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It’s the Zionism, Stupid

So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all culturalMarxists/multiculturalists.

Anders Breivik, Hero of the Muslim Haters

I will not shed a single tear for the Norwegians. This is just payment for their obsessive anti-semitism and anti-Israel position. They love the Arabs and the Palestinians. This is the price they pay for their rose-colored glasses view of Arabs and the Middle East crisis.This is the price they pay for allowing a powerful Islamic minority into their country. The tragedy is that the Norwegians will not change , even after this deadly demonstration of their errors.
A heart-warming quote from an American commenting on Ynet (before Brevik was named)
1.Okay folks the fix is in. The “American” (and I use that term very loosely) Main $tream Media  is trying to portray mass murderer and ardent Zionist Andres Breivik as a Nazi and  is deliberately ignoring his strong support of Israel.

Let’s start with the favorite paper of all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr, the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post [JWNYTP] which has just one article today on the massacre and Breivik entitled “Diary reveals suspect’s preparations, ideology”.  Oh, so what do we learn about his ideology? Very little and nothing at all about his love of Zionism and Israel. How odd, considering that Breivik mentions “Israel” 223 times in his screed and always in a supportive way. Funny how Will Englund, Michael Birnbaum and Alice Fordham all managed to miss this.

Well, may as well go to fountain of Zionist Bullshit, the New York edition of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post and see what they have to say about Breivik’s ideology.

“Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought In the US.”

Somehow  Scott Shane manages not to notice that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer and Breivik are all Zionists. Zionism and Israel are never mentioned. Hmmm? But on the other hand the article tops  the Washington
version of JEWNYTP because it is actually a thinly disguised defense of Spencer and Geller. In fact, Scott gives the impression that he agrees that there is a “threat from Islam”. The opening paragraph goes like this. (Note to Shas Party members, the red highlights are mine.)

“The man accused of the killing spree in Norway was deeply influenced by a small group of American bloggers and writers who have warned for years about the threat from Islam, lacing his 1,500-page manifesto with quotations from them, as well as copying multiple passages from the tract of the Unabomber.”

Note also that this obvious act of terrorism is called a “killing spree.” As we all know (and as other bloggers documented over  the weekend) this paper only thinks something is terrorism if it is done by them there Mooselims.

Then we come to CNN. CNN makes it look like Breivik is a Nazi even though he clearly states he is anti-Nazi and why. CNN’s piece even has the logo from Stormfront  right at the top failing to note that Breivik points out that he was kicked off of Stormfront – probably due to his support for Israel, support for Israel that CNN, surprise, surprise, fails to mention. It does manage to mention, a la William McCants, Breivik’s comparing his movement to al-Qa’ida.

Breivik is a hateful murderous Christian Zionist terrorist whose ideology is right there with low-life bigots and Zionist agents like Geller and Spencer and many others, some of whom even fancy themselves as experts on Arabs and Islam though they are not, but I digress.

Oh, I can hear you all saying “Murderous Christian Zionist terrorist, picky, picky, picky. ” But I’ll comment on that  later.

If you give a shit about what’s going on you must  understand that Breivik is part and parcel of the whole zionist-inspired anti-Islam hate campaign that is orchestrated by Zionists like Geller, Spencer and the rest of the gang.  That is why the media won’t delve into it. The  effect of Israeli anti-Muslim propaganda  is  huge and the media knows to avoid looking at any of the real underlying causes in part because the media is one of those underlying causes.

2. Xymphora hits it on the yarmulke-wearing head here. Read it and think.

Their Blood Is Not Just On Breivik’s Hands

1. As is usually the case all of the experts on terrorism and all the  Islam-hating bigots were wrong.  Sometimes I am not even sure which group is the more loathsome and of course there is considerable overlap between the two. And even though Will McCants actually seems okay, he is only an expert on “terrorism” if the  term is only used to refer to Muslims.

According to the this link his areas of expertise are: “Early Islamic History & Exegesis; Babi/Baha’i Scripture & History; Jihadi Movement; Empire & Historiography”

2. As I am sure many of you are aware by now, the latest hero of the Zionist-inspired international club of Muslim haters, Anders Behring Breivik, has left us with at least two moronic anti-Muslim diatribes. One is a short video and the other (if he is actually the author) is a huge anti-Islamic tract. I’ve watched  the video and have scanned the tract and both could just as easily been created by the CI Centre or any of the other good-for nothing Islam-bashing contractors who train US government and law-enforcement personnel around the country. In fact, the written document even  quotes some of those cretins. Here is a picture of part of his asanine video.

Typical Zionist Bullshit

The two themes above are always misrepresented and then harped on by these scoundrels. And here is Breivik  quoting Shoebat and Spencer in his tome:

More Typical Zionist Bullshit

Readers of this website will recall that I have in the past talked about an 80-page expose of these groups called “Manufacturing the  Muslim Menace” which expose groups like the CI Centre and total fakes like Walid Shoebat. Also, you know that I often  link to Loonwatch, a site dedicated to exposing these assholes. And as Loonwatch says in this article, these promoters of hatred have created an atmosphere in which all sorts of horrible things are taking place.  The  blood of these innocent Norwegians is not just on Breivik’s hands.

3. One day I am thinking of having a contest or putting up a poll in which people can vote  for the US state that is the most Zionist controlled.  I used to think that New York would be the hands-down winner followed by New Jersey and then Canada. But my research keeps leading me back to the Cardin State, the state of so many traitors. Again, as readers of this site know, there is a multi-faceted tax-payer supported long-term Zionist radicalization program in the US whose primary target is American Jews and the goal of which  is to make sure they are loyal to Israel. The Cardin State seems to bend over backwards in this regard as the readers here know. Well, there’s even more. Take a look: While each of the above noble efforts deserves serious attention, I’d like to draw your attention to the one on the bottom left.

This progam is not aimed at Jewish kids,  its aimed at the  goyim. According to Rep. Elijah Cummings (Likud, Maryland), “Our broad goal is to promote inter-ethnic understanding, as well as racial and religious tolerance.  The process toward achieving that goal includes hands-on, personalized engagement designed to help the ECYP scholars become the core of our region’s future leaders.”

So, in order to promote “inter-ethnic understanding” you send kids to Israel? You send them to one of the most racist places on  the planet? “But Mantiq” (I  can hear it now) “these kids are sent to the ‘Yemin Orde Youth Village’ which is for poor children with no place to go except to Palestine to be used as excuses in the future to steal more Arab land. Oh, and also Mantiq, the place is subsidized by the US taxpayer. Isn’t that cool.?”

Sigh: I wonder if the American kids Cummings is sending to this “youth village” will learn that it is named after General Orde Wingate, a Christian Zionist fanatic who trained Haganah terrorists in Palestine in th 1930’s.

Wingate also hated Arabs, I guess he would have made a fine Congressman.

“In June 1938 the new British commander, Gen. Haining, gave his permission to create the Special Night Squads, armed groups formed of British and Haganah volunteers. The Jewish Agency helped pay salaries and other costs of the Haganah personnel.

“Wingate trained, commanded and accompanied them in their patrols. The units frequently ambushed Arab saboteurs who attacked oil pipelines of the Iraq Petroleum Company, raiding border villages the attackers had used as bases. In these raids Wingate’s men sometimes imposed severe collective punishmentson the village inhabitants that were criticized by Zionist leaders as well as Wingate’s British superiors. Wingate disliked Arabs, once shouting at Hagana fighters after a June 1938 attack on a village on the border between Mandatory Palestine and Lebanon, “I think you are all totally ignorant in your Ramat Yochanan [the training base for the Hagana] since you do not even know the elementary use of bayonets when attacking dirty Arabs: how can you put your left foot in front?”[nb 1] But the brutal tactics proved effective in quelling the uprising, and Wingate was awarded the DSO in 1938.”

But I guess since they’ll all be there on Mt. Carmel which is where the Baha’i headquarters is and overlooking Haifa which was  ethnically cleansed by Israel it’s all perfectly okay.

Based on declassified Israeli documents, the Israeli historian Benny Morris concluded that the Jewish civilian population (especially Haifa’s Jewish mayor Shabtai Levy) was at peace with their Palestinian neighbors, but the Haganah and the IZL leadership had a different agenda to ethnically cleanse the city from its Palestinian Arab population. ”

Yeah, the Haganah, the outfit whose members Orde Wingate trained, got rid of  the majority of the city’s Arab population.

Out of the 61,000 Palestinian Arabs who used to call Haifa home, only 3,566 Palestinians were allowed to stay. The remaining population were in constant fear on their lives and properties, and many of them witnessed the looting of their homes and possessions by the Zionists.”

4. Now in case you have not had your full quota today of Zionist Bulllshit, let’s look at this AP article published not just in the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post but damn near everywhere else too about a wonderful cuddly miracle-working Rabbi.  He is just such a sweet heart.  I bet Monica Lewinsky wishes she could give him a blow job.

“Pinto began amassing followers as a young man in the Mediterranean port city of Ashdod, helped by his family heritage and reputation for uncanny insight into human behavior. Some of those followers saw him simply as an unusually wise man. Others believed his wisdom was supernatural, that his blessings had power and that he could see the future and heal the sick.

Getting warm and fuzzy? I hope so.

“Unlike most ultra-Orthodox rabbis, Pinto does not press his secular adherents to observe Jewish law and rejects the mixing of religion and government, he said. Pinto has also spoken out to condemn racism against Arabs.”

Well that is nice. May Elijah Cummings ought to do the same. But I digress.

He also works miracles.

“Pinto came to his hospital room when he was comatose, said Ben-Eliezer, who is 74. “I didn’t see this, because I was almost in the next world. He sat next to me for between four and five hours, crying. Then he stood up and said to the people in the room — he’ll wake up tomorrow morning.”

“And so it was.”

“He has not only his own life experience, but that of all of the generations that went before him,” Ben-Dov said. “Any attempt to describe him falls short of the reality.

How about “con-artist”?  Though it too  no doubt falls short of the reality. I’ve reported on this guy before.  He  lives in a 6.5 million dollar house in Manhatten which is actually owned by his very own charity to which you can make tax-deductable contributions.  His number one right hand man is a porn distributor.

Oh,  and you’ll love this:

“The New York Daily News is reporting that Weiner “regularly” stopped by the classes and holiday gatherings of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto for spiritual advice and counseling. In return, the good rabbi instructed his followers to contribute to Weiner’s campaigns, raising over $300,000 for his 2009 abortive run for mayor, and for other elections, the Daily News said.”

This from a guy who says he has nothing to do with politics.

Recently that 6.5  million dollar house that Pinto lives in but which is owned by his very own charity was subject to foreclosure. But an unusual white knight appeared:

“[Lebron] James apparently gave Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto a six-figure check to stop the foreclosure.”

Oh, and his alleged pro Arabness. Can’t find much on it. In this article he refuses to even answer a question posed to him about Israel’s treatment of Arabs.

And in a whole host of other articles he criticizes Rabbis in Israel who don’t want Jews to rent to Arabs but only because their racism might backfire on Jews in the US.

“”New York Jews come to me frightened, saying the newspapers are full of stories on what is going on in Israel. This letter is founded in stupidity. There’s great racism against Jews in America today. What does this letter mean? It means that Jews won’t be able to live in New York or anywhere else in the world.”

5. I want to switch gears for a moment. I am quoting  below, with permission, parts of an email I recently received from a Mexican journalist. This person makes some good points. The journalist asked to remain anonymous. I do not agree with all of it, but this person is far more right than wrong.

“Just one favor I’d like to ask: As you well point out, part of the liberal / Zionist agenda is to sort of promote hispanic immigrant sympathy in the U.S., surely for not the right reasons, but anyway they do. And the fact that they do, generates the opposite effect on the groups who try to break free from the Zionist agendas. It causes a lot of un-sympathy for the immigrant causes. It creates an “anti-Mexican” feeling, which is completely unfair.
Let me tell you: the reason the people are migrating, not only the Mexicans but most people in the whole world, are the unfair economic conditions caused by all forms of imperialism, old and new. In Latin America, natives were not “poor” or “needy”, until we were invaded. So first it was European imperialism, and more recently North American imperialism. Unfair trade, explotation and currency slavery, cause people to become “poor” in their own land. Mexicans, and any sort of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S., is the direct result of years of the U.S. exploiting the continent. Migration is now just an inevitable, natural reaction; a sort of payback.
Besides, immigrants do not migrate out of evil intentions; on the contrary, they go dreaming of giving an extra to their families. Actually, they love their lands and families more than anything.
And, the hispanic influence on the U.S. will not be a bad thing in the short and long term. Far from that, it will make the U.S. a nicer, warmer, less meaner place. Mexicans are family oriented, and keep strong values like the Muslims or like most of the rest of the people on the planet. The “mexicanization” of the U.S. will bring a lot of relief not only to the world, but also to the U.S. It may be the only chance to save the nation from an absolute economic collapse, because it will inject younger blood, values and hard working people to the heart of the nation.
So, my request is: let’s separate the Zionist problem from the Mexican / illegal immigrants problem. The Mexican people need the support from the open-minded, lucid, consciouss people like yourself. The Mexicans who travel are suffering all sorts of hardships for being illegal. They should be legalized, because they are already working there, living there, and helping the nation to survive.
We in Mexico are also victims of the Zionist powers. Many people believe they are fuelling today’s drug wars because they sell the weapons. They want the war to continue. They are also terrible exploiters of people in Mexico.”
6. Okay, it’s video time.
I need to buy that pork spray.
Why You Should Hate Islam
Somehow this song seems fitting here. I  still can’t  believe  he’s gone.

Abir Aramin


Regarding Abir Aramin, the young Palestinian girl murdered by the IDF in 2007 and featured in item 5 below, my prediction years ago that no one would be brought to justice was correct. In the fall of 2011 her father writes: (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting below is done by today’s guest editor, Daoud Al-Alamani:)

But this time was different.  This time, Justice Beinisch actually agreed with the decision of the lower court.  She agreed that the responsibility for the killing of the child Abir lies with the soldiers involved in the incident and that the opening of fire was unjustified and the result of negligence.  She sharply criticized those who carried out a belated and incomplete investigation, despite immediate legal action taken by the family to ensure that any investigation would be properly conducted. But then, Justice Beinisch performed a perfect about-face.  She concluded that, due to the incompleteness of the investigation and the passage of four and a half years, neither the solider who fired the shot nor the soldiers or commanders of his unit could be brought to trial – though she did say that the mother of the slain girl had the right to know the identity of her daughter’s killer.

Yes, it this murder took place a few years ago, yet this is a regular occurrence in the Jewish state and Americans don’t give a shit.

1. I plan to have some fun pointing out the flagrant sucking up to AIPAC and the incredible security issues surrounding the IVPFAA’s appointing the Satanic- looking Dan Shapiro as the US (sure, sure he’ll represent the US, sure he will) ambassador to Israel. Maybe by the end of the weekend.

2. Hey goys and girls we know you all are great patriots and probably had a blast celebrating Canada Day Independence Day on July 1st 4th. Here’s a great article about a great American patriot posted on the 4th of July of this year. Read it with pride. (Hint to Shas Party members. There is a relationship between items 2 and 3 in today’s post. Please see if you can figure out what it is. Send your answers to Dan Shapiro.)

3. Now if the cocksuckers behind these crimes were Muslims they’d all be a rantin’ and a ravin’ bout them there Moooooooooooooselims and their using funds from stolen historical documents to finance terrorism.  It’ll be interesting to see if Barry H. Landau gets off and his moronic sidekick  Jason Savedoff will be sacrificed.

I think this line is particularly funny from the story: “The FBI got involved in the case after Saturday’s arrest, and they wonder if Landau may have stolen documents before.” Hahaha. No way, this must be the first and only time. Hahahaha.

Of course we must presume innocence. Unless the (alleged) perp is a Mooooooooselim.

From a follow up story this is pretty funny too:

“Landau and Savedoff, charged with one count of theft over $100,000, were initially held on $1.5 million bond, but a judge revised that to no bond at a hearing Monday, which Landau’s attorney, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. White, called “outrageous.”

Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if this asshole is given bail. Wonder where he’d go?  Saudi Arabia? Probably not. Maybe Canada? Well, actually Canada might be a safe place . . . but still I think that might not be the country he would go to.

4. So Rupert Murdoch is hacking everything from everyone. There can’t possibly be a Mossad connection to any of this, so I want to put an end to those rumors now. Yes, so far we hear that maybe 12000 people have been victimized, but there is no way this could involve Israel on either side of the Atlantic. It could never happen here. You are safe. All your phone shit is safe, your facebook stuff is safe, your google stuff is safe, and that’s because Mooselims own all of these things. Oh, and your bank account info is safe, your medical info is safe, and your downloading of  (whatever) will not be reported to anyone.

5. It was a disgusting terrible horrible crime justifying vigilante justice and New York State Senator Martin Golden is quite correct to “call for passage of legislation that would make the intentional murder of a child under 12 years of age a first degree offense.” The murder of a child. A long time ago an American Indian friend of mine said that the perpetrator of such a crime should be run over by slow moving steam roller. Unfortunately in this particular case, the murderer has the judges on his side. That’s because in this particular case, the murder took place in a  land where murdering Palestinians is the national sport as we have reported here before so no one will be punished for murdering ten-year-old Abir Aramin.