Congressman Ackerman: Free Jonathan Pollard

1. Two Israel-firsters and members of the tribe just sent this letter to the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA), Baruch ObamaThe letter downplays the seriousness of engaging in espionage against the United States on behalf of US allies which makes me wonder what these two are up to in their spare time. Of course Israel is an enemy of the United States, but that concept is well beyond the grasp of the two cretins who signed the letter below.

March 6, 2012

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

We are writing you again to urge you to use your constitutional power to commute the sentence of Jonathan Pollard. Such an action would not in any way imply doubt about his guilt. Mr. Pollard committed serious crimes, and he has admitted this and expressed remorse. The fact remains, however, that there is a great disparity between the amount of time that Mr. Pollard has served and the time that has been served by many others who were found guilty of similar activity on behalf of nations that, like Israel, are our allies. Mr. Pollard has been incarcerated now for over twenty six years, and from our perspective this stands as a sufficient time from the standpoint of either punishment or deterrence. We further believe that at a time when Israel, our democratic ally, is being faced with a range of difficult decisions, a decision by you to commute Mr. Pollard’s sentence would not only be a humane act, but would also be taken in Israel as a further affirmation of the strong commitment the U.S. has to the ties between us, and we believe that such an affirmation could be especially useful at a time when those decisions are being made.


Gary L. Ackerman

Member of Congress

Barney Frank

Member of Congress

The Yeshiva World link on which I found this letter tells us the following about Ackerman:

Congressman Ackerman is the most recent Democrat to serve as Vice Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and is a member of the House Financial Services Committee. Ackerman is also the Ranking Member and the most recent Democrat to Chair the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia. The subcommittee, which is a key panel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has jurisdiction over U.S. policy towards countries in the Middle East and South Asia, including Israel and Iran.

That should raise some alarms, but it won’t. It’s just business as usual in the District of AIPAC.

Selections from Ackerman ‘s wiki page:

Other highlights include the Congressman authoring legislation that required President George W. Bush to impose sanctions against the Palestinian Authority for not complying with peace agreements it signed with the U.S. and Israel.

On October 10, 2002, Gary Ackerman was among the 81 House Democrats who voted in favor of authorizing the invasion of Iraq.

Ackerman is also well known for his many missions to feed the starving people of Ethiopia and the Sudan and for playing a leading role in the rescue of Ethiopian Jews and aiding their emigration to Israel. Active in the Middle East peace process, Ackerman has met with the current and most past Israeli prime ministers and the heads of all the Arab countries in an effort to help secure peace in the region. He also ventured toKashmir enduring sub-freezing winter temperatures in an attempt to secure the release of four western hostages.

He was one of only 22 Congressman and one of 2 Democrats from New York to vote against a resolution calling for the protection of the symbols and traditions of Christmas. The resolution, which did not include language that would protect the symbols of other religious holidays, passed 401-22 in the House in December 2005. This isn’t the first time the Congressman was labeled as anti-Christian; in April 2003 the Catholic League for religious and civil rights attacked Ackerman for voting against a non-binding resolution that would have declared a day of prayer in recognition of the U.S. war in Iraq. He was also criticized for calling on Bush to demand U.S. Secretary Rod Paige‘s resignation for stating that values taught in Christian schools are better than those learned in public schools.

According to a Washington Post database, Ackerman has missed voting on 80 occasions pertaining to a variety of issues, including the Pension Protection Act, the Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation Act, and the Honoring the Contributions of Catholic Schools.[11][12]

In June, 2001, Ackerman honored King Christian X of Denmark for his wearing a yellow badge armband during World War II in support of the Danish Jews who had been ordered by the Nazi occupation to wear yellow badges, although Jews in Denmark were never forced to wear an armband, and the story is merely a legend.[13][14]

On May 22, 2008, Gary Ackerman submitted the controversial resolution H. Con. Res. 362 which opponents call a declaration of war against Iran.

On January 12, 2009, Gary Ackerman admitted to arranging a visit between Israeli officials and a defense contractor at the same time he was investing in that contractor.[15] Although the visit did not result in any official deal between the parties, questions regarding his ethics were raised.[16]

On January 2011, Gary Ackerman criticized Jewish organizations including the Jewish Voice for Peace and J Street for their perspective of what actions had to be taken for a lasting Mideast peace.

Ackerman has a long history of war  mongering against Iran. He begins this piece from 2008 in a fit of hysteria.

There are three things that are of the utmost importance in the Middle East right now: Iran, Iran, and Iran.

Why? Well of course it is the nuclear weapons that Iran doesn’t have now and sure as hell didn’t have in 2008.  He calls for dialogue with Iran – but that call is just a ploy, part of the trap that is now in place.

Also, in 2008, Ackerman did the following (this is the guy who claims to call for dialogue and it shows you how duplicitous Zionists and Israel-firsters are):

In 2008, the 13-term, AIPAC-supporting, Democratic Rep. Gary Ackerman co-sponsored a resolution along with GOP Rep. Mike Pence declaring Iran to be a threat to “the vital national security interests of the United States” and “demanding” that the President impose a full-scale naval, air and land blockade on Iran, i.e., start a war against that country . . .

Just last month Ackerman decided that it was up to him to decide what Iran’s foreign policies should be. I’m not making this up. The full statement is here. Below are a couple of my favorite quotes: Red highlights are done by guest editor today, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

So Tehran’s outreach to nations in the Western Hemisphere is justifiably met with suspicion and grave doubts about Iran’s intentions. A nation that is the world’s principal state sponsor of terrorism; that is responsible for subversion throughout the Middle East; that has spent billions to avert Arab-Israeli peace through the most disgusting acts of terrorism; and that every day, for years, has defied the clearly expressed will of the entire international community to meet its nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty obligations and come clean about the illicit military aspects of its nuclear program can’t be accepted as a legitimate participant in this hemisphere’s affairs. Iran is up to no good, because that’s what Iran is always up to.

So it doesn’t matter what Iran actually does – facts are irrelevant – because Iran is “always” “up to no good.” By the way, doesn’t his description of Iran actually apply much more to Israel? But I digress.

But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does:

We are—proudly—the enemy of all the ayatollahs seek to achieve. We are opposed to their dreams of hegemony in the Arabian Gulf and throughout the Middle East. We bitterly condemn their massive and ongoing violations of the rights of the people of Iran. We will not allow them to destroy Israel or even to attempt it. We will not allow them to control the region’s natural resources and, by extension, the world’s economy. And most importantly: we will prevail. We will win and they will lose. Together with our allies and partners, we will ensure the peace and contain and ultimately see the Iranian threat crumble and dissolve.


Four years of war-mongering against Iran on behalf of  Israel. That’s the kind of person who wants Jonathan Pollard free. 

But I’m not done with Ackerman yet.

Glenn Greenwald sees what’s going on here, I anxiously await for Greenwald to be denounced as an anti-semite, but he won’t be and you’ll see why below. Greenwald writes:

Two weeks ago, Rep. Ackerman — standing in front of an Israeli and American flag — delivered a blistering 8-minute speech in Manhattan, in which he railed against the Goldstone Report, the Palestinians, the ”Arab world,” the mere suggestion that Israel might be to blame for civilian deaths, and the threat posed to Israel from Iran

Greenwald then points out the obvious:

Ackerman’s short speech is really worth watching, just to get a sense for what is driving a substantial part of the increasingly strident calls that the U.S. confront the Iranians.  Just watch it and decide for yourself what his motivating views and concerns are . . .

Gary Ackerman is a typical supporter of the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.  He wants Pollard free and he wants you to be willing to die for Israel.  And if things keep going the way they are, he will get his way on both points.

Greenwald closes with the following, and this is where I part with Greenwald and why I remain eternally vigilant:

But whatever else is true, once one listens to this, it’s simply impossible to deny that this highly influential American Congressman, devoted to pushing the U.S. to war with Iran, is driven, at least in substantial part, by his fervent devotion to Israel.  There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but there is much wrong with trying to force people to pretend it’s not true.

That highlighted red line above is nothing but pure Zionist Bullshit.  If any elected representative is putting the interests of a foreign nation above those of the United States that person should be in jail, even  if that foreign nation is not a racist, expansionist, nuclear power that will stop at nothing to get whatever it wants and will not only kill any Arab of any stripe who gets in its way, but will kill and has killed Americans as well and now is getting ready to kill Yahweh only knows how many Iranians.  Sorry Glenn, but you are wrong on this one and somehow I am not surprised, disappointed yes, surprised, no.

2. It’s video time. May as well watch the video Greenwald wrote about and linked to. Enjoy watching a guy who is supposed to be part of your government. Hahahahahaha.



26 responses to “Congressman Ackerman: Free Jonathan Pollard

  1. In April 1999, thirty-six members of the US House of Representatives signed a letter calling for Mordechai Vanunu’s release from prison because they believed “we have a duty to stand up for men and women like Mordechai Vanunu who dare to articulate a brighter vision for humanity.”

    President Clinton responded with a public statement expressing concern for Vanunu and the need for Israel and other non-parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty to adhere to it and accept IAEA safeguards.

    Ever since the silence has been deafening, Vanunu remains captive in Jerusalem and most Americans still have not heard about Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower; and THAT is one reason why I am a candidate for US HOUSE of Representatives.

    Learn much more- “BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu’s FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010”

  2. skulz fontaine

    Fuck the cryptoZionists! Fuck the Palestinian slaughtering, Gaza destroying, apartheid insane slap-nut Israelis. “There’s nothing wrong with that per se.” I said it, I stand by each and every syllable. Ackerman is an asshat of monumental designation and NEEDS to gits his Israel-firster sorry and deranged ass to Israel. First though, he should renounce his American citizenship and then somba off to Apartheidville and live out his days in utter disgrace. They (Zionist Jews and lunatic Israelis) should consider Pollard a goddamn lucky bastard BECAUSE, that treasonous fucking rat should have been stood before a firing squad and had his brains sprayed for distance. Gosh, is it too late? Remembering of course, there’s nothing wrong with that per se.

  3. Rep. Ackerman: You are supposedly a United States representative, yet your passionate lust for Israel puts you in the same category as Jonathan Pollard, a traitor.
    You shill for Israel at the cost of betraying America.
    If I were Queen I’d give you this choice, Mr. Rep.Ack: Freedom for Pollard at the expense of your own or should we let the life sentence run it’s fatal course?

    Rep.Ack.’s video was thick with Islamophobia. The part about Palestinians climbing trees (like monkeys) with high expectations, when they should be sitting somberly, ever ready, at the ‘peace’ table with no preconceived expectations and no prior valid guidelines is a testament of Mr. Ack.’s unabashed arrogance. He scolds the Palestinians with paternalistic authority. Demanding humility and gratitude if the Izraelies deign to meet these unchosen ones.

    I wonder what it costs to buy and own a representative of the United States Congress? Are they expensive or can you get them wholesale? Is the market a closed cartel like blood diamonds or can you order one up with free delivery & a rebate from the internet? Do they depreciate much once they lose an election?

    Here is a book idea, Mantiq, ” Buying elected officials for Dummies.”

  4. Howard T. Lewis III

    Ackerman lied numerous times in his letter to the Obummer. Throw him in there with Frank and Pollard. Weld the door shut, please..

  5. Surprise surprise, another God damned pro-Israel Jew working against American interests in favor of Israel’s.
    Kind of anti-Climactic, like news that New Year’s Day falls on Jan 1

  6. Pollard should have been tried in a military court of justice, and upon being found guilty, marched up against a wall, and shot like the traitoous dog he is. He handed over a truck-load of documents that got untold numbers of American intelligence agents, and citizens killed. Anyone supporting an amnesty for him should be immediately red-flagged and investigated for any action that might prove to be a threat to the security of the United States of America.

  7. Great post, these traitorous bastards have been whining and crying for years now to get Pollard out of jail. The man should have been executed after being found guilty of his treasonous activities.

    Re Greenwald – always disappoints when it comes down to the these issues, and no, it’s not a surprise to me either. Just last week he posted a major disinfo piece about Saudi involvement in 9/11. LOL, he’s a joke when it comes to that subject especially, right up there with Chomsky, his idol.

    Didn’t they say in the Protocols they would have their agents on both sides of the debate, steering the conversation AWAY from them and onto others? Greenwald, Chomsky, Goodman and all the other “Progressive” alternative, anti-war media types fit that description to a “t”. I have to admit, Greenwald goes pretty far at times, but NEVER far enough.

  8. OzzieThinker

    Another good piece at exposing “double standards” MT. However, you inadvertantly step on two side issues which deserve equal attention.

    With the acute ramping up of power of AIPAC – assuming their power has been ramped and wasn’t “always so”, is the “cat out of the bag” per America’s special relationship with “Israel”. If, as I theorise, America is indeed the Promised Land, then Her interoprability with Israel would be beyond dispute. Thinking on those lines, and also supposing there has been a “shift in poles” as it were, then the agressive campaigning for Pollard’s release might not be as futile as it sounds. If Israel is now the excutive for the US administration.

    If, the thoerised shift in poles, has turned the American Presidency and all its various departments into an Administration rather than an Executive, then this would also explain why Obama is presented “as it were” defying “orders” in his current position on Iran. Indeed, in his eagerness to precipitate the illusion, I believe Panetta has made a critical mistake. It is the Republicans who are pushing the “illegality” of the Libyan “war”. Why so? They have no issue with the war, but every issue in Obama tarnishing America’s already sullied name. Obama also used America’s sovereignty rather than “outsourcing”. Because this has created uproar in the “alternative viewpoint” area of general society, it would be suicide to promote an invasion of Iran unless it was going to be an attack on the American people themselves. Outsourcing is a whole different ball game.

    The rustly hulk on its way to Iran is cheap insurance in case all else fails as a real reason for an assault on Iran in retaliation for their (false flag) attack on it. Who cares who the actual attacker is? And that ship can stay out there indefinately, so there is no real time pressure. That would give American a “legitimate” revenge. Anyway back to my theory. If America has no Executive, but mearly an operable administration, then that explain why Netanyahu is being described as the most powerful man on the planet…or is that Peres? They both are pretty spooky – just an opinion.

    Keep up the pressure MT, but given what I have just said….it might be worth reevaluating what’s really happening here in terms of USA, Israel, Obama and any potential changes. Or mebee I’m jest ramblin’ as usual……

  9. Let’s free America from those filthy,criminals jews from synagogue of satan(Rev 2:9,,3:9),before they destroy America.
    Read this important book to understand the whole truth.

  10. These are the hidden and secret groups of individuals with the “master plan laid out by the elders of zion”. Each and every step in our American history demonstrates that how tactfully these zionist cabals have penetrated into American fabric just to eat it away slowly without us knowing that the foundation of America is gradually being wrought by these parasitic zionists to destroy America for the sake of erecting Israel as the only country to rule the world of goyims!

  11. Freeing Pollard is a political suicide for any prez unless his name is Rick Santorum , a zionist jew !

  12. Hey guys !! America is KOSHER and its none of american’s business to discuss or critisize the power of the zionist jews (AIPAC) in USA ,we pay the taxes THEY RULE !!So my good fellows,shut up ,go to the church and pay your tithe to the ”chosen few ” bend and get screwed by the circumsized dickheads !!

  13. Let me guess, he’s Jewish. I wonder when American’s will finally kick out these Israeli sluts.

  14. Pollard committed a serious crime, with help from Israel…He should serve out his sentence and then be sent out of the country….
    Time to stand up to Israel’s harrassment of the United States while pretending to be our “best friend”
    Time to stop the Billions going to Israel ( and other nations) as “foreign aid”– we need the aid at home.

  15. Send Pollard to Guantanamo !!

  16. restinpieces

    Pollard doesn’t have anything a 0.38 can’t take of!

  17. Please do not give the zionists such as Netanyahu another opportunity to gloat about how easy it is to manipulate the USA.

    these two, Gary Ackerman & Barney Frank need to be investigated for corruption & Israeli firstism.

  18. skulz fontaine

    Late breaking news – Zionist Gary Acckerman will NOT seek re-election to Congress! Coincidence? I’d like to think no fucking way. HAH!!!

  19. skulz fontaine

    Judas H. Priest, that’s Ackerman and not Acckerman. Yup, I can type. Or not…

  20. escapefromobamastan

    Yes, let’s return him, in a box, after he has been executed for his crimes against America and for the deaths his perfidies caused.

    P.S. I am damned sick and tired of our “representatives” putting the interests of a foreign country the size of a pea on the world map ahead of the interests of their constituents and of this country.

    Karma burgers taste really bad when eaten.

  21. Ackerman was also on the House Financial Services Committee, the same committee that was headed by Barney Frank on the Dem’s side and looked the other way when the MBS fraud was taking place?

    Now these two patriots want to free the Israeli spy who did severe damage to the USA’s intelligence network, getting hundreds of undercover American agents killed and also gave to Israel sensitive info about our nuclear launch codes and defenses during the Cold War, which Israel gave to the USSR in exchange for letting some Russian ‘Tribe’ members emigrate to ‘StolenLand?’

    Pollard was also a partner at the Arkansas Rose Law firm when HRM Hillary worked there, along with her good buddy, Vince Foster. What a small world, eh?

    Need anything else boys, or will your control of the Fed and those ‘Too Big to JAIL’ Wall Street gangster banks take care of that business?

    He calls for dialogue with Iran… Right, a dialogue that is in the shape of a mushroom cloud over Tehran


  23. I included your link to your article on a flyer I am creating. Thank you for your research and post.

  24. bintal3aasifeh

    “We are—proudly—the enemy of all the Zionists seek to achieve. We are opposed to their dreams of hegemony in the Arabian Gulf and throughout the Middle East. We bitterly condemn their massive and ongoing violations of the rights of the people of Palestine. We will not allow them to destroy our culture or even to attempt it. We will not allow them to control the region’s natural resources and, by extension, the world’s economy. And most importantly: we will prevail. We will win and they will lose. Together with our allies and partners, we will ensure the peace and contain and ultimately see the Zionist threat crumble and dissolve.”

    ….fix’d it. 🙂









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