Peres, Pollard and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

As you all are no doubt well aware, Israeli Vice President for American Affairs, Baruch Obamabaum, is awarding the Medal of Freedom to life-long Israeli terrorist and war criminal Shimon Peres. This makes perfect sense because I believe that there is some sort of secret Vice-Presidential order that probably reads like this:

“To be bestowed whenever possible upon war-mongers, terrorists and just plain assholes who are able to make their crimes against humanity disappear like Jimmy Hoffa’s body. Whenever possible, this award should also be considered for winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, an award whose by-laws are pretty much the same.”

But not so fast. There is a ground swell of support against Peres getting this award. Yes indeed. There is even a petition with over 10,000 signatures on it already. No, it’s not the Gilad Atzmon letter, which I happen to think was secretly authored by space aliens (or Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid – same thing really), but I digress. And no, this groundswell of populism doesn’t seem to be coming from Code Pink or even CNI.  Nope, it’s coming from the Republicans (and Democrats) favorite country, Israel.  Here it is:

Now for those of you who have not yet mastered the official language of the United States government, here is a Google translation of the petition. Please note, Google translate sucks, but it seems to pretty much get most of this one correct.

Posted on: 20/03/2012
In honor of Israeli President Shimon Peres
Honorary President of our country,
Re: Urgent action release Pollard

Israeli citizens we wish to congratulate you for that U.S. President decided to give you theU.S. Medal of Freedom symbolizes the values of justice, freedom and human rights, and got your statement that the Medal is dedicated to us, the citizens of Israel.
However, precisely because of higher values of this medal represents, we feel that we can not accept the receipt at the same time that the U.S. still holds the Jonathan Pollard hybridization for over 27 years with American officials now also a first class already admit that the continued detention is contrary to morality and justice.
We ask you to take advantage of the unprecedented diplomatic position to take immediate action for Jonathan’s release prior to receiving the medal. Only in this way can be to prevent the receipt of the Medal of Freedom would be a mockery to Jonathan and for our country.

With great appreciation,
Citizens of Israel

Hope you all were able to figure it out. If you were not, please sign up for Shas Party membership. To do so you can go here, here, or here.

Please send the link to the petition to “your” (hahahahahaha) representatives in the House and Senate and have them sign it. For the very few of them who do not speak Hebrew you can send them this link with instructions on how to sign the Hebrew petition without one even having to know what it says. They do this all the time with legislation like the Patriot Act, so what’s the BFD?

In fact, go sign the fucking thing yourselves. Here’s a pic of the instructions.

So go for it.

And here is a link to show you how to contact your very own (hahahahahahahaha) congressman and senators to send them the instructions on how to sign the petition. As I have indicated, the directions are so simple even Shas Party members can follow them – hence CFI Herman Cain should have no problem.

12 responses to “Peres, Pollard and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  1. As much as I love & cherish you and yr site, I am at a loss to understand what this means:
    “No, it’s not the Gilad Atzmon letter, which I happen to think was secretly authored by space aliens (or Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid – same thing really)”.
    I know you are swamped by the rising tides of Zio-fascism, as are we all, but I’d be most appreciative if you can rephrase this so I can better know what you meant.
    Cheers n beers, J

  2. skulz fontaine

    Dear Citizens of Israel:
    Please fuck off. Sincerely. By the by, Pollard is a treasonous swine and SHOULD have been stood before a firing squad and had his brains sprayed for distance. That Jonny-boy is living out his venal existence locked up, is really some tough shit. Really. Three hots and a cot. Criminy.
    Anyway and lastly dear Israelis, lay off the Palestinians and please to climb your illegitimate asses back inside those pre-1967 borders and get the fuck over yourselves.

  3. owainglyndwr1416

    Beautifully written though dragging Eric down is a tad misguided as i have read some well researched material by his truly; that aside Bravo !!

    Here’s food for thought .. Israel has made numerous requests recently for the release of Pollard and they even used Tamar Fogel ..”Tamar who ??” Itamar massacre/false flag/ inside job blah blah ,,They couldn’t get their stories right from day one. The “terrorists?” from Awarta jumped over the Electric security fence, The terrorists Cut a hole in the Electric Fence, He/They Triggered the alarm 8 times, He/They didn’t trigger the Alarm , The Murders happened at 9.30, The murders happened at one in the Morning … get the picture ? The Morning of the “murders” NetanYahoo when hearing of that evil deed declared “We will Build 500 new illegal settlements 100 for each life [quote] “They kill we build”

  4. The parasites occupying Palestine, and their political/christian slaves in the US, live in a weird little world of their own, which no-one else can fully fathom..

  5. John P. (US) Soldier

    The fat pig, Pollard should be hung, the traitor that he is.

  6. World Citizen

    When we see Israel pardon Mordehai Vanunu, and give him total freedom, pus several tens of millions of dollars for pain and suffering in restitution for his heroism.

    Plus Bibi Netanyahu on his knees, in tears, begging Mordehi for forgiveness, will the traitor Pollard get maybe a day off his sentence.




  8. I agree- starve the bastard. He eats too well and do give him a medal shaped like a big sausage and shove it up his arse.

  9. Do you all have any idea what us longstanding veterans who have seen the worst of the system feel about medals. I can’t use that language here but for fun you could try a lot of things-see what melting point is of medal-stick it on side of a grill or stove. You could see what effects of cow manure are when you leave medal in cow pies.
    I have patches and painted sheets that say war is a racket among other things and you can do some cute things with the trinkets on your protest sheets and other textiles.
    I have given most away-to kids. Sometimes you can take an itty bitty drill and make the medal look humorous.
    USA campaign medals are an engraver’s nightmare as they are poorly done- very simplistic- at the level of elementary school work. There was this coin commemorative type for USO and it was so simple but poorly done that one of the Mint leaders asked if a grammar school child had designed it The USO is a damn good organization. Poor Pat Tillman has his stuff up at some airbase connecting center near Kabul- I was there but cant remember the name.
    As a ww2 101 paratrooper told me – he told his company commander to take his (101 trooper) bronze star for valor and battlefield promotion and shove it up some general’s or politician’s arse..

  10. Am I mistaken, or did Shimon Perez’s public history begin with Zionist terrorism?
    We don’t negotiate with terrorists, we just give them medals.

    Is there a campaign to rescind Obama’s Nobel PEACE Prize or is it up to me to begin one?

    I think for every Israeli politician that requests Pollard’s release, another non-revokeable six months should be added on.

    The same goes for every street, park, building, parade, party that is named and celebrated for Pollard, that’s right more time owed. We’ll keep him alive in a cryogenic tomb (about the same as Lenin’s tomb) no matter how long it takes him to pay his debt to society.

  11. for those of us who did milkitary time in war, it is all laughable
    this zionist can have his phony piece of junk

  12. naturally like your web-site but you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to tell the truth then again I’ll definitely come again again.

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