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Rep. Erik Paulsen Meets Israeli War Criminal

1. Minnesota House member Erik Paulsen (Likud)  continues his hasbara work on behalf of the State of Israel doing so via the funding of the AIEF which is a US tax-deductible arm of AIPAC.  In his fifth post from Israel he writes approvingly of the views of an Israeli war criminal with whom he had apparently a lengthy discussion.  Paulsen ought to be publicly tarred and feathered and his passport ought to be revoked before he can return to the United States. Fortunately some of the readers here at Mantiq al-Tayr have been posting comments to his ridiculous blog posts and have been making Paulsen and his Israel-first supporters a little uncomfortable.

So far Paulsen has made six daily posts, all of them utterly devoid of any substance and all of which could easily have been written by AIPAC staffers.  Maybe they were. Pure unadulterated Zionist Bullshit, but I’ll get to that later. First I’m going to quote in full from his website from a page called “Issues and Legislation”. The first “issue” he lists is “Defending Our Homeland” and it reads like it could have been written by a Nazi. Maybe it was. Here’s the whole thing. Note to Shas Party members, the red highlighting is mine. Second note to Shas Party members: Could you guys get Paulsen to join your party and run for the Knesset? But I digress.

“Our national sovereignty rests in our ability to defend the nation from those who want to harm us.  Despite the fact that we’ve made great strides in terms of national security since 9/11, securing the safety of our nation and citizens remains our greatest duty. We are still facing a very real enemy – an enemy that will stop at nothing to bring harm to the American people.

We must never relent in defending against this enemy and I support a strong national defense to ensure that the American people are safe and secure. A strong defense includes strong law enforcement, secure borders, a strong military and vigorous intelligence services. It also includes drastically reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

“As our brave men and women continue to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the world they deserve our full and unwavering support. The security we all enjoy is a direct result of their selfless sacrifice and I stand firmly behind these brave Americans, their families and their mission.”

If that doesn’t give you the creeps then you must be a Zionist.

Paulsen doesn’t even mention who this enemy is that requires utterly bankrupting our country in order to defend ourselves against it. But the obvious enemy is them thar Moooooooooooselims.

It’s interesting too that I can’t seem to find any mention of his hasbara trip to Israel on his actual web site, his posts are put on the TC Jewfolk page instead.  You’d think he’d want to proclaim his allegiances proudly on his own website too. But I digress.

So, let’s look at one of his posts and seriously exam it and make endless fun of it in the process.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Let’s look at post number five because, well, because he meets an Israeli war-criminal who sometimes can’t travel outside of Israel for fear of arrest. He seems to like this war criminal, Avi Dichter, very much. Let’s see what Paulsen tells his “constituents,” and I use that term loosely, about meeting Avi boy.

Oh wait, before I get to what Paulsen says, dig this picture of Avi.

Pretty cool, mish kida?

Anyway, let’s see what good old Rep. Paulsen, in Israel on a trip paid-for by an arm of AIPAC that is recognized as a tax-deductable charity, has to say about Avi.

“Began the morning meeting with the opposition leader of parliament from the Kadima party, Avi Dichter. Avi is the former head of our FBI equivalent and gave an in depth briefing on a variety of security issues and the peace process.”

Hold it, before I quote further I need to make a comment.  Dichter is the “former head of our FBI equivalent”? Really?  Let’s be more specific.  Avi Dichter is the former head of Shin Bet (aka Shabak), the Israeli “internal” security service that also is deeply involved in fucking up Palestinians living under occupation in Gaza and the West Bank.  In fact, it is because of his highly criminal activities while heading Shin Bet from 2000 to 2005 that Avi has a little trouble traveling – could not even go to Madrid last year for fear of being arrested.  It’s kind of like saying, “Began the morning meeting with O.J. Simpson, the former husband of Nicole Brown Simpson” and leaving it at that.  But I digress. More on Avi later. Let’s get back to the Zionist Bullshit from Paulsen.

“I found this particularly interesting not for the subject matter, but because as the leader of the opposition party I expected he would really spend his time with us discussing his party’s policy differences with the ruling party. The fact that he used his time to share a united vision with the majority party really does demonstrate that Israelis are pretty unified on safety and security issues. Rockets were fired on his hometown early this morning.”

Oh, poor baby, during a week in which Israeli killed at least 23 Palestinians from Gaza plus three Egyptian security officers, Paulsen bitches and moans about rockets being fired on Avi’s home town – clearly doing so to show how the “enemy”  is just plain evil.

What is Avi’s hometown? Well, surprise, surprise it is Ashkelon which, when it was called al-Majdal, was largely ethnically cleansed by the Israelis in 1948 with the job being finished off in 1950. Many of its inhabitants were forcefully removed by Israel and the Haganah to Gaza. Think they might be pissed off by this?

Let’s look at some of the lovely history of “Ashkelon” under the tender mercies of Zionism.

“In July 1950, Majdal – today Ashkelon – was still a mixed town. About 3,000 Palestinians lived there in a closed, fenced-off ghetto, next to the recently arrived Jewish residents. Before the 1948 war, Majdal had been a commercial and administrative center with a population of 12,000. It also had religious importance: nearby, amid the ruins of ancient Ashkelon, stood Mash’had Nabi Hussein, an 11th-century structure where, according to tradition, the head of Hussein Bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, was interred; his death in Karbala, Iraq, marked the onset of the rift between Shi’ites and Sunnis. Muslim pilgrims, both Shi’ite and Sunni, would visit the site. But after July 1950, there was nothing left for them to visit: that’s when the Israel Defense Forces blew up Mash’had Nabi Hussein.”

Even the Zionist-infested Wikipedia shows just how wonderfully the Jews treated the town’s original inhabitants.

“During the 1948 war, the Egyptian army occupied a large part of Gaza including Majdal. Over the next few months, the town was subjected to Israeli air-raids and shelling.[18] All but about 1,000 of the town’s residents were forced to leave by the time it was captured by Israeli forces as a sequel to Operation Yoav on November 4, 1948.[18]

It gets better. Look at the wonderful treatment the Jews continued to give to the goddamn ungrateful terrorist Arabs.

“General Yigal Allon ordered the expulsion of the remaining Arabs but the local commanders did not do so and the Arab population soon recovered to more than 2,500 due mostly to refugees slipping back and also due to the transfer of Arabs from nearby villages.[13][18] Most of them were elderly, women, or children.[13] During the next year or so, the Arabs were held in a confined area surrounded by barbed wire, which became commonly known as the “ghetto”.[13][19][20] Moshe Dayan and Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion were in favor of expulsion, while Mapam and the Israeli labor union Histadrut objected.[18] The government offered the Arabs positive inducements to leave, including a favorable currency exchange, but also caused panic through night-time raids.[18] The first group was deported to the Gaza Strip by truck on August 17, 1950 after an expulsion order had been served.[21] The deportation was approved by Ben-Gurion and Dayan over the objections of Pinhas Lavon, secretary-general of the Histadrut, who envisioned the town as a productive example of equal opportunity.[22] By October 1950, 20 Arab families remained, most of whom later moved to Lydda or Gaza.[18] 

After kicking the Arabs out the Jews then undertook a very-well organized campaign to fill the town with Jews. It was quite successful.

Re-population of abandoned Arab dwellings by Jews became official policy by December 1948 but the process began slowly.[20] The Israeli national plan of June 1949 designated Majdal as the site for a regional urban center of 20,000 people.[20] From July 1949, new immigrants and demobilized soldiers moved to the new town, increasing the Jewish population to 2,500 within six months.[20] The town was initially called Migdal Gaza, Migdal Gad and Migdal Ashkelon. In 1953, the nearby neighborhood of Afridar was incorporated and the name “Ashkelon” was adopted. By 1961, Ashkelon ranked 18th amongst Israeli urban centers with a population of 24,000.[20]

And in that  thoroughly ethnically cleansed place, war criminal Avi Dichter was born in 1952.  And Paulsen has the nerve to mention those stupid rockets which seem to serve Israel’s interests far more than those of the Palestinians for whom Paulsen cares nothing.

I guess Paulsen did do one good thing in this post. He unintentionally makes Salam Fayyad look like the sell-out that he is. But then, after a Zionist-Bullshit-filled reference to Hizbullah Paulsen moves on to how he ended the day.

“Arrived at the hotel and had a late dinner. The fun event for the day – a midnight swim in the Sea of Galilee!”

Fortunately for Paulsen, the area around the sea of Galilee was also ethnically cleansed by Israel back in 1948, so Paulsen could enjoy his swim.

“The Israeli military activities were confined to the Galilee and the sparsely populated Negev desert. It was clear to the villages in the Galilee, that if they left, return was far from imminent. Therefore, far fewer villages spontaneously depopulated than previously. Most of the Palestinian exodus was due to a clear, direct cause: expulsion and deliberate harassment, as Morris writes ‘commanders were clearly bent on driving out the population in the area they were conquering’.[95]

“During Operation Hiram in the upper Galilee, Israeli military commanders received the order: ‘Do all you can to immediately and quickly purge the conquered territories of all hostile elements in accordance with the orders issued. The residents should be helped to leave the areas that have been conquered’. (31 October 1948, Moshe Carmel) The UN’s acting Mediator, Ralph Bunche, reported that United Nations Observers had recorded extensive looting of villages in Galilee by Israeli forces, who carried away goats, sheep and mules. This looting, United Nations Observers report, appeared to have been systematic as army trucks were used for transportation. The situation, states the report, created a new influx of refugees into Lebanon. Israeli forces, he stated, have occupied the area in Galilee formerly occupied by Kaukji’s forces, and have crossed the Lebanese frontier. Bunche goes on to say “that Israeli forces now hold positions inside the south-east corner of Lebanon, involving some fifteen Lebanese villages which are occupied by small Israeli detachments”.[96]

“According to Morris[97] altogether 200,000–230,000 Palestinians left in this stage. According to Ilan Pappé, “In a matter of seven months, five hundred and thirty one villages were destroyed and eleven urban neighborhoods emptied […] The mass expulsion was accompanied by massacres, rape and [the] imprisonment of men […] in labor camps for periods [of] over a year”.[98]

Wherever Paulsen goes on his trip he is standing on stolen land belonging to the native population that has been under and endless onslaught by Israel’s Jews for well over 60 years. Over six decades of pillage, murder, rape – you name it. Kind of like what’s in the Bible, but I digress.

2. So just who is Avi Dichter and why is he so universally hated? The Center for Constitutional Rights is a good place to start.  Turns out that Avi likes to kill lots of Arabs at a time no matter who they are. So in July of 2002, as head of Shin Bet, he decided to assassinate Salah Shehadah, the leader of Hamas’ military wing at the time. In order to do this, he had a one-ton bomb dropped into a residential apartment building in Gaza city knowing that this would lead to killing and injuring countless others.

Just before midnight on July 22, 2002, the Israel Defense
Forces (IDF) dropped a one-ton bomb on Al-Daraj, a
densely-populated residential neighborhood in Gaza
City in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Among
the 15 people who were killed were 8 children, and
more than 150 were injured in the aerial bombing. The
attack completely destroyed 9 apartment buildings and
partially destroyed or seriously damaged 30 more.”

Killing Palestinians is the national pass-time in Israel, as I have documented more than once on this site. The more you kill the more pissed off the Palestinians get so they retaliate and Israel then uses Palestinian retaliation as an excuse to kill even more Palestinians, continue to steal their land, and to get aid and support from tools like Paulsen who are all too happy to have US blood shed on behalf of Israel and the phony war on terror.  The Center for Constitutional Rights notes:

“According to the
Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), approximately
724 individuals were killed in these extrajudicial killings carried out by Israel between September 2000 and March 2008; the victims included 228 civilian
bystanders, of whom 77 were children.”

A law suit was filed in 2005 against Dichter on behalf of his victims in the 2002 bombing. Sadly, it was done in the Southern District of New York where it was virtually doomed to failure. And in fact, in 2007 Judge William Pauley dismissed the case on a technicality saying that Dichter was immune from prosecution because he was acting “in the course of his official duties” as the Center reports.  The dismissal was appealed but Pauley’s ruling was upheld. Therefore, according to US law, the deliberate murder of innocent civilians including children undertaken by someone on a government payroll at the time is not a crime that can be prosecuted. War crimes are now legal.

Let me digress. In 2009 Judge Pauley allowed Israeli spy Ben-Ami Kadish to walk free. Fining him 50 thousand dollars but no jail time.  Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Fortunately, many people in the US and around the world realize what bullshit this is and Dichter has trouble when he travels. Even in the Zionist bastion of Brandeis University students protested his appearing there in April of this year.

In addition to ordering the torture of Palestinians during his tenure as the head of Israel’s General Security Services, Dichter has been charged with possible war crimes for his part in the 2002 killing of Hamas member Salah Shehade and 14 other Palestinian civilians, including 9 children, who were in his Gaza Strip apartment building when a one-ton Israeli bomb was dropped on it.

“As Dicther was speaking at Brandeis, a dozen Brandeis students listed charges against Dichter, including torture and the bombing of civilians, distributed warrants for his arrest, and demanded he turn himself in to authorities,

They ended their disruption by chanting in Hebrew “Don’t worry Avi Dicther, we’ll meet you in the Hague.”

In 2007 Dichter had to cancel plans to go to the UK because of the likelihood that he could be arrested if a complaint were filed against him and in 2010 he had to cancel plans to go to Madrid for the same reason.

And then there is also the organization known as WANTED made up of anonymous Israelis who have created a website called that contains bills of indictment against a number of Israeli past and present officials. Dichter is prominent among them and the photo insert near the top of this post is from their website.

Hey you good folks at WANTED how does this one look?

Courtesy of Skulz Fontaine

3. Okay, it’s video time. Here’s a short clip of the students at Brandeis.

The video below shows that not all of Paulsen’s constituents are morons. They also don’t like his relationship with the Koch brothers. I love the woman who says: “And again it’s always interesting that we never seem to be able to talk to Representative Paulsen, he’s always gone or doing something else and yet we are all his constituents.”  She’s right, presently he’s off kissing Israel’s ass and posting Zionist propaganda on a pro-Israeli website while saying nothing about the trip on his own website.

A faithful reader, quite literally from down under going by the name of “bin dead awhile” has been requesting another Haifa video. This is a nice one.

As the bird sang:

“خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو”

The angelic voice of اميمة الخليل

Here’s a slightly edited comment from the youtube url above explaining the song for those of you who do not know the language.

“The song is a dialogue between a bird and a girl called Nunu. The bird arrives at Nunu’s window seeking refuge; he explains that he comes from the borders of the skies, from the neighbours’; that he has escaped from his cage and asks Nunu to hide him. The bird is scared and weak; he has lost his feathers, and has lost all hope. Nunu shows the bird the rising sun and the nearby forest where other birds fly freely, and reassures him that he too will eventually gain his freedom.”