AIPAC: Islamophobia Central?

(Artwork by the irrepressible Skulz.)

Update: Click on the link to download Obama’s address to AIPAC which just ended a few moments to go. He is introduced by Lee Rosenberg Chair of the Board of AIPAC.) Obama at AIPAC

1. Well goys and girls, the AIPAC COT has begun. Here’s a link to their “breakout” sessions for March 4. Read the names of the speakers, it’s like a who’s who of the Zionist Jews.

Among those speaking at the breakout sessions are such luminaires as Steve Emerson, an infamous Zionist agent thoroughly exposed as an Islamophobic forger of evidence with some very interesting financial deals. See , here, here, and if you go here and read all the way to the end of this excellent piece you will find a Sheldon Adelson connection. Here’s a nice summary article on Emerson and other professional Islamophobes. Sure is a shame that US government agencies actually invite some of these types in to “train” their employees. More on that subject later.

Emerson also likes to hang out with a pig named Walid Phares, a hideous Lebanese Christian right-wing Muslim-hating ideologue well-known now for his incitement against Muslims when he was a member of the criminal militia called the “Lebanese Forces” which, with Israeli help, carried out the massacres at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Phares, according to the Angry Arab used to deny he was a member of the Lebanese Forces, but now the evidence against him is so overwhelming that he seems to have stopped. Hey, let me digress for a second.

Phares denied belonging to this criminal gang. Hmmm. He is an immigrant. Did he acknowledge being a member of that outfit when he came to the United States? Gee FBI guys who I know read this blog and like it, why don’t you do a little due-diligence for a change and look more carefully into his background, especially since he is so close to Mitt Romney and if Romney wins Phares could get a very sensitive post in the Romney White House. But I digress.

Anyway, Emerson and Phares made a movie together designed to make you think the Moooooooselims are hiding under your bed waiting to kill you.

M. J. Rosenberg, a former AIPAC official, has Emerson figured out too. Rosenberg should know a Zionist shill when he sees one. In fact, he has known Emerson for quite a while: (Red highlights are mine.)

“An investigation into Steve Emerson, who has literally built his entire career on telling Americans that Muslims, pretty much all Muslims, are a threat to our way of life, reveals that Emerson is reaping the benefits of hate. (In the name of disclosure, I should reveal that I knew Emerson when we were both connected to AIPAC).”

Anyway, Rosenberg sites the work by the Tennessean reporter Bob Smietana and then notes:

“The bottom line is that it is impossible to know where the money Emerson collects goes. Is he paying himself a million dollar salary? Is he investing it? Buying art? Funding illegal settlements in the West Bank? Who knows! (These are precisely the kinds of accusations that Emerson and his ilk routinely employ. By his own logic, Emerson could very well be funding terror with this money.)”

After then going out of his way to give Emerson some credit that Emerson does note deserve, Rosenberg notes:

“His group, the Investigative Project on Terrorism, is completely devoted to attacking Muslims. And Muslims alone.”

Gosh and that is just one AIPAC breakout session speaker.

Who else is speaking at this orgy of Love Israel, Hate Muslims, Sell out America?

Take a look for yourself. Here again is the link.

2. Oh fuck number 2. I want to get back to item number 1.

John Sugg spent years in Florida exposing Emerson’s Islamophobia and Israeli connections – especially concerning the infamous Sami al-Arian case. Here’s a link to an article by Sugg talking all about this, it is on the Loonwatch site, a site that is starting to figure out that Israel is a serious problem when it comes to Isamophobia. I could of told them that all along, but I digress. Anyway, Suggs says lots of very interesting things. Here’s a couple of tidbits:

“In tandem with his vassal reporter at the Tampa Trib, Michael Fechter, Emerson waged a decade-long jihad against a professor at the University of South Florida, Sami Al-Arian, accused by Emerson and Fechter of being a terrorist mastermind. Emerson and Fechter were backed by a shadowy network of former federal agents and foreign spooks, notably a disinformation specialist for Israel’s ultra-right Likud party named Yigal Carmon and a controversial ex-FBI official named Oliver “Buck” Revell – and a lot of money whose origins have never been revealed.”

Turns out the Fechter was being fed “information” by Israeli intelligence agents.

“As the great Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz explained before Al-Arian’s 2005 federal trial: “Israel owns much of the copyright for the case; a well-informed source termed the prosecution an ‘American-Israeli co-production.’ The Americans are running the show, but behind the scenes it was the Israelis who for years collected material (and) transmitted information…” How did they transmit information? In part, via “secret evidence” slipped to our federales, evidence and accusers Al-Arian wasn’t allowed to confront (who needs that nasty old Sixth Amendment?). But reporters were also conduits for scurrilous “intelligence” claims. Fechter himself wrote that “former and current senior Israeli intelligence officials” loaded his stories with information. Those allegations, many ludicrous on their face, were rejected by a federal jury . . .”

Here’s more Zionist Bullshit from Emerson and Fechter:

“You do recall the firestorm, right? Emerson and Fechter launched a series of series of attacks on Muslims. No amount of hyperbole and vitriol-spewing was considered excessive by the Trib or Emerson. Fechter, for example, darkly hinted that the FBI found documents about MacDill Air Force Base among Al-Arian’s papers, insinuating some dastardly design. Nope. Al-Arian had twice been invited to speak to large groups of military and intelligence officers, and the sinister documents were, well, just the hand-out materials. Fechter, following the lead of his guru, Emerson, also tried to blame the Oklahoma City bombing on Arabs, an egregiously false story the Trib has never seen fit to correct. Emerson, meanwhile, said in February 1996 that Palestinian advocates at USF were involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Emerson promised proof “in the near term.” The proof never came, and the Justice Department said it had no records supporting the allegation.”

So go read that article and enjoy.

Here’s another article from Les Watchers des Loons with a nice little quote about Emerson:

“Instead of using a magnifying glass to look for evidence, Emerson’s technique of choice is to make up the evidence as he goes along, Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent notes:”

Okay, I can hear you all now saying, “What’s the BFD Mantiq, the MSM makes up shit all the time, ever heard of Judith Miller or David Sanger?”

Tou-fucking-che. You are right. But let’s go ahead and read some examples of Emerson’s making stuff up as quoted in the article I just linked to.

“Emerson has a long history of getting into hot water over his anti-Muslim rhetoric. In the 1998 nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan, Emerson fed reporters with an informant who said Pakistan was set to strike India with a nuclear weapon. The media eventually found the informant to be unreliable – but not until international media had used Emerson’s source and intensified an international crisis.

In 1990, he was accused of plagiarism in his writings about Pan Am 103.


He sued a Florida paper after it published reports that he was supplying reporters with documents he said were from the FBI. The Florida Weekly Planet reported that the documents were frauds and Emerson sued. When he couldn’t substantiate his claims, he withdrew the lawsuit.

Emerson once claimed that an extremist Muslim group put out a hit on him and that the FBI offered to put him in a witness protection program. The FBI denied that claim.

2. Okay, let’s try item 2 again. You can follow the COT on AIPAC’s twitter feed by going here:!/AIPAC

You can try to watch the orgy live, bandwidth permitting by going here:

Update: Also try here:

(Please don’t have any minors in the room when you do this.)

One of Obama’s bosses, Peres, has just finished. He is being worshipped by these so-called Americans.

Now they are having a an Ethiopian Jewish girl doing an infomercial on how great Israel is and how America is great because it supports Israel.

And now there’s a push for giving money to Israel. I can’t take any more.

Any now the IVPFAA is about to speak. I’m recording the audio and will upload later. BTW, the head of AIPAC’s board is introducing Obama and he sounds like he is giving Obama his marching orders. Interesting. I’ll upload the audio of that as well. (Update: Link to the speech is at the top of this page.)

Obama just praised Dan Shapiro for kissing Israel’s ass. (Shapiro is at the conference, I mean where else would he be? )

3. Here’s another new video on why Jonathan Pollard should be freed.

17 responses to “AIPAC: Islamophobia Central?

  1. skulz fontaine

    “Mooselims” are hiding under my bed waiting to kill me? Hmmm, I just went and took a lookit at under my bed. Nope. No Mooselims under there. However, I found this titanic lint ball that eerily resembles a yarmulke. Holy screaming balls of lint shit, Mossad has been under my bed. I don’t appreciate that. Not in the fucking least. Gosh and you know, maybe I’d better call the FBI or Homeland Propaganda or somebody in the know. You know, to get this titanic lint ball that resembles a yarmulke investigated and checked to make really goddamn certain it’s not a sticky bomb of titanic lint ball resembling a yarmulke. You know for the last time, cause Janet Nappy-tano maintains that if “we see something we say something.”
    Jeepers, here me and my Mary finally get ‘state-sanctioned’ married and goddamn Mossad wants to blow our wedding bed smooth off the Planet. I think that sucks.

  2. I’m with the little red-eyed guy, I feel mega humiliated that Mr. Pres O. will allow that shifty Nettyaya, allow him to grasp those huge appendages on both sides of his head and demand submission. On yer knees cooshy, or I’ll give ya somethin to pout about.

    I wanna scream don’t do it Bammy, you’re so young gifted & who cares if yer God-given flappies can be used to tell which way the wind’s blowin? The last time Netty was in town, I heard they had to sew that right one back on, ripped it clear off’n aside a yer head. He plays kinda rough, don’t he. Don’t invite him over no more, I don like em, he’s sneaky an he lies, Steals stuff too.
    Jonathon Pollard, nicy cooshy country club but still finds the time to whimper and whine about how he was young, and about how it was jest a lil bit o treason, that aint no reason to be disbelieven he’s reeel sorrafool dun changed, he has. Hey it was his duty, he wasn’t sposed to get cot. Please let him go, he’ll go quiet like, won’t tell nobody. Just wants a drinka manoshevitz wine & he promise he won’t whine or sulk as more.
    thats it, there ain’t no more.
    Oh no its a snowin out thar.

  3. I wanna come back & talk about Dr.Sami Al-Arian, but right now I just wanna subscribe to comments, sorry for wastin space

  4. Noddin-Yahoo and little Barry. This is the most disgusting event of the year. That’s a pretty big standard, too. The all march over there and do obeisance before their masters. They want our blood and our money. Oh, and, by the way, free the traitor for us too, how ’bout it?
    They need to go over there, string barb wire all around this fiasco, and declare it a prison. Hell, I’d go for letting Pollard out if they’d put them in. Barry with the “Dumbo” ears is likely to be found all trussed up in leather with a rubber ball in his mouth like that Israeli ambassador a few years ago. “Squeal for me Big Ears…..”. I wonder if Noddin’ Yahoo has spurs?

  5. Afraid of Iranian nukes? What about Israelian nukes? These are real, but nobody speaks about them Israelian nukes and Israel’s nuclear targets (like America? like Europe?). The world has turned into a jewish bitch, especially America. AIPAC is no less than high treason. I hope Putin has stuffed Iran with nukes and other “defense” high tech.

  6. Not surprising they are “Islamophobes” (read haters) considering the payback for all the shit they have done they must know will be coming sooner or later, reckon I might be a tad paranoid too :o/

    P.S. Sux to be ‘Chosen’ :o)

  7. What other country on earth, the size of a postage stamp, other than Isreal goes to a super power and tells them what to do? This is insane, Americans should wake up! Why does America have to be Isreals bully to the Arab nations? These bastards should be arrested for their warmongering and send them back to deal with their own manifested problems.

  8. I rambled over to the AIPAC website and scrolled on down, reading Topics to be covered & the little explanatory blurbs that accompanied them.
    I became angry, I became bitter. My mouth was foaming with anger, at this Satanic clique of conspirators.

    I noticed that AIPAC blamed the break-down of perpetual ‘peace talks’ on Mahmuod Abbas, he refused to partake of the 45 year old appeasement tradition. Abbas had been a party to 45 years of offering the avaricious Barbaric Tribe everything he possibly could, including Jerusalem, the ubiquitous settlements, axing the Palestinian right of return…..and still the usurping occupiers wanted more. Like petulant children, they scorned the Palestinian & Arab peace proposals.

    We all remember the humiliating Palestine Papers, the dismayed Saeb Erekat, whimpering, ‘But What more can I give?’ To which there is no reply,
    I had to leave that page before I threw myself off the Smithfield Street Bridge into the Monongahela River.

    I’m with Lo Phat and his/her excellent idea of surrounding the covetous coven. Those orange plastic barriers, that police use against demonstrators, put them around the AIPAC conference.
    Lasso the players out one at a time and run them through a guantlet of pepper spray and tasers, into the waiting Homeland Security vans.
    Take them all to Homeland Security facilities and begin interrogation. We need the answer to this question: How did these lawless villians come to exploit and own the United States?

  9. My prediction: Next year the AIPAC conference will go mainstream.

    Why shouldn’t it? All of “our” congress representatives are already openly and unabashedly pledging their (i.e. our) allegiance to jewish/Israeli interests.

    They put on a good show, from the vids that Mantiq has posted. Let the little people, the little water carriers and hewers of wood, the ones who are paying for it, see what it’s all about.

  10. LMAO… I see that FOX “news” will provide live coverage of Netanyahoo’s speech. It’s already going mainstream.

  11. OzzieThinker

    Much as I empathise with your disgust at the treatment of good muslims, there both good and hideous amongst all creeds and sects. My concern is the wider purpose of Zionism goes far farther than a simplistic debate on the power and acceptable role of AIPAC. Indeed, the nub of the debate must intially lie at the feet of “Liberty” herself. Is the great lady’s promise evidence enough that Amerika is indeed the Promised Land.

    If indeed that is so, what are the implications for those within and those without? Now Obama’s fake birth certificate appears to be real – as in a real fake, this opens an interesting conundrum for the future. I’ll chose my words carefully here so not to offend. Taking Ron Paul out of the selection, is there a single Republican candidate who would do a job any less worse than Obama? Let us suppose the legal system does not “catch up” with devilish Obama before the ellections. Paul slandered out of contention, Americans are faced with Romney, for instance, against Obama. I think they will chose Obama after his PR have spruiked a rebutyal again the fake BC.

    Let’s say he operates “under duress” from better connected masters and he has to fulfil a plan. I believe World War 3 will be ushered in at some point in his term. He will be TOLD how it is. If deviates from the plan even slightly, his fake BC will be fast tracked into the public eye with a radical possibility of Martial Law, “stability” and General Ike Petraeus at the helm. What say you RickB?

  12. Kathy Ireland AIPAC 2012

    This is enough to make a strong man sick.
    I was thinking something I should keep to myself.

  13. Hey Ozzie Thinker, sorry for the delay in responding… been very with work and personal matters. 1) I think we’re already in WW3. It started with the 9-11 false flag attack. 2) I don’t think Obama’s citizen status is an issue. Obama will do as his jewish masters say. If they want to eliminate him, maybe they’ll use the citizen thing as you suggest. They can think of plenty of ways to do that… airplane accident, terrorist hit, etc.

    3) Finally, although I think Ron Paul is a good protest vote, I don’t think he himself sees himself as a serious candidate… a la Kucinich. Give me a break… a “revolution” in the Republican party? That sure is a slowly developing revolution. Maybe it’s a “process”. What a long process. I’d take him more seriously, if he’d start a third “revolutionary”… non-zionist party. Will he do that? I doubt it. He’s a Repbublican, working in his party for corporate interests. The only thing I trust him about it working to undo social security. I’m not for that.

  14. Kathy Ireland = supermodel, author, CEO, trained seal

    Seriously I would have more admiration for Ms.Ireland is she had spent that 13minutes and 50seconds balancing a beach ball on her nose.

  15. Better said, that Ron Paul “revolution” sure is a timid, unenthusiastic, uninspiring revolution. Maybe Ron Paul should take some speech classes.

  16. OzzieThinker

    RickB, we are of one mind. In normal circunstances Ron Paul would be one of a “range of choices” in the political spectrum. However, American politics has degraded to the point that he is the only sane choice. Whereas, criticism of Paul for “sitting on the fence while promoting good and evil” is valid, in the current climate it would take a brave political stakeholder (and debatably stupid) to side exclusively with good. If there is someone to champion the causes other politicians don’t want to touch (including some “conspiratoral” accusations) it would be Paul right now. But his camp sows mixed messages and I can see why some question where his real integrit/motive lies.

    I am not sure whether the American people have the stomach for a REAL revolution, but I am receiving some very disturbing messages from low level military ranks. Something looks as though it is about to “give”… out!

  17. I see that the little people have grown tired of Kucinich’s schtick. The “anti-war” Kucinich was no where to be found when the anti-war movement was surging and looking for a leader. He only showed up after the life was taken out of it… to make an unnaunced “token” anti-war appearance with a few people on a sidewalk somewhere in Washington DC .

    I will never forget that during the day, before Congress, in non-prime time hours, on an obscure Congress TV channel, Mr. Kucinich said clearly, and he put it on record, that Ahmadinjahd did not say that Israel should be wiped off the map.

    Later, in prime-time TV viewing, on FOX news, when Ha Ha Hannity wanted to confront him on it, to ridicule him, Kucinich changed the subject on him, rather than repeat the truth on prime-time TV for a wider audience.

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