“I’m proud” of guys who “would drive a pickup truck into a mosque”

[Artwork courtesy of Barry Landau.   Just kidding. Skulz Fontaine is the hero.]

1. Hey FBI guys who I know read this blog (and like it), instead of using the American Muslim community for your own personal peep shows, you need to get off your asses and head over to the CPAC conference and arrest James Lafferty for advocating in public his support for terrorist attacks on mosques in the United States. Loonwatch has documented (as have many others) what this terrorist advocated during the conference yesterday on a panel sponsored by the living mummy, Pam Geller. (Note to Shas Party members, red highlights are done by “bin dead awhile” our guest editor.)

“Well with what the gentleman was saying about the Justice Department, I went to the briefing, the hate crimes summit, and I went there and it was all Muslim officials speaking and they had all these pictures of some mosque somewhere, and it was usually in the South I’m proud to say where a guy would drive a pickup truck right into the mosque.”

Now if a Muslim had said that he was “proud to say where a guy would drive a pickup truck right into a synogogue” you FBI assholes all competing for promotions would be racing each other get this guy and toss him into the sea before the US military could nab him which they are allowed to do now thanks to Carl Levin and the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Barry Sotero who have destroyed what little is left in our Bill of  Rights.

Also speaking at this gathering of racist war mongering mother fuckers is terrorist Ilario Pantano whose sole claim to fame is literally getting away with murder. His killing of two unarmed Iraqi civilians in cold blood and then putting a sign over their dead bodies that said “No better friend, no worse enemy” was designed to terrify Iraqis who were bleeding and dying under the boots of an illegal invasion of their country. What he did was an act of terrorism for which white people, Christians and Jews, all over the country laud him. Fortunately, the voters in his congressional district had more sense than to elect this bigoted wacko.

I hope Ron Paul has denounced CPAC for being a gathering of racist war mongering motherfuckers, but I bet he hasn’t and he won’t. And his Zionist suck-up son didn’t say a thing in his defense of the rich speech at the conference.

The living mummy informs us that among the attendees at this conference are:

“This year, Pantano will be speaking at the same time as [Allen] West, and joins Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Laura Ingraham, Governor Scott Walker, Governor Bobby Jindal, and former Governor Sarah Palin who are also speaking on Friday.”

2. Since I’m talking about the living mummy, I want to say something quickly. Geller, Spencer and the whole lot of loons that Loonwatch makes fun of exist for two purposes. The first of which is to pave the way across the lower range of the American cultural continuum for the acceptance of the mass murder of Muslims in any place and any time. They have been pretty fucking effective at this.

Secondly, they are there to spew so much much Zionist Bullshit that decent people like Danios at Loonwatch have to waste endless hours researching their lies and exposing their bullshit to a Zionist-Bullshit-fed public.  These unspeakably horrible people spread their Zionist Bullshit all over the net and into the mass media, our police, our FBI and Shiva knows what other government agencies as if they are tapped into the mother load of Zionist Bullshit.  Then the afore-mentioned decent people have to spend endless hours documenting all sorts of things in order to refute their lies. They hope that we’ll just give up.  Then as soon as their latest bunch of Zionist Bullshit has been shown to be a bunch of Zionist Bullshit they just make up more Zionist Bullshit.  It’s like they have a huge Zionist Bullshit Mobile [ZBM] that just plops out Zionist Bullshit on demand. And that ZBM is pretty well funded as has been well-documented on this site and on many others.

3. We live in a land where pundits can openly advocate the killing of Muslims and pissing on them.  But this upsets “some” people and cannot be tolerated. It’s just chickens coming home to roost as Malcom X once said. Of course look what happened to him.

4.  As most readers of this site are aware, we are focusing on ways to make the AIPAC’s COT which runs from March 4-6 less boring. One excellent set of suggestions came from Ruby22shoes, who is also a blogger interested in not having our country destroyed by Zionists. Her suggestions are below.

You know Mantiq I racked my brain (literally) to come up with a suitable high draw speaker for the conference, my brain virtually crashed, but after some tinkering & rebooting here are my pitiful contenders:

1. Jonathan Pollard. Even though he’s in federal lock up, he is in one of the penthouse variety facilities. I’m sure they have a media room where they could skyp him right into the conference hall on a mega-monster size plasma screen.

As Jonathan is seen as a hero for his tireless espionage benefitting the Tribal Entity, I envision a sort of roast with a special panel of scripted comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher(claims he is against all religions), Roseann Barr, Joan Rivers, Sandra Bernhardt(sic),Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, PeeWee Herman, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Lewis Black,

Bette Midler and Jack Black, an even dozen.

I envision the roast because I believe Pollard will snivel & whine too much to give a staight out speech. But who wouldn’t pay to see him gently roasted by 12 of the tartest tongues in the known world?

2. Madonna. Even though when Pope John Paul II hinted that he’d like to see her perform, she gave a reply to make all Zionistas proud, “he can buy a ticket like everyone else.”

Madonna could give a rousing fund raising speech on life as a convert, how much prosperity, etc. Cabalah (sic) has given her & cap it off with the only song I can think of that she recorded “Like a 50 something Virgin” Jewish for the very first time.

3. Bernie Madoff. Though he is unpopular with some of the zionistic hoi polli, think of all the insights he could give on squeezing all the money possible out of the tightest tribal misers in the world!. It would have to be another skyp kind of deal as he is incarcerated too.

I envision a short (attorney approved) speech and then seemingly random questions from the audience. Of course no one gets to the mic unless they are vetted plants.

Possibly these candidates may not be what you’re looking for, I realize they may not meet your specifications. If I could have anyone in the world attending this conference it would be easy. I would have the place surrounded with our SWAT teams with warrants for Netanyahu (Seytanyahu) and all of the other war criminals attending.

Everyone attending would be processed and frogmarched during the perp walk.

Now that would be a draw.

5.  Now this is a guy who I’d like to see address racist war-mongering motherfuckers like the ones at the CPAC conference. (Hell, I may propose he speak to the racist war-monger motherfuckers at the AIPAC conference, but I digress.) Note to Shas Party members, this video requires having a sense of humor, so you should probably skip it.

17 responses to ““I’m proud” of guys who “would drive a pickup truck into a mosque”

  1. Suggested keynote speaker du jour….Andrew Andler owner publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times. Latest foto of Madonna showed she was wearing a cross as a Catholic and is also a member of the Kabbballa cult in Beverly Hills and the promised eretz.

  2. skulz fontaine

    Steve! Steve! Steve! Oh man, you rock!!!

  3. Steve did rock & so did that photo of Madonna in the red wig! So that’s how she stays so hot – loreal.

  4. I live in Middle America where there re more churches than bars and liquor stores. I can successfully argue against wars here because I talk to people about MONEY which is all they care about. I tell them the bankers want us to lose WW III so we cannot demand the return of the 30 trillion dollars they stole from us.

    The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III


    And I tell them the truth about what the bankers have planned for them:

    Translating Zero Hedge: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half

    These kinds of arguments work well here.

  5. She ought to be locked up at Gitmo…….

  6. How about “terror” attacks on jew synagogues!

    Oh, wait (!) – that’s already being done by jews themselves. It’s been documednted EVERY time!

    Did you see the cartoon where a rabbi is spraying a swastika on his own wall? “Psst, rabbi, what ya doin’?”

  7. bin dead awhile

    hi mt, really my man you should register those names. it gonna bring the shekels rolling in. it will be like manna from heaven. hehe. ya well if you worried about the stinkagogs, they have their own system, its called jewish lightning, its from yhwh and he only send it atop stinkagogs, you know them being chosenites and all. then walla they blame it on nazi, skinhead, kkk, moooselims, antisemites, yosemit sam, darn varmints, small furry gerbils that richard gere got caught with, scudam hoosen, little house on the prairie, jhon jacob jinglrhimer schmidt…… the list goes on take your pick. personally i think they have a yid lid filled with these names and just pick one. oh and when the libne is engaged to yhwh(ovaida usually jams it, yhwh doesnt have 10 line roaming facilities) then they get the usual rabbid from the hitagog to do it. with regards to why they need a lorry to go into a mosque, those pesky mooosleims stand in a straight line so they fall like dominos. and yhwh wont touch a mosque those are after all goyim. just my theory.

  8. The end of the Zionazi “Narrative”,


    Interestingly 100% of the braindeadgoy & so-called “Jews” can find out and Know the truth, but then they wouldn’t be in “Jewtopia”…where “Rednecks” and “Jew Worshippers” drive TANKS into Christian DAY CARE CENTERS/CHURCHES/HOMES….501{c}3 CULT COMPOUNDS….with cheerleaders in the “jewish” media exclaiming…”They should have come out, when they had the chance.”

  9. If you people want to know the whole truth,here is the best book ever written about the jews.

  10. NASCAR kissing ass again.

  11. MT you have surpassed yourself again! There is so much to explore in this post. Forgeting the “Zionist” “Muslim” puppet show…well actually Rense has also surpassed himself and this deserves as much viewing as the “ayes” will have it: http://www.rense.com/general95/Israel_Nuclear_Weapons_Myth_or_Reality.pdf

    As you are aware, or perhaps your not, I see Rense as a spiteful agenda drivel “puritan” (not the hybrid Zionist variety), but he is relatively fair and balanced in his offerings. He is also open to real history and I like that, but once again I am not sure if he likes to expose the “nutters” through unbiased transparency or he has become corrupted by zealousy. I did click on one such you tube link which was an unconvincing excerise of “deconstructing” a 1960’s ‘dark side of the moon’ photograph. The link did lead me to one Benjamin Fulford though. And he is a perfect example of a Siren.

    Ben claims to be a “recalcitrant journalist” and makes startling anti NWO claims. Yet, in this capacity, as dastardly “rogue journo” (ex Forbes of all places), he does land star interviews with “doddery old farts” such as David Rockerfella. The interview I saw with Rockerfella deserves some feedback. To frame this right, Ben describes his initiation into a special anti NWO fighting force made up of 6 million “super intelligent” “ninjas, assassins and gangsters” (you heard that right, 6 MILLION) and one lame ass, fat Jew boy. China is apparently pissed off at being pushed around by big, bad America so there are Chinese nuclear (presumably) sub’s tracking all US aircraft carriers and anti-satelite weaponary capible of paralysing the west. Also [ahhem which is probably true), the entire Japanese ruling administration belong to a Zionist affiliated masonic order.

    Ben kindly explains his “questioning strategy” with Rockerfella, where he actually exposed he is a NWO siren and David’s sock puppet. When quizzed about Ron Paul, Rockerfella’s response is interesting to say the least. In view of the PDF supplied by rense. Anyhoo here’s that interview link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW4p9N2Ocs8&feature=related and you can form your own opinion.

    Onto more serious stuff – mummys. Once again referring to PDF link above (kindly supplied by rense), the complex nature of Obama’s tenure is becoming rather more clear. Lest we not forget, he did insist on being sworn into the whitehouse on the Q’ran. There is also the puzzle with modern embalment techniques and the fact that Lenin is decomposing and set for burial. Yet, by all accounts, the mummys were more than decrocrative. They were embalmed to preserve DNA and pyramids [fire within] have some extraordinary preserving properties as well. Another of the many rogue commentators called Feldman, or something like that, made the bizarre claim/question that Obama was the product of one of the bygone Pharoh’s DNA and mistress Michele Obama is his mother (I mean via preserved DNA). Strange stuff about the codenames used with Obamas, names of their kids and so places an uncomfortable question. I am beginning to take this claim more seriously. I am also wondering whether Obama is gonna hold up his end of the bargain – Zionistically speaking. Has he bitten off more than he can chew and as far as anti-tyranny goes maybe he’s the “best of a bad bunch”. Ron Paul is still my choice by a green mile, but……

    Anyway one final thing for RickB. When Ehud Barak was interviewed directly after 911, when he was spruiking the NWO objective of an exclusively Zionist managed middle east and what a wonderful, timely opportunity 911 had presented. He talked of a united front [against the Muslim scourge] made up of all the expected nations and RUSSIA. Was that an olive branch or should he be believed?

  12. “Comment awaiting moderation”. MT, et tu Brute?

  13. Ozzie (and everyone else for that matter),

    If you include links in your comments sometimes the wordpress comment handling software will decide to either place your comments in a pending file and sometimes it will put them in the spam folder. (I get thousands of real spam hits a month and I rarely go in that folder trying to fish out the occasionally misplaced comment) All first-time commentators automatically have their initial comment put in the moderation folder. Once that comment is approved, I have the settings so that then that person can write all they want and their comments will post right away, but sometimes if you include two or more links in your comment it will be marked pending or put in the spam folder. The upshot is that Ozzie and virtually all of you will almost always have your comments posted right away, if you get a moderation message, or if the comment just disappears that means that it will have to wait till I see my pending messages when I log on (in the first case), or that your message got put in the spam folder by mistake. If you think the latter has happened, post a quick comment to that effect or email me at the address on the contact page.

    I’m not an Obama fan, as even a Shas Party member can tell from reading this site. But Obama used a bible for this swearing in session (which he screwed up), it was Senator Ellison who used a Quran. In my view, religious texts shouldn’t be used at all and the Constitution put in its place. Like that will ever happen.

  14. Five words,

    Thanks for the link to the Zio-car. American Israel Racing – AIR. Cool, air in Levantine Arabic means “penis”, so this outfit is suitably named.

  15. @Ozzie: “He talked of a united front [against the Muslim scourge] made up of all the expected nations and RUSSIA. Was that an olive branch or should he be believed?”
    I find this intriguing especially as the tribe has allowed so much immigration from Russia into their entity. I believe I read that the tribe is considering legislation that will remove Arabic as an official language and include Russian, along with Hebrew and English, in road signs, legal papers, etc. The same way the US government puts it’s notices to US citizens in both English and Spanish.
    And @ Five Words’ video: Here I thought North Carolina was notorious for being the home to the world’s largest swine slurry ponds,which have the unfortunate habit of overflowing with pig shit, waste and blood, and fouling what is left of North Carolina’s water table.
    People in the vicinity of these large ‘concerns’ such as Smithfield develop sickness, allergies and the smell alone drives most of the homesteaders away. They say the aromatic slurry is so pungent that you cannot bathe/shower enough to feel clean, and most who have experienced seeing these facilities will never eat pork again.
    Wonder who owns these swine ‘production’ plants?

  16. Regarding L’Oreal etc.

    When I began the BDS lifestyle (gosh sounds kinda kinky doesn’t it?) the hardest thing to deal with was hair colouring. Everything else was replaceable but my hair… after almost 5 decades I could NOT give up my colour and.. OMG… LOOK MY AGE!

    I found that almost ALL beauty products are from the same few companies all BDS targets. For months I went to stores and found the same stuff, the same names, etc. Finally I found a European/Swiss product that is SOOO much better for the hair and scalp. Natural too!

    I post the name of the company for other women who have found this to be a petty annoyance as far as BDS goes. The company is Herbatint and can be found on line and in most natural stores.

    You would be amazed at how many ladies in the movement have been thrilled to have their colour and keep their ethics too!

  17. Ozzie Free Thinker.

    The concept was that Obama was a clone/whatever of King Akhenatan and that Michelle was his mother, Queen Tiye, came from Freeman who is, in all actuality, very very knowledgeable in anything to do with things mystical, Masonry, etc. He is a walking encyclopedia but yeah, he does go off once in awhile on some tangent.


    Here is his page on that particular subject.

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