Stealth Zionism

Over-priced, over-hyped, tax-payer funded

(Artwork courtesy of Skulz Fontaine)

1. From Howard Phillips’ blog in 2007:


In 1982, my wife, Peggy, and I visited Israel as part of a delegation which included Mr. and Mrs. Morton Blackwell, William A. Rusher, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weyrich, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Truluck, Dr. and Mrs. James P. Lucier, and several other conservatives.

Prior to departure, we were briefed by Benjamin Netanyahu, then the Israeli Ambassador to the United States.

While in Israel, we visited Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Jericho, Macpelah, and many other historic venues.

One of those whom we met was the legendary mayor of Jerusalem, a charming socialist by the name of Teddy Kollek. Mayor Kollek died recently at the age of 95.

This post should have been a red-flag to all conservatives who don’t worship at the Israeli alter, offering up their wealth and sons to the graven image that is the state of Israel.

2. Here’s an interesting email that I am printing with the permission of Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof. Red highlights are mine.

Mr. Kenneth R. Timmerman
Accuracy in Media

RE: Your article entitled “Tehran TV Loves Ron Paul” at

Dear Mr. Timmerman:

I read with fascination your recent piece in which you played Israel’s little slut and slandered Ron Paul, Mark Dankof and Phil Giraldi, all true American heroes.

I’d love to have you on my program so that we could set the record straight on this. Are you man enough to do it, or do you engage in the typically-Zionist way of fighting, which is to sucker-punch someone, making sure you have a clear path of escape after you do it?

We will also be contacting Howard Phillips, Conservative Caucus chairman in Washington, D. C., to get his take on this and the manner in which Mark Dankof was specifically libeled by him in your article. We will also be asking Mr. Phillips on the record whether or not he agrees with your treasonous position that Ron Paul is ‘un-American.’

Be rest assured, whether you appear on the program or not, we will be covering you, what you wrote, and what a worm you are for a dangerous foreign power. We will have on with us high-ranking members of the US intelligence community who have shared with us information about you and your past dealings with Israel.

We anxiously await your reply, Kenneth Pollard Timmerman.

Mark Glenn
The Ugly Truth

3. “So the Baptist fuck wants money,” Greenspun growled, as he pushed the bag over to Joel. “Remember, this comes from the state of Israel. Don’t you ever forget it.”

Hi goys and girls. The above statement is NOT what I’m talking about when I talk about Stealth Zionism. It the kind of Zionism we are all quite familiar with known in Bumfuck Idaho and here at Mantiq al-Tayr as “‘Fuck you’ Zionism”.

The guy who called then Democratic Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter the “Baptist fuck” was Hank Greenspun, who recently was discussed in an article by Alexander Cockburn which is all over the Internet. Imagine the uproar if some Muslim said such a thing. But I digress.

Cockburn’s article is well worth reading because it shows Zionist Jewish figures controlling political presidential candidates back in 1976 and that control is even greater today as you can tell not just from reading Cockburn’s article but from reading damn near anything else not found in the mainstream pre$$ since that time.

4. Israel isn’t in control of just the Democrats and the Republicans. No, that would be too easy. And since they have so damn much surplus money, they like to spread it around.

As I wrote some time ago to a well known patriot, if you want to meet some nice Zionist Jewish girls, go to a local meeting about Palestinian rights. That’s stealth Zionism with a lower case “s”.

Thus it is no surprise to see that small political parties and other fringe political entities that fancy themselves as anti-establishment are also infiltrated. I’ve watched this first hand and very recently Mark Dankof was blindsided by Stealth Zionism.

The Conservative Caucus, founded by Howard Phillips, appears to be Zionism in stealth form. The political party most closely affiliated with The Conservative Caucus is the Constitution Party, founded, surprise surprise, by Howard Phillips.

Interestingly enough, if you go to the Caucus’ website, you will find precious little about Israel pro or con, but you will find every other hot button knee-jerk conservative issue, plus lots of dislike for Obama (even a stopped clock is right twice a day).

Yet Phillips loves to hang out with out and out Zionists. Mark Dankof, supremely pissed off by Phillips comments about him referred to above, gives his side of the story here. Lots of Phillipian-Zionist connections.

On the other hand, Phillips, according to this link (which I will also talk about at the end of this post) is said to have resigned from the YAF after the YAF kicked Ron Paul off of its advisory board due to Paul’s position on foreign policy. Score one for Phillips.

Here’s one association Mark hasn’t yet commented on. Phillips helped work to get Clinton impeached by appealing, along with Larry Klayman, to then Rep. Bob Barr (Likud, Georgia) who then actually drew up articles of impeachment. Now Klayman wants Obama impeached.

Okay, I can hear you all now bleating “Hey, Mantiq, who doesn’t want to impeach Obama?” Fair question. Here’s one of the main reasons, according to Klayman, that Obama should be impeached:

“Third, there is Obama’s visceral hatred and subversion of the state of Israel, whose national security interests are so closely tied to our own. His recent invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood, the grand daddy of terrorist groups bent on destroying the Jewish state, to join the new Egyptian government not only amounts to a dagger in the side of Israeli security, but American security as well. Without a strong and secure Israel, American strategic interests, particularly in the Middle East, will be significantly harmed.”

Oh, and here’s another reason Klayman want’s Obama impeached:

“Fourth, Obama continues to take no action to remove the neo-Nazi mullahs in Iran who are building nuclear weapons not only to destroy Israel but to further worldwide Muslim rule and domination over Christians and Jews.”

In his ludicrous article, Klayman lists four reasons to impeach Obama. 2 of them revolve around Israel. That should be a red flaq even to Shas Party members. Nothing about stopping our horrible illegal wars. Nothing. On the contrary, Klayman, one of Phillips bedfellows, wants more wars for Israel. I hope that if Phillips ever does agree to debate Dankof that Dankof will ask Phillips what he thinks about US support for Israel and for Israel’s wars and constant war mongering.

If you really want to have some fun, read Klayman’s article entitled “I am an Israeli

5. Phillips was involved in the founding of William Buckley’s outfit, Young Americans for Freedom, back in 1960 – and that too should have been a warning to everyone that the “conservative” movement was Zionist infested to the nth degree. Lots of Phillips associates have YAF connections as you can see from the links above in Phillips post about his trip to Israel. Mark Dankof has this pretty much figured out and in this essay he paints a chilling picture of the conservative movement. (Note: Young Americans for Freedom merged last year with the Young America’s Foundation and the two groups share the same website.)

The YAF just loves Israel. If you go to their hompage and do a search on Israel, you will see what I mean. The very first hit takes you to this article “How Conservative Activists Can Support Israel on Campus”. No surprise here since one of Buckley’s principal aids in founding the organization is an ex-communist Irgun-supporter rabid Zionist Jew who converted (hmm) to Catholicism with a long history of working for Zionist organizations. That would be Marvin Liebman. Let me digress for second.

One of those organizations that Liebman worked for was was called “The American League For a Free Palestine”. This bullshit organization was founded by a terrorist named Hillel Kook – a very active member in the Irgun involved, among other things, in shipping weapons to Irgun members. In 1946, Kook’s outfit produced a cute little play staring Marlon Brando. Really? Yup. It was called “A Flag is Born” and it was about how cool it would be if Israel were created in Palestine. Just thought you’d find that interesting. BTW, Kook’s “American” name is Peter Bergson.

The Z people pretty much have American politics covered, left, right, center and and fringe. This is why Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance. It is also why people should vote for him.

6. Okay, it’s video time.

Now the first video is 25 minutes long. I wouldn’t make anyone, not even Shas Party members, watch this horrid clip from beginning to end. However, go to 16:28-19:00 and listen to Howard Phillips and Chris Bedford (the head of the YAF’s “New Guard” magazine) talk about Islamofacists, bombing Iran and supporting Israel.

Now this next video is more up to Shas Party standards in terms of length. It’s just twenty five seconds long. Watch the star of “A Flag is Born”.

I dedicate the video below to Mark Dankof

19 responses to “Stealth Zionism

  1. skulz fontaine

    “Obama continues to take no action to remove the neo-Nazi moolahs…”
    Well Klayman got that part right. ‘Neo-Nazi moolahs’ would be Lloyd Blankfein, the Greenspan Klan, Benny ‘jet’ Bernanke, Turbo Timmy, and Pammy ‘the price is Reich’ Geller. Of course Pammy hasn’t as much payola as say a Blankfein but, she is more than an enthusiastic Zionista cheerleader.
    Say and let’s wander off topic just a bit, how about that Sheldon Aldelson. Damn if’n that isn’t one ugly Zionist casino mogul Gingrich pimp.

  2. Mantiq al-Tayr’s essay is critical reading, not only on Howard Phillips but on Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch and the entire Zionist network operating not simply in public Neo-Conservative GOP circles but among “Patriots” and “Constitutionalists”. It is terrifying. Welcome to Globalism, the New World Order, and Talmudic supremacy courtesy of Kenneth R Timmerman, Howard Phillips and Richard Mellon Scaife.

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  4. Because Ron Paul is not an isolationist but instead a non-interventionist, who would dramatically scale back US military involvement around the world, and because Press TV features information that the CIA and the military-industrial complex would prefer that Americans never know, their motives for attacking both the candidate (Ron Paul) and the medium (Press TV) appear to have been overwhelming. Kenneth Timmerman appears to be the classic case of a Zionist apologist. To substantiate our conclusions about a man who appears to have no scruples, intellectual or journalistic, we shall discuss his most recent articles on these matters, so our readers can judge for themselves. In our view, they offer a stunning indictment of an award-winning journalist who is also a political hack. For more,

  5. The so-called Zionists are for “Christians” {people who allegedly love Truth and Jesus} are the Synagogue of Satan “Tares”, mentioned by Jesus @ Matthew 13 and John 8:44. The Tares have a rendezvous with destiny in the OVENS ! “Jew” worshipping morons {good Baptists} will be joining them in the OVENS, that is why there will be gnashing of teeth.;article=139953
    The Zionazi Pychozoids called Baptists are the best Neocon “Stealth” zionists as they KNOW that Jesus was an illiterate self hating “Jew” who could not read the Talmud to Khazars without a time machine from SATAN.

  6. You’ve redeemed yersen MT….now that’s what I call real Eastern Promise 😉

    Great article and I hear you in sterio. Sadly the deeper question is what is to be done about it? I tend to agree with Gorden Duff over at Veteran’s Today. In fact if any of you haven’t read his latest article you really need to take the time. Obama is about the only one who has actually [in limited doses] actually told the truth. I always worry when Shimon Peres compliments someone. It usually has the opposite meaning. Obama actually seems to be generally regarded as “obstructing progress”. But he’s another Yasser Arafat and reakons he’s so adept at playing the intrinsics of the “game”, why the brotherhood have just moved the game to a different ball park and left him behind.

    RickB’s correct “doubts about Ron Paul”, which haven’t been disclosed to my knowledge yet are perhaps something to do with Paul’s deliverable’s of “greater powers to business” and “limited government”. Call me silly, but that sounds something like, ermmm, National Socialism…or….fascism….or NAZI’ism. His difference to the others is focusing on internal issues rather than protracting more and more external governance. Paul knowns the books are cooked, but unless there is a secret conspiracy, he intends to do nothing about the cooks (Gordon Duffy estimates “80% of the Senate”).

    Summary. Americans you are up the shitter without a paddle. The only solution is a bitter and violent civil war. Test the water with non-capitulation in the voting racket. I would lay bets that if 80% of Americans “did not vote”, if would may no difference to the televised “count”. You have a crooked government, a rigged ballot and criminal auditors. But hey, that’s just an opinion….

  7. You want to know all the truth,you want to know who is your enemy,please read this important book for free to understand what is coming.

  8. bin dead awhile

    Hi mt, great article as usual.

    Sorry to take you off topic. Say i wanted to know what do you think of nancy ajram???? ;))))) you got me hooked on arabic songs. ooooh if only i could ring your kneck. its like surfing for porn on the net.

    Ahem cough cough im bin and im addicted to arabic songs.

  9. Why is this fight hopeless?THE ABOVE POSTS!This is the USA,a country filled with people brainwashed by the Jews in every facet of life since birth.For people,even fighting the Jews,to ,make constant comparisons of Isreal,Ron Paul,and such as The 4th Reich,National Socilist,hidden Fascists,etc is absurd,and wrong.Its a cat chasing its tail,and old Left stuff.Your playing on Zionist Territory.The Jews laugh when they hear this.Nor will you get credit from the ‘public’by trying tpo prove how ‘freedom loving’,and ‘patriotic’you are by using these terms.The masses will still call you all the so-called political bad words when you take on Isreal,and Jewish control of the West. The so-called Right,or Populist Movement has been plagued by this absurdity since the advent of the false flag John Birch Society in the late 50’s(Set up to attack Eisenhower who went off the reservation to prevent Israel,France,and England(Rohchild States)from invading Egypt when Nasser took the Suez Canal).Plus at that time,there were many starting to realize what a Jew Conspiracy WW2 had been when the British Empire(Rothchild-USA since 1913) backed Stalin to crush Germany,Europe,and Japan(Killing off higher civilization) to awake to a Cold War!!!!(AND NO HITLER WASN”T A JEW OR ROTHCHILD BACKED;CHURCHILL WAS &^FDR:SEE CHURCHILL AND THE JEWS A LIFELONG FRIENDSHIP BY MARTIN GILBERT)So to all you good’All American”Anti-Nazi’s,’fighting the Jews,sit back,think,observe and get some good history and phlosophy books and stop commiting mental JEW-Jitsu!Master historan David Irving is where you begin.(See David Irving Action Report)IMPERIUM BY Francis Parker Yockey available from Barnes Review and Pat Buchanan’s THE UNNECESSRY WAR.Than maybe you will see,stop the confusion within yourselfs,be real,than maybe we can win.

  10. OzzieThinker, thanks for the mention. I wasn’t going to weigh in on this one because great ones (celebrities) already have.

    On Ron Paul, I have no doubt that he’d take down social security. I’ve heard him accidentally blurt out the desire to do that. That’s one thing Repiglicans all get behind. It’s a Repiglican thing.

    Ron Paul… national socialism? National socialism would imply social programs. Every-man-for-himself Paul would have no social programs. Ron Paul is a let-the-market-decide, only-the-strong-survive, corporatist. That’s more like fascism than national socialism. I like national socialism…. as opposed to international socialism. Note that jews before were for international socialism. Now that they have displaced the individual “Protestant” capitalist elites, they are for capitalism favoring the capitalist/corporate elites. Paul would be all behind supporting the capitalist elites. What those capitalist elites do with their money is their business, like privately supporting little Israel, for example. I don’t think Paul would do anything to upset that. That’s not the government’s business. At least zionist party B, the Dem jews, are giving lip service to a middle class.

    I agree, OzzieThinker: “Americans you are up the shitter without a paddle”.

  11. Mantiq, just delete my post after I quote OzzieThinker. If you can’t partially delete my post, delete it all. I understand that what follows my quoting OzzieThinker is my personal take. It is not appropriate for here. I may post it on my own blog.

  12. Rick,

    Done and no worries.

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