Rep. Charlie Dent, Israel and HR 3166

I had originally wanted to entitle this post:

A Tramp’s Whisker

But I digress.

1. Got three and a half minutes? Watch this video of Israeli-firster and supporter of the massacres of Palestinians in Gaza in 2009, Knesset Member Charles Dent, (Mossad, PA) talk about HR 3166 that he is sponsoring in the House – oh and note that he points out the other co-sponsors of this legislation in the House and in the Senate. Make a careful note of their names.  Pay attention to the language Dent uses in the video.

Oh, and just in case you are interested, the name of the bill he is sponsoring is called “The Enemy Expatriation Act.”

The “Enemy” is our Constitution and, uh, and, hmmm, forgot for a second due to all the Zionist Bullshit we’ve been eating in that Israeli hummus here at Mantiq al-Tayr, give me a sec. Oh yes, how could I forget. The “Enemy” is also you.

This asshole can’t even pronounce Awlaki’s name correctly, but I digress.

This Israeli-firster is allied with Joe Lieberman (Mossad, Mossad) in advocating stripping you of your citizenship  if you do  anything the US government  Israel doesn’t like.

Did you like the references to Nazis? Gee, I wonder who wrote this Zionist Bullshit for him. I mean, this thing needs a laugh track.

“Simply put this bill modernizes the process by which the citizenship of an individual engaged in hostilities against the American people is examined by treating terrorists in the same manner as a US citizen who marched for Israel the Third Reich decades ago.”

“While we don’t want fear to govern our daily lives”

Wait just a second, let me comment – introductory expressions like this always indicate that the exact opposite is intended. It’s like the phrase “With all due respect” which is often used with punchlines  that say something like “you are the dumbest son-of-a-bitch on the planet.” The rest of the sentence is typical Zionist Bullshit fear mongering. Back to the video.

“the failed terrorist attack in Times Square in May 2010 along with the attempted attack on flight 253 on Christmas day 2009 are grimm reminders that we are fighting a war against terrorists aiming to dismantle American ideals and our way of life.”

With all due respect goys and girls, if you believe this Zionist Bullshit fear mongering, then you are indeed the dumbest sons of bitches on the planet, but I digress.

So this Israeli-firster wants to further deprive you of your rights as a US citizen by stripping you of your citizenship if you do something Israel doesn’t like and he has the nerve to say that these “terrorists” (and that means you) are attacking American ideals.

Folks, there is an election coming up and Charlie Dent will be running to keep his seat in Congress. I suggest that those in the “we’re fucked” movement find a way to direct funds to his opponent(s) in order to kick this asshole out of office as a warning to all of the other Israeli-firsters masquarading as our representatives.

2. Let’s look at some of Dent’s statements defending Israel.

Here’s a quote from Dent’s official statement on Israel’s murdering of nine peace activists on board the Freedom Flotilla. One of those peace activists whom the Israeli commandos murdered was an American citizen named Furkan Dogan. Dent’s statement was released the very next day when the facts of the assault on the flotilla were still emerging and the names of the victims were not all known.  However, as far as I can tell Dent doesn’t say a word about Dogan afterwards that I can find on the Internet or on his website – no surprise as this would be consistent with his blatant disregard for the rights of ALL American citizens, but not Israelis.

Do a search on “Charlie Dent” and “Furkan Dogan” and see if you find anything.

Go here to his webiste search page and type in “Furkan Dogan” and see what you get.

But if you search on Gilad Shalit (an Israeli and French citizen) on Dent’s website you will get this:

“The release of Israeli Army Sergeant Gilad Shalit, though long overdue, is welcomed news in Israel and the United States. Five years of separation from his family and friends, and what has undoubtedly been a painful disruption of his young life, have finally come to an end. I am extremely happy Gilad has been reunited with his loved ones and once again has the ability to live an enjoyable and productive life.”

But it gets even worse – with Zionism it always does, as readers of this blog are well aware.

Here’s Dent defending Israel’s assault by elite commandos on a flotilla of peace activists.

“It is terribly disappointing this incident ended with the loss of human lives. However, I believe Israel has the right to protect its citizens from potential threats to their safety. We are fully aware the people of Israel face daily attacks from terrorist groups rooted in Gaza, including Hamas. Naturally, Israel must take tremendous precaution to ensure weapons and ammunition are not funneled to terrorist organizations from abroad. While I am eager to learn more about the events that lead to this violent confrontation, I believe Israel has the right to inspect ships bound for Gaza and enforce the existing multinational blockade, which was established to prevent Hamas from gaining the tools to launch future deadly attacks against the Israeli people.”

Dent doesn’t give any more of a damn about facts than he does about the rights of American citizens.  He makes it sound like the blockade is legal. That’s pure Zionist Bullshit. The “blockade” is enforced by one country, Israel. It is not  some kind of legal multinational blockade, irrespective of the US’ cowardly responses to what the Israelis did.

Funny how it is not Keith Ellison who is in league with Joe Lieberman to strip Americans of their citizenship.  Maybe them there Islamofacists not be so fucking bad after all.  But I digress.

At this very moment in 2009, the most powerful military force in the Middle East was launching a devastating attack on the civilians of the Gaza Strip – an absolute hell-hole filled with defenseless people many of whose parents and grandparents had been rendered homeless by Israel in the past. Dent thought this was a good idea. He supports the mass murder of Palestinians and he blames the victims.

“The events leading up to the recent Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are the responsibility of the reckless, terrorist leaders of Hamas. Regrettably, innocent civilians have been killed in Gaza, and that is, in part, a consequence of Hamas using civilians and their homes as storage sites and launching pads for their unguided missile attacks.

“Many of the individuals and organizations who are protesting Israel’s actions today never uttered a word of protest or condemnation over Hamas’ rocket attacks against the innocent people of Sderot and other Israeli communities, including rockets that hit private homes, schools and shopping centers.

The rockets he bitches about have been condemned by a number of pro Palestinian activists, sometimes even by Hamas. They killed a few people and all deaths are regrettable. However,  Israel killed 1300 Palestinians in operation Cast Lead which was the name of the insane Israeli invasion of Gaza. Hundreds of the vicitims were clearly civilians. As for those that were not, very few, if any, had anything to do at all with the rockets fired at Israel – many of which were fired in retaliation for Israeli attacks as in this example. But Palestinians in the US/Israeli media are not accorded the rights to defend themselves or to retaliate, never mind the right to pre-emptive strikes, the latter right reserved solely for whites and Jews to use against everybody else.

Here’s a non Dentian/Derwoshitzian perspective on the situation. Note to Dent and Shas Party members, the red highlights are mine.

We often hear about Palestinian rockets hitting the Israeli town of Sderot. What is often left out of these reports is that these rockets almost never kill or injure anyone, and only rarely cause damage. In addition, as this article describes, Sderot was built on the remains of a Palestinian town that had been ethnically cleansed by Israel’s founders in 1948.”

But for Dent, Palestinians, like American citizens that Israel does not like, have no rights.  How does it feel to be a Palestinian you bozos?

There’s so much more.

So much Zionist Bullshit, so few Constitutional Rights. Funny how the Zionist want to take those rights away, but I digress.

For your further misery, here is a pic that links to Dent’s statements concerning Israel on is website. You deserve this, yes you do.

Imagine someone co-sponsoring legislation like this with Joe Lieberman. Tells you everything  you need to know.

3. I can hear you all now, goys and girls. “Mantiq, you better come up with a fucking good video after depressing us with all that Zionist Bullshit.”

This one is for any of you who have ever been separated from a loved one by considerable time and space.

All of us “complain of separations” as perhaps the greatest poet in the world has said:

بشنو از نی چون حکایت می کند

از جدایی ها شکایت می کند

Listen to the reed

how it tells its tale

complaining of separations


Listen to Laura Smith as she tells the tale of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.” You’ll be glad you did. Sad you did too, but also glad.

12 responses to “Rep. Charlie Dent, Israel and HR 3166

  1. You are truly one awesome mother-freaking writer, hotter than a Saturday Night Special! Thank God you’re alive at this time, and write as you do. I just hope some crazy Zionazi doesn’t decide you make a good target, as they do to MDs who perform abortions, by “doing God’s work”, as if executions were something God/Allah has any interest in!!!

  2. The NDAA which allows for indefinite detention without trial and HR3166 which provides for revocation of citizenship were copied from Israeli laws for Palestinians as is the proposal to allow torture of Americans.

    Maybe we should outlaw the English language and teach Americans Arabic because we are all Palestinians now.

  3. I hear you brother. Just for the “hell of it”, I thought I’d click on your link, even though I don’t trust Utoob – too many viruses…;)

    Anyway I got through 50% of Charlie’s drivel. On a side note, he’s either not a very good reader or he has a wail of a conscience – which just goes to show how sick some of these guys are. In fact when he started on about terrorists….I knew it was a slam dunk. Now Awlaki is an interesting case. You see he wasn’t so “radical” when he was a fucked-up Mooslim. He was seen as a real ASSET to Mr Dent’s associates and a valood USA citizassociate. More interestingly, consciencious Charlie neglected to mention the successful hit on Awlaki’s 16 year old son (correct me if I’m wrong).

    As we’re in “interesting mode”, the informed amongst will be aware of the scholarly arguments proposing Judas Barabas was Jesus’ very own son. At the age of 13-14 they argue he was arrested by the vile Romans as a zealot terrorist who dared overturn the money changers tables at the temple. Ahem…we know where this is going……

    Taking of rich guys anti-money….well I confess I got diverted. While listening to the jerky, cursed Charlie Dent I saw some promos. Would you believe it, my old nemesis was being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. ‘Course Wolfie was being his usual undiplomatic PIA self in trying to dismiss Moore’s laughing attack on money – something that Moore has a lot of, by the way. And didn’t Wolf attempt to bite that hand, with the hypocracy card…and when that didn’t work he tried the “nothing can be done” strategy. Moore says Capitalism has “changed” – damned right!

    I might watch his movie, even though he’s a “zionist” sell-out. You see, like Ron Paul anyone “in” plays by the the system. But the systems itself has wide borders and certainly allows very dissenting views. The other side would be dickheads like Joe Lieberman and Alex Jones “Infowars” (who is simply there as a kosher NWO “primer” – by that I mean he primes his audience for a ficticious NWO agenda, so when “stuff” happens – i.e. the REAL agenda, everyone can say “I told you so” but it’s not so bad). More on brother Alex at for anyone who is interested.

    I feel everyone startin’ ta zone out….signin’ off…:D

  4. Dent is just another jewbot t-prompter reader, like the ones that have stained our wh for decades. aint it amazing how the real terrorists have turned all this legislation against we the people? Just dreamin, but after a real 911 investigation, maybe they’re own laws can be used to hang the bastards. Legalize cannibis, we’re gonna need that good hemp rope.

  5. Charlie Dent…a mind numbing mediocrity. A perfect example of the banality of evil.
    The worst part is he probably actually believes this jingoberry bullshit.

    Didn’t he look like he was holding in a fart the whole talk?


  6. “goys and girls” i like that!
    As for the vid: when a prostitute hires a prostitute and hires a prostitute, and he is hiring a prostitute, ………….
    what a dented character.

  7. I was just as brainwashed as everyone else by the Zionist controlled media, but my eyes have been opened. Alex Jones may be a hasbara agent. I don’t know. What I do know is he piqued my interest and from that interest have no doubt who is behind this government agenda to turn America into a dictatorship. It is the Ashkenazi Jews and of this I have absolutely no doubt. Our founding fathers and many, many famous industrialists, writers and Jews have discussed the goals of the Zionists for centuries. Here is a link that will blow you away.

  8. But we are the land of the free and the home of the brave! I am not afraid of Arabs! The Xmas bomber and the Times Square thing were provoked by our own FBI! How a 9% approval rating Congress can justify any of this hogwash is far beyond me. But it would appear that they are incriminating themselves with the passage of their own bills!

    Now W. Bush said it would be great if we had a dictator, so long as that dictator is me. Poor George. You were one presidency too soon. Now a half black man gets to be dictator.

  9. Sports enthusiasts can be encouraged that jewish interests include the sports industry, so it’s unlikely that wars for zionism will interrupt major sports schedules. Therefore, war with Iran should not pre-empt the Super Bowl… besides, advertising time for the event will provide an invaluable recruitment platform for the effort.

  10. Demented. Dense. Dent. Jesus castigated the Terrorists [TARES] by declaring emphatically “Ye make My Fathers Law of no effect.” Many years later the Khazar – Ashkenazim “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism become “Jews”. . . Later in the late 1880’s the word Anti-Semitism enters the lexicon to befudlle the semitic Brain-Dead GOY. Like Dent, who is now an accomplice to Mass Murder.;article=139754;title=APFN

    … be sure and check out the Deborah Lipshitz “story”

  11. Mantiq… I think you’re given your readers a bit of heaven with Laura Smith… thanks.

  12. Rick,

    I agree.

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