Fun Ways to Kill Palestinians

1. Let’s start off with a video. Being a Zionist means never having to say you are sorry.

2. Sharon Wasserman-Liebermann-Shultz-Fineberg lives in fear every day. Looking outside her apartment in downtown Haifa she can see the beach nearby, a beach she and her classmates used to have fun at by pulling off the hijabs of the Palestinian woman who would take their kids there.  Yes, those were good times. But now Sharon, in her late forties, lives alone. Her two oldest sons are gone. One was killed during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006 and the other one lives in the Jewish occupied area in Hebron where at least he gets to take his Uzzi with him outside everyday and terrorize Palestinian kids walking home from school.

But things have changed in Haifa so dramatically that Sharon is thinking about leaving. But she can’t. Eversince Hizbullah’s forces occuppied northern Israel a couple of years earlier while Israeli planes were busy bombing Iran’s mosques, hospitals and schools, life for the Jews in Haifa and its surrounding area had been changed. Yes, Hizbullah did withdraw its forces from the major cities. But Haifa is still surrounded by Hizbullah fighters who control the flow of all goods and people in and out of the city. Hizbullah’s Navy, known as Fulkullah, prevents the delivery of any goods by sea – recently having prevented an aid flotilla from Turkey from reaching Haifa by sending a suicide scuba diver underneath the flotilla’s lead ship. The explosion sank the ship and killed everyone on board, including 34 Americans and it wounded over 170 others.

The White House’s response was swift. President Jonathan Pollard said that Hizbullah had the right to protect itself in its own territorial waters but he also called for “calm” on both sides.  Vice President Abe Foxman said that if Israel  wants peace, then it needs to cede all of its territory to the Palestinians in the south and to Hizbullah in the north. “Anything else,” said Foxman, “is pure unadulterated Zionist Bullshit.”

But is wasn’t just the blockade, the high unemployment rate, and the constant hunger that bothered Sharon.  It was the omnipresent din of Hizbullah’s drones flying all around the city and along the beach punctuated every so often by the sound of a missile being fired from one of them, the subsequent explosion, the sirens, and the deaths.  The Jewish Center for Human Rights says that 825 Jews have been killed by these drones in recent years. (Of course this must be put in context. In India, Pakistani drones have killed 1,807 Hindu militants during the same time frame.) Unfortunately, many of the dead Jews were just regular people – and many of them teenagers and even younger. “The Jews place their commandos in regular neighborhoods,” noted Hizbullah commander Qatil al-Yahud, “so it is their own fault. We have a right to protect ourselves from Jewish terrorists who are using their slingshots to fire stones into the Bekaa Valley. So far they’ve fired 6 million stones at us. We have a right to defend ourselves.”

Sharon was all-dressed in her workout clothes to go running on Zionism Avenue on Mt. Carmel. She used to love to run at the top of the mountain and look at the huge new world order buildings some nutty religious sect had built there. But now those buildings lay in ruin, destroyed by Hizbullah’s al-Baqarah brigade during last year’s operation called “Khalina Naqtul Kull Al-Yahud” which Hizbullah spokeswoman Haifa Wehbe says means “Peace in the Galilee”.  Still, the gardens were pretty much left in tact and Sharon liked the great view of the sea from the mountain. But the drones. She left her apartment anyway, but after walking a few blocks towards the mountain she realized that there were at least four drones in the sky.  Frightened, she headed back home. On her way, she met a reporter for the Bekaa Valley Post named “Farid Zakariyya” who was writing an article on how really amazing the drone phenomena is.  He quoted her talking about her fear to give his article a semblance of balance.  But he only spoke with her for a few minutes before heading up north to “the cradle of the drones” just outside of Usama Bin Laden International Airport near the Litani River.

Here he interviewed the drones’ manufacturers working in the Twefth Imam Space Industries – a 501(c)3 that also receives lots of money from the US Congress. He also spoke with one of the drone operators, sitting with him in his underground bunker – lovingly called “Madfanat al-Yahud” by the operators.

The drone operator, using his code name so as not to be properly identified, the code name being David Duke, taught Farid how to use the controls and how  to direct the drone’s cameras around Haifa’s coast. He showed Farid how to zoom in on the young Jewish girls in their bikinis, sunning themselves on the beach, as well as how to maneuver the drone above Haifa’s tall apartment buildings looking for signs of terrorist activity.  At last he turned to Farid and said:

“Here you go, go ahead and pilot this thing yourself. It’s easy.”

Farid nervously took the controls. He looked at the screen in front of him. He could see Haifa’s now closed port area. He zoomed the camera in on the scene and saw a group of people bobbing their heads up and down.

“What’s that?” Farid asked.

“Oh, that’s a bunch of Jewish fundamentalists praying. The radicals love to pray, especially before they launch an operation. Zoom in some more and let’s see if they are armed.”

Farid did as he was told, fully ensconced in the drama of the moment. He zoomed the camera in on the men, most of whom were bearded, had funny hairstyles and ridiculous-looking hats. He saw what looked to him to be a sling-shot in the hand of one of the younger men.

“Look at that!” Farid shouted. “I bet they work with Gush Eminim, the fuckers.”

“Yup,” Duke replied. “They are dangerous. Push the middle button now!”

Farid pushed the button without thinking. Suddenly a huge flash appeared on his screen. Then nothing. Farid sat in silence, wondering in horror about what he may have just done.

Miles away, Sharon saw the explosion from her apartment window.  Staring in silence over the harbor, Sharon suddenly became a free woman.

3. Anyway, this bigot’s website is here.  And on that website today I found this article talking about Israeli drones killing Palestinians.  Hmm, I’m thinking, this article is exactly the kind of Zionist apologetic Bullshit one would find in the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post (JWNYPT), and suddently I saw the link. Yes indeed, the article is originally from JWNYPT.

I’m so disgusted I can’t even comment.

4. Video time. First, the late Vittorio Arrigoni.

In the last hours I witnessed a brutal escalation of Israeli attacks against civilians in Gaza.

10 dead, 5 of them were children.

In this video, taken this evening at 5: 45 pm by one of the windows of my house, one of the terrible Israeli drones UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), flying over the port of Gaza City.

Stay Human

Vittorio Arrigoni from Gaza City.

Two years ago on this very day, one of the greatest Irish artists to  have ever lived, Liam Clancy, passed away. This video was done at his graveside not long after. If I ever go to Ireland again, I’m going to find that grave site.

4 responses to “Fun Ways to Kill Palestinians

  1. bin dead awhile

    hi mt just logged on, read up till ‘yes those were good times’ reminds me a kik song ‘those were the days my friend’ i think you should upload it. Now let me get my snacks and get back to the post.

  2. bin dead awhile

    geez when you said haifa’s coast, i coughed and splutterd my kool aid outta ma nose, i swore that you said haifa’s curves. When i read haifas ‘port’ was ‘closed’ i blushed. Oath.
    Jesus saves, sai baba scores on the rebound. No offense meant to my christian brothers.

  3. Howard T. Lewis III

    Not funny junk.

  4. not always slapping my knee funny, I suspect much is over my head, but always thought provoking and often reports stories (like the museum thief) that I’d overlooked.

    Keep up the good work, there’s always the chance I’ll have a break through.
    kate be

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