It’s the Zionism, Stupid

So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all culturalMarxists/multiculturalists.

Anders Breivik, Hero of the Muslim Haters

I will not shed a single tear for the Norwegians. This is just payment for their obsessive anti-semitism and anti-Israel position. They love the Arabs and the Palestinians. This is the price they pay for their rose-colored glasses view of Arabs and the Middle East crisis.This is the price they pay for allowing a powerful Islamic minority into their country. The tragedy is that the Norwegians will not change , even after this deadly demonstration of their errors.
A heart-warming quote from an American commenting on Ynet (before Brevik was named)
1.Okay folks the fix is in. The “American” (and I use that term very loosely) Main $tream Media  is trying to portray mass murderer and ardent Zionist Andres Breivik as a Nazi and  is deliberately ignoring his strong support of Israel.

Let’s start with the favorite paper of all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr, the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post [JWNYTP] which has just one article today on the massacre and Breivik entitled “Diary reveals suspect’s preparations, ideology”.  Oh, so what do we learn about his ideology? Very little and nothing at all about his love of Zionism and Israel. How odd, considering that Breivik mentions “Israel” 223 times in his screed and always in a supportive way. Funny how Will Englund, Michael Birnbaum and Alice Fordham all managed to miss this.

Well, may as well go to fountain of Zionist Bullshit, the New York edition of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post and see what they have to say about Breivik’s ideology.

“Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought In the US.”

Somehow  Scott Shane manages not to notice that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer and Breivik are all Zionists. Zionism and Israel are never mentioned. Hmmm? But on the other hand the article tops  the Washington
version of JEWNYTP because it is actually a thinly disguised defense of Spencer and Geller. In fact, Scott gives the impression that he agrees that there is a “threat from Islam”. The opening paragraph goes like this. (Note to Shas Party members, the red highlights are mine.)

“The man accused of the killing spree in Norway was deeply influenced by a small group of American bloggers and writers who have warned for years about the threat from Islam, lacing his 1,500-page manifesto with quotations from them, as well as copying multiple passages from the tract of the Unabomber.”

Note also that this obvious act of terrorism is called a “killing spree.” As we all know (and as other bloggers documented over  the weekend) this paper only thinks something is terrorism if it is done by them there Mooselims.

Then we come to CNN. CNN makes it look like Breivik is a Nazi even though he clearly states he is anti-Nazi and why. CNN’s piece even has the logo from Stormfront  right at the top failing to note that Breivik points out that he was kicked off of Stormfront – probably due to his support for Israel, support for Israel that CNN, surprise, surprise, fails to mention. It does manage to mention, a la William McCants, Breivik’s comparing his movement to al-Qa’ida.

Breivik is a hateful murderous Christian Zionist terrorist whose ideology is right there with low-life bigots and Zionist agents like Geller and Spencer and many others, some of whom even fancy themselves as experts on Arabs and Islam though they are not, but I digress.

Oh, I can hear you all saying “Murderous Christian Zionist terrorist, picky, picky, picky. ” But I’ll comment on that  later.

If you give a shit about what’s going on you must  understand that Breivik is part and parcel of the whole zionist-inspired anti-Islam hate campaign that is orchestrated by Zionists like Geller, Spencer and the rest of the gang.  That is why the media won’t delve into it. The  effect of Israeli anti-Muslim propaganda  is  huge and the media knows to avoid looking at any of the real underlying causes in part because the media is one of those underlying causes.

2. Xymphora hits it on the yarmulke-wearing head here. Read it and think.

39 responses to “It’s the Zionism, Stupid

  1. skulz fontaine

    Let’s change the dynamic just a snudge. Zionist becomes the Zionophile. Curiously and strangely enough, the Zionophile is quite like the pedophile. Lurking in darkened alleys and park bathrooms. Cunning and sinister. Waiting to pounce on unsuspecting and innocent children. Wait, I think I’ve just highlighted the bouncing career of David Horowitz. Well damn, my bad.
    Anyway, it is the Zionism and that’s not only stupid, it’s fucking obscene.

  2. The Mossad did Norway.


  3. There’s only one ‘Tribe’ that gives birth to psychos that go out and murder 84-90 kids.

    My guess is that with a last name of Breivik, this nutcase is a Norwegian Jew.

    At least this savagery got the crimes of ‘Sir’ Ruppie off the front page.

    What’s the death toll up to now? 86+ kids?

    That’s not the work of a lone gunman, but a precise military operation, which used ‘dum-dum’ bullets. Try and get hold of those bullets as a civilian.

  4. Excellent comment snag at the beginning of your article. My first assumption was that the killer’s victims were white, liberal, atheist, humanists. As if it matters. Children were mercilessly gunned down. I don’t fetishize death the way some professional victims do, therefore I have no need for further police inquiries into this tragedy to see if it constitutes a “hate crime”. Funny, neither does anybody else.

  5. Most websites don’t even let you comment, they don’t like to hear the truth. Terror, Terrorists, why the surprise? Everyone is fed up with all this killing, yet who really is behind it? Bush and Blair murder millions in Iraq, and Afghanistan, yet they are doing God’s work. NATO bombs Libya into the stone age with uranium weapons, yet they are not terrorists. Jews steal and kill with glee their Palestinian prey, but they are not terrorists. Fukushima nukes the world, but the US and Canada must protect GE nuclear reactors otherwise the Windsors, Rothschilds and Rockerfellars can’t operate their nuclear racket on humanity. Throw in Monsanto’s GMO’s, chimeras, chemtrails, and economic terrorism, and maybe some of you can begin to see why this shit is all around us, and who the real terrorists are. Do you see why the bastards can’t point the finger at this idiot Breivik, it leads right back to them.

  6. We either have justice or we have zionism. There can be no compromise with zionism.

    Why do we have zionism? Because zionists are in control of our world.

    It stinks, doesn’t it?

  7. Two things which seem not to get much airplay yet.

    Oslo/Utoya Island was 65 years to the day since the King David Hotel bombing which was the work of the Jewish Irgun. That attempted false flag, terrorist act killed 91 people. Those crazy Jews don’t they just love their anniversary celebrations?

    Secondly and to me most strange from day one, is the uncanny resemblance to Julian Assange which belongs to our Norwegian Zionist scumbag Anders. They also both seem to have the same glassy stare and “cloned” look. Tall, blonde, blue eyed. WTF? Are we living in some 1970’s B movie script now?

    I would suggest my analysis says there was at least one more shooter on the Island and he and another possible accomplice named by Breivik as “his cells” were in fact his handlers and are now sitting safely in Tel Aviv. probably dual Israeli/British citizens they will slip quietly back into the UK once the furor dies down. This Norway atrocity is more Kosher than Moses.

  8. I hope stupid jewish sycophants will be losing their tolerance for advocates of nicer, more humane zionism… a la Norman Finkelstein… a la crying Jennifer Lowenstein.

    Norman, Jennifer, t’s either justice or zionism

  9. The Zionists have a problem. On the one side they want to destroy Europe
    and North America by way of immigration, because there is nothing the crooked Jew of old style hates more than white people of European stock, worse still if they should be blond and blue eyed. The jokes about dumb Blondes are part of this as are Jewish hollywood dreams, where semitic looking crooked legged and crooked nosed fellows are lying around a pool landscape, being served fruits by blonde men and having a blond girl in
    each arm. That`s all part of the Jewisch fight against Europe and America.
    But now some of these wisecracks are realising that if they substitute or thin
    down the white races they may be creating something, which they cannot control any more. In other words: there is some Jews whose hate goes so deep they are blinding themselves to the fact that by destroying the whites they are poisoning the well in which they themselves are swimming. And there are no Jews with slit eyes, so they find it difficult to penetrate into the Asian World. There is, though, another type of Jew, who is a little more clever than the first type and they have realized the dangers of their destructive anti-white policy. But having
    indoctrinated their lackeys with multiculturalism they are facing a difficult
    job to convince their servants that the time has come when they should change the train. The ghost has been let out of the bottle. How I feel sorry for the Jews over these difficult choices they have. Coming to think of it, at least they are thinking of their future survival. Have we got somebody who thinks of our survival, as a people and a race of European origin? Or are we doomed, because we are really so stupid as the Jew wants to protray us in his hollywood movies?
    Sorry, I diverted, for the subject was really the Norwegian Killer. But coming to think of it, maybe the two threads are closely intertwined!
    pity for the Jews about all these type of problems they have among themselves.

  10. Heard and read much about Breivik, what does it mean? Where is the solutions of these kind of problems? What are the muslim extremists doing, better things? What’s about floods of muslims in europe, who are not at all accepting european culture, christianity is still far far away from their minds. The muslims are a very big problem for christian countries. Just open your mind and check what is happening to non-muslims in muslims countries every day and think again. Ask yourself what the corrupt politicians actually doing!

  11. The clean getaway train is jerking again.
    Isn’t “zionism,” just another word for; satanism?

    Painstaking attention coming from the media factory desperately trying to turn this crisis into judgement of the Christian faith has once again come up short.


  12. Greg Bacon

    Please explain what “Dum Dum” bullets are…and how they are different than the hollow points you can get at any China Mart.

    Also, you may want to take any future reports you get from the Zion controlled CNN with a grain of salt before you post them with your name.

  13. There are many Americans who hate the Zionists. I am one. They have sought to destory my country and have done a good job. America is done for. To lump all Americans into the same catagory is wrong. I hate the bastards and wish that Israel would cease to exist. The Zionist Jew is a master at deceit and lying. The Jew twists everything around. Black is white, up is down, right is left, left is right, all this to confuse the sheeple. I am ashamed of my fellow Americans who buy the lies for being such sheeple and not thinking for themselves. I have never harmed another human being in my life and will never harm another human if given the choice. These Zionist Jews that have conquered America are doing vile things in our name but we are as defenseless against their doings as are the Palestinians. Everyone should rise up against the Jew and refuse to fight each other to the Jews amusement. They are the devil in human form. The Norway bombing and shootings were the work of Israel. Damn them to hell.

  14. hybridrogue1

    “Ahh yer all a buncha antisimicolons, lower tract haters and krinkly candy bar wrappers…”~Captain Myoptic

    I understand he is a new super hero comic guy coming to unspool turbans in Amerkka soon. A movie staring some new famous 6ft tall blue eyed Norwegian guy is spozed to play him in…once his lawyer works out the details.

    Might be the first time in jestery that the author plays the hero in his own story made for the silvers screen…and now the thought of milking you makes him week in the knees.


  15. So this pretty much settles the issue. Talmudic Judaism is the source of Zionism, psychopathic mass murderers, Freemasonry, The “JEWISH” state, and every LIE manufactured for the braindeadgoy to repeat verbatim, ad nauseum, ad infinitum…[;article=137987] I know how futile this statement is in todays’ MATRIX…but Moses like all Hebrew – Israelites…NEVER MET OR EVER HEARD OF A “JEW”…John 8:33 is much more important to understand, than who the Class A Stockholders of the Federal Reserve are. The zionist entity will soon be a pile of ashes, stop visualizing whirled peas….THINK ASHES…!!!

  16. HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN!!!!! You CANNOT be a freemason and a Christian both! You just can’t! Contrary to all Masonic prevaracations to the contrary. And that he WAS a Freemason is a known fact, therefore HE CANNOT BE A CHRISTIAN. I’m sick to death already of this wannabe-Jew vermin being portrayed as a Christian. What lies! This is phase two of the Jewish Trotskyite plan to spread terror around the world. Now its the “Christians” (yeah right) who are the terrorists. When will the world wake up and realize that the solution is to eradicate the cult of Judaism? Mind you, it is NOT the Jews who must be eradicated, but Judaism – the cultic idea – must must must must be exposed for what it is and utterly eliminated. Completely. Anyone who wishes to practice the cultic rituals of “Judaism” should have to do it on the moon. Period. It is NOT “it’s the Zionism, stupid.” It’s the JUDAISM, Stupid. As if “Zionism” just came from NOWHERE??!?!? Zionism is NOTHING other than the political reality of Judaism. The sooner we all accept that, the better off we will all be. Judaism is the problem.

  17. Well spoken, John! (11:47) Time will tell, which way the scales are tipping.
    And don`t be so ashamed of your fellow Americans, for you should consider that the media are a powerful war factor. Be rather proud of Kennedy. He
    nearly screwed them! And consider also: the Arabs are a natural Ally in this
    world war. That`s why the Jew is making propaganda against them day and night. But this collusion of interests does not include mass immigaration into
    our societies. That`s why the Jew is bringing them day after day and in the
    millions. I think every people are a thought of God, as nature has made them.
    That applies to us Europeans and it applies to the Arabs. It even applies to
    the Israelis. But I`d rather build a 10 m hight concrete wall around the
    country of the latter and pronounce a no fly zone in their air space, as they are doing it to Palestinians and Lybians!
    the Palestinians and the Lybians!

  18. The truth is that no scum aside from the alleged douche bag guilty of this atrocity will be identified and put to death as they deserve.
    The putrid cretin claiming that Norwegians deserved this atrocity for not cowering to Zionism and Israel is by definition a terrorist.
    These evil vermin can’t be punished severely enough.

  19. Anders Breivik might have blow up a sporting stadium or a bridge but he wanted to inflict pain on women, the main constituent of pro-Palestinian Labour Party. Scandinavia’s political systems are dominated by women. That is why children were shot to let women know that neither Gro Harlem Brundtland, nor Jens Stoltenberg can protect their offspring.

  20. Pretty crazy stuff. The plan now seems to be unfolding at some serious speed. Amy Winehouse dead. Indian Yoga Icon’s clay feet being exposed. Hundreds of millions of “followers”. Tiger Woods, dying on the vine. Crazy weather, certainly under-reported by the MSM. Then this.

    Cognitive dissonance, Mantiq, how do we over-come the clamor of glamour?

    It’s going to get weirder by the day. Count on it.

    I see a huge nuclear signature to the un-folding madness.


  21. People just won’t recognize the actions of the kenites will they ?
    There can and will not be any peace and prosperity until the Father removes them from among his children on this planet. The parable of the sower states that the good Master ( our Father ) instructed the Angels not to attempt to remove the Tares until the end times. That allows their nature to mature and become very apparent they have matured in their mannerism’s like their father ( satan).
    The synogogue of satan is very active in the population today and care not over murder, lying, stealing, etc… Profit ! Profit ! and above all Profit ! at the expense of all but themselves. Follow the money ,find the enemy of you and yours.
    If your screaming anti-semite by now, your not semitic but a miserable fake after your father Cain. Good ridense to you and your abominable nature.


  22. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    all Israel vs Norway info is now being censored

  23. all Israel vs Norway info is now being censored

    Too late.

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  25. Diversity is another word for Satanism, you can tell by the very funny jokes the multiculturalists always make about white men being anally raped in prison by black inmates. Murdering your own children is a sacrifice to the Hebraic god Molech.

  26. Rick you’re a babbling shit head.

    Ian you’re a nut. Not only can Freemasons be Christians, the Freemasons I know are all Christians, they are also some of the best Christians I know.

    BNreivik was not a Mason I don’t think, he appears to have invented his own little lodge in fact. Either way, it doesn’t matter, Freemasonry doesn’t equal evil.

  27. Sad, you make some good points, but your bias blinds you
    to the fact that he has been characterized here in the US as
    a Christian fundamentalist and conservative. So, not just
    them there mooslims get blamed or framed.

  28. Rabbit, you need to do some research, my friend! Freemasons are good Christians? They seem good, many. OK. So what? But if they are good, why, then, did the Popes of old call their organization “the synagogue of Satan”? You know more than the Popes, right? You know a few Masons, and they seem good to you, so that’s it? Why are Freemasons automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church, i.e., why is it that the organization that canonized the Bible and Christianized Europe holds that Freemasons are not Christians at all? Do you know why? Do you care to know? Probably not, which is why you don’t, but on the Day of Reckoning, when those “good Christians” stand before God to be judged, truth will be known, whether you and your Mason buddies want to know or not. So, if I were you, or those “good Christian” Masons you know, I’d want to know what obviously you do not know.

    Also, why is it that Rakovsky, high-level Freemason and Zionist Jew, said true Christianity is their only real enemy, not the Muslims? Why,
    if Muslims are the prime target of the NWO, do high-level Freemasons say, rather, that non-Judaism-corrupted Christianity, esp. traditional pre-Vatican II Catholic Christianity, remains now, as always, their main enemy and target?

    Why, for example, did the current claimant to the Papacy, then Cardinal Ratzinger, write in his book The Principles of Catholic Theology that traditional pre-vatican II Catholicism cannot be resisted too firmly? Note; he did not say that the Muslims or Marxists cannot be too firmly resisted but that Catholics who hold to the traditional Cathollic faith cannot be resisted too firmly. Why did he say that? Because, like Rakovsky, he knows that, in the spiritual realm, fire cannot fight fire,
    evil cannot fight evil, but only pure goodness that overcomes evil with good can overcome evil.

    You see, it is not religion they wish to destroy, but only goodness, truth,
    justice, and anything that is truly godly and good, wherever it might exist in any religion, so that their long awaited Moshiach, the Antichrist can reign and enslave all peoples of every tribe and religion.

    Their main enemy, therefore, is authentic Christianity, because it, and it alone, is a house not divided against itself, because it alone obeys a master, Jesus Christ, who is pure goodness, truth, and love, without any guile or evil whatsoever. Therefore, His people will not yoke themselves with evil, or rather, in their own eyes, they have no theological justification to do so. Therefore, they alone will strive for purity and to overcome evil with good. All others will try to subdue violence with violence, evil with evil, and in a word, they will become monsters to fight monsters, because, though they may seem good and be good in many ways, they have embraced a schizoid theology, one
    that is compromised, corrupted, catatonic. They have been decieved by the god god of the double-mind.

    The leaven of the Pharisees is hypocracy; that they seem good not even our Lord denies, and sad for you if you have been duped by that seeming virtue, but Jesus said they are white-washed tombs, full of the bones of dead men, though, by all outward appearances, some of them might even appear a angels of light.

    And how shall you know who is who? “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?”

    ian is right!

  29. mantiqaltayr


    He wears a crusader’s cross. He is a Christian and clearly is a neo-con. If Christians don’t like that, frankly I don’t give a damn.

  30. 5 dancing shlomos

    some christians may like breivik the crusader, some may not.
    in the west, there are only 8 christian christians.
    were 9
    a squat murdered rachel corrie.

  31. “He wears a crusader’s cross. He is a Christian”

    Ha, yeah I think there’s a little more to being a Christian than wearing a ‘Crusader Cross’!

    That guy was no Christian (& I would also say that the Crusaders were not Christian either)…

    1. Christians are forbidden to become Freemasons. The Church forbids it. Freemasonry is Luciferian and Kabbalistic

    2. A Christian would not murder 86 people, including dozens of kids. (You shall know them by their fruits.)

    3. He is a Zionist… Zionists are not true Christians. Zionism and Christianity are antithetical to one another. The Zionists have stolen the name of Israel.

    Israel is the Church… The Israel of God is certainly not the murderous, anti-Christ Zionist entity currently occupying Palestine.

  32. Yep, the ‘fix’ is in:

    Could accused Norway killer land in luxurious prison?

    Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik may end up serving time in a newly built maximum-security prison that’s considered among the world’s most luxurious, according to The Telegraph.

    The prison, Halden Fengsel, opened last year outside of Oslo and houses around 250 male inmates. But a Norwegian news outlet TV2 claims Breivik will more likely end up in Ila prison, which is less cushy than Halden, but still “a far cry” from the bare cells of American prisons.

    The documentary photographer Alex Masi writes that the cells in Halden are equipped “with an en-suite bathroom, a flat-screen TV and various comforts. They measure 12 [square meters–about 129 square feet] and are divided up into units (10 to 12) which share a living room and kitchen,” much like a college dorm. Time Magazine described the cells as resembling an Ikea showroom, complete with “stainless-steel countertops, wraparound sofas and birch-colored coffee tables.”

    The art budget for the facility came in at more than a million dollars, Masi says, while the cells are brightly painted and lack bars on the windows. Inmates take specialty cooking classes or choose from many other courses at an in-prison high school. They can jog around the 75-acre wooded facility or even climb on the prison’s rock walls.

    You can see more of Masi’s photos of the prison by clicking the image above and at

    According to Time, prison guards are required to help each inmate make his sentence “as meaningful, enlightening and rehabilitating as possible.” About half of the prison guards are women, since research has suggested that a corps of female guards can help reduce aggression among the prison population. The unarmed guards eat meals and play games with prisoners.

    “Life without parole” is not an option.

    P.S. It’s worth clicking on the link to see this luxurious ‘prison,’ which is more tastefully decorated and cost more to furnish than my humble abode.

  33. bin dead awhile

    Hmm I say he should join me at the bottom of the ocean? whatsay spongebob? all in favour say aye!

  34. 2 days after the Norway terror there was a disgusting anti Muslim mass email passing like lightening through the Christian Zionist community and someone I know who is on that mailing list thought of probably the only anti Zionist she knows, which is me, and forwarded it to me as a personal attack. This is a long time personal friend, mind you whom I never bother with the subject because most of my friends from the past are typical brainwashed idiots. If I am to have anyone to talk to when I go back to my hometown I have to avoid the issue of religion and politics. I even am polite with all their ignorant slip ups and look the other way. Yet she went out of her way to get in in front of my face. It’s unlike her, I translate it as an act of aggression and I think these weirdos are being programmed to become aggressive. Normally this girl would care very much how I feel about her. Again, they are being programmed to become aggressive. The gist of the email message was “we have to be war aganst Muslims before they take us over.” What they really mean, though, is that they have to protect Israel. There were a hundred at least email addresses on the list.
    By the way, I intend to pay her a visit and rip her face off. So to speak. Or…maybe literally. Anyway I told her I am coming to get her.

    “Hallelujah” !
    Really want the white killer-judo-christian hoarding amerikan congressmen and their families to understand the true meaning of my using the word isra-HELL to describe “their holy land”.
    You see, all you “white-skinned cherub” judo-christian killers, it has NOTHING to do at all with being “anti-semantic” or not “liking christian hoarder-killers”. No, nothing at all.

    What it does have to do with is the joy of knowing that all of you are going to the “holy land” to take a big breath of that holy air which has flying around in it literally “itty bitty hot particles” spread all around when the war criminals of isra-HELL used Depleted Uranium Munitions on the residents of the Gaza Strip.
    That YOU amerikan government war criminals gave to them to use and have used yourself on large populated areas of the world.
    The isra-HELL “war criminals” have also used white phosphorus on Gaza Strip civilian populations.
    But, unlike D. U. munitions there is no “gift that keeps on giving”.
    So, our “friendly” amerikan white killer-hoarder judo-christian visitors as well as all the civilian population of isra-HELL is breathing in these radioactive hot particles to their lungs, eating and swallowing these hot particles on leafy vegetables and fruit grown outside when they eat!
    What joy this brings Red Mann because the following is what it means:
    Very malignant fast acting cancers of all sorts will form in the individuals who have consumed and inhaled hot particles.
    Diabetes type 2 at pandemic levels.
    A tremendous rise in the infant death syndrome.
    Human genetic mutations, also, of all types.
    Genetic mutations of every living thing including bacteria and viruses.
    A tremendous drop in the isra-hell “viable male sperm count” versus what is considered “fertile” or “normal levels” in the rest of the world that has not been affected by Depleted Uranium Munitions.
    Hey, fools that call yourselves “gods chosen people”, your male’s viable sperm count is already down to 35% in volume of what is considered normal. I say to you (the problem) will be solved because you will render yourselves sterile. And within 20 years, like most of the white people in the “united states of terror”, you will fade away, too.
    Remember that big fire that just happened last August, 2010?
    Remember all that smoke and all those particles (particulates) in that smoke that floated around you and all your cities for all the time that fire went on?
    Some of those particles were DU hot particles, and every time there is another fire, you all will breathe more.
    Because you believing, doting fools have let your military coat the entire surface of your country with the micron-sized hot particles of Depleted Uranium Munitions that you have dropped on your neighbors.
    Red Mann is so happy!
    The half life is something like 2.5 million years – does not mean it is gone – or “safe”, just that the radiation level now decreases by half IN 2.5 MILLION YEARS.
    You evil sons of bitches are finally starting to kill yourselves off for good.
    100 million “white deaths” weren’t enough for you WHITE MONSTER-MANIACS during the 1900’s.
    But Red Mann is going to warn all the other races and give them the exact way to be able to defeat you psychologically as well as your Arab brothers. And Red Mann will never resort to violence, will never “fire a shot” (like you do whiteman, consistently over a several thousand year period of history that you – the PERPETRATORS OF THE CRIMES, were kind enough to document), no, we are going to take you apart with your own “psy-op” compromised religiously brain-washed psychology that has been embedded in you by the pedophile-invested clergy you blindly follow.
    Red Mann will use on you what you have used on everyone else all this time.
    And few of you “free” white judo-christian killer-hoarding “assholes” will even know what’s being done to you.
    Cause Red Mann knows that in your ancient “old testament book of designed Babel and never-ending designed-not-to-be-solved mystery”, no matter what version (jew – christian – muslim) is referred to, you all come from the same tribe.
    You all come from the same blood.
    You all have the same genetics.
    You all have the same “bull shit story” where “god” has a DICK – a penis!
    And, written exclusively by males, all versions of your “holy babble books” have no natural balance at all.
    It is time for you “lunatics” plagued with all forms of “god-has-a-dick-religions” to fade away.

  36. Red Mann,

    Who ever said that God has a dick?

    Way to knock that strawman over…

  37. HOW!

    The old testament (adhered to by all 3 monolithic religions as “true”) states that “god made man in his own image”.
    Therefore, all three believe that god has a dick.

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