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Cain, Ross, Bernstein and Some Videos

Click on this link or I’m going to vote for this guy!

           (Photo from Haaretz, click on it to see the original article.)

1. I love it. Herman Cain is the leading GOP candidate in the race to have phone sex with Netanyahu on a daily basis.  (I think that is what Israeli Vice President for American Affairs, Barack Barry Sotero Obama was complaining about to the Zionist Jew those French morons elected as president of their country.) If there is a God, please, please let Herman Cain win the election in 2012.

2. Now that Joe Paterno is available, do you think Dan Snyder will fire Shananigan and give Paterno the job? (Please God, do this too. I promise I won’t ask for anything else.)

3. So, Dennis Ross is stepping down from working for Israel inside the White House so he can continue to work for Israel at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – a place that ought to be raided by the FBI on a daily basis. I wonder what Zionist Jew will replace Ross? Ross has been the subject of much loving attention on this blog. Hey, Piper, you live in DC, if you see Dennis please tell him I said to go fuck himself. Thanks. (Please God, have Piper bump into Ross. Oh wait, I said I wouldn’t ask for anything else. But pretty please?)

4. Did I say something about Israeli spies working in the US government? I meant to,anyway I found something about this matter on the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy web site  – a site dedicated to shedding light on the activities of Israel’s minions who permeate the bagel industry. Here’s a teaser from the story. (Here is the link to the full story.)

“Today the Israel Lobby Archive releases declassified Justice Department documents that shed light on how US based covert operatives for Israel obtain near complete prosecutorial immunity.

After leaving the OSS, Nahum Bernstein quickly deployed his covert operations skills for Israel by forming front organizations to smuggle arms and wire-tap opponents in the United States. Mastermind Bernstein escaped the felony charges and prison sentences awaiting lower level operatives through his prosecutorial immunity network which stretched from New York City police officers on his payroll, his District Attorney law partner, up to the President of the United States (through associate Abraham Feinberg).

“Bernstein’s declassified file, like associate Abraham Feinberg’s, sheds light on the model by which subsequent US operatives entered the Israel lobby’s prosecutorial immunity network.”

Compare the above with this obituary from the New York Times.

5. I think we need a video. Maybe two.

Here’s a video about some of the favorite activities of Dennis Ross’s people.  Apparently fanatical Israeli settlers need to get their excercise and they do so by throwing stones at Palestinian children when they walk to school. This keeps them in shape so they can then parade around Palestinian agricultural land carrying automatic weapons.

Kind of makes you want to go to Palestine, doesn’t it? But I digress.

There goes the neighborhood.

What accents do the two clowns being interviewed below have?