Kathy Ireland and Carl Levin to Speak at AIPAC Conference

(Carl and Cathy are featured in items 4 and 5 below. Please don’t miss the AIPAC Policy Conference for 2012 to be held March 4-6th)

1. Ban Ki-Moon goes to Israel and attacks the Palestinians.

“Ban told Abbas that continued bids for UN membership would harm the organization, due to further cuts in American funding.”

2. The Palestinians attack Ban Ki-Moon.

“About 40 protesters were waiting for the convoy on the Palestinian side of the Erez Crossing with Israel. Some held signs that read “Ban Ki-moon enough bias for Israel.” As the UN vehicles drove through, protesters beat the vans with their signs and with sticks.”

3.  The Israeli government allows  Jewish high-school kids to see first hand the crimes being committed against the Palestinians in Hebron.

The Israeli government forbids Jewish high-school kids from seeing first hand the crimes being committed against the Palestinians in Hebron due to pressure from US-supported Jewish extremists in the West Bank.

“Speaking to Army Radio, a Breaking the Silence spokesperson said that the meeting was cancelled over “pressure and the inability of Hebron police to protect us from settler violence.”

The settlers are very cuddly and dig Meir Kahane.

“The Hebron settlers are, in general, some of the most extreme ideologues of the settler movement. Their ranks include leaders and activists affiliated (some formerly, some currently) with the outlawed Kach and Kahane Chai movements. Racist and extremist anti-Palestinian, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab sentiment is omnipresent in Hebron, painted in Hebrew on the walls and doors of Palestinian properties in the areas near where the settlers live (click here for examples).

3. Israel is an important strategic asset to the United States. Just ask Dan Shapiro and Robert Blackwill.

To me that is a statement of fact. Of course it is. And it isn’t really a question that requires a lot of debate, although maybe it requires some explanation,” Shapiro said.

“Obviously, what makes us allies is the common values and interests. We don’t have a better ally in this very unstable and strategically critical part of the world.”


“When I started, I thought I would start with Google and get a list of all of the contributions Israel makes to American national security and interests. And last summer and fall when we were doing we discovered that no such list existed.

“So Walt and I developed the list – and it is exhaustive and impressive,” he concluded.

And just by coincidence you can download Blackwill’s report at WINEP the think tank of the Israeli Lobby ground zero center known as AIPAC.

4. Well the jailed Palestinian saw his shadow earlier this week which means it’s just under six weeks until the AIPAC annual conference which ends on Super Tuesday. No doubt a coincidence. Please call your congressional representative and tell them that if they go to the conference you will not only never vote for them again.

The list of confirmed speakers includes Carl Levin who worked so hard to destroy your constitutional rights via the NDAA. Please let Levin know how much you appreciate his fine work by contacting him.

269 Russell Office Building
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 20510-2202
Phone (202) 224-6221
Fax (202) 224-1388
TTY (202) 224-2816

Here’s a bunch of other confirmed speakers at the AIPAC Policy Conference

Yes, that is Kathy Ireland. Did you know she’s a “Born Again Zionist Supermodel” ?

5. “There’s no place on Earth like Israel.”

“If Israel isn’t safe, the rest of the world isn’t safe.”

17 responses to “Kathy Ireland and Carl Levin to Speak at AIPAC Conference

  1. Rabbi Yosef was right all along when he pontificated that the “only” reason goyims exist is to serve the Jew. Compared them to cattle and donkeys. by de by does that not sound like “de Jews are uber alles”. wonder how Mitt’s favorite song, “America the Beautiful” sounds in Yiddish.

  2. Tell Ms Ireland that if Israel wants to be safe, they will first have to make their neighbors feel safe.

    The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

    Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

    That is their plan for you.

    What is your plan for them?


  3. Note Too OMOP:Don’t compare Germany to Isreal with Uber Alles thing-OK!That song meant that all Germans should feel united,not to dominate others,and Germany fought against this menace,and lives under tthe Jew thumb today.Jews are the enemies of the while world.They hate European Civilazation with Germany he leading nation the most.As for Ms Ireland,the 50 year old Virginal Sex Symbol,bore,poor actress,and BOTOX Queen,she knows where her bread is buttered.The Born-Again Christain air head bore,loves JEEEEESUS, but puts the people who crucified him first.The Isrealites would kill her and her whole family if the could.Shes just ‘Unclean Meat’to them.Be sure to boycott all products she endorses.

  4. We have reason to be hopeful. Heroic Palestine will survive Jewish savagery. Fascist Israel and its diseased mommy-in-crime, zionized America, are a collective suicide in the making. How uplifting are their death pangs! Soon and without doubt, this partnership of evil will be removed from the face of this good earth.

  5. “If Israel isn’t safe, the rest of the world isn’t safe.”
    @Kathy Ireland
    If you feel that strongly Kathy maybe it makes sense to move yourself and your family from Santa Barbara to Israel and keep it safe.

  6. I think they must all go there immediately to “defend” them! Nothing like “true believers”. We all know how much they appreciate the help (ugh!). Human (?) shields, that’s what they need. What better sacrifice can the Goyim make for their masters? They should leave right away, take all of those other political parasites with them. If they spread out real close those bottle rockets that the Chosen lob into their stolen territory and blame the Palestinians for will bounce right off those portly politicians. This could help solve that whole border thing. An unbreakable line of fat politicians and other whores arm and arm.
    What better example could these “leaders” make for us useless eaters than to give their soulless existences for the Turko-Mongolian cause? I’m sure the chagans of old would be impressed. It has been said that “cattle are stupid”. It’s also been said that “you can’t fix stupid”.

  7. That is wonderful…God Bless Mrs. Ireland and all the other speakers! Good for them to stand up for Israel!

  8. The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:

    “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.

    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.”
    (The Jew, December 1925, Zinobit
    Read this important book to understand the truth.

  9. I was intrigued by the lottery the Hebron settlers are promoting; the one where tickets are sold and the winner receives an apartment in a Hebron settlement.
    I wonder what the rules are, where can one get tickets, do you have to be a tribal member and how do present a stolen apartment situated on stolen land in legality obsessed Izrael?
    Wouldn’t it be grand if we could buy all the tickets and number them, while passing out our numbers to Palestinians?
    The problem is I couldn’t be responsible for putting a family in an area where they would be in imminent harm’s way.

    Off topic, I ask for your indulgence in signing this petition:
    This was in my email today from Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, ( http://www.wrmea.org ) and I couldn’t help but notice they had only a hundred measly signatures, maybe you readers & commentators could bulk that number up to a more impressive number, maybe 55,000 by signing & passing along to interested friends?
    thnx for all you do.

  10. That Kathy Ireland, why she’s a HIDEOUS old, Fat Granny.
    She sells sofas, down at the sofa store. Not known as ‘smart’.

  11. One serious question, if anyone knows the answer…..why are these squatters so surly and provocative to the soldiers that are protecting them?
    If someone was throwing bags of urine at me I’m sure I’d be reluctant to defend them from others that were being bullied in the same way.

    They wouldn’t be able to get away with as much, at least in the long run, because tho the soldiers do nothing to overtly hinder the usurpers, the soldiers are still an impediment by their very presence.

  12. Geoffrey Pope

    Don’t forget to credit Carl Levin with his untiring efforts to cover up Israeli involvement in the 9-11 attacks, which gave the neocons and “Blood and Iron” fascists a blank check for wars against Muslims who offend America by living in places with oil, gas, pipeline rights of way, and opium, and to shred the U.S. Constitution.

  13. Ever since the moral stain of Usrael was created in 1948, the world has not seen one moment of peace. Enough is enough. Get the hell off this planet.

  14. bin dead awhile

    im hoping devon was being sarcastic…..or else………….

  15. bin dead awhile

    with open advertisments like thiks, cant the american people see and question whats happening?

    and mt with regards to some arabic music, master, give me direction, for i am a virgin in that catogery.

    just thinking with regards to the upcoming olympics if usain bolt became moooselim would he be then known as husain bolt???????

  16. Great post MT. This is very in line with the latest chapter of the book I am writing. I won’t bore you with the details on partially synthetic beings that have been mining this planet for some time “under our noses”…or, should I say, under SOME of our noses.

    “Anti-Semitism” is the key. I always wondered why the Semite (i.e. the Arab) wasn’t worshiped as a result of the asidious Anti-Semitism Security (ASS) legislation. While writing my chapter, which covers a much larger and much more worrying conspiracy involving the Zionist (sic), the penny dropped on what is going on with Israel/Palestine, Israel/ROW. It stems from the “Chosen People”, which defines a racist God.

    Anti-Semitism underpins the racist God philosophy. According the Jews, who support the asidious ASS legislation, the Arabs are not Semites, have no right to consider themselves Semites, and only exist at all in the “Chosen People designate” lands, which are, as compact or vast as they determine. Under their philosophy – those who support the racist God concept, the Arab should be grateful at the benevolence of the Chosen People allowing the Arabs to exist at all. The same could be said for other creeds, but the conflicts with them are less accute.

    I go into more detail in my book, but you get the gist. That is why the United Nations (a mechanism for insuring the Chosen People are given their “rightful” “justice” and stamping out any dissenting racalcitrance) is all for the New World Order.

  17. Douglas Reed had a lot to say about the “Covenant” people and why it has always been a ‘political’ rather than a ‘religious’ affair. “The Controversy of Zion” can be ‘Googled” in full text. Good read.
    We see ourselves as facing something ‘new’. Certainly it’s gone ‘global’, but it isn’t new. The marketing changes but the product remains the same. Same old whiny destruction. The biggest mistake people commonly make is in assuming that we share common respect for humanity, etc.. “We” don’t. Lately, some of their leaders have been saying this more and more openly. Of course, they get away with it with nary a whimper (we owe them, somehow, you know?).
    There is nothing good that comes from this ideology. It is simple tribal elitism. To treat this as something worthy of respect is a serious mistake.

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