Who is Barry H. Landau?

1. Before getting to the main subject of today’s post which is item number 2 below, part 1 of today’s post is a public service brought to you by all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr. New readers may find this especially helpful.  I have argued on this blog for quite some time that the insane hatred of Islam in the United States is almost entirely the creation of the Israeli Lobby, is aided and abetted by Lobby-infiltrated violent Christians  and that this witch’s brew of treason has representatives at all levels of this country’s federal, state and local governments and permeates the military.  One result of this Zionist hemlock has been the mass murder of God  only knows how many thousands or millions of brown people, the vast majority of them Muslims, all over the fucking planet.  This endless slaughter is supported by the Zionist-infested general population as well as by key players throughout the Zionist-dominated political spectrum.

For those of you who are new to this site, or who got here because you did a Google search using the last name of a well-endowed female Republican presidential candidate followed by a colloquial word describing a key element of her anatomy (for months this was the most common Google query that got people to this site, I’m not kidding), I’m going to give you just a few links below that support my thesis. You will find this to be very time saving, to be a very good start if you are new at this, and once you are done you will most  likely say “Oh, shit,  he’s right. Thank God football starts soon.”

The first link is to a superb article by Max Blumenthal about Aubrey Chernick, a Zionist Israeli-firster and former  trustee of the Israeli Lobby’s primary think tank and who helps fund major Islamophobes plus lots of other outfits like the ADL, Ateret Cohenim (about whom I’ve also written), CAMERA, the Central Fund of Israel and Aish Hatorah. Aish Hatorah  just so happens to be co-located with the Clarion Fund – the assholes who put out the fake movie Obsession which is about how all the Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooselims want to eat your grandmother, after killing her according to halal ritual first, of course.

The second link features a well-known  Zionist Jewess, Debbie “Shoot’em up” Schlussel, at her very best as she publicly calls for the murder of 1.8 billion Muslims.  Her thinking is typical, people like her are a dime a dozen.

The third link is all about a major ally of Likud Presidential hopeful, Texas governor Rick Perry. Now we all know that Texas is a state of wackos, misfits, and Zionists (and I’m not just talking about Alex Jones here), but even Texans should be embarrassed by this guy. Perry just loves Israel and will no doubt run on an “I kiss Israel’s ass more than anyone”  platform.  Anyway, that ally is named Bryan Fischer who is a spokesperson for the vile American Family Association. Fischer is a typical example of Zionist-Christian hatred of Islam and Muslims.  He, like his Jewess counterpart, Schlussel, is not an aberration. This is main stream American thinking.  In addition to being a total asshole on virtually any subject whatsoever, Fischer is a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary.  Here is a bonus link which shows how evil this Christian is.  One, more thing, he called Breivik’s 1500 page tome “accurate”.

Fox favorite, the living mummy known as Pamella Geller and who is just an uglier version of Schlussel, is the subject of our  fourth link.   Another Muslim-hating Jewess who has never really had a job but who has found fame and fortune writing things that would have made Goebbels blush.  The  link above  is to one of many articles showing how devious this hideous woman is. Another Breivik fan to boot and she may have even posted articles by him on her site.

The fifth link is to a superb piece on the lard-faced Zionist pig Abraham Foxman who for years has worked to screw Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. In case you are a Shas Party member, let me tell you that he has for decades been the head of the rotton-to-the-core outfit known as the ADL (or “JDL light” as I like to call it). The piece is written by a Palestinian American which makes it even better.

The sixth and last link takes us back to Max Blumenthal who proves my thesis above singlehandedly in this piece.  Many of the people he tackles in this piece have been prominently featured on Mantiq al-Tayr.

2. Now for the fun part. First, enjoy the pictures.

Landau is the crook in the middle

Sporting the Yaser Arafat look (AP photo)

A while back I posted a comment about a dude named Barry H. Landau who had just been nabbed by the FBI for stealing precious documents. I noted, in a mocking way, how it was obvious that this thing was much deeper than it at first appeared.  And it sure as hell is. So who is this guy?

Barry Landau claims that he is “America’s Presidential Historian”. He ought to change the title of his site to “The Bernie Madoff of document stealing and smuggling.”  He was arrested the weekend of July 9th and charged with stealing rare documents from the Maryland Historical Society. Maryland  is famous for being the new home of Solomon Dwek, but I digress.

He and his accomplice, a Shas Party-IQ-level guy named Jason Savedoff, were caught red-handed.

“The items range in value from $100,000 to $500,000, and are just four of the 60 documents police say the men planned to steal, meaning the total value could be in the millions.”

When it happened all th tuyuur here  at Mantiq al-Tayr were of one bird-brain “this is only the tip of  the iceberg”. Oh, we were so right. It’s nice to be right. How about this report? (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is mine.)

“Investigators have now identified hundreds of stolen documents, instead of dozens, from at least 11 locations in five states and Washington, Warwick said. Two other people are being subpoenaed in connection with the case, and others are suspected of participating on the periphery of the plot, which went on for “years if not decades,” the prosecutor said.”

And how about  this?

Since then, he said, several hundred other documents have been found in Landau’s apartment belonging to Swarthmore College; Columbia, YaleCambridge and Vermont universities; the Smithsonian Institute and the New York Public Library. It was unclear whether the Cambridge he mentioned was the United Kingdom university.”

The prosecutor also noted that

“”We’re extremely concerned that there might be a warehouse, safe deposit box, other apartment” with a cache of stolen goods, Warwick said, saying that Landau is a flight risk and that he has made “attempts to cover his tracks and destroy evidence.”

You can tell the prosecutor wants this guy’s ass. (Want to bet the prosecutor gets replaced?). Anyway, he stated in court  that Landau had  claimed he had “30 times” as many documents stashed someplace in Washington saying that Landau’s “capacity to engage in fraud and deceit” is endless.

But it gets even better. The latest report  about  the three days of pretrial proceedings is very informative. Landau lives in an apartment in Manhattan that rents for  $2,700 a month and his much younger accomplice, Savedoff, lived there with him.

Landau’s tax returns show an income of only $11,000 per YEAR.

This quote is also interesting:

“Prosecutors are using conversations with Savedoff, who was interviewed by investigators last weekend, as a road map for the investigation. The younger man told them that he and Landau stole wallets from patrons at a Manhattan gym in search of fake identities to use when visiting museums, and that Landau kept the better part of his collection in a storage facility and safe deposit box.”

Landau also really got around. Mike Wallace noted that Landau made sure he knew everybody and a curator at the Smithsonian called Landau a “master broker.”

Oh, and take this into account as well:

Thousands of documents have already been removed from Landau’s apartment, which he shared with Savedoff, since his arrest in Baltimore on July 9, and investigators have traced roughly 200 of them back to institutions in five states, Washington, and possibly Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.”

Okay, so you be the judge.

Landau is charged with stealing about 1 million dollars worth of documents, investigations are continuing to find the true scope of the crimes but already the crimes cross state lines and the Atlantic Ocean and it appears this has been going on for decades.

His accomplice says he has a huge stash of documents hidden away and Landau is quoted  by the prosecution as bragging about this.

Landau’s 2010 tax return shows him making only $11,000 dollar last year.

The annual rent for his Manhattan apartment is over $32,000 a year.

Landau has tons  of contacts in the media and in Washington political circles.

Landau probably is not an Islamofascist or a Christian. In fact, he is very likely to belong to the sacred tribe.

So it’ up to you judge. Is this guy a flight risk?

Judge Catherine C. Blake ruled, surprise, surprise, that he is not. He’s going on a train from Baltimore back to his Manhattan apartment that he cannot afford on August 8th.  I’m sure you are all as comforted to as I am to know that he will be strictly monitored.  He’ll have a gps attached to him, no internet, no contact with Museums and no passport.

If this guy were a Muslim he’d be being waterboarded and there’d be tons of articles all over the MSM about his ties to terrorism, the Nazis, Gengis Khan and the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve assigned some of the tuyuur to follow this story closely. Stay tuned.

3. Did I note that Landau gets around? Here he is speaking to Google employees on the Google campus.

4. Not to worry folks, I would not leave you with just a video like the one above. So here is something even worse.  It’s like watching a train wreck. Warning, if you watch the video below and suddenly go into a permanent state of depression, bow out of all political discourse and find solace only in booze, sex and drugs for the rest of your life, don’t say I didn’t warn you. In just over three minutes your life could be totally ruined if you watch this.

5. Okay, I’ll be a good boy now, I promise.  Rim al-Banna is a well-known Palestinian singer who lives in Nazereth. Well-known for her  revival of Palestinian children’s songs, Ms. Banna is also dedicated to preserving  Palestinian culture. Below are two videos. Thanks go to Hesham Tillawi who pointed out the first video below on facebook.

The one below may have the same  impact on you as it clearly did on the host of the program.

6. Somebody tell Freeman to check back in.

14 responses to “Who is Barry H. Landau?

  1. note to self. do not read the tayr on sunday mornings, it does me no good to walk around with bloody eyeballs. zio-nazis are not a good thing to wake up to. someone please pass the demon spray, Rick Perry has infected my monitor.

  2. Zionazi psychophants cannot be “Christians” given a strict “Biblical” definition of the word. Jesus said to KNOW THE TRUTH. Truth hating/Jew loving Zionazi Psychophants are members of the stupid idiot cult. The Synagogue of Satan, Stool Sculpture deity cult, wherein cult members are promised “blessings” but receive turds & ashes, or “Jewish” blessings, which are in fact TURDS & ASHES. So, to conclude members of the stool sculpture deity cult are in fact Not Christians, but are very stupid, one might say psychotic, but stupid is pretty easy to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, Which is applicable to criminal law, and a higher standard than just the preponderance of the evidence necessary in civil law, which is not applicable to Bad faith “STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT” MEMBERS. These Kill STEAL & DESTROY cult members are in their 7th millineum of this type activity, but only developed the mind control words “JEW” and anti-semitism in the mdern era.

  3. skulz fontaine

    Oh they’re ever so wearisome. Tiresome. Banal yet, grindingly banal. Obsequise and yet pedantically rude. You know, the Zionistas.
    Did you know that Gov. Rabbingelical ‘Rick’ Perry prefers his christendom in the Pavlovian style? Why Pavlovian style you might wonder? Well simply because, ANYTIME that Gov. Rabbingelical ‘Rick’ Perry has an ample bag of AIPAC payola waved in front of his face, our precious Gov. Rabbingelical ‘Rick’ Perry commences to drool all over himself. Almost like your everyday two-bit crack whore after scoring that extra special five dollar bag of crack for a nickle.
    Ding ding ding and drooling SCORE!
    Yes, Gov. Rabbingelical ‘Rick’ Perry is quite the performance. But then, dandy Pammy Geller is quite the ‘performance’ piece as well.
    Zionistas to the right of me…
    Zionistas to the left of me…
    thundering histrionics rolling over yon hills of Jerusalem…
    might that be the marching charging feet of angry Israelis?
    Sure fucking just might be.
    You see, it seems that there are in fact really angry Israelis and they ain’t about so fucking happy with Bibi the Barbarian.
    You are not now or about ever going to read those nifty little news reports here in the Amerikan Occupied Territory of Zion.
    Gov. Rabbingelical ‘Rick’ Perry? Jesus called and left a message, “who is this snivelling corrupt blaspheming asshat?”

  4. This article is too long and it is unclear from the outset what the article is about. I gave up after the second paragraph. Just a friendly suggestion, try writing a summary of the article at the start so that readers can know what is going on from the outset. not many readers will hang around for 5 minutes of reading before getting to the point. I know you will say “oh, dumb Amoericans, they can’t read something with *real* content”.

    Up to you. If you want more people to stick around till the end, start with an abstract.

  5. i did 911 “truth” for three years 8 hours a day. i left the states two years ago. i certainly agree with ALEX JONES, that this is a world-wide armagedon. i have a beautiful property now and i love to garden..i did “my time” and i have no illusions about the future. i have … given up i guess. to me it’s all so obvious ; it would be nice if most “people” were reptilian aliens.
    it’s worse watching them play the illuminati tunes. it’s too sad and creepy.
    if “the reader” doesn’t understand this post…, that’s why i don’t talk much anymore.

  6. aubreyfarmer

    No doubt many of these people are sincere in their desire to serve our Lord, but the JewTube has them totally bamboozled. Christianity and Zionism are not compatible. Now Zionism and Naziism are very similar. I have nothing against anyone that means me no harm, but the Zionists are a threat to humanity because their god is a golden idol. The love of money is the root of all evil. Rick Perry is a Zionist shill and so are Palin, Gingrich, Bachman and so many others. Thomas Jefferson was concise in his early warning to the American nation, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

  7. The problem is this: Educated people know that Islam and Christianity have more in common than con-joined twins. But those that are asleep are kept asleep by the powers that control education, media, and the general masses (I’m talking of course about the whole zionist movement). Articles such as this are great for those who are aware of the truth but for those prone to stereotyping and prejudice, it is going to take some time to wake them up. The insane hatred of islam can only go so far before people wake up and start to question why they feel the way they do.

  8. hybridrogue1

    .Chris Smith says, “I know you will say “oh, dumb Amoericans, they can’t read something with *real* content”…

    No Chris, we say, ‘STUPID FUCK AMERIKANS’, like your stupid fuck ass.
    Now you get it?

    If you have an attention span of a potato, go back and watch TV.


  9. It would be more honest to take American voters to Gaza to show them their future after the Zio-Nazis have stolen their last dollar and collapse all of the banks and all pf our currencies.

    I just wrote this:

    Video: Bankers, Listen To This. Your Final Warning

    In the bad old days of the Soviet Union the police took surveys of the population to determine their limits. Today’s bankers are the equivalent of Joe Stalin. They need to listen to us. We have reached the absolute limit of our tolerance. If you are a banker, consider this our final warning to you. If you are a spy working in their behalf at MI6-CIA-Mossad, then you need to forward this message to them before it is too late. The world will always need the police and the armies, but we neither need nor want bankers and other pond scum.


  10. The notion that zionists are resonsible for Islamophobia is patently absurd. The Islamic community has brought that on themselves by insisting on Shari’a law, and generally makign a nuisance of themselves within the community. People would nto give two thoughts to them and their religion were it not for the fact that it is not just a religion . It is a political ideology as well, and tyrannical . No one wants it, and no one will accept their agenda. ‘nuf said.

  11. ps, i find your article to be hysterical nonsense. Are you high?

  12. Whats wrong with Governor praying and asking for guidance from the Lord above? Oh I forget he was not praying to Allah he was prying to the messiah savior Christ. This proves your anti Christian sentiment

  13. blurp blurp bffgalurp…pffeewww… hey check it out i can speak ziotarded just like you linda! 😀

  14. Avram ben Agri

    If you Muslims converted to Judiaism, you lives would be much better. Half of you are starving and living in huts riding mules and camels. Your hero Mohammed was merely a scamster and the only way you can fight is by flying planes into buildings or beheading gays and women. Sad !!!!

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