Iran Has a Legal Case for Striking Israel

1. Let me make a few changes to this article below put out by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency – clearly a criminal organization. My changes are in bold. I ask the wonderful readers of Mantiq al-Tayr to please answer any questions Shas Party Members may have about the words replaced by the words in bold below. Most other people, except Republicans, should be able to tell from context.

WASHINGTON (JTA) — In a world where nuclear weapons are in the hands of a rogue nation like Israel , an Iranian preemptive strike on Israel’s nuclear facilities would be fully justified. Despite its ban on aggressive war, Article 51 of the United Nations Charter clearly recognizes a state’s inherent right of self-defense. Thus, Iran has full authority to act unilaterally or collectively in its self-defense.

Yet Article 51 does not create the right to self-defense; it is an inherent right of all states under customary international law. Hence, determining when self-defense is appropriate lies, as it always has, with each state.

Under the charter, however, the U.N. Security Council is charged with lifting the burden of individual national self-defense and taking appropriate steps to restore international peace and security. One must recognize, however, that the muscular Security Council envisioned in the charter has never materialized. As such, threatened states are almost always required to make their own decisions and bear their own burdens.

Article 51 allows Iran to use aggressive force against Israel’s nuclear program if an “armed attack” occurs. Its plain language is satisfied when one state has used armed force to attack another state. Under customary international law, a preemptive strike is also permitted when an armed attack is imminent.

Thus an Iranian attack against Israel’s nuclear facilities would be legitimate for two reasons.

First, Israel already is conducting armed attacks under the plain meaning of Article 51 through Islamic terrorist surrogates such as the MEK so a de facto state of war exists between Israel and Iran.

Second, even if one questions whether armed attacks have occurred (by discounting Israel’s use of surrogates), Israel’s development of weapons of mass destruction constitutes an imminent, existential threat to Iran, all of Israel’s neighbors and the entire world.

Under customary international law, the Article 51 “armed attack” requirement that evokes a right of self-defense can occur when a state perceives that such an attack is “immediately impending and inevitable.” Thus, rather than waiting for an actual attack, a state may execute a preemptive strike on the hostile state.

Historically, two elements must be met to legitimize a preemptive strike: proportionality and necessity.

The necessity element is where attention is usually focused. The acting state must have exhausted all other alternatives of dealing with the problem, and the threat from the hostile state must be imminent. As with most preemptive strikes, imminence related to necessity will be the most contested issue in deciding the strike’s legality.

[Lots of Zionist Bullshit deleted so we can get to the final paragraph of this piece of shit.]

While the general rule in international law is that a state may not initiate aggressive war toward another state, an Iranian attack on Israeli nuclear facilities would not qualify as aggressive war; it would simply reflect Iran’s inherent right to self-defense.

2. Xymphora has a most interesting comment on the Atzmon issue, far more interesting, in my view, that Atzmon himself is. On the other hand, Atzmon really has Derowshitz in a continuous hissy fit which indicates to me that he is hovering over an important target.

18 responses to “Iran Has a Legal Case for Striking Israel

  1. All of the fear mongering about attacking Iran and launching WW III is a psychological ploy to keep you distracted from the ongoing theft of tens of trillions of dollars from you by the New York and London banks.

    Please Consider This: War Clouds On The Potomac. No Not Iran. War Declared On You.

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  4. mantiqaltayr


    I pretty much agree with you here. Nothing about the Iran war mongering makes any sense unless you factor in the financial factor from the US side and the PNAC factor from the Israeli side. There is only one group of winners in this and we know who the losers will be.

  5. Excellent. I hate Israel so much now that if they were attacked by Iran I would cheer. But, for the psychos out there this doesn’t mean that I hate Jews. Israel was and is a bad idea for Jews. Get it right!!

  6. Even though Persia’s young Jewish Queen, using her sexual charm, killed 75,000 non-Jewish Persian 2500 years ago – Iran’s Islamic regime is not willing to another Holocaust to Jewish history.

  7. If you posted such a comment on youtube, your account would be terminated as antisemitic. Imagine that, the whole of the Israeli state is baying for the blood of Iranians and you can’t say anything about Israel on certain American sites.

  8. This whole Iran thing is about Iran dropping the dollar and using gold . This upsets the 1 % ers who rule the world. Some day Israel will get what they deserve.

  9. OzzieThinker

    I believe war is the absolute agenda here, but its manifestation may not materialise as the “pundits” predict. RickB is spot on when he concludes this is about Russia and USA. The problem has been to determine a realistic “why?”. Russia has given every indication it will jump to the aid of Iran “if necessary”. In consideration of that, I believe Syria is a “hot potato”. The bit question is whether Iran will determine an attack on Syria an attack on Iran. If Russia is “big brother”, then acting in accordance with it’s younger’s wishes it may be forced to reciprocate.

    In view of the unfettered arrogance of Israel and the American poodle, it surprises me that Syria hasn’t been smashed. Why go though all this subdefuge, unless complex political ramifications were projected – ramifications that might end with a severely damaged Israel? In the spirit of psyops the allied proxy war on Syria is an open secret. It seems to me that “they” are saying, we aren’t scared of you but we respect you “hostile forces”. Thus far the strategy is working unless I am missing something, because the only casualty seems to be on the Arab league side. Though some here view the majority of the Arab league members as Zionist whores, I think you get my drift.

    Therefore, far from an attack on Iran, I see a massive assault on Syria [and Lebanon for that matter]. As Israel has every intention of launching a war on Iran, they may as well cripple any problems that might emerge from the south from Iran friendly forces. This will have the dual purpose of drawing any forces that might support Syria “out into the open”. Double faced China is a wild card, for instance. What with the US nukes going off under Fukushima (assuming they believe that to be true), would certainly put a big question on who China will ultimately bet on. The veiled US threat of defaulting on Chinese loans means nothing, because they know this is going to be a “war of wars”. Which also means their “interoperable relationship” can become inoperable in a blink. Is the financial turmoil in place to justify an entirely new system after world war three? Is that why Benanke has been allowed to progress the dumb concept of trading debt with no potential equity? According to my calculation starting from scractch is the ONLY option.

    According to my calculations also things will start to heat up in 2015. I would expect a serious manifestation of agression against Iran around the fall of 2014. It is ironic my passed father was an arms dealer (I won’t mention which government) who supplied the Shah’s regime just before the Ayatolla stepped in. He would have never seen these outcomes in a million years.

  10. I agree Iran has a casus belli, a legitimate fear of being attacked by a nation that prides itself on it’s ‘mad dog’ reputation.

    The problem, there is no venue in the entire world to judge this case. Or rather, the Hague or the International Court, have no force of power undepinning their decisions. The most these institutions have is a moral force, this means nothing to zionist israel, which lives by brute force, assassination and flouting the law.

    The uS has no credibility as long as myriad war criminals walk free.

    I wonder if US movers & shakers are filling with the desire to plain out swat this miserable insect of a nation, feasting on the deaths & destructions it causes.

  11. Iran however rather waits…and would not want to break their 200 years record of not attacking another country.

    They are more rational than their enemies by a mile even though their enemies do not share their religious values.

    They are prepared however for any eventually. If they had not given more than 10 years of threats… then they deserve to be annihilated like Saddam Hussein.

  12. Japan has a legal case for striking Israel.

  13. i have to agree.. maybe that stolen nuke was used on japan i dont know, but all the soldiers who were involved in the report given about the nukes beig moved are dead now..but ozziethinker got me thinking now, i thougth it might be used on citizens in the US as a false flag to attack another middle eastern nation.. now i have to admit the zionists are evil and are very good at stealing and killing innocent people, maybe if we are lucky the armies will turn around and head home and help us to take out our zionist regime here.. after all, the muslim world does not want to be assimilated into our ugly reality,so why are we tryig so hard to force them to suffer like the rest of us?

  14. Iran should at this point just get as many of the sunburn rockets from Russia and China they can get. They should make sure the Gilf they control. Those sunburn rockets you don’t want coming at you at mach 3 50 foot above the ground. It will take out an air craft carrier.

  15. So-called “Jews” have never been, and will never be “Israel”.

    see : Willie Martin Files Outline.

    Zionazi Economic Terrorists printing currency do not have Authority, even if “THEY” own the “MEDIA”.

    God is not “JEWISH”…..
    See : Issa Nakhlehs’ Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem.

    Excellent analysis Horse.

  16. What pisses me off the most are the comments expressed by Hilary Clinton when she is publicly condemning the Palestinians for fightiong back the zionist agression,the zionist killing of 26 civilians Palesinians who have only armless homemade missiles ,fired at random since they have no target seekers heads on them.What should the Palestinians do ? Stand there and wait to be pulverized by the zionsit WMD’s !! I wish the Palestinians had some Stingers to shoot down the agressors and some serious missiles launchers that could reach Dimona !!!

  17. bin dead awhile

    the jews want to do the same thing to amerika. they have had a third monetary system when they made the first two, capilatism and communism. they killed communism(russia), now its amerikas time. when the world is in termoil with regards to currency, money, trade etc, lo and behold the jew will come up with the ideal system. dont fools believe jew einstein was ‘brilliant'(the fucking forger) dont people believe that they have a higher iq? dont people believe they are the chosen ones? hell only they can come and will come out with an answer to the problems they commited. remember one thing everyone here will die in or around 50 years time, their plans span millenia. why is it ok for say the rothschild to pass on from father to son to grandson, but they use disney channel to make our kids rebel against us? their daughters to be hidden, but ours to be like sluts via magazines and modelling agencies. awake dumb goys and girls. hey mt keep mahmoud on a little longer, and sheet wheres some pick me uppers????

  18. America is KOSHER !!

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