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Yona Metzger: A holy man for all Judeo-Christians

1. Well goys and girls, things are really fucked up. You know it, I know it, and the murderous assholes who run the world know it. We’re fucked but there is at least one thing we can do. We can pray.  And as a public service to all of you (known as tikkun olam, hebrew for CYA), we here at Mantiq al-Tayr have found a beautiful prayer for you to recite. Really beautifully composed by one of the world’s great spiritual leaders. No, I’m not talking about the Reverend Ted Pike, besides he is too busy watching TV these days, nor am I talking about some dumb ass grand moooofti in Saudi Arabia or Egypt, nor something from an OmyGodattolah from the land of the Great Boogeyman, nope. Something much better and more relevant and very American.

Yes, goys and girls, here is a prayer you can say for Jonathan Pollard.  It’s a lovely prayer. Seems to be used a lot according to this page: (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor, Umm Daud al-Almaniyyah who asked not to be identified.)

Many synagogues – including all of those belonging to the (orthodox) Young Israel Synagogues, affiliated with the national religious movement – have announced that they will adopt the prayer written by the Chief Rabbi for Pollard who is jailed in America for espionage on behalf of Israel. The synagogues say they will recite the prayer every Shabbat, after the Torah reading, along with the Pra yer for the State of Israel and the Prayer for the Success of Israel’s Soldiers and Security.

The prayer was written by that chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger back in 2004. The prayer is very much supported by that fine organization, the National Council of Young Israel, a 501(c)(3) featured on Mantiq al-Tayr in the past.  As the NCYI says:

The National Council of Young Israel urges people to say a prayer on behalf of Jonathan Pollard, which was composed by Rabbi Yonah Metzger, the Chief Rabbi of Israel.

So I call on everyone who does not want to be called a “jew hater” or an “anti-semite” or a “supporter of Gilad Atzmon” to recite this prayer every Saturday, or Friday night, or both, or Friday at noon, or Sunday morning, or all of these combined.

Here’s the prayer.

Let Us Prey

For those of you who do not know the official language of these United States, I provide it for you in English translation, courtesy of the Justice for Jonathan Pollard website.

Prayer for Jonathan Pollard

May He who blessed our forefathers

Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaacov,

Moshe and Aharon, David and Shlomo



who did so much on behalf of the Nation which dwells in Zion.


May the Holy One Blessed-Be-He protect him and save him

from all anguish and distress and from all affliction and illness.

And speedily release him in complete freedom and grant him the merit to go up to Zion joyfully,

And bestow blessing and success upon all the work of his hands.

May he merit long life and may his years be blessed with abundant strength and peace.

For the sake of all of the congregation praying for him

and in this merit may the Holy One Blessed-Be-He bestow mercy upon him,

strengthen him, and end his distress.


Our Father in Heaven may it be Your will

that our prayers and requests come before Your merciful throne

And in the merit of the forefathers redeem the sons,

and realize for him the verse

“Take my soul out of confinement to praise Your name”

Speedily in our day, amain.

2. Okay, I can hear it now, “Mantiq, you have no business translating “tikkun Olem” as “CYA”. There are plenty of folks who take the term very seriously and try to do good in this world.”

Yeah, I know, and I wish them well. But I’d like to see them say “Enough is enough, no more Zionism.” Then the world might become a much better place.

Not gonna happen.  Deal with it. But I digress.

3. Maybe the video below should be named “Good Jewish Bitches“? Sounds like a great title for a TV show.