In Christ: A Pastor’s Response to Ray McGovern

Combat Medic Marquis J. McCants “I want to be able to save my friends.” Killed in action in Iraq in 2007

“Should we fault the preachers as they reach for words designed to give comfort to those in their congregations mourning the deaths of so many young troops? As hard as it might seem, I believe we can do no other than fault — and confront — them. However well-meaning their intentions, their negligence and timidity in confronting basic war issues merely help to perpetuate unnecessary killing. It is high time to hold preachers accountable.”

Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst.

1. The quote above is from an incredible article Ray McGovern recently wrote. It had to be written and I am quite certain it is not something he found easy to do. I found it very difficult to read even though I knew that his aim was true. And the truth hurts terribly sometimes. The article is entitled “They Died in Vain.”

And they did.

Thank God there are still some real Christians left in this world. IMHO, Reverend Mark Dankof of the Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Antonio is one of them. He dwells in a land of Christianity where it is very hard to find Christians. Below is his response to McGovern’s assertion on which I was fortunate enough to be cc’d.  I have lightly edited it and post it here with Mark’s permission.

“The reason I write is to express my absolute affirmation of what you said, and how you said it, in your “They Died in Vain” piece for . .  It is now on my Facebook page and on its way to my closest associates.  While there is no way to match your prose, I’d like for you to take a look at my piece on the death of Marquis J. McCants in San Antonio in 2007.  I re-posted it this year with some introductory comments made in February of 2011.  . . . When your schedule permits, I’d like to know what you think of it.

“I am occasionally being summoned to the infamous Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC)/Fort Sam Houston here in San Antonio when a Lutheran clergyman is requested for an incoming Iraq/Afghanistan victim by a family, as opposed to the military chaplaincy alternatives out there.  There are a few BAMC people who know who I am.  The reason, according to a BAMC emergency nurse who served in Afghanistan (and who comes to my church, and whose husband lost an arm in Afghanistan), is that the McCants article was circulating around “town” when it was first published, especially among BAMC personnel and my late father’s colleagues at Randolph Air Force Base Chapel One.  That was compounded by a few subsequent listeners to my radio show from the San Antonio Military Town USA community.  Pardon my French but a more than a few folks were really “pissed off.”  McCants’ aunt contacted me and said that she agreed with everything I said.  The boy’s father, an Air Force enlisted lifer, came as close at the time as anyone I’ve ever seen in that milieu to saying publicly that he thought Bush was an idiot and the entire effort a complete waste of life.  The whole sick episode was accentuated a year later on Memorial Day, when the San Antonio Express News photographed Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, giving Marquis McCants’s little daughter a special rose and medallion in honor of her father’s “supreme sacrifice.”  You get the picture.

“One last anecdote.  I was summoned to BAMC a couple of weeks ago, the ICU unit as usual.  An Afghanistan war victim had arrived the previous day.  He had lost both legs, one arm, and had sustained some sort of brain trauma.  I presume an IED was responsible.  His parents had just arrived from out-of-state and wanted a Lutheran clergyman.  So I dutifully appeared.

“Two other persons appeared, an Army Protestant Chaplain (Captain), and a full Colonel (Chaplain).  The Colonel did the talking.

“Every bromide, every canard, every sloganized lie you discuss in your latest essay which I read last night, came forth from this guy.  Given the pastoral situation involved, I was engaged in a Herculean effort not to laugh in this guy’s face, especially with the kid’s parents going through this specialized form of spiritual, psychological, and emotional traumatization.  It was a most memorable synthesis of the comical, the tragic, and the overtly demonic.  I don’t know if I succeeded in disguising what I thought of this joker, and everything he had been saying.  I did try.

“When it mercifully ended (I kept my own mouth shut throughout), I promised the parents that I would return if they desired, and gave them my cell number.  I then tried to leave as tactfully as possible.

“The Colonel followed me to the elevator.  He continued with the bromides in the elevator.  I suspect he knew who I was and was trying to provoke me, or to get under my skin.  Or maybe he just recites this stuff 24 hours a day, including in the shower in the morning and in front of the mirror.

“When we reached the lobby.  I was first out the elevator door.  Before heading out the front exit, I turned and looked straight at our Full Bird (refraining from giving him “The Bird“) and simply said, “Good night, Colonel.”  I then turned and walked out.

“Did he get the message?  Do any of these guys?  Do they even care?  Are the benefits and pay really good enough to surrender yourself to Satan?

“But then you already know the drill.

“So the “Church” is joining Fawning Corporate Media (FCM), the Israeli Lobby, the Energy Multinationals, the Central Banks, and our National Security Guardians.  . . .

“I am tentatively taking a trip to Asia in late fall.  It is combination of tourism and journalistic research.  Who knows, I might end up staying.

“By the way, the ADL has now included me in their anonymous Internet libelings of various personages of legitimate protest in this country.  Take a look at  [Mark] Glenn and I will be working on shows on ADL spying in the United States, Mossad activities in Morocco, and the latest involving the MEK in Iran, among other things. . . .

“In Christ,

“Mark (Dankof) “

2. “My husband, Mark loved this rendition by Melissa very much. He would listen to it over and over. Honey, I hope you are listening from Heaven tonight… To a great man, loving husband and father. You are missed. Rest In Peace Mark “Gunner” Martinez, a true hero and warrior. 29 December 1951 – 30 June 2011. Ride Forever Free…

“Love you always baby,


Il Silenzio

Taps with feeling.

Please take a moment and click on this one. You’ll be glad you did. You will also cry.

17 responses to “In Christ: A Pastor’s Response to Ray McGovern

  1. I’m surprised Gov. Rick (god’s chosen) Perry didn’t show up.
    I suppose god’s army of military chaplains are supposed to mouth meaningless words (basically lies) in which the innocent and ignorant will indeed swallow whole.
    I have no use for religion what so ever. My attitude towards the government in Washington would get me in thrown in the one of Obomber’s torture chambers if ever found out.
    Basically the religionists have sold themselves like common whores. I have no use for them either. John Haggee, Benny Hinn, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and all the rest are nothing but 2 bit shills for a traveling side show minus the 900 Lb. woman and the 4 legged goat boy.The only problem is they have managed to B.S a lot of ignorant morons into believing their crap.
    We need a new age of enlightenment, a new age of reason that Thomas Paine and others like him risked their lives to achieve. It’s going to take a great deal of effort and time as reason and enlightenment are looked upon as something to be ignored and suppressed. Besides with tens of millions of fanatical dominionists and their Mickey Mouse club Armageddon/rapture orgiastic summer camp followers, any chance of talking reason with this bunch is like trying to light a fire in a down pour.
    Maybe it’s time to move on…find some place in Baja California or Costa Rica and retire down there, drink margaritas and watch America tear itself apart.
    Now where did I put my margarita glass?

  2. Religion per se, isnt the issue, John.
    FALSE religion per Hagee, Robertson, Hinn, Olsteen et al….IS.

  3. Chaplains serve the military and the empire, not God. They are as fake as they come (besides reporters)

  4. “Sky Pilots” what can one say?

  5. Grace and peace to those afflicted. May we learn to afflict with tact those who are too comfortable. For what is the purpose of life?

  6. hybridrogue1

    Those who speak the truth and are not moral cowards are good people, whether they profess a belief in religion or not.

    I am a spiritual person, and I do not have a “religion,” most, but not all religious people I know are brainwashed in dogma and are totally lost. However I judge people by individual character, and not what they call themselves in societies little divisions. Aware individuals bridge these divisions easily, and they can communicate with one another.

    The majority enchanted by the constant Zionist Public Relations Regime, don’t even actually communicate amongst one another, they are in a hall of mirrors going along to get along and seeing warped images come and go into their view.

    When they suddenly find themselves walking into the wall of stone cold reality, they will have no idea of what hit them and will simply go into hysterics and strike out at anything and anyone in their way on the way to the abyss.

  7. The endless wars for Israel, Zionists, and for Neo-conservatives (Neo-Trotskyites) would not be possible without the strong support of Christian Zionist ministers who dupe young persons in their congregations to die for the most evil people in the world. Some people who claim to be Christians are so stupid that they do not know the difference between Christ and the Antichrist.
    I urge all intelligent Christians to read Michael Hoffman’s book, Judaism Discovered.

  8. This is easily rectifiable, read the OT to Obadiah, FIND ONE TALMUD “JEW” and you’ll solve the Mystery of “Israel”. Jesus the Messiah for Israel “12 tribes” {Gen 49 & Rev. 7} did not admonish anyone to practice the “JEWISH” so-called RELIGION, which wasn’r written down until 500AD, and the Khazars’ made “PROSELYTES” until 740AD {90% of so-called “JEWS”} …Jesus said emphatically KNOW THE TRUTH, and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR…only the “JEWS” hate Jesus as their religion, which is why the zionazi psychophants sacrifice their children to the talmudic dung god, they are stupid {spiritually blind}…Jews will never be Israel because Israel has never been Jewish, Israel is a people not a place. Consider this – – in light of the “RIOTS” in London, how many poor Africans economically pillaged England in the last 500 years on behalf of the Economic Terrorist “MONEYCHANGERS & PHARISEES” who are Jewish?.

  9. Hallelujah !
    Really want the white killer-judo-christian hoarding amerikan congressmen and their families to understand the true meaning of my using the word isra-HELL to describe “their holy land”.
    You see, all you “white-skinned cherub” judo-christian killers, it has NOTHING to do at all with being “anti-semantic” or not “liking christian hoarder-killers”. No, nothing at all.

    What it does have to do with is the joy of knowing that all of you were going to the “holy land” to take a big breath of that holy air which has flying around in it literally “itty bitty hot particles” spread all around when the war criminals of isra-HELL used Depleted Uranium Munitions on the residents of the Gaza Strip.
    That YOU amerikan government war criminals gave to them to use and have used yourself on large populated areas of the world.
    The isra-HELL “war criminals” have also used white phosphorus on Gaza Strip civilian populations.
    But, unlike D. U. munitions there is no “gift that keeps on giving”.
    So, our “friendly” amerikan white killer-hoarder judo-christian visitors as well as all the civilian population of isra-HELL is breathing in these radioactive hot particles to their lungs, eating and swallowing these hot particles on leafy vegetables and fruit grown outside when they eat!
    What joy this brings Red Mann because the following is what it means:
    Very malignant fast acting cancers of all sorts will form in the individuals who have consumed and inhaled hot particles.
    Diabetes type 2 at pandemic levels.
    A tremendous rise in the infant death syndrome.
    Human genetic mutations also all types.
    Genetic mutations of every living thing including bacteria and viruses.
    A tremendous drop in the isra-hell “viable male sperm count” versus what is considered “fertile” or “normal levels” in the rest of the world that has not been affected by Depleted Uranium Munitions.
    Hey, fools that call yourselves “gods chosen people”, your male’s viable sperm count is already down to 35% in volume of what is considered normal. I say to you (the problem) will be solved because you will render yourselves sterile. And within 20 years, like most of the white people in the “united states of terror”, you will fade away, too.
    Remember that big fire that just happened last August, 2010?
    Remember all that smoke and all those particles (particulates) in that smoke that floated around you and all your cities for all the time that fire went on?
    Some of those particles were DU hot particles, and every time there is another fire, you all will breathe more.
    Because you believing, doting fools have let your military coat the entire surface of your country with the micron-sized hot particles of Depleted Uranium Munitions that you have dropped on your neighbors.
    Red Mann is so happy!
    The half life is something like 2.5 million years – does not mean it is gone – or “safe”, just that the radiation level now decreases by half IN 2.5 MILLION YEARS.
    You evil sons of bitches are finally starting to kill yourselves off for good.
    100 million “white deaths” weren’t enough for you WHITE MONSTER-MANIACS during the 1900’s.
    But Red Mann is going to warn all the other races and give them the exact way to be able to defeat you psychologically as well as your Arab brothers. And Red Mann will never resort to violence, will never “fire a shot” (like you do whiteman, consistently over a several thousand year period of history that you – the PERPETRATORS OF THE CRIMES, were kind enough to document), no, we are going to take you apart with your own “psy-op” compromised religiously brain-washed psychology that has been embedded in you by the pedophile-invested clergy you blindly follow.
    Red Mann will use on you what you have used on everyone else all this time.
    And few of you “free” white judo-christian killer-hoarding “assholes” will even know what’s being done to you.
    Cause Red Mann knows that in your ancient “old testament book of designed Babel and never-ending designed-not-to-be-solved mystery”, no matter what version (jew – christian – muslim) is referred to, you all come from the same tribe.
    You all come from the same blood.
    You all have the same genetics.
    You all have the same “bull shit story” where “god” has a DICK – a penis!
    And, written exclusively by males, all versions of your “holy babble books” have no natural balance it all.
    Time for you “lunatics plagued with religion” to fade away.

  10. When war is justified to protect the immediate safety and well-being of your
    own countrymen then it is honorable to serve and fight; but when war is simply a tool in the hands of evil leaders with loyalty to a foreign state (Israel) who flinch not to use our sons and daughters as “cannon fodder” in their quest to achieve global power vested in a nation state which is ungodly and Christ-rejecting at its core, then it is an abomination and not to be honored by God’s true heavenly people! When these same leaders turn on us, then, by all means, resist to the death!

  11. Somehow, I think that there should be some association between truth and preachers.

    The fact that the overwhelming majority of American preachers are making a mockery of truth, their faith, God, may be perfectly Kosher but it is also pure evil. God damn them for it. I say the same thing for my fellow Americans: God damn you for this.

    The fact is, Americans are damning themselves.

  12. They died in vain and for lies and the shitty fake state of Israel.

    I cannot honor our soldiers or American ones or NATO ones who have been killed or wounded in the aggression against others. I honor the fallen martyrs, the ones who truly are defending their homes and people. But our troops are invaders and no matter what level of awareness or beliefs, they are the bad guys and I do not honor the bad guys.

    I cannot say I am happy to see our troops being killed, but I am satisfied at every death, knowing that each of our troops deaths brings the end of these wars of aggression to a close. Only when the lazy and complacent fools which infest our societies feel enough pain of losing their own will these wars end. Every day sooner they end will save the lives of countless innocents. No soldier engaged in aggression against a non threatening nation or people is innocent.

    Bring on the deaths I say, let our troops be killed in their beds, shot out of the sky and may they be burned, bombed and shot to ribbons as they continue taking part in these crusades. No man should apologise for wishing death on the invaders of his homeland and killers of his people. Nor should any decent person support any but those who defending against aggression. So my message to our troops, is to get the hell out, or else die like pigs.

  13. “There will be no end to war until the people themselves refuse to go to war.” (Albert Einstein).

    But what if the only ‘decent’ jobs available for ordinary people are jobs in the military? If all the people in the military refuse to kill other people (refuse to go to war), how are their families gonna be fed and clothed and get medical care? Maybe killing other people (or being killed or maimed) isn’t so bad, after all – considering the alternatives?! And besides that, the people in the military “serve” their country, don’t they? That’s a heckuvalot better than serving Big Macs with Fries all day! And what about those colorful uniforms and shiny medals?! – they are soooooooooo cool! And saluting our Flag – how cool and goosebumpy is that? I love it so! Anyway, John Hagee says its a privilege to kill people for Israel and God’s “Chosen People” – and he’s a “man of God”, right? Right? He keeps saying “Jesus this…” and “Jesus that…”, so he must be a “man of God”, right? Right? Waddaya mean, “NO!” – you some kinda raghead terrist lover?

  14. I have no doubt, based on my own research, that westernized religion especially was concocted so there would be very clear flaws in the texts and teachings. My point, as many have already mentioned to some extent is that my understanding is “Christ” is the central focus of their belief, hence they are entitled to call themselves Christians. Unfortunately, one just has to take a look at how “flavors” of Christianity there are to see this point clearly. I was raised in that type of environment so I am not speaking through my hat… I saw the hypocrisy firsthand. If he is the central focus, the one who they are to emulate, why do they use stone age Judaic law when it suits them? Obviously because the ministers can get away with it. Far too many lazy Christians believe that their tithe and Sunday sermon is all that is required to be a real Christian. Yep, a lot of false prophets… some of the more notorious ones have been mentioned. To believe for a second, that Christ would actually condone murder or prejudice is preposterous but somehow these snake oil salesmen take advantage of a sacred trust and feed these deceptions to the gullible. Even when any feel that sick feeling in the stomach and know their actions or thoughts are wrong, they still will go along with congregation. All told, it is no secret that “Christianity” was cobbled together from much earlier belief systems, complete with propaganda and existing myths from other cultures. And don’t get me started on Scofield and his invented “Rapture Theory”, done at the behest of the Rothschilds, much like Ayn Rand’s books..

  15. Western xtianity and judaism are both totally flawed.
    Both religions are based entirely on myth and ancient religious practices. Even the ten commandments are based on past teachings from ancient Sumerian texts.
    Talmidism is a gutter religion practiced by zionist psychopaths who call themselves Semitic jews. There’s no end to it. The Vatican pumps it out daily. Hagge and Hinn spew it like so much vomit.
    Religion and patriotism is the last refuge scoundrels. When the two are mixed the end result is always a cluster fuck of the worst kind. Preachers and politicians are one and the same: they tell you what you want to hear and lie to you at the same time. They are the whores of new Babylon.
    I wish that for one time these jerks would be dropped off somewhere in Afghanistan or Iraq, out in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves. Maybe with a little luck they might set off an IED.What a a strange twist of fate if Haggee or some military chaplain lackey got blown to itty bitty bits instead of some kid who enlisted because there were no jobs.
    Religion feeds on war. War feeds on religion.
    religion destroys spirituality. war destroys humanity.

  16. Just wondering about your reposting of my post with the video, Il Silenzio…

  17. Hi Susi,

    I was extremely touched by your post. As a long-time supporter of US veterans in general and USS Liberty survivors in particular, I often blog about how they are used and abused by our government that by and large does not care the least bit about them.

    And I love that rendition of Il Silenzio and listen to it often. My wife loves it too. Somehow that young lady captures exactly how I feel about these things.

    Best wishes,


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