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AIPAC: Obama and Gingrich Get Ready to Grovel

(Graphics by Skulz)

1. It’s coming goys and girls, it’s coming. In just a few days an orgy of truly unbelievable proportions will take place in what used to be the capital of these United States. This year probably for the first time in the history of this disgusting display of servility to a foreign power, an opposition presidential candidate will be speaking during an election year in which an incumbent is running. AIPAC actually changed their policy to allow this happen. So, not only will orgy participants get to see the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) treat these monsters as if they were gay Johns who hired him to climb into the back of a limo, they will also get to see the thoroughly corrupt Newt Gingrich show that he can take it even deeper.

(Shas Party members get two guesses on who did the above graphic)

Here are two very pertinent quotes to keep in mind regarding AIPAC’s Annual Policy Conference which begins this coming Sunday, March 4th right at the time many of you Christians are at church listening to sermons about how Christianity is all about worshiping Israel.

The first quote is from Grant Smith, the founder of the Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy, which has recently filed a court brief that alleges that “AIPAC has never abandoned its original role as an arm of the Israeli government in the United States” and this has AIPAC all in a tizzy.

Grant Smith, in an article entitled “The Mossad Has Long Given Marching Orders to AIPAC” concludes:

Though they tried, U.S. counter-intelligence and law enforcement officials failed to counteract or properly regulate AIPAC’s stealth foreign agency during the Cold War. Today the lobby’s pursuit of Israeli interests threatens to plunge the entire Middle East into war and burn the delicate tendrils of global economic recovery. Evidence of the Israeli government directing AIPAC today is self-evident as Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu crank AIPAC’s handles to winch themselves uninvited into U.S. election-year politics. It only remains to be seen whether sufficient numbers of concerned Americans will angrily rise from the sidelines to confront AIPAC before its foreign principals maneuver America into a disastrous war for Israel.

The second quote is from another very important article by Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, who, as far as I can tell, has been trying diligently to actually serve the American public since he retired from that horrible outfit some years ago. I’ve read this guy for years and listened to him and he’s very measured in his statements and bases his stated views on facts, not wild speculation – which makes him stand out quite a bit from ALL of the speakers at a typical AIPAC COT.

His article entitled “AIPAC Declares War” is about the efforts of Senator Joe Lieberman (Mossad, CT) to ensure that the US gets involved in a war with Iran. BTW, Lieberman is also speaking at the COT that starts this Sunday. Please read the quote and read the entire article.

Many Americans are beginning to wake up to the fact that it is disgraceful that a small country like Israel should be able to dictate U.S. foreign policy in a key part of the world, but the current situation is actually far worse than that. This is the case of a foreign government’s lobby consisting largely of American citizens using its clout to avoid registering as a foreign agent while narrowing the policy options through its friends in Congress and the media in such a way as to make war inevitable. Some might call it treason.

I do.

2. Call your congressional representatives and ask them if they are attending this conference. AIPAC loves to brag about all the congressmen and senators who attend the conference. So call yours, find out if they are attending, if the person on the phone says yes, tell them that in that case you will never vote for the congressman or senator again. Ever.

It’s really easy to call them. (Shas Party members might have difficulty with the directions below, but the rest of you should find this really, really easy. Much easier than dying in stupid, useless and endless wars.)

Here’s a simple flow chart for contacting your congressman and senators by phone.

Do you know what State you live in? If the answer is yes, then:

(If the answer is no, then I suggest listening to Coast to Coast.)

1. For your congressman’s info, go here. You will see a map. Click on your state. Each congressman for each district in your state is listed along with his phone number. Call the number. Ask to speak to the congressman. You will be told you can’t cause the person is not there, in a meeting, under arrest or whatever. Tell them to please deliver a message to the congressman. The person will say they will. Say that you are a constituent of that congressman and ask if the congressman is going to the AIPAC Policy conference that weekend. No matter what the answer is politely but firmly explain that if the congressman does attend that you will never vote for that person again and will go out of your way to vote for whomever runs against him or her.

2. For your senators, go here. The Senators names are listed by alphabetical order. If you don’t know who your senators are, you can sort the list to have them shown by state. The option to do that is right under the headline that says “Senators of the 112th Congress.” Call them and follow the directions above.

3. “The Right of Return is Not for Sale”

Israel-Firsters? You Decide

1. I am fed up with all this crap about how you can’t use the term “Israel-firster” or “Israeli-firsters.” It’s a damn good term and applicable to far too damn many people. Case in point. There is an organization named “Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations”. Note the term “American”. It’s there to mislead you. If they are so American, what were these people doing in Israel recently? They were having a conference that seems to be all about fighting Israel’s wars. Speaking at this gathering was Shimon Peres who assured these “Americans” that Israel really is a war-mongering insane state: (Note to Shas Party members, all red highlights in this post are mine.)

“Shapiro spoke to the conference after President Shimon Peres, reading from a prepared text, told the group that Israel was a sovereign state with the “right and the capacity to defend herself against any threat. When we say that all options are on the table, we really mean it.

“Peres denied a Haaretz report claiming he would tell US President Barack Obama during a meeting in Washingtonscheduled for May 4, a day before Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s planned meeting with Obama, that he did not believe Israel should attack Iran. That story, Peres said, was more imagination than information.”

Also, speaking at this gathering was alleged US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, a real favorite here at Mantiq al-Tayr as regular readers here know. Shapiro made it clear that the role of the United States is to be Israel’s bitch. Among his great quotes:

“The preferred option for achieving that goal was diplomatic and economic pressures, which were beginning to “bite,” the envoy said. But if this did not work, “as the president said, and as we are coordinating with our other partners, all other options are on the table to achieve that goal… and more than that, the necessary planning is being done to ensure that those options are actually available, if at any time they become necessary.”

Here’s an interesting observation about US-Israeli coordination on Iran. Ignore this at your peril. The article notes:

“[Shapiro] praised the level of coordination between the two countries on Iran, saying that about every other week cabinet- level officials travel in one direction or the other for meetings centered on the Islamic Republic.

Now pay attention to this. To back up his point that the US and Israel are 69ing each other on Iran on a continual basis:

“The visit this week of US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon was proof of this, Shapiro said. He described those talks as “very detailed,” and said that “there is no other country in the world, relationship in the world, where senior leaders invest that kind of time to ensure that we have total coordination – and we do.

So, these Presidents of “American” Jewish outfits were in Jerusalem to make sure that the “US” ambassador is as much of a war-monger on Iran as Shimon Peres and the rest of those creeps. Of course this should come as no surprise as the so-called “Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations” has only one primary obsession, Israel. The very first paragraph on their “about” page is all about Israel.

“For half a century, the Conference of Presidents has played a key role in American and world Jewish history. From mass public events to private diplomacy, the Conference has been in the forefront of mobilizing support for Israel and educating the public in times of war and conflict, and in the pursuit of peace.”

Half a century of being in “in the forefront of mobilizing support for Israel” sounds like a pretty good track record to me. Israel-Firsters. Their very short “about” page mentions Israel 10 times. The “United States” are not mentioned a single time. “America” does not appear once. However, “American” does appear 14 times. But before you jump to the (absurd) conclusion that the word American is used in sentences that might go something like this “The Conference supports American interests and urges all Americans to join them in building up this great country” take a took at how the word it used. 10 of the 14 times it is in a term such as “American Jewry” or “American Jews” or the “American Jewish Community.” Most of those instances are about how it is working for the interests of American Jews – which is fine – until you see what the main interest of American Jews seems to be based on the website. The word American appears twice in a sense that refers to Americans in general. The first refers to the Conference’s role in shaping “American and world Jewish history”. The second is this little bullet about what they do:

ensure that Israel’s interests are heard and understood by policy makers, opinion molders and the American public.”

This organization exists to make sure that the “American public” “hears and understands” the interests of a foreign nation.

So much of the website is about Israel that it really ought to be embarrassing for an organization that has the word “American” in its title. Here’s a snapshot of their “In the news page“. It’s all about Israel. By the way, two of the first three articles are about Jonathan Pollard. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss that.

But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does. Hold on to your seats goys and girls, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. On their “Press Release” page there is almost nothing at all about the interests of the United States. It’s all about supporting Israel, making war on Iran and screwing and mocking the Palestinians. Oh, and about freeing Jonathan Pollard, almost forgot to mention that. Did you know that Ariel Sharon was a man of peace?

Under the “Issues” section of their website they list four issues. The first one, surprise surprise, is US-Israel relations. May as well read the whole damn thing and they you can come to your own conclusions: “The Conference of Presidents…

  • strengthens understanding of the principle that a politically secure, militarily strong, and economically sound Israel is in the best interests of America and world peace.
  • advocates for a safe and secure Israel that will continue to be America’s vital strategic ally and partner.
  • supports a just and lasting peace between based on sequenced, performance-based steps, as well as peace and normalization of relations between Israel and her neighbors.
  • supports calls for the Palestinian Authority to take concrete steps to disarm and dismantle the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure, and for Arab countries to stop the flow of funds that bankroll terrorist activity.
  • promotes the fact that the national interests of the United States and Israel generally coincide.
  • reinforces that Israel and the United States share political, moral and intellectual values including democracy, freedom, security and peace.
  • cooperates with the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government to formulate policies that enhance the USIsrael relationship, and supports U.S. economic and military aid to Israel.
  • provides a channel of communication and forum for interaction between American Jewry and the U.S. government, strengthens Israel-Diaspora relations and maintains close ties with Israeli officials.
  • encourages travel to Israel as the strongest affirmation of solidarity, and as a staple of Israel’s economy.
  • promotes private investments and regional economic cooperation that are vital to Israel’s security and economic well-being.
  • advocates for the return home of Israel’s kidnapped and missing soldiers.

Which country seems to have primacy in the bullets above? You decide.

Under their “Initiatives” section the very first item is “America’s Voices in Israel.” Before you read what I have below, I want to warn you. If you consider yourself a patriotic member of the “we’re fucked” movement, you are going to get really really pissed off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here is what the “American’s Voice’s in Israel” initiative does:

Before going on, I want to point out something just to make sure my Shas Party readers are following the argument. Something called “America’s Voices in Israel” sounds like it should be about having Americans go to Israel to represent American interests in Israel – you know, maybe to get Israelis to buy our hummus, or to tell them “Stop screwing the Palestinians and attacking their neighbors and making all sorts of crazy threats all the time because this makes America look like, well, like Israel’s bitch. This causes trouble for Americans. People get pissed off, they fight back. They blow Americans up who work in buildings owned and heavily insured by Zionist Jews. Kinda sucks. So please stop this shit. Thank you.”

But no. This is all about getting a variety of US-based journalists and Hollywood stars to go to Israel to both be propagandized and then to spread that propaganda back to the US. You have got to visit the “American’s Voices in Israel” website to see up close how utterly disgusting this is for yourself. However, as a courtesy from all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr, we will give you a few regulach morsels which we sincerely hope will make you sick.

Do you all remember the wonderful Fox show “24” whose two principal features were stereotypes (largely against Muslims) and torture (of pretty much everyone)? Well, Mary Lynn Rajskub from that show was in Israel on an “American Voices in Israel” trip and it looks like she and some others had quite a nice time. Here’s day one of the “mission” she and other celebs were on in Israel. (Highlights are mine.)

“Joining us on the mission are: Mary Lynn Rajskub. She is known as Chloe O’Brian on the Fox action-thriller 24. Shuan Sipos is perhaps best known for playing David Breck on The CW series Melrose Place. Greg Grunberg, who is best known for starring as Matt Parkman on the NBC television series Heroes. Justin Chatwin played the son of Tom Cruise’s character in the Steven Spielberg-directed War of the Worlds, a leading role in the 2007 mystery/thriller The Invisible, and Goku in Dragonball Evolution. In 2011, he began playing Steve in the Showtime series Shameless. He has appeared in an episode of the TV-series Weeds, Lost, and Glory Days amongst others. Austin Nichols is perhaps best known for his role as Julian Baker in The CW drama series One Tree Hill.”

Remember the movie Avatar? Well Joel David Moore and others were also on a mission to Israel. And in January a group of Hispanic journalists went on the mission. “Joining us this week are: Ruben Keoseyan, Executive Editor of La Opinion Newspaper in Los Angeles; Jorge Ferraez, Co-Founder and President of the Ferraez Publications Group, which edits three successful magazines in two countries: Lideres Mexicanos, El Mundo del Petroleo in Mexico and Latino Leaders in the U.S. Lupita Colmenero, is the publisher of El Hispano News, a Spanish language weekly newspaper, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Hispanic community for the past 20 years. Ruben Navarette, Member of the USA Today Board of Contributors & Nationally syndicated columnist with The Washington Post Writers Group and Mary Rabago, News Anchor/Reporter Univision Arizona.” Go to the links and have a look around. And go here too to see the names of broadcasters who like to send you Zionist Bullshit from Israel.

Now that you are grown up you can’t join the Mouseketeers, but you can join instead the Leadership Action Network (LAN) of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and really feel important. Here’s what the LAN does:

“The LAN is the only early alert and information network that connects all sectors of the pro-Israel community on a sustained basis, in America and across the globe. Be part of this unprecedented effort to inform and mobilize Israel’s supporters and advocates on issues of vital importance.”

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations also wants to protect Israel from the consequences of Israel’s gross violations of international law. You can support this initiative to make sure that there is one standard for Israel (“Israel gets to do whatever it wants”) and a different one for you (“You have to do whatever Israel wants”) by supporting the “Lawfare Project.” I am not making this up. I wish I were. Please check out the Lawfare Project website – it seems to be an independent 501(c)(3), but the conference seems to like it quite a bit.

I’m not done yet. Here’s more from the home page of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Under the “Resources” section of their homepage everything is either about supporting Israel or attacking the Palestinians. Attacking Americans is also part and parcel of this section. Please send their Rachel Corrie document to her parents. I’m sure they’d like to read it. They even have a heading under resources called “Flotilla.” You can bet that one is a barrel of laughs. We learn here that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is legal because, and I’m not making this up, it is legal because it works. No kidding. Here’s the quote:

” The blockade has been, effective in preventing all non-humanitarian vessels from entering the blockaded area.”

The “Multimedia” page has stuff on it that just has to be taken from Colbert or something. Unbelievably funny. I leave you with this quote from one of the America’s Voices in Israel pages. BTW, the President of America’s Voices in Israel is Malcolm Hoenlein who also just happens to be the Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

The America’s Voices organization is on the forefront of Israel’s hasbara (public relations) efforts. Sending American radio talk-show hosts to Israel gives them the opportunity to share with their listeners the realities of the situation on the ground. When America’s Voices hosts are not in our state-of-the-art Jerusalem studio delivering cutting edge programming about Israel, they are busy taking guided tours throughout the country to experience firsthand what life is like in the Jewish State.”

So, I leave it to you all to decide on your own if calling the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations a bunch of Israel-Firsters is appropriate or not. You all do what you want. Shas Party members get extra time to decide. Oh and don’t forget to donate. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is a 501(c)(3) charity. Hahahahahaha. You get to subsidize these Israel-firsters. Hahahahahahaha. But I digress.

2. Well it’s video time. Let’s take a look at what some of our Hollywood stars were doing on their trips to Israel under the tutelage of America’s Voice in Israel which is also a 501(c)(3) organization. Remember Mary Lynn, Shuan, Justin, Austin and Greg from above? Here they are being smug in front of the Wailing Wall. It’s only 49 seconds long, so sit down and give it a listen and try to control yourself.

Kellan Lutz was also on one of these America’s Voices in Israel hasbara trips. Listen to him talk about bringing “awareness from Israel back to America” and hear him tell you how much he “loves” Israel. The first video is nothing compared to this one.

Here’s Greg and company again, this time having a press conference I’m sure you’ll enjoy the part where Greg talks about his Rabbi.

This young man wasn’t able to attend the press conference.

Huwaida Arraf vs the IDF. Warning, this video is inspiring.

“I’m proud” of guys who “would drive a pickup truck into a mosque”

[Artwork courtesy of Barry Landau.   Just kidding. Skulz Fontaine is the hero.]

1. Hey FBI guys who I know read this blog (and like it), instead of using the American Muslim community for your own personal peep shows, you need to get off your asses and head over to the CPAC conference and arrest James Lafferty for advocating in public his support for terrorist attacks on mosques in the United States. Loonwatch has documented (as have many others) what this terrorist advocated during the conference yesterday on a panel sponsored by the living mummy, Pam Geller. (Note to Shas Party members, red highlights are done by “bin dead awhile” our guest editor.)

“Well with what the gentleman was saying about the Justice Department, I went to the briefing, the hate crimes summit, and I went there and it was all Muslim officials speaking and they had all these pictures of some mosque somewhere, and it was usually in the South I’m proud to say where a guy would drive a pickup truck right into the mosque.”

Now if a Muslim had said that he was “proud to say where a guy would drive a pickup truck right into a synogogue” you FBI assholes all competing for promotions would be racing each other get this guy and toss him into the sea before the US military could nab him which they are allowed to do now thanks to Carl Levin and the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Barry Sotero who have destroyed what little is left in our Bill of  Rights.

Also speaking at this gathering of racist war mongering mother fuckers is terrorist Ilario Pantano whose sole claim to fame is literally getting away with murder. His killing of two unarmed Iraqi civilians in cold blood and then putting a sign over their dead bodies that said “No better friend, no worse enemy” was designed to terrify Iraqis who were bleeding and dying under the boots of an illegal invasion of their country. What he did was an act of terrorism for which white people, Christians and Jews, all over the country laud him. Fortunately, the voters in his congressional district had more sense than to elect this bigoted wacko.

I hope Ron Paul has denounced CPAC for being a gathering of racist war mongering motherfuckers, but I bet he hasn’t and he won’t. And his Zionist suck-up son didn’t say a thing in his defense of the rich speech at the conference.

The living mummy informs us that among the attendees at this conference are:

“This year, Pantano will be speaking at the same time as [Allen] West, and joins Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Laura Ingraham, Governor Scott Walker, Governor Bobby Jindal, and former Governor Sarah Palin who are also speaking on Friday.”

2. Since I’m talking about the living mummy, I want to say something quickly. Geller, Spencer and the whole lot of loons that Loonwatch makes fun of exist for two purposes. The first of which is to pave the way across the lower range of the American cultural continuum for the acceptance of the mass murder of Muslims in any place and any time. They have been pretty fucking effective at this.

Secondly, they are there to spew so much much Zionist Bullshit that decent people like Danios at Loonwatch have to waste endless hours researching their lies and exposing their bullshit to a Zionist-Bullshit-fed public.  These unspeakably horrible people spread their Zionist Bullshit all over the net and into the mass media, our police, our FBI and Shiva knows what other government agencies as if they are tapped into the mother load of Zionist Bullshit.  Then the afore-mentioned decent people have to spend endless hours documenting all sorts of things in order to refute their lies. They hope that we’ll just give up.  Then as soon as their latest bunch of Zionist Bullshit has been shown to be a bunch of Zionist Bullshit they just make up more Zionist Bullshit.  It’s like they have a huge Zionist Bullshit Mobile [ZBM] that just plops out Zionist Bullshit on demand. And that ZBM is pretty well funded as has been well-documented on this site and on many others.

3. We live in a land where pundits can openly advocate the killing of Muslims and pissing on them.  But this upsets “some” people and cannot be tolerated. It’s just chickens coming home to roost as Malcom X once said. Of course look what happened to him.

4.  As most readers of this site are aware, we are focusing on ways to make the AIPAC’s COT which runs from March 4-6 less boring. One excellent set of suggestions came from Ruby22shoes, who is also a blogger interested in not having our country destroyed by Zionists. Her suggestions are below.

You know Mantiq I racked my brain (literally) to come up with a suitable high draw speaker for the conference, my brain virtually crashed, but after some tinkering & rebooting here are my pitiful contenders:

1. Jonathan Pollard. Even though he’s in federal lock up, he is in one of the penthouse variety facilities. I’m sure they have a media room where they could skyp him right into the conference hall on a mega-monster size plasma screen.

As Jonathan is seen as a hero for his tireless espionage benefitting the Tribal Entity, I envision a sort of roast with a special panel of scripted comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher(claims he is against all religions), Roseann Barr, Joan Rivers, Sandra Bernhardt(sic),Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, PeeWee Herman, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Lewis Black,

Bette Midler and Jack Black, an even dozen.

I envision the roast because I believe Pollard will snivel & whine too much to give a staight out speech. But who wouldn’t pay to see him gently roasted by 12 of the tartest tongues in the known world?

2. Madonna. Even though when Pope John Paul II hinted that he’d like to see her perform, she gave a reply to make all Zionistas proud, “he can buy a ticket like everyone else.”

Madonna could give a rousing fund raising speech on life as a convert, how much prosperity, etc. Cabalah (sic) has given her & cap it off with the only song I can think of that she recorded “Like a 50 something Virgin” Jewish for the very first time.

3. Bernie Madoff. Though he is unpopular with some of the zionistic hoi polli, think of all the insights he could give on squeezing all the money possible out of the tightest tribal misers in the world!. It would have to be another skyp kind of deal as he is incarcerated too.

I envision a short (attorney approved) speech and then seemingly random questions from the audience. Of course no one gets to the mic unless they are vetted plants.

Possibly these candidates may not be what you’re looking for, I realize they may not meet your specifications. If I could have anyone in the world attending this conference it would be easy. I would have the place surrounded with our SWAT teams with warrants for Netanyahu (Seytanyahu) and all of the other war criminals attending.

Everyone attending would be processed and frogmarched during the perp walk.

Now that would be a draw.

5.  Now this is a guy who I’d like to see address racist war-mongering motherfuckers like the ones at the CPAC conference. (Hell, I may propose he speak to the racist war-monger motherfuckers at the AIPAC conference, but I digress.) Note to Shas Party members, this video requires having a sense of humor, so you should probably skip it.