Who Hates Our Freedoms? Part I

1.  Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. . . . America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world.” ~ George W. Bush, address to the nation, September 11, 2001

“They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.” ~ George W. Bush, address to Congress, September 20, 2001

In context, all Americans assumed that Bush was talking about Moooooooooslims. Maybe he was really talking about somebody else but just couldn’t say so? Let’s see who hates our freedoms.

Where to begin? It seems the US has so many enemies these days. We could start with Pakistan, they hate our elections don’t they? Oh, but they have elections too. Hell they even elected a woman as president. I know, they hate us because we have the right in the United States to keep and bear arms. Pakistanis don’t have that right, right? Well, not quite. The gun situation in Pakistan would be the envy of everyone living in Bumfuck, Idaho. But I digress.

Oh, maybe they hate us because we bomb the shit out of them with drones? Damn, I bet killing lots of women and children probably does piss them off quite a bit, them being Moooooslims and all. Ungrateful bastards.

Maybe if we stopped killing them they might like us more. Naah.

Hmmmm, I went over a whole bunch of people who don’t like us these days in a council with all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr and we had to rule out places like Iran, North Korea, the Palestinians, damn near all Arabs everywhere, the Russians, the Chinese, the Central Americans, Newfoundland, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Yahweh knows who else. None of them, as far as we could determine, hates our freedoms, even our freedom to not have universal health care.

Hmmm, maybe Bush meant something else. Maybe he was being  subtle, trying to get a secret message across to us. Maybe he was trying to say “Look, I’m a dumb-shit born to a rich family and I did too many drugs as a kid. But now I’m surrounded by absolute Zionist crazies and we’re fucked. Help!”

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Wow. So where should I look to find those who hate our freedoms?

A little birdie told me to start with the US Senate. It seems that there is some brouhahahahahaha going on about new legislation that might allow the military to arrest American citizens and put them in detention forever with no habeas corpus. The entire patriot-minded internet has written about it, so if this is a first for you then you have got to be a Shas Party member, but I digress.  The US military could become the only nuclear police force on earth. Who on earth would come up with an idea as anti-American as that?


Yeah. See, Israel is “the nation-state of the Jewish people” not the state of its citizens. And it turns out that Carl Levin (Likud, Michigan) is one of the two sponsors of this anti-American piece of legislation.  Who is Carl?

Well, for thing he is right at the top of Senate recipients of Jewish Lobby money. (Note to Shas Party Members and Republicans, the red highlights were done by Hasan Nasrallah, standing in for Haifa Wehbe who had a previous commitment editing Mark Dankof’s work.)

” For the past three re-election cycles, Levin has been the top recipient in the Senate of pro-Israel contributions – receiving $573,773 in 1990, $371,157 in 1996 and $331,304 in 2002. In this election cycle of 2008, Levin is also leading all Senate candidates in donations from pro-Israeli groups with $84,910 in contributions, which is more than double the amount of all other Senate candidates.”

The pro-Israel pacs just love this guy and he gets contributions from a whole bunch of them. Here are three examples:

One of those groups is the Center for Middle East Peace & Economic Cooperation, which was established in 1989 by Slim Fast Foods Chairman S. Daniel Abraham and Utah Congressman Wayne Owens. This pro-Israeli group makes campaign contributions and takes members of Congress to the Middle East on fact-finding missions. In the 2002 election cycle, they were the number one pro-Israeli campaign contributor giving nearly $1.5 million to candidates.


Then there is the Washington PAC, which was founded by Morrie Amitay. Amitay was Executive Director of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) from 1974 to 1980 and speaks highly of Levin on his website. Washington PAC contributed $10,000 to Levin in 2002 and has already given $9,000 for his re-election campaign this year.


NorPAC has contributed $5,000 to Senator Levin for his 2008 re-election campaign. NorPAC is a non-partisan political action committee whose primary purpose is to support candidates and sitting members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives “who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the strength, security, and survival of Israel.” Their website also claims that their lobbying efforts, “Successfully helped pass the Syria Accountability Act, Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act, Iran Freedom and Support Act, and gain Israel’s entry into the UN’s Western European and Others (WEOG) Group.”

Levin of course does Israel’s bidding on every conceivable issue with the exception of the Iraq war. He is a huge fan of the war on terror, arguing that the Iraq war was a distraction from it, and he is viciously anti-Palestinian.

He co-sponsored the senate resolution supporting Israel’s invasion of Gaza in 2009.

Occupy Wall Street even calls him a “dual national.”  I’m not sure why though. Seems he is just loyal to one country. The same country that his co-sponsor John McCain is loyal to.

Not only does Levin hate your freedoms, he doesn’t want the Egyptians to have theirs either. (And, btw, the Egyptians are fucked.) Last February Levin made it clear that all he cares about with respect to what some call the Egyptian “revolution” (which it was not) is that Egypt continue to kiss Israel’s ass.

This guy is bought and paid for by Israel and he wants the military to be an internal police force against terrorism. All you all who like to do things like write columns for Hizbullah’s al-Manar website and appear on Press TV had better fucking look out.

In Part II we will look at the drones. But I also really want to get to Alan Derwoshitz. Damn, but that one will have to wait till part 3 or 4.

Some much Zionist Bullshit, so little time. So little time not just for Mantiq al-Tayr, but for you.

2. The Republican Jewish Coalition also hates your freedoms. Remember, Israel is “the nation-state” of the Jewish people, so these Republicans, like their “Democratic” counterparts in the “National Jewish Democratic Council” have one priority – and guess what goys and girls – you ain’t it.

Again, as anyone with the state of awareness of a Penn State football coach knows, Ron Paul, about the only non-fascist running for the Republican nomination, was excluded from their debate on Dec. 7 – a day that will “live in infamy” for sure.

The RJC, on it’s website runs a piece by Jonathan Tobin who says:

“But just as no one would consider a demand the GOP group provide a platform for a Democrat, there is no reason for it to allow Paul to pretend he is anything but an extremist who is far outside of the mainstream, especially when it comes to issues concerning the U.S.-Israel alliance.”

Paul also believes in individual liberties and freedom from a crushing militarized police state that is engaged is endless wars all over the globe. The RJC stands for exactly the opposite. They hate your freedoms.

Here’s Newt Gringrich (by the way, there is some controversy about how you pronounce his last name – it is pronounced “GingdieforIsraelrich”, but I digress) showing that he works for Israel at the RJC “debate”.

“In a Gingrich administration, the opening day, there will be an executive order about two hours after the inaugural address. We will send the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as of that day.”

So, an inauguration day, immediately after taking the Oath of Office as required by article six of the US Constitution, GringdieforIsraelrich will make serving our Israeli masters his first priority.

If you assholes vote for this guy you richly deserve to go straight to hell. And you will because he will create it here on earth for you, though I have to admit we’re well on the way there already.

Here’s what the RJC had to say on its very own website about the great “debate”. Hasan-jan did the highlights again.

What a tremendous day! The RJC’s 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Forum was an outstanding success. Six top presidential candidates took the time to come to Washington, D.C. just to speak to our audience. Each gave an impressive, thoughtful, and exciting speech and took questions from the audience.”

“Impressive” and “thoughtful” mean subverting your country to Israeli interests.

Here’s proof from the Haaretz blog of the event.

Here’s RJC CEO Matt Brooks:

“The Jewish community has a role to play in these elections and we’ll win,” Brooks says.

Uh, Matt, who is “we” in that sentence? Oh, and btw goys and girls, Matt isn’t just the CEO of the RJC, he is also the head of the Jewish Policy Center, a pro Israeli think tank, one of about 6 million in the US. The Center “strongly supports the global war against Islamic extremism”.  This guy is all Israel all the time.

Here’s Michelle Bachman speaking at Matt’s “debate”.

“I will move the Embassy to Jerusalem. Recognize annexation of the Golan Heights or any settlements Israel would chose to annex.”

Here’s Rick “Die for Israel” Perry saying the US must support Israel’s wars.

“But Israel needs our vocal moral support, because there will be inevitable international condemnation if Israel decides to strike. What Israel does not need is President Obama demanding eternal gratitude for being its best friend.”

The Zionist Jews are really after Romney, who also kissed Israel’s ass at the “debate” but didn’t kiss it enough. It’s clear they have decided he’s on his way out. They are the one’s who decide who you’ll get to vote for.

For example:

“Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) issued the following statement in response to Romney’s speech: “Throughout my career in Congress, Democrats and Republicans have stood side-by-side in support of Israel’s security and the U.S.-Israel relationship because they are bipartisan, national security priorities. It is highly irresponsible for a presidential candidate to spread reckless accusations about our foreign policy that could lead anyone to question the United States’ commitment to Israel’s security.”

Not sure what got her so riled up, Romney totally sucked up to Israel and engaged in the mandatory war mongering against Iran.  She’s not the only Jew in Congress who was pissed off as you’ll see if you read the whole blog – it’s so revealing you might just want to pack up your bags and move somewhere else after you read it.

For example, Nit Mitt said:

“My policy couldn’t be more different – I’ll travel to Israel on my first trip, reaffirm Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. And I want the world to know that the bonds between the U.S. and Israel are unshakable. I wouldn’t meet with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. He should be excluded from the diplomatic community and indicted for incitement of genocide. And on my watch, Iran’s Ayatollahs won’t be permitted to obtain nuclear weapons. Our friends should never doubt we’ll stand by them in their hour of need; our enemies should never question our resolve.

Huntsman also left the “debate” with a brown nose.

“It’s time for the world to understand who our friends and allies are, that we stand with Israel.”  That’s pretty much what Herman Cain used to say.

And the ridiculous Rick Santorum also wants you involved in more wars for Israel too.

“Look at the situation developing in Iran. It’s time the Oval office has courage and convictions and so something that is right, to challenge the radical theocracy. It will change the world. There is no greater threat to the existence to Israel than Iran.”

Go here on the RJC site for links to videos of the speeches on CSPAN as well as transcripts of many of the presentations. You must be over 18 – old enough to kill people for Israel – to view that material.

3. Okay, for video time, let’s go to the other side of Zionist-permitted opinion on all things political, the so-called Democratic Party. And who would be a better representative of that party than the chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. The video is so revealing of how fucked we are. . .

Note that in her criticism of the RJC’s “debate” she says that the RJC is “an organization that puts its partisanship and its party in front of its love of Israel.”  That’s a criticism?

But as you watch the video it only gets worse. With Zionism, it always does.

As I wrote above:

So much Zionist Bullshit, so little time. So little time not just for Mantiq al-Tayr, but for you.

(to be continued, time permitting)

27 responses to “Who Hates Our Freedoms? Part I

  1. Question: Who will be the only nuclear superpower on Earth after Russia and the USA destroy each other (being set up now!)?
    Answer: ISRAEL…and THAT is the “goal” in this “global crisis” which has been going full steam ahead for at least 10 years.

    Picture a world devoid of non-Jewish “white” people (they got smoked in WWIII) with the Chinese PRC “cleaning up” the leftovers and aggressively reducing the population of the “third world” (on-going as we speak). Of course the “headquarters” of this “New World Order” will be Jerusalem and the “ruler” will be “the King of the Jews” (aka the Anti-Christ) and the “Jews” will rule the world forever with its reduced population of slaves serving them.

    PICTURE THAT…because “they” DO…it is their “dream” and as far as I can see the “plan” is moving along nicely for them (while morons in America on the target list debate about who will be the next sock puppet to be called “President”)…YEP we are fucked!!!

  2. Muslim’s don’t hate our freedoms, Zionist Jews do.
    This is why almost all of the chosen in our congress are working dilingently for new “terror laws” & gun grabs.
    Let’s not forget the SPLC (Michael Cohen & the creepy Mark Potok) who want to classify anyone who grumbles about the direction we’re headed as “homegrown terrorists”.
    Finally we have the ADL and that cuddly guy Abe Foxman whose main goal is to throw me into jail for insulting that special tribe.

  3. That would be the Baracketeer’s Obamanable minions.

  4. Without a doubt, the best damn article I’ve read in a long time. . No punches pulled, no BS, just straight up. .what’s not to love. It’s articles like this that keep me coming back. . Thanks. .

  5. The “Jews” laugh at your “freedom”. Why is “your” drivers license in all capital letters, as is every other legal document in your “life”? You are a “product” from birth to death. The only time you could ever see your name in a legal document in both upper and lower case letters, as you sign it, is on your execution order. One could say die well Amerikans, but that is a vain hope.

  6. It’s great to get the skinny on the groveling toadies for Israel as explicated here. Any who can read this and not grasp that Amerika is Zionist occupied territory is asleep or touched in the head…{by the psycho-shank of MSM}.

    The people here are in an icy dicey spot now that they simply cannot comprehend. Enchanted by the electronic necromancy of the Public Relations Regime. It’s like Ming the Merciless in the old Flash Gordon serials, same types of cliff hangers each episode as well.
    Tough luck Dorthy, Toto’s in the Zionist dog pound, you’ll never get a clue.

  7. As a Michigander living under Likud levin’s fiefdom, I can only express nothing but anger,and outrage towards this zionist miscreant. The loathing I hold for this piece of crap simply cannot be expressed without the use of foul invective.
    I am totally ashamed of this rat bastard who calls himself a senator from the state of Michigan. As far as I’m concerned levin can go straight to hell, israhell that is. If I ever see this piece of crap in person, he’s going to hear from me and get an earful. It’s obvious levin cares more for israhell than michigan so I’m going to make it my goal for the new year to drive levin out of Michigan by whatever means necessary and send his treasonous jew ass to israhell.
    F**K YOU levin!! You rat bastard traitor! You zionist, communist whore!
    Just remember what happens to traitors and your turn is coming you zionist motherf****r. You deserve to get your head beat in with an axe handle. You deserve to have a cattle prod shoved up your ass. You deserve to be tased for at least 15 minutes…yeah, that’ll be your 15 minutes of fame, you asshole. Now that’s a good name for levin..let’s make it carl asshole levin. because that’s what he is a treasonous asshole.
    But I digress, better still, it’s levin who should digress…all the way to hell.
    This motherf****r is done for. He’s finished, toast, ready for the spit. He might as well pack his bags and his family up and make plans to move out of America and to israhell along with the rest of the treasonous motherf*****rs in congress.
    Levin, you can kiss my ass! Better still you and John McInsane can kiss each others ass.
    So eat shit and bark at the moon you foul piece of crap. If I had my way I’d have your fat ass on the ground and kicking the living shit out of you.

  8. bin dead awhile

    zionist???? zionist????? hello people before zionism there was judiasm, um, remember? they got kicked literally out of over 100 countries/cities/towns/areas. so where does this zionist bullshit comes from. look at the orthodox hashitdicks, they demand goys be killed, then look at sercular jews in occupied Palestine, they say god gave it to them, secular mind you. so both want occupies Palestine. so dont mosey on down here with yo bitch ass comments saying zionist…. thats bullshit. another thing i cant understand why does 1%jews of america gets to direct policy? isnt in a democracy majority should rule? so the last time i checked 99 is greater than 1. then on the other hand you have wall street occupiers saying 1% of america controls the 99%……hmmm im not the sharpest tool in the shed but 1%jews=1%wealthy. fuck a doodle doo, i just solved americas problem and ows too.
    *drops mike and exits stage to the left*

  9. bin dead awhile

    geez jollyroger has some anger management issues hey? just kidding. there there release and breath.

  10. Jollyroger…I don’t think treating Levin like his tribe would like to treat us is the way to go. In fact your “plans” for Levin show the degree to which THEY have programmed you to react with fantasy based violence (fantasy based because you will never get close to the little kike AND he WILL be your “Senator” right up until Amerika gets nuked out of existence).

    FACT IS Amerika has been “occupied territory” since 1620!!! WHO do you think “financed” the Mayflower Expedition? Jews in Amsterdam under the guise of the “London-Virginia Company”…the SAME Jews who financed Cromwell’s “revolution” and took over Britain in 1626. Been all downhill to Israhell since…or do you think it was in ANY of the commoners interests to conquer the world in two World Wars to make the world safe for Jewish Financed Based Corporatism? I think the answer to that is obvious now that we are at the literal “end of the road”

  11. Fear not, Redemption is near. It’s just That time of year. The Tares are ready to harvest, “They” declare their sin as sodom, and hide it NOT…Ashes to ashes. One interesting point is the “Jewishness’ of the Media and Zionazi ass kissing “POLITICS”….where exactly, one might ask, does all the “money” funding Zionazi ass kissing Politicians get spent…? Those braindeadgoy sure lend new meaning to BRAIN DEAD, and thats a FACT !! Speaking of Hating Freedom, I’ll reiterate the FACT that there were [http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=139420] NEVER any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament, and it is OBVIOUS why the Braindeadgoy simply cannot comprehend that FACT….their too busy repeating “JEWISH” lies to themselves, cause they were programmed by Talmudvision…

  12. Americans are so dumbed down that I’m surprised that they can be of any use to their jewish masters. Can they get any dumber yet?

  13. skulz fontaine

    Wait a minute, wouldn’t Amerikcans be an “invented” people? You know, cause ORIGINAL Americans were the First Nations. You know, Native Indians being here first for like 25 or 30 thousand years before those ugly-ass euro-trash gankers showed up and fucked up the North American continent royally. So and by conjecture, First Nation people would probably have a leg up on the right to despise Amerika’s bullshit notion of “freedom.”
    Amerika, land of the genocidally insane and arrogant ignorance that reeks worse than week old fish guts.

  14. The people in the American Congress and high office actively involved in the zionist state falseflag terra attack on 9/11 are well known by everyone by now. But besides the really obvious ones everyone knows there is Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden now VP seen groveling at the recent Hanukkah dinner at the White House with ‘the first jewish President”. Joe Biden served on 9/10/01 as a foil to direct attention toward terror sources outward instead of inward at the jewish traitors in America, such as Bibi in NYC for the event with his sidekick Ehud Olmert.. Zionism was the only political entity in the entire world that said 9/11 was good. So the thesis of this article is oh, so, accurate.

  15. Perry L, just wanted to say, your comment is spot on, well said.

  16. Rick,

    Yes they can. And they will.

    Merry Christmas

  17. I can say it is a pleasure to visit here, even if the reading material isn’t that pleasant. The comments are always so perceptive, I need to read them all….twice. Talking about comments ermmmmm, well I made the mistake of charging my glass with red….or was it white. Anyway, cut a long story short, I had a bit of a rant and in the cold light of day I though my case for imminent world war three was over the top. Having said that looking at this, maybe I sold myself short.

    Perry L, I agree with your first comment, but I haven’t worked out how they’ll pull it off. China says they’ll defend Iran. No way Hose! I think Russia will do it, but there is a bit of a civil war going on there. The reason I say that is the Ruskies REALLY know what it is to get screwed over by the Jew. And I have a feelin’ that Putin’s a she-wolf – which is good news for those who prefer right from wrong, even if a shitload of innocents are gonna get killed anyway. China is full-o-dirty-bastards, always has been – they’ll shaft anyone who’s stupid enough to get sucked in. Sorta mini-Jews, so I feel sure they’ve got the ol’ crossed fingers while they talk with their serpent mouths.

    Putin is of course only part she-wolf, so I wonder if he is playin’ a crafty game. If so we are all so bumfucked we won’t be able to walk for a week. Uhmmm not that I’m into that, but I thought the analogy had the right zing. Russia is a complex place, as I am slowly learning. It is one of the few “free” places left on the planet. By free I mean peeps take enough interest in your views to shoot you dead if you absolutely say the wrong thing. Work with me on this….it will make sense….I hope. As a hangover from the old communist regime which started as a means to wipe out the Christian Slavic peoples by murderous Jews (who made us the Socialist Workers Party). Said in the most pro-semitic way I can utter, those dirty stinking pig-jews (cf Orwell) lied through the western Jew media and said it was Jews that purged in place of the Slavic Christians.

    But those Slavic Christians refused to lay down and be Jew slaves, to which end that after Stalin was purged by his own Russia had its own velvet revolution. The she-wolf slowly starting turning on the wolf Jew. That’s why Russia is an interesting place. There are still plenty who love Zion, but I think the she-wolf has the upper hand and that’s why Russia has given Iran nuclear weapons.(which isn’t the issue – just the way the game is being played). I sincerely hope I have misread the Chinese, but my bet is that far from “mopping up” there will be a massive man powered invasion of the US by neanderthal bumfucks who have been programmed to believe US is Taiwan. While the US homeland is being given a real chance to test its “security policy” (sic) the Elites will move camp to China – the new safest place on Earth. Israel will get pulverised, but the Zionist core doesn’t give a shit. Plenty of dollars to be made in the rebuild. Besides they know the garden of Eden is actually located in India.

    One final comment to summarise just how dirty the dirty Jew is. Back in 758ad Jews and Moors (mooslims) lived in relative harmony at a little place called Narbonne in Spain. The reason it had come to this point is everyone hated the Jews, but the good ol’ mooslim interpreted the Koran and were not allowed to despise any other human being who was not DIRECTLY OPPOSED TO THEM. So they welcomed the Jew into their community, when everyone else persecuted them. But in 758 at Narbonne they were under seige and had been for 6 years by a really pissed (not drunk, angry…well maybe a little drunk, but really really angry) catholic army who’d ransacked everywhere else. Narbonne wasn’t gonna topple, so though spies a deal was cut with the Jew (who would be spared and given territory). This meant that in 759 the Jew attacked the Moors from within and the dirty rats smarmed to their new colony.

    What the catholic church at the time found so distasteful is the Moor in his observance of the Koran took the path of Arianism. For those that don’t know what Arianism is, it is the view that Jesus was a mere mortal and had no God like qualities whatsoever. Mohamud himself claimed (in the Koran) that Jesus switched with Simon of Cyrene (who was cruxified in his place). For anyone who has read the Nag Hammedi scrolls will not only know (from the Gospel of Thomas) that Joseph of Arimithea was a buddy of Pontius Pilate but also Jesus sneered at those who “believed him dead”, viewing them as “fools”. Jesus actually suffered only a good birching, Thankfully not all Christians are “fools” and many scholars conclude similar verdicts.

    Happy Hanuka

  18. Ozzie,

    Getting Russia and the USA to nuke each other with the new “country” of Europe (you know where the USA’s eastern flank is) being destroyed in the process will be EASY at this point and it has nothing to do with “Iran” and everything to do with economic deperation (like the 1st two “big wars”) and the fact that since 1991 under the direction of our Jewish “leaders” (in Congress) the USA/NATO have been poking Russia with a stick at every opportunity…we should thank God the Russians are patient. Of course there is the possibility that Putin is IN on the plan and has the same regard for the common Russian that Obama does for the average American.

    China and India are obviously the new “partners” of the International Jews (why else would the Jews be “investing” so heavily building ultra modern cities from scratch there) for the 21st century and China will fill the role that “Christian” Goyim have played the last 4 centuries…genocidal maniacs. Difference is the Chinese are by culture devoid of compassion for humans which have been an abundant “commodity” forever there (seen the “Terra Cotta Soldiers?…Those aren’t “statues” guys). Having said that I will also say that China and the Jews have been “partners” for a LONG (or do we think Marco Polo went there on his own dime?) time and none of what is happening now is an “accident”…it has been manipulated into place over at least the last 4 centuries.

    As for YOUR “interpretation” of the Qur’an and what Muslims believe and who wrote the Qur’an I suggest you actually READ THE BOOK for yourself for no other reason then it will help you not get suckered by centuries old propaganda. It IS “just a book” and you don’t even have to believe it but I DO suggest you READ IT. You can get a FREE copy sent right to you from “http://www.gainpeace.com ” You can also get a short and accurate history lesson on what REALLY happened during Mohammad’s mission to bring God to Pagan’s in this brilliant big budget 1976 3 hour film “The Message” which you can either download as a DVD file or stream from my web site…further education is never a “sin”!!!

  19. Perry L you are a sharp cookie. I like you even better for that reply. It is pointless reading the Qur’an or the Bible…or any ancient document for that matter unless you understand how and why it was written. I have read and studied the bible and some of the approcryphal and pseudopigraphal texts. This has lead me to the Koran in part. For I instance I understand than the Sunni’s assert that certain family members of Mohamud continued his work, whereas the Shia follow only the writings (as dedicated) of Mohamud. His ministry looked very different after the death of the Bishop who guided him for 15 years. Yet that bishop was a catholic and Mohamud married a catholic nun. It is ironic he raves about the attack on the Jews of Medina (symetry with Narbonne?) as some scholars argue that is where Jesus actually died of old age. But I have not observed all of the Qur’an texts (did they “all” survive the ravages of time?) and on your advice I shall place it on my list of things to do.

    The current world affairs are a rather more pressing matter. I am not sure you are entirely correct with your synopsis, but outcomes may unravel as you suggest. Not to get too far fetched, but there may be more than human beings involved if things get particularly nasty. Not believing in coincidences, a major war would be excellent timing for staunch Jewish prophecy and I believe that this is some of the motivation behind what is going on. As you believe in further education Perry, I recommend you read “Russian History Through Distorted Mirrors” by Nicholai Levashov as you were so kind in making a recommendation to me 🙂

  20. Ozzie,

    Thank you for your comments and your interest in the issues you have posted about.

    In my view your understanding of the differences between the Sunni and Shi’a branches of Islam needs a little work. As Michael Vick would say, I don’t have a dog in that fight, but I suggest that you look at any standard academic work on the differences between the branches. I do not know any Muslim, Sunni or Shi’i, who would describe what they believe as you have. In addition, for the Shi’a I still believe that Tabatab’ai’s “Shi’ite Islam” is a good work for an educated person to read to see how the Shi’a view their tradition.

    As for the “bishop” to whom you refer and his guiding Muhammad for 15 years, I ask that you not rely solely on Islamophobic sources like Jack Chick and Anis Shorrosh and look at sources the Muslims rely upon. Not that there’s anything wrong with reading al-Sira al-Halabiya that Shorrosh likes to use to “prove” his points, I know traditional Muslims who love that biography and I have it myself in soft copy, but their understanding of the issues you mention is quite different.

    Also, if you are interested in reading a biography of Muhammad that reflects what most Sunni Muslims believe and can relate to, I strongly suggest you read the biography written by Martin Lings, entitled “Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources”. It is work of both scholarship and art that I doubt anyone today writing in English can match.

  21. The rumor about the Bishop is DEBUNKED in the Qur’an itself…yes that rumor was rampant during the 23 years it took for the Qur’an to be revealed through Mohammad. Here’s the deal…the Bishop spoke colloquial Arabic (slang Arabic) and the Qur’an was revealed in perfect / pure Arabic so there is NO WAY the Bishop wrote the Qur’an. The film I linked you to is based on the Hadiths which ARE the original “Biography of Mohammad” so I don’t think reading a re-write with an agenda written by some western “scholar” hundreds of years after the fact is gong to shed much light on my “understanding” (and it ain’t gonna help yours either).

    As far as Sunni vs Shiaa vs Sufi…WHO CARES since that is all BS manufactured for political gain after the Prophet died. You know like the “Christian” Church blowing itself to pieces a few hundred years after Jesus (PBUH) dropped the Gospels on the world. What people do with the word of God has nothing to do with God or His Prophets (or didn’t you get that from reading the “Old Testament”?…I assume you’ve read the Bible cover to cover…I have…several times and still quote it).

    Here’s the OTHER deal…the “Traditional Muslims” have DROPPED THE BALL BIG TIME and are essentially useless in this day and time and THAT is why God has formed a whole new Umma here in the west involving people like me who have a better understanding of Islam and the modern world. This new Umma has no tie to the “traditional” one and of course my “understanding” is different because I formed it on my own by reading the Qur’an and looking inside to “interpret” it. I’ve never even talked to an “Imam” nor stepped foot in a Mosque as I assume they are similar to the million and one varieties of “Christian” churches all with their own agenda / “take” on God and the religion. I don’t need someone else telling me about God since God is perfectly capable of guiding whom He wishes (and He does…daily). Besides the REAL “action” in the World Muslim community is all taking place in Malaysia and Indonesia these day where the majority of Muslims on earth live.

    Personally I don’t care what people believe because I wont be answering for their beliefs when I am standing in front of God an Judgment Day. I will be answering for MY actions and whether I mis-led people on this subject and I take THAT very seriously. I have no agenda except the TRUTH

  22. Hi Perry,

    I think you have confused the issue of Waraqah with the blacksmith mentioned in Surah 16. The person in that Surah spoke Arabic as a foreign tongue. You are correct to note that the Quran refutes any allegations that a human agency of any kind taught Muhammad the Quran.

    As for “reading a re-write” by “some western ‘scholar’ hundreds of years after the fact” I think you do a disservice to your Muslim brother Martin Lings, aka Abu Bakr Siraj al-Din, whose biography of Muhammad is based entirely on the earliest sources to include the major sahih hadith collections, the Sira of Ibn-Hisham and Tabari’s history. Many have learned quite a lot from that book, including myself, and I would imagine you would too.

  23. Mantiq,
    Thank you for your correction Brother I will take it to heart. My lack of knowledge will probably always be greater then what I “know” so of course I am always willing to read whatever I can get my eyes on which may help (although I’ve cut WAY back on the GOV reports and patents 😉 ).

    I am not sure we need to know everything there is to know about Mohammad nor does he need “defense”…as “the Book” says he had his affairs and we have ours and I will not be answering for his on the Last Day. As for the Qur’an I have noticed that NONE of the “critics of Islam” (Geller et al) ever attack the Qur’an directly and the Atheists like Bill Maher and pinhead Hedges never even MENTION it. The people I run into on-line who have some “critique” of the Book all have obviously never read it and like to tell me it says stuff that isn’t even in there (I read it the first time determined to find that “72 Virgins” thing…LOL).

    AND to ALL of that I only say “READ THE QUR’AN” (all by yourself like an adult)…then read it again…and again (trust me every time you read it is “new” and “says” something more profound to the reader…at least for me it does…it’s a journey)

    Peace to ALL Always
    and may God bless us all with knowledge and understanding

  24. I’ve discovered from personal experience, that if jew wants his/her ass kissed, they should visit any mosque in the USA. There they’ll find most muslims there stumbling over themselves to kiss their ass, to prove that they aren’t…. ‘anti-semtic’.

  25. Next time, I participate in any event sponsored by the local muslims, you know, something raising cognizance about the plight of the Palestinians, I’m going to wear a yamulka… cause if you’re for justice for Palestinians, and you’re not jewish… you’re considered a filthy dirty antisemtite and nobody will want to talk to you.

    Now if you’re jewish and you’re there… maybe agreeing that zioinism should be nicer, if only those suicide bombers would stop it, everybody there will be kissing your ass.

  26. Thank you, Mantiq. Merry Christmas to you as well.

    But just in case, I don’t say it in a sarcastic vane. I say it with the best of intentions, as I would a brother, i.e., someone who shares with me a longing for truth and justice.

  27. Rick,

    Thank you. I know you are my brother.

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