Hoyer’s Whoring

1. I am on the road again, not much time to post. But I did want to take a minute out to express what a contemptible asshole Steny Hoyer (Shas, Maryland) is.

“I view Jerusalem differently than I do other settlements,” he said. “Essentially, this is a Jewish neighborhood. It may be in East Jerusalem, but it’s a Jewish neighborhood and it’s expanding.”

Really? This would mean that any Jewish neighborhood, no matter how illegal, is now legal because it is a Jewish neighborhood, especially if it gets bigger.

Here’s a quote from a bit of a different source, one not bought off by Israeli goons the way Hoyer is.

Har Homa is one of the most controversial neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, because it was started after the Oslo accords and because it creates a barrier of Israeli homes between the Palestinian East Jerusalem and Bethlehem, preventing a continuous territory from the potential Palestinian state. Har Homa C specifically is sealing off yet another hill that could have severed as such territorial continuity.”

That’s right, this settlement is part of Israel’s attempt to make sure there is never going to be a Palestinian state. No doubt Hoyer knows this, all Shas Party members do.

So when Hoyer says the following, he is lying like the Israeli-firster son of a bitch that he is.

“This is not something that ought to undermine the much, much larger objective of reaching a peaceful resolution between the Palestinians and Israelis,”

Now get a load of this shit from Hoyer, who has now finished his TWELFTH trip to Israel.

Israel is the one example in this region of a free and open democracy that shares the values of the United States,” Hoyer said. “It is important that members of Congress in such a volatile part of the world have a better and fuller understanding of the issues.”

You know, maybe Hoyer is right. If the United States, like Israel, is run by Zionist Jews, has its media and banks owned by Zionist Jews, has Zionists controlling it’s foreign policy, fights wars for Zionist Jews, and gives privileges to Jews at the expense of everyone else living there, and is founded upon a racist ideology based on religious fairy tales, well then I guess the US does share Israel’s values.

Sucks doesn’t it?

2. Okay, so you are a Zionist Jew and Congressman from the state of Virginia and through no fault of your own are leading the Republican pilgrimage to Israel to lick up whatever the Dems were too drunk to swallow and also through no fault of your own you are the House Majority Leader. But you have a problem. You see, three right wing nuts are vying for the GOP nomination for the state’s senate seat and you want to endorse one of them. They are all loons, so it is a little hard to pick. So what do you do, you pick the one whose mother is a Jew even though his loon right wing track record is rather moderate compared to the other two. So, Eric Cantor (Likud, Virginia) has endorsed the Senate campaign for the well-born George Allen Jr. who “discovered” in 2006 that his mother was a Jew.

Allen is moist famous for his display of bigotry in 2006 when running for re-election against James Webb. It’s the Macaca controversy and it was pretty weird. Interesting that a guy who claimed he did not know his Tunisian mother was Jewish until 2006 somehow used a disparaging term used by French-speaking colonialists in the Belgian Congo to refer to the locals.

Anyway, he seems to be happy with his Jewish roots as you can see here where he addresses a bunch of Lubavitchers and here where he takes a day off from the Senate for Yom Kippur. As the second story points out: (Note to Shas Party members, the bold highlight is mine.)

“The Senator from Virginia, who recently learned that he’s Jewish a month after the rest of us did, had scheduled a hearing of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee for next Monday. Last week, though, Allen rescheduled that meeting for Tuesday. The reason?

He’s Jewish and Monday is Yom Kippur,” explained Brynn Slate, spokeswoman for the National Association of Women Business Owners, completely matter-of-factly to HOH.

And Allen loves dear little Israel and has been attacking the person who would be his democratic rival to prove that he, Allen, is more of an Israeli than his opponent. I’m sure you are shocked.

Read it and weep:

“President Obama’s call for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations with Israel forfeiting her lands and returning to borders of pre-1967 represents a dangerous shift in U.S. policy concerning Israel. This proposal would risk the lives of the men, women and children of Israel. In this unsettled region, Israel’s democracy is a well-spring in the wilderness. The United States should stand with our ally — not undermine Israel’s ability to negotiate or put its national security at risk. Virginia and America have a strong, historic friendship with Israel. Virginians deserve an answer to the question: does Tim Kaine agree with President Obama undermining the security of our friend and ally, the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East?”

So even though Allen’s views are indistinguishable from those of his two Christian Zionist opponents regarding Israel, Allen the Jew gets the nod from the Cantor.

3. Here’s “Eric’s Choice” at his best doing the Macaca.

Looks like he’d be a great Israeli addition to the Senate once again. In fact, he’d fit right in with the Knesset itself.

24 responses to “Hoyer’s Whoring

  1. skulz fontaine

    ♬Stimpy Hoyer he’s a clown
    a zionist clown
    a zionist ass clown
    Stimpy Hoyer should be a lame duck
    a duck that goes cluck
    a zionist duck
    Stimpy Hoyer loves his Israel
    zionist Israel
    zionist ass clowns Israel
    Stimpy Hoyer loves killing children
    Palestinian children
    oh yes he does
    end of ditty and thank you.
    Hey Stimpy? Could you would you PLEASE, fuck off and die!

  2. All you neo-nazis should just chill out. Israel has a right to exist. i believe everywhere is real, so I don’t get why the leaders in Israel want to promote endless war. The Israeli leaders are acting like madmen. Free Palestine! Get back Israel! You are welcomed in my hometown! Sons of Abraham? Which is which?

  3. Simply Whoreyer…

  4. Excellent “call ’em as you see ’em” Mantiq but I must take exception to you equating these pricks to a rather nice bird … loons. (grin)

  5. James de Juste II

    Israel has a right to exist? No it realy doesn’t. The Zionists subconsciously know that and know that their days are numbered; that’s why they are semi-secretly looking at new places to move like Argentina and New Zeeland. But I have mixed feelings about Israel ceasing to exist. Many of the Jews there will inmigrate to my USA. Not good!!! (And, of course, the Mossad will set up shop here,) But then without Israel existing, our tax dollars (one trillion since 1948) will not go there anymore, and our young men wont die in their wars anymore, and Israel won’t be able to attack our naval ships and kill US sailors anymore. (Remenber the goood ship Liberty?) We will get a respit from their evil treacheries.

  6. To the moron that says israel has a right to exist. Reading up on their (the jew) “faith”, they have this thing called an exile FROM an israel imposed by their GOD. Of all the events that they have in their religion about the end of their exile from israel, none and I mean NONE of them have ever happened. They have pretended one of those events happened, but it is just a hollow cause in the eyes of their God.

  7. Howard T. Lewis III

    If Hoyer gets Council on Foreign Relations approval, he gets all the favorable network news coverage next election and his opponent gets squat. You say that’s illegal? That’s why they killed JFK and the CFR put all these mobsters in. So to Israel he goes to mewl and prance to return with his pockets full to betray his country at will to the Rothschildbanking system/Grand Patron of freemasonry syndicate who are chopping America to pieces as I speak.

  8. Every voter in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District MUST let Stimpy Hoyer (Israel’s bitch) who is BOSS (and it’s NOT Israel, but the voters) by giving him his walking papers; in other words, FIRE HIM; replace him with a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT.

  9. Israhell does not have the right to exist. The creation of that little toilet is based entirely on lies. The zionists have absolutely no respect for the truth and certainly no respect for anyone else. In truth the zionist jew quite literally hates everyone else who is not one of them.
    Hoyer is just another traitor among the rest of the traitors in Washington. Sooner or later this motherf****r and the rest of the shits in congress are going to pay the price for their treasonous actions.
    This piece of shit really pisses me off. Americans are losing their jobs, their homes and their freedom. Sociall Security is being threatened so the traitors in Washington can continue to send our tax dollars to that worthless little rat hole. Our infrastructure is crumbling to dust, roads are being torn up and returned to gravel, essential services are being trimmed back or even cut but…….we gotta keep sending money to those filthy little jews in israhell. America will die at the hands of the jew.

  10. Just how does a nation of counterfeit Jews/Khazars, with little to no more Semitic blood in their veins than Geronimo deserve to exist? Why does a nation that can’t get by without some $15 million dollars a day from American taxpayers deserve to exist at all? Israel is a nation of parasitic tricksters, terrorists, war criminals, and con-artists that are contrary to all men & nations. May they reap double what they’ve sowed.

  11. List of all Israeli paid junkets http://www.legistorm.com/

    This website reports all congressional junkets paid for by someone other than the congressman. By law they must report all trips 15 days after the trip is over.
    You might have to give these people a call as I found their website difficult to use.

    Would you or someone else consider writing a list of all 81 congressmen? Also they have previous trips listed as well. We might need a separate list of everyone since Cast Lead or the killing of 9 people in the Freedom Flotilla.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. bin dead awhile

    ‘You know, maybe Hoyer is right. If the United States, like Israel, is run by Zionist Jews, has its media and banks owned by Zionist Jews, has Zionists controlling it’s foreign policy, fights wars for Zionist Jews, and gives privileges to Jews at the expense of everyone else living there, and is founded upon a racist ideology based on religious fairy tales, well then I guess the US does share Israel’s values.’

    Mantiq you fucking beaut! Well said.

    ‘Lubavitchers’ = Lubavibitches. Thats more deserving

    where haifa? Its cold here at the bottom of the ocean, heat me up

  13. mantiqaltayr


    I am familiar with the site and you are correct it is difficult to use especially for digging out the 81 names. I don’t have all the names myself and have been hoping that Mondoweiss might get them or some other pro investigative reporter types. I suppose a phone call by a reporter or concerned citizen to Hoyer’s and Cantor’s offices respectively might yiedl some interesting results. Isn’t it interesting that while so many politicians will go out of their way to publicly kiss Israel’s ass, yet the names for these trips are rather hard to find?

  14. Of course Hoyer is a whore in the U.S. as well as the whole democrat party. He says Americans need jobs, yet, Hoyer, the democrats and the Republicans continue to allow over one-million people into the U.S. anually. That’ll fix the jobs situation, won’t it? Whore, Whores.

  15. In a rough table form with the following titles for each column.
    Destination : All Trips : Trips Taken by Republicans : Trips Taken by-

    # Cost All # Cost R # Cost D
    Beersheva, Israel 1 $3232 1 $3232 0 $0
    Bethlehem, Israel 1 $8218 0 $0 1 $8218
    Dead Sea, Israel 2 $5863 1 $3732 1 $2131
    Galilee, Israel 6 $31883 3 $15318 3 $16565
    Gaza, Israel 9 $68405 3 $23387 6 $45018
    Ginosar, Israel 18 $105937 11 $63963 7 $41974
    Golan Heights, Israel 9 $36365 3 $13894 6 $22471
    Haifa, Israel 4 $27398 3 $20702 1 $6696
    Israel (No city specified) 312 $1834062 138 $888420 173 $936952
    Jericho, Israel 2 $3165 0 $0 2 $3165
    Jerusalem, Israel 238 $1596130 103 $715090 132 $857488
    Kibbutz Merom Golan, Israel 1 $3287 0 $0 1 $3287
    Kiryat Shmona, Israel 1 $4807 0 $0 1 $4807
    Lavi, Israel 3 $8682 1 $2894 1 $2894
    Masada, Israel 2 $13907 0 $0 2 $13907
    Metula, Israel 1 $5157 1 $5157 0 $0
    Mevassert Tzion, Israel 2 $18469 0 $0 2 $18469
    Nazareth, Israel 1 $2918 0 $0 1 $2918
    Netanya, Israel 1 $8000 0 $0 1 $8000
    Neve Shalom, Israel 3 $23654 0 $0 3 $23654

    Looking for each name still

  16. I do not know the cut off dates, Wellstone is in here.
    These are current tables by member name, trip(s) to israel.
    The table columns are listed on each line following.
    (double spaced for easier reading)

    Member-Status/State :
    Trips Taken :
    Cost :
    Trips Approved :
    Cost :

    Abraham, Sen. Spencer Defeated Michigan 0 $0 1 $1,019

    Akaka, Sen. Daniel Hawaii 2 $5,120 18 $31,405

    Alexander, Sen. Lamar Tennessee 11 $51,991 54 $107,186

    Allard, Sen. Wayne Retired Colorado 3 $9,188 36 $76,834

    Allen, Sen. George Defeated Virginia 15 $24,958 82 $150,123

    Ashcroft, Sen. John Defeated Missouri 2 $1,507 5 $3,141

    Barrasso, Sen. John A. Wyoming 1 $25,433 4 $39,243

    Baucus, Sen. Max Montana 4 $7,945 200 $328,388

    Bayh, Sen. Evan Retired Indiana 45 $189,065 150 $397,458

    Begich, Sen. Mark Alaska 0 $0 9 $12,858

    Bennet, Sen. Michael Colorado 0 $0 4 $3,180

    Bennett, Sen. Bob Defeated Utah 30 $152,766 133 $334,551

    Biden, Sen. Joe Ran for Other Office Delaware 74 $171,724 118 $234,074

    Bingaman, Sen. Jeff New Mexico 9 $44,717 81 $271,909

    Blunt, Sen. Roy Missouri 0 $0 1 $1,027

    Bond, Sen. Kit Retired Missouri 3 $2,774 67 $125,275

    Boxer, Sen. Barbara California 18 $97,975 53 $170,369

    Breaux, Sen. John Retired Louisiana 59 $156,761 139 $293,308

    Brown, Sen. Sherrod Ohio 4 $14,281 16 $51,397

    Brownback, Sen. Sam Retired Kansas 20 $40,385 102 $216,157

    Bryan, Sen. Dick Retired Nevada 0 $0 5 $9,053

    Bunning, Sen. Jim Retired Kentucky 2 $4,270 48 $81,793

    Burns, Sen. Conrad Defeated Montana 18 $36,629 111 $198,077

    Burr, Sen. Richard North Carolina 3 $2,594 9 $7,545

    Burris, Sen. Roland Wallace Retired Illinois 1 $449 5 $4,365

    Byrd, Sen. Robert Died in Office West Virginia 2 $698 19 $50,729

    Campbell, Sen. Ben Retired Colorado 0 $0 4 $8,056

    Cantwell, Sen. Maria Washington 2 $10,778 12 $40,404

    Cardin, Sen. Ben Maryland $11,058 10 $24,286

    Carnahan, Sen. Jean Defeated Missouri 2 $982 11 $4,558

    Carper, Sen. Tom Delaware 15 $22,361 73 $90,456

    Casey, Sen. Bob Pennsylvania 0 $0 11 $11,715

    Chafee, Sen. Lincoln Defeated Rhode Island 5 $30,976 45 $130,670

    Chambliss, Sen. Saxby Georgia 24 $50,362 146 $264,713

    Cleland, Sen. Max Defeated Georgia 11 $8,414 45 $77,218

    Clinton, Sen. Hillary Rodham Resigned New York 40 $78,309 166 $270,202

    Coburn, Sen. Tom Oklahoma 11 $23,499 19 $37,022

    Cochran, Sen. Thad Mississippi 17 $20,586 132 $284,732

    Coleman, Sen. Norm Defeated Minnesota 48 $96,752 124 $229,057

    Collins, Sen. Susan Maine 14 $17,004 47 $74,181

    Conrad, Sen. Kent North Dakota 12 $57,041 86 $179,554

    Coons, Sen. Chris Delaware 0 $0 1 $13,205

    Corker, Sen. Bob Tennessee 0 $0 5 $10,414

    Cornyn, Sen. John Texas 24 $91,721 74 $167,231

    Corzine, Sen. Jon Ran for Other Office New Jersey 0 $0 18 $29,121

    Craig, Sen. Larry Retired Idaho 46 $78,191 270 $352,760

    Crapo, Sen. Mike Idaho 4 $10,191 130 $200,270

    Daschle, Sen. Tom Defeated South Dakota 9 $10,365 39 $62,301

    Dayton, Sen. Mark Retired Minnesota 1 $1,170 7 $6,245

    DeMint, Sen. Jim South Carolina 5 $14,178 45 $92,473

    DeWine, Sen. Mike Defeated Ohio 5 $11,991 34 $71,819

    Dodd, Sen. Chris Retired Connecticut 18 $45,972 55 $101,247

    Dole, Sen. Elizabeth Defeated North Carolina 0 $0 22 $42,295

    Domenici, Sen. Pete Retired New Mexico 4 $8,008 59 $115,125

    Dorgan, Sen. Byron Retired North Dakota 13 $28,249 92 $171,471

    Durbin, Sen. Dick Illinois 17 $131,100 75 $242,763

    Edwards, Sen. John Ran for Other Office North Carolina 6 $12,311 29 $54,761

    Ensign, Sen. John Eric Resigned Nevada 6 $19,514 105 $229,286

    Enzi, Sen. Mike Wyoming 6 $28,599 95 $129,725

    Feingold, Sen. Russ Defeated Wisconsin 2 $1,095 4 $1,666

    Feinstein, Sen. Dianne California 2 $583 35 $70,616

    Fitzgerald, Sen. Peter Gosselin Retired Illinois 0 $0 1 $3,132

    Franken, Sen. Al Minnesota 0 $0 1 $844

    Frist, Sen. Bill Retired Tennessee 24 $42,328 184 $332,188

    Gorton, Sen. Slade Defeated Washington 0 $0 12 $14,317

    Graham, Sen. Bob Ran for Other Office Florida 12 $71,397 39 $110,842

    Graham, Sen. Lindsey South Carolina 16 $27,881 74 $216,586

    Gramm, Sen. Phil Resigned Texas 3 $8,575 46 $76,342

    Grassley, Sen. Chuck Iowa 5 $8,359 193 $263,603

    Gregg, Sen. Judd Retired New Hampshire 2 $13,288 83 $147,793

    Hagan, Sen. Kay North Carolina 1 $630 6 $15,771

    Hagel, Sen. Chuck Retired Nebraska 39 $74,305 151 $358,839

    Harkin, Sen. Tom Iowa 14 $75,332 107 $164,792

    Hatch, Sen. Orrin Utah 33 $42,284 167 $278,866

    Helms, Sen. Jesse Retired North Carolina 0 $0 42 $108,878

    Hollings, Sen. Fritz Retired South Carolina 7 $8,668 45 $106,146

    Hutchinson, Sen. Tim Defeated Arkansas 7 $11,562 17 $21,341

    Hutchison, Sen. Kay Bailey Texas 8 $18,105 16 $29,043

    Inhofe, Sen. Jim Oklahoma 5 $3,057 116 $183,009

    Inouye, Sen. Dan Hawaii 4 $5,923 76 $106,180

    Isakson, Sen. Johnny Georgia 3 $11,313 22 $68,372

    Jeffords, Sen. Jim Retired Vermont 15 $43,143 100 $136,781

    Johanns, Sen. Mike Nebraska 0 $0 2 $1,641

    Johnson, Sen. Tim South Dakota 13 $70,633 75 $188,256

    Kaufman, Sen. Ted Retired Delaware 0 $0 3 $4,465

    Kennedy, Sen. Ted Died in Office Massachusetts 5 $27,430 97 $111,866

    Kerry, Sen. John Massachusetts 7 $18,191 64 $103,664

    Kirk, Sen. Mark Illinois 1 $12,818 2 $22,502

    Kirk, Sen. Paul G. Retired Massachusetts 0 $0 1 $469

    Kohl, Sen. Herb Wisconsin 0 $0 66 $88,802

    Kyl, Sen. Jon Llewellyn Arizona 22 $74,680 103 $259,346

    Landrieu, Sen. Mary Louisiana 6 $15,322 59 $95,769

    Lautenberg, Sen. Frank New Jersey 2 $6,511 30 $45,901

    Leahy, Sen. Patrick Joseph Vermont 9 $34,433 19 $46,219

    Lee, Sen. Mike Utah 2 $2,622 2 $2,622

    LeMieux, Sen. George Retired Florida 0 $0 2 $2,305

    Levin, Sen. Carl Michigan 3 $1,269 32 $38,299

    Lieberman, Sen. Joe Connecticut 50 $44,530 192 $278,064

    Lincoln, Sen. Blanche Defeated Arkansas 11 $31,327 152 $222,776

    Lott, Sen. Trent Resigned Mississippi 15 $52,495 89 $189,387

    Lugar, Sen. Dick Indiana 59 $347,954 91 $402,274

    Mack, Sen. Connie Retired Florida 4 $6,088 29 $60,620

    Manchin, Sen. Joe West Virginia 1 $997 2 $1,994

    Martinez, Sen. Mel Resigned Florida 0 $0 10 $14,833

    McCain, Sen. John Arizona 3 $8,255 22 $85,524

    McCaskill, Sen. Claire Missouri 0 $0 6 $4,146

    McConnell, Sen. Mitch Kentucky 13 $36,361 67 $96,311

    Menéndez, Sen. Bob New Jersey 0 $0 5 $2,425

    Merkley, Sen. Jeff Oregon 0 $0 3 $1,463

    Mikulski, Sen. Barbara Maryland 9 $25,697 23 $48,117

    Miller, Sen. Zell Retired Georgia 3 $3,608 74 $120,334

    Moran, Sen. Jerry Kansas 1 $979 2 $3,157

    Moynihan, Sen. Pat Retired New York 2 $2,550 15 $47,065

    Murkowski, Sen. Frank H. Ran for Other Office Alaska 14 $56,177 79 $205,977

    Murkowski, Sen. Lisa Alaska 6 $5,966 19 $33,387

    Murray, Sen. Patty Washington 3 $16,876 29 $54,811

    Nelson, Sen. Bill Florida 23 $25,055 72 $74,565

    Nelson, Sen. Ben Nebraska 16 $53,320 46 $129,251

    Nickles, Sen. Don Retired Oklahoma 18 $95,158 113 $315,522

    Obama, Sen. Barack Ran for Other Office Illinois 0 $0 21 $18,182

    Paul, Sen. Rand Kentucky 1 $2,070 1 $2,070

    Pryor, Sen. Mark Lunsford Arkansas 7 $8,148 46 $56,594

    Reed, Sen. Jack Rhode Island 14 $27,416 50 $60,413

    Reid, Sen. Harry Nevada 3 $11,771 88 $215,673

    Risch, Sen. Jim Idaho 1 $9,011 13 $47,239

    Roberts, Sen. Pat Kansas 17 $68,711 75 $159,580

    Rockefeller, Sen. Jay West Virginia 4 $4,662 46 $103,038

    Roth, Sen. Bill Defeated Delaware 0 $0 25 $39,392

    Rubio, Sen. Marco Florida 0 $0 2 $14,147

    Salazar, Sen. Ken Resigned Colorado 5 $4,330 20 $17,421

    Sanders, Sen. Bernie Vermont 6 $5,660 15 $14,482

    Santorum, Sen. Rick Defeated Pennsylvania 8 $7,717 87 $81,904

    Sarbanes, Sen. Paul Retired Maryland 54 $150,341 104 $185,379

    Schumer, Sen. Chuck New York 4 $24,559 59 $93,515

    Sessions, Sen. Jeff Alabama 21 $37,112 75 $162,491

    Shaheen, Sen. Jeanne New Hampshire 0 $0 13 $39,504

    Shelby, Sen. Richard Craig Alabama 1 $338 82 $196,014

    Smith, Sen. Gordon Defeated Oregon 20 $38,886 100 $194,373

    Smith, Sen. Bob Defeated New Hampshire 6 $16,054 86 $132,351

    Snowe, Sen. Olympia Maine 20 $73,279 62 $120,316

    Specter, Sen. Arlen Pennsylvania 0 $0 19 $15,735

    Stabenow, Sen. Debbie Michigan 21 $40,929 41 $56,910

    Stevens, Sen. Ted Defeated Alaska 22 $69,884 89 $196,329

    Sununu, Sen. John Defeated New Hampshire 6 $5,672 32 $46,486

    Talent, Sen. Jim Defeated Missouri 0 $0 31 $47,184

    Tester, Sen. Jon Montana 0 $0 5 $1,329

    Thomas, Sen. Craig Died in Office Wyoming 12 $32,535 57 $115,258

    Thompson, Sen. Fred Retired Tennessee 13 $33,904 37 $73,326

    Thune, Sen. John South Dakota 2 $7,827 13 $17,379

    Thurmond, Sen. Strom Retired South Carolina 0 $0 30 $30,656

    Torricelli, Sen. Robert Retired New Jersey 3 $20,312 18 $81,193

    Udall, Sen. Mark Emery Colorado 1 $9,150 5 $21,036

    Udall, Sen. Tom New Mexico 1 $13,137 6 $30,121

    Vitter, Sen. David Louisiana 0 $0 10 $18,777

    Voinovich, Sen. George Retired Ohio 17 $110,150 62 $177,359

    Warner, Sen. John William Retired Virginia 10 $7,595 60 $95,643

    Warner, Sen. Mark Virginia 0 $0 5 $23,059

    Webb, Sen. Jim Virginia 3 $8,255 10 $16,472

    Wellstone, Sen. Paul Died in Office Minnesota 15 $21,563 20 $24,507

    Whitehouse, Sen. Sheldon Rhode Island 0 $0 2 $4,643

    Wicker, Sen. Roger Mississippi 2 $26,764 8 $35,312

    Wyden, Sen. Ron Oregon 17 $27,145 45 $51,685

  17. The above list of Senators that traveled or planned to travel to israel was found at the link provided earlier and digging down a couple steps.

    There were 162 results listed above for our Senate. There are 732 results for congress(wo)men who have traveled there, again between what dates I do not know. There are only supposed to be about 450 of them at any one time or so right? 435,,, I can’t remember, well 732 went or planned to go. You can see that table by using the ‘Representatives’ tab.

    There are 5628 results for ‘Sponsors’ of trips to israel or just total sponsors for all trips?
    Well these ones went to Gaza,

    Brown, Sherrod Campbell (Sherrod)
    11/05/10-11/12/10 American Israel Education Foundation Brown, Sen. Sherrod (-OH)
    Attend seminar to explore foreign policy and defense issues related to U.S.-Israel relationship $8,964.67

    Powden, Mark E.
    11/05/10-11/12/10 American Israel Education Foundation Brown, Sen. Sherrod (-OH)
    Attend seminar to explor foreign policy and defense issues related to U.S.-Israel relationship $9,504.69

    Cravens, Michael J.
    06/28/09-07/04/09 American Israel Education Foundation Harper, Rep. Gregg (-MS)
    Attended tours, classes and meetings with Israeli government officials to learn about U.S.-Israeli relations. $4,619.79

    Baird, Rep. Brian (-WA)
    05/22/09-05/29/09 New America Foundation Baird, Rep. Brian (-WA)
    To participate in a congressional delegation to Israel and the Palestine territories, which included meetings with representatives from NGOs, business leaders, journalists, and government officials $8,122.69

    Welch, Rep. Peter (-VT)
    05/22/09-05/29/09 New America Foundation Welch, Rep. Peter (-VT)
    Congressional delegation to Israel and the Palestinian Territories $8,218.29

    Edwards, Rep. Donna (-MD)
    05/22/09-05/28/09 New America Foundation Edwards, Rep. Donna (-MD)
    Congressional delegation to Israel and the Palestinian Territories $7,313.45

    Lungren, Rep. Dan (-CA)
    08/21/05-08/28/05 American Israel Education Foundation Lungren, Rep. Dan (-CA)
    Education mission $14,415.04

    Holladay, John Krister
    07/02/05-07/10/05 American Israel Public Affairs Committee Chambliss, Sen. Saxby (-GA)
    To visit and meet with Israeli officials and see first hand the Middle East peace process and gain a clearer understanding of issues affecting the Israel-U.S. relationship $4,352.28

    Dann, Rachel
    10/04/02-10/11/02 Fellowship of Reconciliation Farr, Rep. Sam (-CA)
    Gain greater understanding

    Many summaries of other trips in the depths there.

  18. Meat,

    Nice work. I may take your comments and turn them into an official post later this week. This doesn’t give us the names of all the folks doing the current junkets, but it gives readers a good idea as to the scope of the problem. The paper work for the current trips isn’t probably even due yet.

  19. 5 dancing shlomos

    thank you, sayyid mantiq,

    hoyer, a synonym for ass hole and whore.
    we have many, many other choices. many listed by meatwad .

  20. Is it conceivable that in the future anyone running for political office on the national level and to insure his/her success be required to have both Israeli and US citizenship?

  21. 5 dancing shlomos

    joe lieberman was introducing this amendment to the constitution as you were keyboarding your question.

  22. Not only is Hoyer is a Corporate Whore he is a Zionist. I used to live in MD. He played the Liberal until he got Leadership.

  23. An interesting and provocative commentary in support of Mantiq al-Tayr’s Hoyer’s Whoring.

    If only a national petition could be made available to the American/citizen/voter.

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