Herman Cain Makes Shas Party Members Look Smart

Skulz Fontaine does it again

1. Please God, Yahweh, Khoda, Allah, Alex Jones, TO, the State of Israel, Joe Paterno, Steve Jobs, Tim Tebow,  or whatever deity you pray to, make Herman Cain our next president. And please let Walid Phares tell him what Israel wants so Cain will know what to do. Please, please, please. America deserves Herman Cain for Israeli Vice President of American Affairs. (Plus he delivers.)

2. Damn. You know how you want to do something you think will be a really good idea, but you forget because you are too busy dealing with all the other Zionist Bullshit going on and you just can’t keep up? I mean damn. I do everything I can to stay on top of all the shit that Israel’s ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro does, like meeting with accused spies for Israel and not meeting with Americans illegally detained by Israel – more on that in an upcoming post – as I said I just don’t have the time to point out and make fun of all the Zionist bullshit.  But I digress.

Anyway, a while ago nut cases like Bridgette Gabriel and Pam Geller were trying to hold their hate fest about Islam at various hotels around the country but somehow people objected to the stigma of having a bunch of racist warmongering assholes meeting in their communities and each time they booked a hotel, Ayman Al-Zawahiri called the hotel and the hotel management cancelled.  Actually, mabe it was frequent Mantiq al-Tayr commenter, the late Osama bin Laden, now known as “ben dead awhile”, who made the calls from under the sea, not sure. But anyway, each time these crazy war-mongering Zionists booked a hotel for their hate fest  the hotel would get phone calls and would cancel their reservations.  Fortunately there is the state of Tennessee (state motto: “We boldly go were Alabama and Mississippi really want to go but haven’t had the chance to yet because we are filled with crazy mother fuckers too. Oh and by the way, who finally got rid of Martin Luther King? But we digress.”)

Anyway, a church in Tennessee, run by a guy  who is a convicted murderer, agreed to host the conference and then did so. I had wanted to ask a terrific blogger in Tennessee to attend the hate fest or at least report on it. Well, I forgot. But  Kudos to Kenny’s Sideshow for writing about it in a superb post which  makes a number of excellent points. A must read. Go for it folks and give Kenny a high five. Kenny is not the only guy by a long shot to report on the murder situation and its irony. But he puts the situation in a most interesting context.

A murderer. Figures.. But I am not surprised.  Oh, and guess what, Kenny reports that the church “Conerstone” as it is called, is Zionist. I’m shocked. “Cornerstein Church” might be a better name.

3. Okay, I’m now going to scare the shit out of you all by showing a video, the link to which was sent to me by very scary Mooooooooooselims, the ones who make convicted murderer, Pastor Maury Davis, show us what a man of Yahweh he is.  Yup, these here Moooooooooooooooooooselims are using biryanis to take over the world and to force you to have Shakira law sit on your face or something. Not sure. But I digress. Anyway, make sure you are sitting down. And if you happen to be Muslim, make sure you aren’t drinking any milk.

11 responses to “Herman Cain Makes Shas Party Members Look Smart

  1. skulz fontaine

    Ummm, MT? Mooselims can gits Shakira to sit on my face? I probably should not outta work ‘blue’ here but, dang! Ummm, is there like a list for volunteers?
    By the by, did you know that Herman Cain has a brother? Well he most certainly does. Brother’s name is Abel. Get it? Abel Cain?!?
    Oh holy screaming batshit, I am too goddamned funny for my own good.
    Be well my brother. I’m getting Le Trio Joubran CD’s for Xmas. Oh yeah. I must have been a very good boy this year. Dang it, can’t wait.
    Hey MT? Could you put up a Le Trio Joubran vid on the old Mantiq al-Tayr webby? That would be ever so cool…

  2. MT! thanks for the share man! greatly appreciate it!

  3. McCain has…er sorry wrong one. I meant Cain. Well, er, then again…a good dose of white talcum and they’d be the brothers Zio. Cain has flubbed…again. Everyone knows a true replubican is an entrepeneur, not a businessman. Just as everyone knows the French can’t spell it. Talking of spelling, if Cain’s spelling is anything like his verbal presentation….uhmmmm. What was the title of that? “how can I sit on the fence and offend just about all stakeholders in the process?”. You go guy, business man Cain.

    But on a more serious note did McCain ever catch up with Tim Osman….ermmm…sorry Osama Bin Labelled at the gates of Hell? Before he uhmmm, like died, ‘n stuff.

  4. Lindburgh Man.

    Herman Cain is a joke.This desperate attemt by the GOP to find a token black as morphed into a nightmare for them!Alan Keyes, another mental case never got traction,but Cain has.What an embarrasment.The Republican Party is self destructing under the weight of there Neoconservative/Fundementilist coalition-Rich ex-Commie Jews/Trailor Trash,and the world is watching.Now Pillsbury Dough Boy Gingrich is rising.At 70,he’s no Ronald Reagan, but thinks he’s the manical Zionist War Criminal Winston Churchill,( See David Irving’s Acton Report Online)and has the same backers,Zionist Jews and Masons.He can’t wait to cut the poor,moves more jobs overseas and starts WW3,for the self ‘Chosen People’while creepy Cain chases blondes as his Vice President.Too the shelters everyone,it’s stocked with bread and water Armegedden is here!

  5. As a Native American…all i can say is…you white people are collectively, fucked in the head…thankfully, “the world turning over” will put an end to your psychotic belief systems and your need to kill other people’s kids. You so called “Americans”…are soon going to find yourselves going a little ‘crazy’, with all the “blood debts” you have accumulated. For myself, i will sit on this little patch of useless land you left for my people, and watch and laugh. BTW, in these times when the world is turning over, the only leader you need is “you”…just a bit of ancient wisdom you might find helpful in these times when the spirit of the Mother is restless. Wake up younger white brothers and sisters, and look around now, and see that your parents are being influenced by evil, and act accordingly because this world belongs to you..not them. Then maybe my people won’t laugh at you so much, and might even offer assistance. We will see. Also, the time for prayer and talk is over; “the Eagle has left that mountain” and all that matters now is ‘action’ (such is the nature of the world turning over). What will your actions be? continue to vote for these thieves and liars and continue to worship false teachings from those who feed on your ignorance, and spirit…and hard work. We will see. Finally, i wish you all good luck in these times when the earth is being poisoned, you will need it (none of your leaders are talking about this issue, why?). As for us, we have treatments for radiation and cancer (and well hidden shelters) that not one of you has come to ask us about…and for myself, i would likely tell you to go fuck yourselves anyway, but my elders might feel different about that. lol. Anyway, in my opinion, your all brainwashed losers who deserve these losers, to lead you…die now, K…thanks. 🙂

    Miiwanagooshii Benasii – Happy Bird – Ojibway Warrior

    P.S. Commentators: keep laughing and joking about your future, and you will find that you are the brunt of the joke itself. fuckin idiots.

  6. Cain is a pizza brained Uncle Tom. He is not even aware that the Yids he sucks up to are the descendents of the Yids who enslaved and sold his ancestors. Even if he did realize such in his dim mind, he is such a boot licking Tom that it would not matter. Give him a yarmulke, a copy of the Talmud, a slice of hot tomato pie, and a bitch’s ass to grope. I almost forgot, a slice of watermelon as well.

  7. Been around the sun more’n sixty times and have never seen anyone quite so obviously dumb as a potato running for presidon’t as this Cain fella.

    The Repunkucans seem to be taking a dive for 2012, or sumthin.

    I’m a white guy, and I agree with the Ojibway Warrior – I can’t think of a people more deserving of what’s coming to them than the Amerikans.


  8. bin dead awhile

    hi mt geez i couldnt leave my watery abode, they planted me in a 25 liter chevron oil drum with some concrete in it, so i guess i will be stuck here for some time, but the cute fish nibbling my ear seems to think its fun. Go figure. but hell you right this guys a twat. guess you know what they say, ‘once you go black, fuck you just cant go back!’ so amerika has gone black, tsk tsk now they just cant go back. i think your duas will be accepted, with him getting elected, but i just need to speak to baal(you forgot him in the prayer section of your rant, he has some pull in amerika, you know with skull and bones etc.) about that. hijabi’s back from shopping, (whispering) wheres haifas videos????!!!!!!!!

  9. Hybrid,

    My only problem with Ojibway is that he might be too subtle for Shas Party members to understand. But I figured most others would get the point.

  10. Yo Yo MT, this cultural sensitivity “arrangement” is so weel doggies, cool. Glad you had the insight to glom onto the future with such grace, and all. The new millineum ain’t lookin so bad after all. One night in late Jewlie of 2000 me was spending the night on the desert floor on road #50, about 60 miles east of Ely, NV…them was some damn big holes in the ground out there, glad the dog was tied to the cooler. anyway here’s a goodie from [http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=139273;title=APFN] the deranged overeducated idiots in anemic academia…thanks, Tony

    Am I correct, in saying, that the USA, needs a MOSES, to lead them to “LIBERTY ” . ?
    RON PAUL, 2012.

    ps. SAVE A TRILLION, FEED THE MILLIONS, bring the troops home.


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