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Peres, Pollard and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

As you all are no doubt well aware, Israeli Vice President for American Affairs, Baruch Obamabaum, is awarding the Medal of Freedom to life-long Israeli terrorist and war criminal Shimon Peres. This makes perfect sense because I believe that there is some sort of secret Vice-Presidential order that probably reads like this:

“To be bestowed whenever possible upon war-mongers, terrorists and just plain assholes who are able to make their crimes against humanity disappear like Jimmy Hoffa’s body. Whenever possible, this award should also be considered for winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, an award whose by-laws are pretty much the same.”

But not so fast. There is a ground swell of support against Peres getting this award. Yes indeed. There is even a petition with over 10,000 signatures on it already. No, it’s not the Gilad Atzmon letter, which I happen to think was secretly authored by space aliens (or Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid – same thing really), but I digress. And no, this groundswell of populism doesn’t seem to be coming from Code Pink or even CNI.  Nope, it’s coming from the Republicans (and Democrats) favorite country, Israel.  Here it is:

Now for those of you who have not yet mastered the official language of the United States government, here is a Google translation of the petition. Please note, Google translate sucks, but it seems to pretty much get most of this one correct.

Posted on: 20/03/2012
In honor of Israeli President Shimon Peres
Honorary President of our country,
Re: Urgent action release Pollard

Israeli citizens we wish to congratulate you for that U.S. President decided to give you theU.S. Medal of Freedom symbolizes the values of justice, freedom and human rights, and got your statement that the Medal is dedicated to us, the citizens of Israel.
However, precisely because of higher values of this medal represents, we feel that we can not accept the receipt at the same time that the U.S. still holds the Jonathan Pollard hybridization for over 27 years with American officials now also a first class already admit that the continued detention is contrary to morality and justice.
We ask you to take advantage of the unprecedented diplomatic position to take immediate action for Jonathan’s release prior to receiving the medal. Only in this way can be to prevent the receipt of the Medal of Freedom would be a mockery to Jonathan and for our country.

With great appreciation,
Citizens of Israel

Hope you all were able to figure it out. If you were not, please sign up for Shas Party membership. To do so you can go here, here, or here.

Please send the link to the petition to “your” (hahahahahaha) representatives in the House and Senate and have them sign it. For the very few of them who do not speak Hebrew you can send them this link with instructions on how to sign the Hebrew petition without one even having to know what it says. They do this all the time with legislation like the Patriot Act, so what’s the BFD?

In fact, go sign the fucking thing yourselves. Here’s a pic of the instructions.

So go for it.

And here is a link to show you how to contact your very own (hahahahahahahaha) congressman and senators to send them the instructions on how to sign the petition. As I have indicated, the directions are so simple even Shas Party members can follow them – hence CFI Herman Cain should have no problem.

Celebrate Israel?

(Artwork courtesy of Skulz)

(Note to non-Shas Party members: Upon rereading this thing, I think I recommend that you just skip everything and go to the second video at the end of this post and watch/listen to it.  All the other shit is just too damned depressing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

1. Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, a Jewish fanatic who believes that Jonathan Pollard is the “foundation” of the world and Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal Bibi Netanyahu think exactly alike. Bibi even left Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) , Baruch Obama, with a copy of the Book of Esther – a book that Eliahu likes to quote when he too war mongers about Iran.  Shas Party members will be happy to note that the book is a favorite of their insanely bigoted religious leader, Ovadia Yosef, who encourages women to recite that very revealing book if no man happens to be available. Thus, in the White House, the reader of Netanyahu’s gift will be Michelle.

2. Here’s a perfect example of how the Israeli bureaucracy is the ideal device for stealing Palestinian land. It is not an exciting read, but notice how the set up allows not just for the maintaining of Migron, a settlement the Israeli court system has ordered be destroyed, but for the building of another settlement instead elsewhere as a compromise. The compromise includes giving Migron three and half more years of existence by which time “facts on the ground” will have changed and the original settlement will not only continue to exist, it will have grown.  Not mentioned in the discussion of this charade is the simple fact that all Israeli settlements are illegal.

What is he up to now?

3. What is the alleged US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, doing?

PRIME MINISTER Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, are known to be film buffs, and when security was not quite as tight as it is now, they would occasionally sneak into a Jerusalem cinema after the lights had been turned down and would leave just before the end of the movie so that no one would recognize them.

They can’t do that anymore, but they can watch movies in their own home or in the homes of relatives and friends.

Follow Me?, the movie that they watched last Saturday night at the Herzliya Pituah residence of US Ambassador Dan Shapiro was of particular personal interest because it was about Netanyahu’s older brother Jonathan, better known as Yoni, who led the famous Entebbe rescue mission in which he was killed.

Danny boy also supports Israel’s murder of Palestinians when he isn’t cuddling up with Bibi and watching Zionist Bullshit movies. Oh, and when he does this, he is speaking as your representative. Hahahahaha.

The United States, Shapiro wrote Saturday, “condemn[s] in the strongest terms the rocket fire from Gaza by terrorists into Israel, which has dramatically and dangerously escalated in the past day, and call[s] on those responsible to take immediate action to stop these cowardly acts.

4. Okay, let’s see if I understand this correctly.  Zionist-controlled financial institutions destroy the foundations of our economy, Zionist-controlled government officials send US men and women who can’t find jobs all over hell and back to fight wars for Israel, and in the mean time American Jews go to Israel to get cushy jobs and you get to pay for it. Yeah, I think I have that about right.

Against overwhelming odds, Israel has matured into an economic powerhouse boasting a strong currency, a lower unemployment rate than the US and the EU, and a rich and diverse culture. With all that Israel has to offer, aliyah is increasingly becoming a normative lifestyle choice for recent college graduates and young professionals from western countries. While there are many reasons that Jewish people of all ages and backgrounds decide to pack up their lives and start anew in Israel, two common denominators seem to account for the ever increasing numbers of young professionals (aged 18-35) moving to Israel in recent years: idealism and opportunity.

Here’s a nice example from the same article:

Samuel Englender, 25, originally from Michigan, recalls, “Though I had little work experience, I came to Israel full of hope and excitement. I know it sounds too good to be true, but two days after I passed on my resume I received a call from a start-up high-tech company and ten days later I was an account manager.”

5. Of course it works both ways. Israeli Jews come to the US and take jobs here. Again, all this shit is funded in part by tax-deductions but also by Jewish millionaires and billionaires and in the case of Meir Dagan (and no doubt others) Israeli spies.  The article is entitled: “Ex-pat Israelis Celebrate Success at Leadership Council Gala.”

The gala of the Los Angeles-based organization was titled “Connecting Us to Our Roots” and honored Meir Dagan, former director of the Mossad, and Ehud Danoch, former Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles, and featured live performances by Rita and Liel Kolet. 

The organization, founded in 2007 by well-heeled Israelis living in Los Angeles, raises money to support Israeli Scouts, identity-building educational programs in Israel and Los Angeles, and cultural and hasbara activities.

Until just a decade ago, Israelis and American Jews often looked down on expat Israelis as people who had abandoned their country. But by organizing activities and raising millions of dollars for Israel and local causes, the ILC and its supporters have staked out a new, proud hybrid identity. 

“I am in awe of the ILC accomplishments in five short years,” supporter and philanthropist Haim Saban said.

Haim Saban? He could be the asset of the Israeli spy that was working with Mossad Jane Harman. So it is most fitting that he be a part of this.  There’s so much stuff on Saban  that if you don’t know who he is, just do a little searching. You’ll be shocked.

The “Gala” was sponsored by the Israeli Leadership Council. What is the ILC?  It is a tax-deductable charity:

Founded in 2007 by several prominent members of the Israeli-American community in Los Angeles, the Israeli Leadership Council (ILC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to build an active and giving Israeli-American community in order to strengthen the State of Israel, our next generation, and to provide a bridge to the American-Jewish community.

Translated into English the ILC is an Israeli intelligence operation supported by tax-deductable contributions. I swear if you put the word Israel into the name of just about any outfit it will be granted 501(c)(3) status, even if you call it “The Israeli-American Let’s Kill all The Palestinians Training Camp for Israeli-Firsters”.

The ILC sees itself as a “role model”. Here’s why:

Serve as a Role Model — ILC encourages a culture of giving, activism, and connection to Israel through personal examples of community involvement, as well as active support of initiatives that further Israel’s welfare, security, education, and its relations with the United States.

Here’s another goal of this subversive organization:

  • Empower our community – ILC will help the Israeli-American community convert its needs, desires, and values into action and a strong and influential voice.

That’s right, this 501(c)(3) works to give “a strong and influential voice” to Israelis living in America. Talk about Israeli-firsters.

But they do much more than this. Much more. Thank God your taxes support them so they can do as much as possible.

What else to they do?

Well they support the Israeli Scouts program in Los Angeles. In fact they saved the Los Angeles chapter of Israeli Scouts.  Of course the Israeli Scouts program is all over the US and Israel, though the Israeli version is called “Israel Scouts”  and is part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. If that is the case, why have Israeli Scouts in the US?, But I digress.

The Israel Scouts movement is extremely militarized and it brags about this:

Only 55% of able-bodied 18 year olds in Israel are drafted into the army or complete their military service, while 100% of the Tzofim serve in the army

In fact, there is a US-based “Friends of Israel Scouts” organization and since the word Israel is in it, it is tax deductable.  The “Israel Scouts” program has a north American Branch called Garin Tzabar which focuses on getting American-born Jews to serve in the IDF. This is all tax-deductable.  The ILC loves the Garin Tzabar program and supports it. By the way, the Garin Tzabar program was featured on Mantiq al-Tayr some time ago.

What else does the ILC do?

It supports sending Israeli propagandists into California universities to advocate for Israel. These propagandists, called Shlichim, act:

 As representatives of Israel, the Shlichim train students in advocacy and assist them with initiatives to further “Hasbara” for Israel. With this initiative, we hope to make our students more powerful and proud advocates for Israel.

And when I say Israeli, I mean Israeli, the ILC imports these people from Israel – and you subsidize it.

What else does the ILC do?

It runs a similar hasbara program on campuses in California designed deceive other groups into supporting Israel. This program actually uses American-born Israel-Firsters. It’s called the “Ambassadors Program” aka Shagririm.

And this shit just goes on and on. Oh, the ILC just works in California, it’s not even a national organization. They sure as hell have a hell of a lot of organizations.  Find out which ones are in your state.

6. Did you know that Los Angeles has the largest Israeli ex-pat community in the United States?  Yup, over 200,000 thousand of them. You shouldn’t be surprised given all of the above. And guess what, they are holding a huge pro-Israel orgy on April 29, 2012 celebrating 64 years of stealing Palestinian land and murdering Palestinian men, women and children.

Go to this ILC-supported outfit’s website and read all about it.  It should be pretty cool, especially the part of the celebration called the “Positively Israel Pavilion.”

Oh, and don’t miss the chance to paint Los Angeles “blue and white.”

7. Well, it’s video time. Please get out your barf bags if you click on the very short video clip below. It is unbelievably creepy.

Okay, I’ve got to make up for showing that horrible piece of Zionist Bullshit.

The video below is much, much better. Trust me. Listen to it, you’ll get into it the further it goes. You will feel better, I’m serious. (Click here for English lyrics.)

بنار الفرقة بعدك كاويني

Let’s see if we can go to Ramallah

AIPAC: Islamophobia Central?

(Artwork by the irrepressible Skulz.)

Update: Click on the link to download Obama’s address to AIPAC which just ended a few moments to go. He is introduced by Lee Rosenberg Chair of the Board of AIPAC.) Obama at AIPAC

1. Well goys and girls, the AIPAC COT has begun. Here’s a link to their “breakout” sessions for March 4. Read the names of the speakers, it’s like a who’s who of the Zionist Jews.

Among those speaking at the breakout sessions are such luminaires as Steve Emerson, an infamous Zionist agent thoroughly exposed as an Islamophobic forger of evidence with some very interesting financial deals. See , here, here, and if you go here and read all the way to the end of this excellent piece you will find a Sheldon Adelson connection. Here’s a nice summary article on Emerson and other professional Islamophobes. Sure is a shame that US government agencies actually invite some of these types in to “train” their employees. More on that subject later.

Emerson also likes to hang out with a pig named Walid Phares, a hideous Lebanese Christian right-wing Muslim-hating ideologue well-known now for his incitement against Muslims when he was a member of the criminal militia called the “Lebanese Forces” which, with Israeli help, carried out the massacres at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Phares, according to the Angry Arab used to deny he was a member of the Lebanese Forces, but now the evidence against him is so overwhelming that he seems to have stopped. Hey, let me digress for a second.

Phares denied belonging to this criminal gang. Hmmm. He is an immigrant. Did he acknowledge being a member of that outfit when he came to the United States? Gee FBI guys who I know read this blog and like it, why don’t you do a little due-diligence for a change and look more carefully into his background, especially since he is so close to Mitt Romney and if Romney wins Phares could get a very sensitive post in the Romney White House. But I digress.

Anyway, Emerson and Phares made a movie together designed to make you think the Moooooooselims are hiding under your bed waiting to kill you.

M. J. Rosenberg, a former AIPAC official, has Emerson figured out too. Rosenberg should know a Zionist shill when he sees one. In fact, he has known Emerson for quite a while: (Red highlights are mine.)

“An investigation into Steve Emerson, who has literally built his entire career on telling Americans that Muslims, pretty much all Muslims, are a threat to our way of life, reveals that Emerson is reaping the benefits of hate. (In the name of disclosure, I should reveal that I knew Emerson when we were both connected to AIPAC).”

Anyway, Rosenberg sites the work by the Tennessean reporter Bob Smietana and then notes:

“The bottom line is that it is impossible to know where the money Emerson collects goes. Is he paying himself a million dollar salary? Is he investing it? Buying art? Funding illegal settlements in the West Bank? Who knows! (These are precisely the kinds of accusations that Emerson and his ilk routinely employ. By his own logic, Emerson could very well be funding terror with this money.)”

After then going out of his way to give Emerson some credit that Emerson does note deserve, Rosenberg notes:

“His group, the Investigative Project on Terrorism, is completely devoted to attacking Muslims. And Muslims alone.”

Gosh and that is just one AIPAC breakout session speaker.

Who else is speaking at this orgy of Love Israel, Hate Muslims, Sell out America?

Take a look for yourself. Here again is the link.

2. Oh fuck number 2. I want to get back to item number 1.

John Sugg spent years in Florida exposing Emerson’s Islamophobia and Israeli connections – especially concerning the infamous Sami al-Arian case. Here’s a link to an article by Sugg talking all about this, it is on the Loonwatch site, a site that is starting to figure out that Israel is a serious problem when it comes to Isamophobia. I could of told them that all along, but I digress. Anyway, Suggs says lots of very interesting things. Here’s a couple of tidbits:

“In tandem with his vassal reporter at the Tampa Trib, Michael Fechter, Emerson waged a decade-long jihad against a professor at the University of South Florida, Sami Al-Arian, accused by Emerson and Fechter of being a terrorist mastermind. Emerson and Fechter were backed by a shadowy network of former federal agents and foreign spooks, notably a disinformation specialist for Israel’s ultra-right Likud party named Yigal Carmon and a controversial ex-FBI official named Oliver “Buck” Revell – and a lot of money whose origins have never been revealed.”

Turns out the Fechter was being fed “information” by Israeli intelligence agents.

“As the great Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz explained before Al-Arian’s 2005 federal trial: “Israel owns much of the copyright for the case; a well-informed source termed the prosecution an ‘American-Israeli co-production.’ The Americans are running the show, but behind the scenes it was the Israelis who for years collected material (and) transmitted information…” How did they transmit information? In part, via “secret evidence” slipped to our federales, evidence and accusers Al-Arian wasn’t allowed to confront (who needs that nasty old Sixth Amendment?). But reporters were also conduits for scurrilous “intelligence” claims. Fechter himself wrote that “former and current senior Israeli intelligence officials” loaded his stories with information. Those allegations, many ludicrous on their face, were rejected by a federal jury . . .”

Here’s more Zionist Bullshit from Emerson and Fechter:

“You do recall the firestorm, right? Emerson and Fechter launched a series of series of attacks on Muslims. No amount of hyperbole and vitriol-spewing was considered excessive by the Trib or Emerson. Fechter, for example, darkly hinted that the FBI found documents about MacDill Air Force Base among Al-Arian’s papers, insinuating some dastardly design. Nope. Al-Arian had twice been invited to speak to large groups of military and intelligence officers, and the sinister documents were, well, just the hand-out materials. Fechter, following the lead of his guru, Emerson, also tried to blame the Oklahoma City bombing on Arabs, an egregiously false story the Trib has never seen fit to correct. Emerson, meanwhile, said in February 1996 that Palestinian advocates at USF were involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Emerson promised proof “in the near term.” The proof never came, and the Justice Department said it had no records supporting the allegation.”

So go read that article and enjoy.

Here’s another article from Les Watchers des Loons with a nice little quote about Emerson:

“Instead of using a magnifying glass to look for evidence, Emerson’s technique of choice is to make up the evidence as he goes along, Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent notes:”

Okay, I can hear you all now saying, “What’s the BFD Mantiq, the MSM makes up shit all the time, ever heard of Judith Miller or David Sanger?”

Tou-fucking-che. You are right. But let’s go ahead and read some examples of Emerson’s making stuff up as quoted in the article I just linked to.

“Emerson has a long history of getting into hot water over his anti-Muslim rhetoric. In the 1998 nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan, Emerson fed reporters with an informant who said Pakistan was set to strike India with a nuclear weapon. The media eventually found the informant to be unreliable – but not until international media had used Emerson’s source and intensified an international crisis.

In 1990, he was accused of plagiarism in his writings about Pan Am 103.


He sued a Florida paper after it published reports that he was supplying reporters with documents he said were from the FBI. The Florida Weekly Planet reported that the documents were frauds and Emerson sued. When he couldn’t substantiate his claims, he withdrew the lawsuit.

Emerson once claimed that an extremist Muslim group put out a hit on him and that the FBI offered to put him in a witness protection program. The FBI denied that claim.

2. Okay, let’s try item 2 again. You can follow the COT on AIPAC’s twitter feed by going here:!/AIPAC

You can try to watch the orgy live, bandwidth permitting by going here:

Update: Also try here:

(Please don’t have any minors in the room when you do this.)

One of Obama’s bosses, Peres, has just finished. He is being worshipped by these so-called Americans.

Now they are having a an Ethiopian Jewish girl doing an infomercial on how great Israel is and how America is great because it supports Israel.

And now there’s a push for giving money to Israel. I can’t take any more.

Any now the IVPFAA is about to speak. I’m recording the audio and will upload later. BTW, the head of AIPAC’s board is introducing Obama and he sounds like he is giving Obama his marching orders. Interesting. I’ll upload the audio of that as well. (Update: Link to the speech is at the top of this page.)

Obama just praised Dan Shapiro for kissing Israel’s ass. (Shapiro is at the conference, I mean where else would he be? )

3. Here’s another new video on why Jonathan Pollard should be freed.