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Hoyer’s Whoring

1. I am on the road again, not much time to post. But I did want to take a minute out to express what a contemptible asshole Steny Hoyer (Shas, Maryland) is.

“I view Jerusalem differently than I do other settlements,” he said. “Essentially, this is a Jewish neighborhood. It may be in East Jerusalem, but it’s a Jewish neighborhood and it’s expanding.”

Really? This would mean that any Jewish neighborhood, no matter how illegal, is now legal because it is a Jewish neighborhood, especially if it gets bigger.

Here’s a quote from a bit of a different source, one not bought off by Israeli goons the way Hoyer is.

Har Homa is one of the most controversial neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, because it was started after the Oslo accords and because it creates a barrier of Israeli homes between the Palestinian East Jerusalem and Bethlehem, preventing a continuous territory from the potential Palestinian state. Har Homa C specifically is sealing off yet another hill that could have severed as such territorial continuity.”

That’s right, this settlement is part of Israel’s attempt to make sure there is never going to be a Palestinian state. No doubt Hoyer knows this, all Shas Party members do.

So when Hoyer says the following, he is lying like the Israeli-firster son of a bitch that he is.

“This is not something that ought to undermine the much, much larger objective of reaching a peaceful resolution between the Palestinians and Israelis,”

Now get a load of this shit from Hoyer, who has now finished his TWELFTH trip to Israel.

Israel is the one example in this region of a free and open democracy that shares the values of the United States,” Hoyer said. “It is important that members of Congress in such a volatile part of the world have a better and fuller understanding of the issues.”

You know, maybe Hoyer is right. If the United States, like Israel, is run by Zionist Jews, has its media and banks owned by Zionist Jews, has Zionists controlling it’s foreign policy, fights wars for Zionist Jews, and gives privileges to Jews at the expense of everyone else living there, and is founded upon a racist ideology based on religious fairy tales, well then I guess the US does share Israel’s values.

Sucks doesn’t it?

2. Okay, so you are a Zionist Jew and Congressman from the state of Virginia and through no fault of your own are leading the Republican pilgrimage to Israel to lick up whatever the Dems were too drunk to swallow and also through no fault of your own you are the House Majority Leader. But you have a problem. You see, three right wing nuts are vying for the GOP nomination for the state’s senate seat and you want to endorse one of them. They are all loons, so it is a little hard to pick. So what do you do, you pick the one whose mother is a Jew even though his loon right wing track record is rather moderate compared to the other two. So, Eric Cantor (Likud, Virginia) has endorsed the Senate campaign for the well-born George Allen Jr. who “discovered” in 2006 that his mother was a Jew.

Allen is moist famous for his display of bigotry in 2006 when running for re-election against James Webb. It’s the Macaca controversy and it was pretty weird. Interesting that a guy who claimed he did not know his Tunisian mother was Jewish until 2006 somehow used a disparaging term used by French-speaking colonialists in the Belgian Congo to refer to the locals.

Anyway, he seems to be happy with his Jewish roots as you can see here where he addresses a bunch of Lubavitchers and here where he takes a day off from the Senate for Yom Kippur. As the second story points out: (Note to Shas Party members, the bold highlight is mine.)

“The Senator from Virginia, who recently learned that he’s Jewish a month after the rest of us did, had scheduled a hearing of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee for next Monday. Last week, though, Allen rescheduled that meeting for Tuesday. The reason?

He’s Jewish and Monday is Yom Kippur,” explained Brynn Slate, spokeswoman for the National Association of Women Business Owners, completely matter-of-factly to HOH.

And Allen loves dear little Israel and has been attacking the person who would be his democratic rival to prove that he, Allen, is more of an Israeli than his opponent. I’m sure you are shocked.

Read it and weep:

“President Obama’s call for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations with Israel forfeiting her lands and returning to borders of pre-1967 represents a dangerous shift in U.S. policy concerning Israel. This proposal would risk the lives of the men, women and children of Israel. In this unsettled region, Israel’s democracy is a well-spring in the wilderness. The United States should stand with our ally — not undermine Israel’s ability to negotiate or put its national security at risk. Virginia and America have a strong, historic friendship with Israel. Virginians deserve an answer to the question: does Tim Kaine agree with President Obama undermining the security of our friend and ally, the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East?”

So even though Allen’s views are indistinguishable from those of his two Christian Zionist opponents regarding Israel, Allen the Jew gets the nod from the Cantor.

3. Here’s “Eric’s Choice” at his best doing the Macaca.

Looks like he’d be a great Israeli addition to the Senate once again. In fact, he’d fit right in with the Knesset itself.