed to educate and surprise a few open minded people..

  64. OzzieThinker


    The problem is that “history” is bullshit. “Hitler” was an Israelite by decent on his mother’s side. His REAL name was Adolph Schickelgruber. He died in 1976 under protection from Mossad. They have banned his name in Germany in HOMAGE to greatness as no one is more “worthy”.

  65. Anyone who self-identifies as a Jew is a Jew. I’m not saying genetics aren’t important – the cliche about the apple not falling far from the tree is right on.
    I think in the nature vs nurture argument that nature is the dominant factor. But there is much to be said for nurture, if you’re raised in the Jewish culture you may pick up mannerisms (where in nature you can see in a child’s posture & expressions echos of their family even if they have never even been exposed to their biological family.

    But in this world, in this time, if you claim you are a Jew or you convert, like Netanyahu’s latest babble “if it walks like a duck…etc.” if you walk like a Jew, talk like a Jew, claim Jewish as your ethnicity, you are a Jew.

    The emplasis on Khazars, Israelites, esau-edom, are all interesting but only serve as a distraction if your goal is to support Justice for Palestine and her people. That is my opinion, we have enough diversions & I’ve watched folks whose eyes glaze over when the topic is ancient history.

    I think we gentiles can take a page from the jewish strategy, focus on the usurpation of Palestine, focus on the abuse, racism and crimes committed by Jews, unless you’re preaching to the choir.

    I find all the background extremely interesting, but I’m a reader and most folks I’m in contact with avoid reading, to them it is at best a chore.

  66. Dante Ardenz

    Insanity;I shouldnt even respond.Yea,right.Hitler the Jew,and his powerful Zionist Nation was defeated by the gloriouse Anti Jewish Forces of FDR,Stalin,and Churchill,who were surrrounded by Jews.What a joke.Your point is?You hate jerws so you seek to identify them with Hitler and Germany who are daily vilified by the Jew media,and their Uewish toady’ doing so it might cvonfuse,and confound for a time,but it makes any Anti-Zionist doing it look the fool in the long run,and by peddling such lunancy ultimately turns any movement combating world Jewery ineffective to the extreme.

  67. OzzieThinker


    You must understand that the game is cloak and dagger. Everyone wears a mask. Scruples are a distinct weakness. Imagine the world is a chessboard and historic events are the moves, but the “game” is controlled and only really played by the Israelite -whether white or black. Imagine that “prophesy” is actually a set of INSTRUCTIONS to be carried out by your decendants. If you can imagine that you will gain some insight to the truth and reality.


    The Israelite has a code that is hard to break. perceived traitors are not forgiven. I understand the difficulty in being born Jewish and having scruples.

  68. I agree with Dante on the Hitler as a Jew distraction. Look at how effectively it can divert from the topic. Besides, just a year ago they tried to undermine Khadafi by claiming he was Jewish.

    And to be called Jewish when your not seems to be on par with calling a heterosexual male gay – how can you defend yourself from these types of ad hominem attacks? You can’t, you probably must endure them.

    In some minds, the thought of Khadafi as Jewish was enough of a rationale to murder him. It cost him support in his time of need.

    Humans are social animals. Humans will compromise and self-censor to avoid ostracism. I watched the entire Goldstone fiasco with morbid fascination. From his basically honest, if watered down Report, to the gloating of Jewish organization leaders when he capitulated so he could attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah.

    We saw a man of good will publically corrupted and humiliated in front of the world,
    I think we all have defining moments such as Goldstone. I think we should make obeying our conscience a habit, Dilemmas such as Goldstone’s would be easier to endure and much easier to decide morally, if he had practiced morals routinely.

  69. owainglyndwr1416

    Here’s a fine piece on the Goldstone report and Abe Foxman being a terrorist : uber-Jew and Nazi-hunter Abraham Foxman of the Anti-defamation League, which essentially defines “defamation” as any criticism of Jews or Israel. According to the Israeli newspaper Harretz, Foxman called on Goldstone to repudiate his own report. Said Foxman: “I know you to be a proud Jew who serves on the Board of Trustees of Hebrew University and who has a daughter living in Israel,” which was a veiled threat as to the quality of life Goldman’s daughter, Nicole, could expect henceforth living in Israel.

    Nevertheless, Goldman did not budge and the UN Human Rights Council endorsed the report.

    But eventually Goldstone succumbed to the hateful invective of Foxman and the other pro-Israeli Jews. In what at first looked like an April Fool’s joke, on Apr01.2001 Goldstone published an op-ed in the Jewish owned and controlled Washington Post. Taking an “if-I’d-only-known-then-what-I-know-now” approach, Goldstone walked-back his own personal conclusions in the GR that Israel had purposfully targeted civilians in Cast Lead.

    Well, what does he know now that he didn’t know then? Recall that Israel resolutely refused to participate in the UN’s investigation, which is why he didn’t have information from the Israeli Defense Forces then. Instead of cooperating with Goldman and the UN, what Israel did instead was to have the IDF investigate themselves. And they did this behind closed doors. And they concluded – surprise! – that there were no problems. According to the IDF, they did everything according to the book and the problem was that the Palestinians kept getting in the way of the IDF bombs. Like that pesky Halima family of 5 who were killed when the IDF dropped white phosphorus bombs on the family home. Or that al-Simouni family of 29 who were all killed in their beds late at night when the IDF dropped a bomb on their house.

    According to his OpEd, after reviewing the IDF’s investigation of itself Goldstone is now alright with these murders. For instance, that nasty bombing of the al-Simouni family was just a regrettable human error says Goldstone, “apparently the consequence of an Israeli commander’s erroneous interpretation of a drone image.” And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut would say.

    No doubt now that her father has retracted his “anti-Semetic” criticisms of Israel, Nicole Goldstone in Israel will find fewer cold shoulders, and Goldstone will have proven himself to be the “proud Jew” of Foxman’s assessment. I can’t wait for Foxman’s endorsement of the retraction he orchestrated.

    In closing, I note that the Goldstone Report was not the product of just one man. It was the product of intensive investigation and writing effort of an entire team – the Mission. Goldstone does not own the report he is named for any more than Amerigo Vespucci owned America, and Goldstone’s after-opinion of the Report is of no greater import than the opinion of any other member of the Mission or any member of the Human Rights Council, which accepted the Report.

    What about AIPAC on Goldstone ? Here is one i uploaded earlier.. Be warned ,,This is depressing

  70. Yes that was a depressing video – it reminded me though of how Pres.Obama was, allegedly plucked from Harvard, to be groomed. It is all so cynical, diabolical.

    I was unaware of the veiled threats re. his daughter, wonder if they use these kind of tactics to recruit her?(such as ‘your dad messed up, you have to make it right)? She may not suffer as much overt shunning after Daddy capitulated, but she’ll probably never be trusted. thnx for video.kate

  71. Call in to mainsream radio shows & wake up the idiots about the evils of Jews & Zionism. dont say Jew say Zionist or they will dismiss you as a “Jewhater”. Get it out that theyu did 9/11. “We the Jewish people control America & the Americans know it”. Ariel Sharon 2001.

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