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Rep. Erik Paulsen Meets Israeli War Criminal

1. Minnesota House member Erik Paulsen (Likud)  continues his hasbara work on behalf of the State of Israel doing so via the funding of the AIEF which is a US tax-deductible arm of AIPAC.  In his fifth post from Israel he writes approvingly of the views of an Israeli war criminal with whom he had apparently a lengthy discussion.  Paulsen ought to be publicly tarred and feathered and his passport ought to be revoked before he can return to the United States. Fortunately some of the readers here at Mantiq al-Tayr have been posting comments to his ridiculous blog posts and have been making Paulsen and his Israel-first supporters a little uncomfortable.

So far Paulsen has made six daily posts, all of them utterly devoid of any substance and all of which could easily have been written by AIPAC staffers.  Maybe they were. Pure unadulterated Zionist Bullshit, but I’ll get to that later. First I’m going to quote in full from his website from a page called “Issues and Legislation”. The first “issue” he lists is “Defending Our Homeland” and it reads like it could have been written by a Nazi. Maybe it was. Here’s the whole thing. Note to Shas Party members, the red highlighting is mine. Second note to Shas Party members: Could you guys get Paulsen to join your party and run for the Knesset? But I digress.

“Our national sovereignty rests in our ability to defend the nation from those who want to harm us.  Despite the fact that we’ve made great strides in terms of national security since 9/11, securing the safety of our nation and citizens remains our greatest duty. We are still facing a very real enemy – an enemy that will stop at nothing to bring harm to the American people.

We must never relent in defending against this enemy and I support a strong national defense to ensure that the American people are safe and secure. A strong defense includes strong law enforcement, secure borders, a strong military and vigorous intelligence services. It also includes drastically reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

“As our brave men and women continue to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the world they deserve our full and unwavering support. The security we all enjoy is a direct result of their selfless sacrifice and I stand firmly behind these brave Americans, their families and their mission.”

If that doesn’t give you the creeps then you must be a Zionist.

Paulsen doesn’t even mention who this enemy is that requires utterly bankrupting our country in order to defend ourselves against it. But the obvious enemy is them thar Moooooooooooselims.

It’s interesting too that I can’t seem to find any mention of his hasbara trip to Israel on his actual web site, his posts are put on the TC Jewfolk page instead.  You’d think he’d want to proclaim his allegiances proudly on his own website too. But I digress.

So, let’s look at one of his posts and seriously exam it and make endless fun of it in the process.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Let’s look at post number five because, well, because he meets an Israeli war-criminal who sometimes can’t travel outside of Israel for fear of arrest. He seems to like this war criminal, Avi Dichter, very much. Let’s see what Paulsen tells his “constituents,” and I use that term loosely, about meeting Avi boy.

Oh wait, before I get to what Paulsen says, dig this picture of Avi.

Pretty cool, mish kida?

Anyway, let’s see what good old Rep. Paulsen, in Israel on a trip paid-for by an arm of AIPAC that is recognized as a tax-deductable charity, has to say about Avi.

“Began the morning meeting with the opposition leader of parliament from the Kadima party, Avi Dichter. Avi is the former head of our FBI equivalent and gave an in depth briefing on a variety of security issues and the peace process.”

Hold it, before I quote further I need to make a comment.  Dichter is the “former head of our FBI equivalent”? Really?  Let’s be more specific.  Avi Dichter is the former head of Shin Bet (aka Shabak), the Israeli “internal” security service that also is deeply involved in fucking up Palestinians living under occupation in Gaza and the West Bank.  In fact, it is because of his highly criminal activities while heading Shin Bet from 2000 to 2005 that Avi has a little trouble traveling – could not even go to Madrid last year for fear of being arrested.  It’s kind of like saying, “Began the morning meeting with O.J. Simpson, the former husband of Nicole Brown Simpson” and leaving it at that.  But I digress. More on Avi later. Let’s get back to the Zionist Bullshit from Paulsen.

“I found this particularly interesting not for the subject matter, but because as the leader of the opposition party I expected he would really spend his time with us discussing his party’s policy differences with the ruling party. The fact that he used his time to share a united vision with the majority party really does demonstrate that Israelis are pretty unified on safety and security issues. Rockets were fired on his hometown early this morning.”

Oh, poor baby, during a week in which Israeli killed at least 23 Palestinians from Gaza plus three Egyptian security officers, Paulsen bitches and moans about rockets being fired on Avi’s home town – clearly doing so to show how the “enemy”  is just plain evil.

What is Avi’s hometown? Well, surprise, surprise it is Ashkelon which, when it was called al-Majdal, was largely ethnically cleansed by the Israelis in 1948 with the job being finished off in 1950. Many of its inhabitants were forcefully removed by Israel and the Haganah to Gaza. Think they might be pissed off by this?

Let’s look at some of the lovely history of “Ashkelon” under the tender mercies of Zionism.

“In July 1950, Majdal – today Ashkelon – was still a mixed town. About 3,000 Palestinians lived there in a closed, fenced-off ghetto, next to the recently arrived Jewish residents. Before the 1948 war, Majdal had been a commercial and administrative center with a population of 12,000. It also had religious importance: nearby, amid the ruins of ancient Ashkelon, stood Mash’had Nabi Hussein, an 11th-century structure where, according to tradition, the head of Hussein Bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, was interred; his death in Karbala, Iraq, marked the onset of the rift between Shi’ites and Sunnis. Muslim pilgrims, both Shi’ite and Sunni, would visit the site. But after July 1950, there was nothing left for them to visit: that’s when the Israel Defense Forces blew up Mash’had Nabi Hussein.”

Even the Zionist-infested Wikipedia shows just how wonderfully the Jews treated the town’s original inhabitants.

“During the 1948 war, the Egyptian army occupied a large part of Gaza including Majdal. Over the next few months, the town was subjected to Israeli air-raids and shelling.[18] All but about 1,000 of the town’s residents were forced to leave by the time it was captured by Israeli forces as a sequel to Operation Yoav on November 4, 1948.[18]

It gets better. Look at the wonderful treatment the Jews continued to give to the goddamn ungrateful terrorist Arabs.

“General Yigal Allon ordered the expulsion of the remaining Arabs but the local commanders did not do so and the Arab population soon recovered to more than 2,500 due mostly to refugees slipping back and also due to the transfer of Arabs from nearby villages.[13][18] Most of them were elderly, women, or children.[13] During the next year or so, the Arabs were held in a confined area surrounded by barbed wire, which became commonly known as the “ghetto”.[13][19][20] Moshe Dayan and Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion were in favor of expulsion, while Mapam and the Israeli labor union Histadrut objected.[18] The government offered the Arabs positive inducements to leave, including a favorable currency exchange, but also caused panic through night-time raids.[18] The first group was deported to the Gaza Strip by truck on August 17, 1950 after an expulsion order had been served.[21] The deportation was approved by Ben-Gurion and Dayan over the objections of Pinhas Lavon, secretary-general of the Histadrut, who envisioned the town as a productive example of equal opportunity.[22] By October 1950, 20 Arab families remained, most of whom later moved to Lydda or Gaza.[18] 

After kicking the Arabs out the Jews then undertook a very-well organized campaign to fill the town with Jews. It was quite successful.

Re-population of abandoned Arab dwellings by Jews became official policy by December 1948 but the process began slowly.[20] The Israeli national plan of June 1949 designated Majdal as the site for a regional urban center of 20,000 people.[20] From July 1949, new immigrants and demobilized soldiers moved to the new town, increasing the Jewish population to 2,500 within six months.[20] The town was initially called Migdal Gaza, Migdal Gad and Migdal Ashkelon. In 1953, the nearby neighborhood of Afridar was incorporated and the name “Ashkelon” was adopted. By 1961, Ashkelon ranked 18th amongst Israeli urban centers with a population of 24,000.[20]

And in that  thoroughly ethnically cleansed place, war criminal Avi Dichter was born in 1952.  And Paulsen has the nerve to mention those stupid rockets which seem to serve Israel’s interests far more than those of the Palestinians for whom Paulsen cares nothing.

I guess Paulsen did do one good thing in this post. He unintentionally makes Salam Fayyad look like the sell-out that he is. But then, after a Zionist-Bullshit-filled reference to Hizbullah Paulsen moves on to how he ended the day.

“Arrived at the hotel and had a late dinner. The fun event for the day – a midnight swim in the Sea of Galilee!”

Fortunately for Paulsen, the area around the sea of Galilee was also ethnically cleansed by Israel back in 1948, so Paulsen could enjoy his swim.

“The Israeli military activities were confined to the Galilee and the sparsely populated Negev desert. It was clear to the villages in the Galilee, that if they left, return was far from imminent. Therefore, far fewer villages spontaneously depopulated than previously. Most of the Palestinian exodus was due to a clear, direct cause: expulsion and deliberate harassment, as Morris writes ‘commanders were clearly bent on driving out the population in the area they were conquering’.[95]

“During Operation Hiram in the upper Galilee, Israeli military commanders received the order: ‘Do all you can to immediately and quickly purge the conquered territories of all hostile elements in accordance with the orders issued. The residents should be helped to leave the areas that have been conquered’. (31 October 1948, Moshe Carmel) The UN’s acting Mediator, Ralph Bunche, reported that United Nations Observers had recorded extensive looting of villages in Galilee by Israeli forces, who carried away goats, sheep and mules. This looting, United Nations Observers report, appeared to have been systematic as army trucks were used for transportation. The situation, states the report, created a new influx of refugees into Lebanon. Israeli forces, he stated, have occupied the area in Galilee formerly occupied by Kaukji’s forces, and have crossed the Lebanese frontier. Bunche goes on to say “that Israeli forces now hold positions inside the south-east corner of Lebanon, involving some fifteen Lebanese villages which are occupied by small Israeli detachments”.[96]

“According to Morris[97] altogether 200,000–230,000 Palestinians left in this stage. According to Ilan Pappé, “In a matter of seven months, five hundred and thirty one villages were destroyed and eleven urban neighborhoods emptied […] The mass expulsion was accompanied by massacres, rape and [the] imprisonment of men […] in labor camps for periods [of] over a year”.[98]

Wherever Paulsen goes on his trip he is standing on stolen land belonging to the native population that has been under and endless onslaught by Israel’s Jews for well over 60 years. Over six decades of pillage, murder, rape – you name it. Kind of like what’s in the Bible, but I digress.

2. So just who is Avi Dichter and why is he so universally hated? The Center for Constitutional Rights is a good place to start.  Turns out that Avi likes to kill lots of Arabs at a time no matter who they are. So in July of 2002, as head of Shin Bet, he decided to assassinate Salah Shehadah, the leader of Hamas’ military wing at the time. In order to do this, he had a one-ton bomb dropped into a residential apartment building in Gaza city knowing that this would lead to killing and injuring countless others.

Just before midnight on July 22, 2002, the Israel Defense
Forces (IDF) dropped a one-ton bomb on Al-Daraj, a
densely-populated residential neighborhood in Gaza
City in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Among
the 15 people who were killed were 8 children, and
more than 150 were injured in the aerial bombing. The
attack completely destroyed 9 apartment buildings and
partially destroyed or seriously damaged 30 more.”

Killing Palestinians is the national pass-time in Israel, as I have documented more than once on this site. The more you kill the more pissed off the Palestinians get so they retaliate and Israel then uses Palestinian retaliation as an excuse to kill even more Palestinians, continue to steal their land, and to get aid and support from tools like Paulsen who are all too happy to have US blood shed on behalf of Israel and the phony war on terror.  The Center for Constitutional Rights notes:

“According to the
Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), approximately
724 individuals were killed in these extrajudicial killings carried out by Israel between September 2000 and March 2008; the victims included 228 civilian
bystanders, of whom 77 were children.”

A law suit was filed in 2005 against Dichter on behalf of his victims in the 2002 bombing. Sadly, it was done in the Southern District of New York where it was virtually doomed to failure. And in fact, in 2007 Judge William Pauley dismissed the case on a technicality saying that Dichter was immune from prosecution because he was acting “in the course of his official duties” as the Center reports.  The dismissal was appealed but Pauley’s ruling was upheld. Therefore, according to US law, the deliberate murder of innocent civilians including children undertaken by someone on a government payroll at the time is not a crime that can be prosecuted. War crimes are now legal.

Let me digress. In 2009 Judge Pauley allowed Israeli spy Ben-Ami Kadish to walk free. Fining him 50 thousand dollars but no jail time.  Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Fortunately, many people in the US and around the world realize what bullshit this is and Dichter has trouble when he travels. Even in the Zionist bastion of Brandeis University students protested his appearing there in April of this year.

In addition to ordering the torture of Palestinians during his tenure as the head of Israel’s General Security Services, Dichter has been charged with possible war crimes for his part in the 2002 killing of Hamas member Salah Shehade and 14 other Palestinian civilians, including 9 children, who were in his Gaza Strip apartment building when a one-ton Israeli bomb was dropped on it.

“As Dicther was speaking at Brandeis, a dozen Brandeis students listed charges against Dichter, including torture and the bombing of civilians, distributed warrants for his arrest, and demanded he turn himself in to authorities,

They ended their disruption by chanting in Hebrew “Don’t worry Avi Dicther, we’ll meet you in the Hague.”

In 2007 Dichter had to cancel plans to go to the UK because of the likelihood that he could be arrested if a complaint were filed against him and in 2010 he had to cancel plans to go to Madrid for the same reason.

And then there is also the organization known as WANTED made up of anonymous Israelis who have created a website called that contains bills of indictment against a number of Israeli past and present officials. Dichter is prominent among them and the photo insert near the top of this post is from their website.

Hey you good folks at WANTED how does this one look?

Courtesy of Skulz Fontaine

3. Okay, it’s video time. Here’s a short clip of the students at Brandeis.

The video below shows that not all of Paulsen’s constituents are morons. They also don’t like his relationship with the Koch brothers. I love the woman who says: “And again it’s always interesting that we never seem to be able to talk to Representative Paulsen, he’s always gone or doing something else and yet we are all his constituents.”  She’s right, presently he’s off kissing Israel’s ass and posting Zionist propaganda on a pro-Israeli website while saying nothing about the trip on his own website.

A faithful reader, quite literally from down under going by the name of “bin dead awhile” has been requesting another Haifa video. This is a nice one.

As the bird sang:

“خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو”

The angelic voice of اميمة الخليل

Here’s a slightly edited comment from the youtube url above explaining the song for those of you who do not know the language.

“The song is a dialogue between a bird and a girl called Nunu. The bird arrives at Nunu’s window seeking refuge; he explains that he comes from the borders of the skies, from the neighbours’; that he has escaped from his cage and asks Nunu to hide him. The bird is scared and weak; he has lost his feathers, and has lost all hope. Nunu shows the bird the rising sun and the nearby forest where other birds fly freely, and reassures him that he too will eventually gain his freedom.”

Hoyer’s Whoring

1. I am on the road again, not much time to post. But I did want to take a minute out to express what a contemptible asshole Steny Hoyer (Shas, Maryland) is.

“I view Jerusalem differently than I do other settlements,” he said. “Essentially, this is a Jewish neighborhood. It may be in East Jerusalem, but it’s a Jewish neighborhood and it’s expanding.”

Really? This would mean that any Jewish neighborhood, no matter how illegal, is now legal because it is a Jewish neighborhood, especially if it gets bigger.

Here’s a quote from a bit of a different source, one not bought off by Israeli goons the way Hoyer is.

Har Homa is one of the most controversial neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, because it was started after the Oslo accords and because it creates a barrier of Israeli homes between the Palestinian East Jerusalem and Bethlehem, preventing a continuous territory from the potential Palestinian state. Har Homa C specifically is sealing off yet another hill that could have severed as such territorial continuity.”

That’s right, this settlement is part of Israel’s attempt to make sure there is never going to be a Palestinian state. No doubt Hoyer knows this, all Shas Party members do.

So when Hoyer says the following, he is lying like the Israeli-firster son of a bitch that he is.

“This is not something that ought to undermine the much, much larger objective of reaching a peaceful resolution between the Palestinians and Israelis,”

Now get a load of this shit from Hoyer, who has now finished his TWELFTH trip to Israel.

Israel is the one example in this region of a free and open democracy that shares the values of the United States,” Hoyer said. “It is important that members of Congress in such a volatile part of the world have a better and fuller understanding of the issues.”

You know, maybe Hoyer is right. If the United States, like Israel, is run by Zionist Jews, has its media and banks owned by Zionist Jews, has Zionists controlling it’s foreign policy, fights wars for Zionist Jews, and gives privileges to Jews at the expense of everyone else living there, and is founded upon a racist ideology based on religious fairy tales, well then I guess the US does share Israel’s values.

Sucks doesn’t it?

2. Okay, so you are a Zionist Jew and Congressman from the state of Virginia and through no fault of your own are leading the Republican pilgrimage to Israel to lick up whatever the Dems were too drunk to swallow and also through no fault of your own you are the House Majority Leader. But you have a problem. You see, three right wing nuts are vying for the GOP nomination for the state’s senate seat and you want to endorse one of them. They are all loons, so it is a little hard to pick. So what do you do, you pick the one whose mother is a Jew even though his loon right wing track record is rather moderate compared to the other two. So, Eric Cantor (Likud, Virginia) has endorsed the Senate campaign for the well-born George Allen Jr. who “discovered” in 2006 that his mother was a Jew.

Allen is moist famous for his display of bigotry in 2006 when running for re-election against James Webb. It’s the Macaca controversy and it was pretty weird. Interesting that a guy who claimed he did not know his Tunisian mother was Jewish until 2006 somehow used a disparaging term used by French-speaking colonialists in the Belgian Congo to refer to the locals.

Anyway, he seems to be happy with his Jewish roots as you can see here where he addresses a bunch of Lubavitchers and here where he takes a day off from the Senate for Yom Kippur. As the second story points out: (Note to Shas Party members, the bold highlight is mine.)

“The Senator from Virginia, who recently learned that he’s Jewish a month after the rest of us did, had scheduled a hearing of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee for next Monday. Last week, though, Allen rescheduled that meeting for Tuesday. The reason?

He’s Jewish and Monday is Yom Kippur,” explained Brynn Slate, spokeswoman for the National Association of Women Business Owners, completely matter-of-factly to HOH.

And Allen loves dear little Israel and has been attacking the person who would be his democratic rival to prove that he, Allen, is more of an Israeli than his opponent. I’m sure you are shocked.

Read it and weep:

“President Obama’s call for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations with Israel forfeiting her lands and returning to borders of pre-1967 represents a dangerous shift in U.S. policy concerning Israel. This proposal would risk the lives of the men, women and children of Israel. In this unsettled region, Israel’s democracy is a well-spring in the wilderness. The United States should stand with our ally — not undermine Israel’s ability to negotiate or put its national security at risk. Virginia and America have a strong, historic friendship with Israel. Virginians deserve an answer to the question: does Tim Kaine agree with President Obama undermining the security of our friend and ally, the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East?”

So even though Allen’s views are indistinguishable from those of his two Christian Zionist opponents regarding Israel, Allen the Jew gets the nod from the Cantor.

3. Here’s “Eric’s Choice” at his best doing the Macaca.

Looks like he’d be a great Israeli addition to the Senate once again. In fact, he’d fit right in with the Knesset itself.

In Christ: A Pastor’s Response to Ray McGovern

Combat Medic Marquis J. McCants “I want to be able to save my friends.” Killed in action in Iraq in 2007

“Should we fault the preachers as they reach for words designed to give comfort to those in their congregations mourning the deaths of so many young troops? As hard as it might seem, I believe we can do no other than fault — and confront — them. However well-meaning their intentions, their negligence and timidity in confronting basic war issues merely help to perpetuate unnecessary killing. It is high time to hold preachers accountable.”

Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst.

1. The quote above is from an incredible article Ray McGovern recently wrote. It had to be written and I am quite certain it is not something he found easy to do. I found it very difficult to read even though I knew that his aim was true. And the truth hurts terribly sometimes. The article is entitled “They Died in Vain.”

And they did.

Thank God there are still some real Christians left in this world. IMHO, Reverend Mark Dankof of the Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Antonio is one of them. He dwells in a land of Christianity where it is very hard to find Christians. Below is his response to McGovern’s assertion on which I was fortunate enough to be cc’d.  I have lightly edited it and post it here with Mark’s permission.

“The reason I write is to express my absolute affirmation of what you said, and how you said it, in your “They Died in Vain” piece for . .  It is now on my Facebook page and on its way to my closest associates.  While there is no way to match your prose, I’d like for you to take a look at my piece on the death of Marquis J. McCants in San Antonio in 2007.  I re-posted it this year with some introductory comments made in February of 2011.  . . . When your schedule permits, I’d like to know what you think of it.

“I am occasionally being summoned to the infamous Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC)/Fort Sam Houston here in San Antonio when a Lutheran clergyman is requested for an incoming Iraq/Afghanistan victim by a family, as opposed to the military chaplaincy alternatives out there.  There are a few BAMC people who know who I am.  The reason, according to a BAMC emergency nurse who served in Afghanistan (and who comes to my church, and whose husband lost an arm in Afghanistan), is that the McCants article was circulating around “town” when it was first published, especially among BAMC personnel and my late father’s colleagues at Randolph Air Force Base Chapel One.  That was compounded by a few subsequent listeners to my radio show from the San Antonio Military Town USA community.  Pardon my French but a more than a few folks were really “pissed off.”  McCants’ aunt contacted me and said that she agreed with everything I said.  The boy’s father, an Air Force enlisted lifer, came as close at the time as anyone I’ve ever seen in that milieu to saying publicly that he thought Bush was an idiot and the entire effort a complete waste of life.  The whole sick episode was accentuated a year later on Memorial Day, when the San Antonio Express News photographed Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, giving Marquis McCants’s little daughter a special rose and medallion in honor of her father’s “supreme sacrifice.”  You get the picture.

“One last anecdote.  I was summoned to BAMC a couple of weeks ago, the ICU unit as usual.  An Afghanistan war victim had arrived the previous day.  He had lost both legs, one arm, and had sustained some sort of brain trauma.  I presume an IED was responsible.  His parents had just arrived from out-of-state and wanted a Lutheran clergyman.  So I dutifully appeared.

“Two other persons appeared, an Army Protestant Chaplain (Captain), and a full Colonel (Chaplain).  The Colonel did the talking.

“Every bromide, every canard, every sloganized lie you discuss in your latest essay which I read last night, came forth from this guy.  Given the pastoral situation involved, I was engaged in a Herculean effort not to laugh in this guy’s face, especially with the kid’s parents going through this specialized form of spiritual, psychological, and emotional traumatization.  It was a most memorable synthesis of the comical, the tragic, and the overtly demonic.  I don’t know if I succeeded in disguising what I thought of this joker, and everything he had been saying.  I did try.

“When it mercifully ended (I kept my own mouth shut throughout), I promised the parents that I would return if they desired, and gave them my cell number.  I then tried to leave as tactfully as possible.

“The Colonel followed me to the elevator.  He continued with the bromides in the elevator.  I suspect he knew who I was and was trying to provoke me, or to get under my skin.  Or maybe he just recites this stuff 24 hours a day, including in the shower in the morning and in front of the mirror.

“When we reached the lobby.  I was first out the elevator door.  Before heading out the front exit, I turned and looked straight at our Full Bird (refraining from giving him “The Bird“) and simply said, “Good night, Colonel.”  I then turned and walked out.

“Did he get the message?  Do any of these guys?  Do they even care?  Are the benefits and pay really good enough to surrender yourself to Satan?

“But then you already know the drill.

“So the “Church” is joining Fawning Corporate Media (FCM), the Israeli Lobby, the Energy Multinationals, the Central Banks, and our National Security Guardians.  . . .

“I am tentatively taking a trip to Asia in late fall.  It is combination of tourism and journalistic research.  Who knows, I might end up staying.

“By the way, the ADL has now included me in their anonymous Internet libelings of various personages of legitimate protest in this country.  Take a look at  [Mark] Glenn and I will be working on shows on ADL spying in the United States, Mossad activities in Morocco, and the latest involving the MEK in Iran, among other things. . . .

“In Christ,

“Mark (Dankof) “

2. “My husband, Mark loved this rendition by Melissa very much. He would listen to it over and over. Honey, I hope you are listening from Heaven tonight… To a great man, loving husband and father. You are missed. Rest In Peace Mark “Gunner” Martinez, a true hero and warrior. 29 December 1951 – 30 June 2011. Ride Forever Free…

“Love you always baby,


Il Silenzio

Taps with feeling.

Please take a moment and click on this one. You’ll be glad you did. You will also cry.

The Israel Project and US Congressmen

1. By now lots of you have read articles like this one about how abut 1/5 of the entire US congress is visiting Israel this month to get their marching orders. As our economy tanks completely and we remained mired is at least 6 stupid wars all of them illegal, 1/5 of our so-called representatives have the time and money to go to racist little Israel to suck up to the Jewish State.  No doubt they will all make private pledges to increase aid to Israel to help settle the housing situation that Israeli Jews have been bitching about lately, but I digress.

But I want to look at these Congressional pilgrimages to Israel from a slightly different angle.  The situation is much worse than you think. Much worse.

Here is what Congressman Steny Hoyer (Likud, Maryland), the leader of the Democratic trip to Israel, was up to today in Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem, Aug 9 – Rep. Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House of Representatives on Tuesday urged a delegation of visiting ambassadors to vote at the United Nations according to their democratic values instead of voting reflexively against Israel.”

What the fuck? He’s talking to UN Ambassadors? And he is in Jerusalem leading an AIPAC-funded (actually US taxpayer funded as you will see below) trip to give Netanyahu a political blow job – and he has time to also work for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Isn’t that Hillary Clinton’s job?

Oh yes, Represenative Hoyer on this very day is working for the Israeli government at your expense. Here’s a little more from the article so you can see what he is doing. The red highlights are mine and they should piss you off.

““The issue (at the UN) is not siding with the United States of America. The issue is reflecting values that you adhere to within your own countries,” Hoyer said.

“He said that a push by Palestinian leaders to win unilateral recognition on statehood from the United Nations General Assembly next month could destabilize the entire region and set back hopes of a negotiated peace.

It would be a negative action and we believe it will undermine the opportunity for a peaceful positive agreement,” Hoyer told the ambassadors who are on the third day of a five-day mission organized by The Israel Project. He added that he was speaking on behalf of at least 400 or the 435 members of the House of Representatives.”

The Israel Project. You see it is not just the AIPAC “charity” called the American Israel Education Foundation that is involved in the Democrats’ (soon to be followed by Republicans)  whoring for Israel, there is a second outfit involved. Don’t worry goys and girls both outfits are tax-deductable charities in the United States.

The Israel Project has brought 19 UN ambassadors to Israel and has Steny Hoyer lecturing to them about how they need to vote against Palestinian statehood in the fall at the UN. Steny Hoyer is doing Israel’s work for them and he claims, and I’m sure this is true, that he is speaking for a good 400 US congressmen.

I’ve written about the Israel Project before, but I think it is high time this outfit got a little more exposure.

Here is their website.  Give it a good read since you pay for it.  The site claims that it is just about getting out facts and is “not affiliated with any government. “

Really? Sounds like Zionist Bullshit to me.

Here’s a link to their “Key” staff page. You’ll note that it has key staff in exactly two cities, Washington and Jerusalem.

Let’s take a look at one or two of their main staff in Jerusalem. Hell, let’s start with the Executive Director for TIP in Jerusalem, a charming fellow named Marcus Sheff. Here’s a sample from the on-line bio for this guy:

“As a reserve officer in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Sheff was a prominent spokesperson for the IDF during the second Intifada and the Lebanon War. Today, he trains senior IDF officers in media skills.

“Sheff has advocated for Israel many times on global TV networks, including CNN, NBC, ABC, NBC, as well as dozens of other US and European TV and radio outlets. He serves on the Knesset Forum on International Relations and on the editorial board of “Engage,” an organization that challenges contemporary anti-Semitism. Sheff studied at the University of Leeds, where he was elected General Secretary of the Leeds University Union and was active as an elected officer in national student politics.”

So you have an IDF hasbara agent heading this outifit’s Jerusalem office and does so as part of a 501C3 charity.

Lennert J. Leader is the Chair of TIP’s board of directors.  Here’s a couple of excerpts from his bio on their site.

“After spending 25 years successfully building industry-leading information technology and Internet companies, Len Leader is now pursuing his philanthropic interests which are focused on working with organizations that promote Jewish education, inform the world about the growing threat of radical Islam and help ensure a strong and secure State of Israel.

That’s right  goys and girls, the leader  of TIP states openly that he is a funder of Islamophobes. Look at what other wonderful organizations this guy works with:

“Mr. Leader is currently on the Boards of Directors of The Israel Project, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the Endowment for Middle East Truth, is an advisor to Aish HaTorah, and is on the Board of Trustees of the Flint Hill School.”

So let’s see, the head of the whole outfit that has just brought 19 UN ambassadors to Israel to be lectured on how to vote in September on the issue of Palestinian statehood proclaims he is dedicated to “a strong and secure State of Israel”, funds Islamophobia, and works with more than one right-wing nut-case pro-Israel organization, but no, there’s no affiliation with any government now is there?

Oh, and TIP’s number one man in Israel is a former IDF hasbara agent who constantly advocates for Israel all over the globe.

How about the founder of TIP? That would be Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi.

Mizrahi meets regularly with top Israeli leaders such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Ambassador Michael Oren, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon and many others. She also works frequently with pro-Israel organizations including the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Jewish federations, Jewish community relations councils and Hillel organizations.”

This is also somewhat interesting.

Mizrahi previously served as a foreign affairs legislative assistant to the U.S. Congress. She studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has degrees in International Relations and Judaic Studies from Emory University. Her work earned her recognition as a “Point of Light” by President H. W. Bush. Mizrahi also has been honored with the Louis D. Brandeis Award by the Baltimore Zionist District. The Forward newspaper has twice listed Mizrahi in its “Forward 50” most influential Jews in America. “

So many TIP staff and board members have such interesting bios. Please take some time out to read them and enjoy how unaffiliated all of them are with any government  in anyway whatsoever even though they endlessly lobby for the Israeli government, often served in its military, and seem to have only one interest in the world, Israel.

But it gets even worse. With Zionism it always does.

Much worse in fact. You see, TIP doesn’t just have its board members and key staff members, it also has an advisory board. That board also is completely unaffiliated with any government whatsoever. That’s right, no affiliation at all. None.  Goys and girls, I present  to you the names and faces of all of the members of TIP’s advisory board taken from  TIP’s website.

Let’s see if you can recognize any of these people who have no government affiliation whatsoever.

These should be FBI wanted posters

There’s more. Here’s the next set:

Any of these assholes look familiar?

Oh, but there’s more. There’s always room for Zionism.

Note to Shas Party members, there is more to come, you can see we are only on the D’s right now.

Next group of people serving on TIP’s advisory board who have no government affiliation.

Why are they smiling?

And last but not least in love of Zionism:

I really like how the insane Allen West is now the advisory board. In fact, the advisory board has grown quite a lot in the past two years. When I wrote about TIP back in 2009 it only had 22 congressman and senators and now it has a total of 37. The Zionist Lobby is indeed a growth industry, but of course is unaffiliated with any government. I like how 15% of the US Senate is on TIP’s advisory board.

It’s bad enough that the Zionist Lobby controls the government, but it is even worse when members of the government are themselves actually part of that lobby.

Here is part of their donation page, so donate now, donate often, and donate a lot. It’s all tax-deductable.

Do you like the wording in the appeal above? Hope so, cause you are paying for it.

Oh, and if you ever need any information about why it is important that your sons and daughters die for Israel, go to their expert sources page. In fact, on behalf of all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr, here is part of that page and if you click it you can go to that page and get real factual information that is not affiliated with any government.  I mean, even the link that says “Israeli government spokespeople” only goes to sources that are not affiliated with any government. Seriously.

2. Here is the list of UN ambassadors that Knesset Member Steny Hoyer addressed today. It almost makes me feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

Albania: Ambassador Gilbert Galanxhi and Etleva Galanxhi

Barbados: Ambassador John E. Beale and Leila Mol Beale

Belize: Ambassador Nestor Enrique Mendez and Elvira Rosela Mendez

Benin: Ambassador Sagbe Cyrille Oguin and Hortense Dossa Oguin

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Miroslav Vujicic, Chief of the Cabinet of the BiH Presidency

Burkina Faso: Ambassador Paramanga Ernest Yonli

Dominica: Ambassador Hubert John Charles

Dominican Republic: Ambassador Anibal De Castro

Grenada: Ambassador Gillian Margaret Susan Bristol

Haiti: Ambassador Louis Harold Joseph

Liberia: Ambassador William Bull and Cecelia Zina Freeman Bull

Macedonia: Ambassador Zoran Jolevski and Suzana Jolevska

Mongolia: Ambassador Bekhbat Khasbazar

Montenegro: Ambassador Srdjan Darmanovic and Aneta Spaic

Slovakia: Ambassador Peter Burian and Nina Burianova

St. Lucia: Ambassador Michael Louis

Timor-Leste: Ambassador Constancio C. Pinto

Trinidad & Tobago: Ambassador Neil Parsan

Uganda: Ambassador Perezi Kamunanwire and Carolyn Hubbard-Kamunanwire

3. The American Israel Education Foundation (Tax ID 52-1623781) is the 501C3 wing of AIPAC and constantly sponsors trips by US senators and congressman to Israel with an annual budget of about 20 million dollars. Possibly even more important, though less in the news, it even more frequently sponsors trips to Israel by Congressional staffers. For a look at some of their recent activity go here and see if one of your reps  has had staffers go recently. My count shows that at least 45 staffers have been flown out to Israel so far this year.  It is the outfit sponsoring the Hoyer-led Democratic homage to Israel taking place this week and the larger Cantor-led Republican one that follows it.

The AIEF is also up to something else you should know about. Read this:

“Through AIEF, CLSFF funds the Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit, bringing outstanding high school student leaders to Washington, D.C., for sophisticated Israel advocacy and political activism training. The High School Summit enables AIPAC to identify and mentor high school students from across the country who are considering academic, internship and career tracks in the arenas of politics, public policy, media and Israel advocacy.”

So they are taking American Jewish high school kids and teaching them to work for Israel. Yet another Zionist radicalization program taking place in the US done at taxpayers’ expense. The summit is actually run by AIPAC itself. This is from AIPAC’s own website advertising this year’s summit in Washington D.C. In fact, you should read the whole page to which I’ve linked to see all of the radicalization programs AIPAC is running.

Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit
November 6-9, 2011

Each year, AIPAC partners with select Jewish Day Schools, synagogues, national youth groups and teen leadership organizations to bring 400 student leaders from across the country to Washington, D.C. for Israel advocacy and political activism training. Through AIPAC’s Schusterman Advocacy Institute, AIPAC identifies and mentors high school students committed to strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship through the American political process.

4.  No Haifa Wehbe this time.

Who is Barry H. Landau?

1. Before getting to the main subject of today’s post which is item number 2 below, part 1 of today’s post is a public service brought to you by all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr. New readers may find this especially helpful.  I have argued on this blog for quite some time that the insane hatred of Islam in the United States is almost entirely the creation of the Israeli Lobby, is aided and abetted by Lobby-infiltrated violent Christians  and that this witch’s brew of treason has representatives at all levels of this country’s federal, state and local governments and permeates the military.  One result of this Zionist hemlock has been the mass murder of God  only knows how many thousands or millions of brown people, the vast majority of them Muslims, all over the fucking planet.  This endless slaughter is supported by the Zionist-infested general population as well as by key players throughout the Zionist-dominated political spectrum.

For those of you who are new to this site, or who got here because you did a Google search using the last name of a well-endowed female Republican presidential candidate followed by a colloquial word describing a key element of her anatomy (for months this was the most common Google query that got people to this site, I’m not kidding), I’m going to give you just a few links below that support my thesis. You will find this to be very time saving, to be a very good start if you are new at this, and once you are done you will most  likely say “Oh, shit,  he’s right. Thank God football starts soon.”

The first link is to a superb article by Max Blumenthal about Aubrey Chernick, a Zionist Israeli-firster and former  trustee of the Israeli Lobby’s primary think tank and who helps fund major Islamophobes plus lots of other outfits like the ADL, Ateret Cohenim (about whom I’ve also written), CAMERA, the Central Fund of Israel and Aish Hatorah. Aish Hatorah  just so happens to be co-located with the Clarion Fund – the assholes who put out the fake movie Obsession which is about how all the Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooselims want to eat your grandmother, after killing her according to halal ritual first, of course.

The second link features a well-known  Zionist Jewess, Debbie “Shoot’em up” Schlussel, at her very best as she publicly calls for the murder of 1.8 billion Muslims.  Her thinking is typical, people like her are a dime a dozen.

The third link is all about a major ally of Likud Presidential hopeful, Texas governor Rick Perry. Now we all know that Texas is a state of wackos, misfits, and Zionists (and I’m not just talking about Alex Jones here), but even Texans should be embarrassed by this guy. Perry just loves Israel and will no doubt run on an “I kiss Israel’s ass more than anyone”  platform.  Anyway, that ally is named Bryan Fischer who is a spokesperson for the vile American Family Association. Fischer is a typical example of Zionist-Christian hatred of Islam and Muslims.  He, like his Jewess counterpart, Schlussel, is not an aberration. This is main stream American thinking.  In addition to being a total asshole on virtually any subject whatsoever, Fischer is a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary.  Here is a bonus link which shows how evil this Christian is.  One, more thing, he called Breivik’s 1500 page tome “accurate”.

Fox favorite, the living mummy known as Pamella Geller and who is just an uglier version of Schlussel, is the subject of our  fourth link.   Another Muslim-hating Jewess who has never really had a job but who has found fame and fortune writing things that would have made Goebbels blush.  The  link above  is to one of many articles showing how devious this hideous woman is. Another Breivik fan to boot and she may have even posted articles by him on her site.

The fifth link is to a superb piece on the lard-faced Zionist pig Abraham Foxman who for years has worked to screw Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. In case you are a Shas Party member, let me tell you that he has for decades been the head of the rotton-to-the-core outfit known as the ADL (or “JDL light” as I like to call it). The piece is written by a Palestinian American which makes it even better.

The sixth and last link takes us back to Max Blumenthal who proves my thesis above singlehandedly in this piece.  Many of the people he tackles in this piece have been prominently featured on Mantiq al-Tayr.

2. Now for the fun part. First, enjoy the pictures.

Landau is the crook in the middle

Sporting the Yaser Arafat look (AP photo)

A while back I posted a comment about a dude named Barry H. Landau who had just been nabbed by the FBI for stealing precious documents. I noted, in a mocking way, how it was obvious that this thing was much deeper than it at first appeared.  And it sure as hell is. So who is this guy?

Barry Landau claims that he is “America’s Presidential Historian”. He ought to change the title of his site to “The Bernie Madoff of document stealing and smuggling.”  He was arrested the weekend of July 9th and charged with stealing rare documents from the Maryland Historical Society. Maryland  is famous for being the new home of Solomon Dwek, but I digress.

He and his accomplice, a Shas Party-IQ-level guy named Jason Savedoff, were caught red-handed.

“The items range in value from $100,000 to $500,000, and are just four of the 60 documents police say the men planned to steal, meaning the total value could be in the millions.”

When it happened all th tuyuur here  at Mantiq al-Tayr were of one bird-brain “this is only the tip of  the iceberg”. Oh, we were so right. It’s nice to be right. How about this report? (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is mine.)

“Investigators have now identified hundreds of stolen documents, instead of dozens, from at least 11 locations in five states and Washington, Warwick said. Two other people are being subpoenaed in connection with the case, and others are suspected of participating on the periphery of the plot, which went on for “years if not decades,” the prosecutor said.”

And how about  this?

Since then, he said, several hundred other documents have been found in Landau’s apartment belonging to Swarthmore College; Columbia, YaleCambridge and Vermont universities; the Smithsonian Institute and the New York Public Library. It was unclear whether the Cambridge he mentioned was the United Kingdom university.”

The prosecutor also noted that

“”We’re extremely concerned that there might be a warehouse, safe deposit box, other apartment” with a cache of stolen goods, Warwick said, saying that Landau is a flight risk and that he has made “attempts to cover his tracks and destroy evidence.”

You can tell the prosecutor wants this guy’s ass. (Want to bet the prosecutor gets replaced?). Anyway, he stated in court  that Landau had  claimed he had “30 times” as many documents stashed someplace in Washington saying that Landau’s “capacity to engage in fraud and deceit” is endless.

But it gets even better. The latest report  about  the three days of pretrial proceedings is very informative. Landau lives in an apartment in Manhattan that rents for  $2,700 a month and his much younger accomplice, Savedoff, lived there with him.

Landau’s tax returns show an income of only $11,000 per YEAR.

This quote is also interesting:

“Prosecutors are using conversations with Savedoff, who was interviewed by investigators last weekend, as a road map for the investigation. The younger man told them that he and Landau stole wallets from patrons at a Manhattan gym in search of fake identities to use when visiting museums, and that Landau kept the better part of his collection in a storage facility and safe deposit box.”

Landau also really got around. Mike Wallace noted that Landau made sure he knew everybody and a curator at the Smithsonian called Landau a “master broker.”

Oh, and take this into account as well:

Thousands of documents have already been removed from Landau’s apartment, which he shared with Savedoff, since his arrest in Baltimore on July 9, and investigators have traced roughly 200 of them back to institutions in five states, Washington, and possibly Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.”

Okay, so you be the judge.

Landau is charged with stealing about 1 million dollars worth of documents, investigations are continuing to find the true scope of the crimes but already the crimes cross state lines and the Atlantic Ocean and it appears this has been going on for decades.

His accomplice says he has a huge stash of documents hidden away and Landau is quoted  by the prosecution as bragging about this.

Landau’s 2010 tax return shows him making only $11,000 dollar last year.

The annual rent for his Manhattan apartment is over $32,000 a year.

Landau has tons  of contacts in the media and in Washington political circles.

Landau probably is not an Islamofascist or a Christian. In fact, he is very likely to belong to the sacred tribe.

So it’ up to you judge. Is this guy a flight risk?

Judge Catherine C. Blake ruled, surprise, surprise, that he is not. He’s going on a train from Baltimore back to his Manhattan apartment that he cannot afford on August 8th.  I’m sure you are all as comforted to as I am to know that he will be strictly monitored.  He’ll have a gps attached to him, no internet, no contact with Museums and no passport.

If this guy were a Muslim he’d be being waterboarded and there’d be tons of articles all over the MSM about his ties to terrorism, the Nazis, Gengis Khan and the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve assigned some of the tuyuur to follow this story closely. Stay tuned.

3. Did I note that Landau gets around? Here he is speaking to Google employees on the Google campus.

4. Not to worry folks, I would not leave you with just a video like the one above. So here is something even worse.  It’s like watching a train wreck. Warning, if you watch the video below and suddenly go into a permanent state of depression, bow out of all political discourse and find solace only in booze, sex and drugs for the rest of your life, don’t say I didn’t warn you. In just over three minutes your life could be totally ruined if you watch this.

5. Okay, I’ll be a good boy now, I promise.  Rim al-Banna is a well-known Palestinian singer who lives in Nazereth. Well-known for her  revival of Palestinian children’s songs, Ms. Banna is also dedicated to preserving  Palestinian culture. Below are two videos. Thanks go to Hesham Tillawi who pointed out the first video below on facebook.

The one below may have the same  impact on you as it clearly did on the host of the program.

6. Somebody tell Freeman to check back in.