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Abir Aramin


Regarding Abir Aramin, the young Palestinian girl murdered by the IDF in 2007 and featured in item 5 below, my prediction years ago that no one would be brought to justice was correct. In the fall of 2011 her father writes: (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting below is done by today’s guest editor, Daoud Al-Alamani:)

But this time was different.  This time, Justice Beinisch actually agreed with the decision of the lower court.  She agreed that the responsibility for the killing of the child Abir lies with the soldiers involved in the incident and that the opening of fire was unjustified and the result of negligence.  She sharply criticized those who carried out a belated and incomplete investigation, despite immediate legal action taken by the family to ensure that any investigation would be properly conducted. But then, Justice Beinisch performed a perfect about-face.  She concluded that, due to the incompleteness of the investigation and the passage of four and a half years, neither the solider who fired the shot nor the soldiers or commanders of his unit could be brought to trial – though she did say that the mother of the slain girl had the right to know the identity of her daughter’s killer.

Yes, it this murder took place a few years ago, yet this is a regular occurrence in the Jewish state and Americans don’t give a shit.

1. I plan to have some fun pointing out the flagrant sucking up to AIPAC and the incredible security issues surrounding the IVPFAA’s appointing the Satanic- looking Dan Shapiro as the US (sure, sure he’ll represent the US, sure he will) ambassador to Israel. Maybe by the end of the weekend.

2. Hey goys and girls we know you all are great patriots and probably had a blast celebrating Canada Day Independence Day on July 1st 4th. Here’s a great article about a great American patriot posted on the 4th of July of this year. Read it with pride. (Hint to Shas Party members. There is a relationship between items 2 and 3 in today’s post. Please see if you can figure out what it is. Send your answers to Dan Shapiro.)

3. Now if the cocksuckers behind these crimes were Muslims they’d all be a rantin’ and a ravin’ bout them there Moooooooooooooselims and their using funds from stolen historical documents to finance terrorism.  It’ll be interesting to see if Barry H. Landau gets off and his moronic sidekick  Jason Savedoff will be sacrificed.

I think this line is particularly funny from the story: “The FBI got involved in the case after Saturday’s arrest, and they wonder if Landau may have stolen documents before.” Hahaha. No way, this must be the first and only time. Hahahaha.

Of course we must presume innocence. Unless the (alleged) perp is a Mooooooooselim.

From a follow up story this is pretty funny too:

“Landau and Savedoff, charged with one count of theft over $100,000, were initially held on $1.5 million bond, but a judge revised that to no bond at a hearing Monday, which Landau’s attorney, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. White, called “outrageous.”

Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if this asshole is given bail. Wonder where he’d go?  Saudi Arabia? Probably not. Maybe Canada? Well, actually Canada might be a safe place . . . but still I think that might not be the country he would go to.

4. So Rupert Murdoch is hacking everything from everyone. There can’t possibly be a Mossad connection to any of this, so I want to put an end to those rumors now. Yes, so far we hear that maybe 12000 people have been victimized, but there is no way this could involve Israel on either side of the Atlantic. It could never happen here. You are safe. All your phone shit is safe, your facebook stuff is safe, your google stuff is safe, and that’s because Mooselims own all of these things. Oh, and your bank account info is safe, your medical info is safe, and your downloading of  (whatever) will not be reported to anyone.

5. It was a disgusting terrible horrible crime justifying vigilante justice and New York State Senator Martin Golden is quite correct to “call for passage of legislation that would make the intentional murder of a child under 12 years of age a first degree offense.” The murder of a child. A long time ago an American Indian friend of mine said that the perpetrator of such a crime should be run over by slow moving steam roller. Unfortunately in this particular case, the murderer has the judges on his side. That’s because in this particular case, the murder took place in a  land where murdering Palestinians is the national sport as we have reported here before so no one will be punished for murdering ten-year-old Abir Aramin.