Frequent Flyers

1. Something else bothered Orlich. Yee mentioned he had studied in Damascus. Orlich wondered about a man who would go to Syria — a state sponsor of terrorism — to find God.

What do you do after you help destroy a man’s military career and then help create a system of prisoner abuse that is then used against hundreds of prisoners?  I mean that’s a pretty good track record right there. What would you do for an encore? (See here for a complete expose. Also, take a look here and here and here and see Orlich suck up to Steve Emerson here.)

Why not put together a huge bullshit-filled KKK-like anti-Muslim briefing up on the internet? Oh, and make sure to put your name and military rank on it so that the whole world will know, as I demonstrated last week in my most recent post, that the US government is rife with anti-Muslim bigots.

Here’s a screen shot of the first slide:

Orlich is an Asshole

You can read about this guy’s antics in the links below, but for your amusement, I have also drawn a few quotes from the relevant articles:

Of course the quality of language work at Guantamo was always superb as we can see from this article on how totally fucked up the government’s case was:

Another accusation, that he distributed radical literature to the detainees, was based on an erroneous translation of an Islamic symbol in Ottoman-style calligraphy.

Later on in the same expose of government malfeasance we read of more great language work being done:

(Note to Shas Party members: red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor Mulaika al-Alamania)

Airman Al Halabi’s lawyers also made a charge of misconduct after a government translator contacted them to say that one of the prosecutors, Capt. Dennis Kaw, had discouraged her from alerting the court when she found a mistake in her translation of the Syrian government’s letter. Captain Kaw had insisted, rather improbably, that the Syrian government had given Airman Al Halabi permission in the letter to travel not only to Syria but also to Qatar; instead, the relevant word meant ”the homeland.”

No shit.  They don’t know the difference between قطر and القطر because they are completely totally and utterly unqualified to do this shit. But it’s just a bunch of fucking Muslims, so who cares?

And read this:

As recently as a week ago, reports suggested that at least 17 prisoners at Guantánamo Bay have been subjected to the program. But Maj. Jason Orlich, a creator of Guantánamo Bay’s “incentives” program that uses long-term sleep deprivation as a punishment for those who misbehave or fail to cooperate, testified that nearly all of the 350 to 400 prisoners held in two Guantánamo Bay prison camps were subject to the program, which entails waking the prisoners, shackling them, and moving them to a different cell along with all their belongings. Maj. Orlich was reluctant to specify the frequency of the moves, but testified that three-hour intervals “would not be abnormal.”

Maj. Orlich also revealed that the Frequent Flyer Program was Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), although it did not appear in writing in the SOPs of that time—begging the question of what other detainee treatment policies were omitted from the written records. According to Maj. Orlich, Guantánamo Bay leadership was aware that the Frequent Flyer Program was in use, and the program was a routine included in what the military calls its “daily synchronization matrix.” Maj. Orlich also said that the Frequent Flyer Program was ongoing at the time of his departure from Guantánamo Bay in April 2005, and he had never heard of any order to stop the program. This is despite previous government claims that the program had been discontinued in March 2004.

And here are some excerpts from the extremely bigoted and ignorant slide show this guy has put up on the web apparently subsequent to his tour in Guantanomo.  I wonder if he gives this briefing to other people in the military and the US government.  On the first slide of his presentation he mentions his PACOM affiliation. Maybe you investigative journalists out there could ask PACOM if this means that they endorse his presentation.

You know it’s gonna be good when it starts off with a quote from the fraud Walid Shoebat which I will spare you. Note to Shas Party members: the  headlines in bold are mine, not from the presentation by Maj. Jason Orlich – though I can understand why people could get that confused. The quotes from the slide show are in italics.

Also, the author of the presentation states:

This  brief is based upon Extensive Research, Islamic texts, history, and lessons learned at JTF GTMO

So let’s take a look at some of the fruits of this extensive foray into Islamic texts.

Yahweh be good, Allah be bad:

Yahweh = Allah

* Yahweh is a loving Father, who, along with the Son and the Holy Spirit, is One God.

* To Muslims, the concept of a triune God is a blasphemy.

“They do blaspheme who say God is one of three…,for there is no God except one God.” Surah 5:73

.  .  .

God.” Surah 8:30 * Allah of Islam is frightening.

“It is God whom ye should more justly fear, if you believe.” Surah 9:13

Muslims are Moonies:

2 Different Spiritual Worlds

Yahweh and Allah

* Before Islam came into existence, the Sabbeans in Arabia worshipped the moon-god Allah who was married to the sun-goddess.

* Common practice to use the name of the moon-god in personal names in Muhammad’s tribe.

* Allah was a pagan deity in pre-Islamic times.

* An Allah idol was set up at the Kabah along with all the other idols of the time.

* The pagans prayed towards Mecca and the Kabah because that is where their gods were stationed.

* The idol of their moon god, Allah, was at Mecca, they prayed towards Mecca.

* The worship of the moon-god extended far beyond Allah-worship in Arabia. The entire fertile crescent was involved in moon-worship.

* The early success Islam had amongst Arab groups that had traditionally worshipped Allah, the moon-god.

* The use of the crescent moon as the symbol of Islam, and which appears on dozens of flags of Islamic nations in Asia and Africa, and surmounts minerets and mosque roofs, is a throwback to the days when Allah was worshipped as the moon-god in Mecca.

Moohammad he a bad man and Khadijah, she be a bad girl getting her daddy drunk and all.

Genesis of the Islamic Faith

570 C.E. Muhammad born in Mecca

– Both parents died before Muhammad was 6

Abandoned by Mother, Amina, and passed around, rejected and possibly abused by 2 men (Ishaq 71, 72)

– Muhammad was raised by his Grandfather Abd al-Muttalib who almost

Sacrificed Muhammad’s Father Abd-Allah in the Ka’aba while praying to Allah and

Practicing divination. (Tab VI 2,5)

– He also liked to constantly stroke/pet Muhammad. After his Grandfather’s death, his Uncle Abu Talib raised him. (Ishaq 73)

-Muhammad became a trade agent for a rich female merchant named Khadijah who was 40 years old.

Khadijah who was 15 years his senior invited Muhammad and his uncles to her home. She got her father so drunk that he married them. Her Father later regretted marrying them. His sons, Al-Qasim, Al-Tayyib and Al-Tahir died in infancy; He had Fatima (wife of Ali) and 2 other daughters. (Tab VI 49)

Mongol invaders good, resistance to them very very bad and Ibn Taymiyya is a hadith.

Ibn  Taymiya and NO TOLERANCE



1263 A.D. – Born  in Syrian town of Haran

Fought Mongolian invaders  of Syria  (1299-1303) and taught that Mongolians were not true Muslims and that fellow  countrymen should not submit to their  authority.

Declared that anyone who  submitted to Mongolians, helped them or  dealt with
them was an infidel.

Taymiya acted as if he were a military leader, declaring the Muslims to be
infidels and attacking them.

Taymiya established the mind-set of NO TOLERANCE and refinforced principles that were practiced centuries earlier in the times of Muhammad.

REMEMBER: Today’s terrorism is a result of this mindset and Taymiya is one of most widely read Hadiths.

2. Yes, it’s already video time. Now the first video below is one that I found on Rick B’s site Check his site out.

And no doubt many of you have seen it. But I’m linking to it because:

A. It is very well done. I take my hat off to the people at the Onion. They are superb.

B. Listen to the little girl’s Arabic at near the end of the video. Shows you what happens when David  Gaubatz types are teaching people Arabic. 🙂

C. It is short, so Shas Party and Tea Party members can follow it.



3. Shakira Law comes to New York (about time frankly)

And now for some serious study of the gifts that Yahweh er, Allah, has bestowed upon us. Kind of makes you all want to shout out in unison الحمد لله doesn’t it?


نشكر الله

26 responses to “Frequent Flyers

  1. Haifa Wehbe again? Can we get some Iyad Nassar up in here?

  2. btw, it kind of looks like Orlich did most of his research at the Jack Chick library.

  3. skulz fontaine

    Hmmm, so in a conclusive and let’s make it all a concise sort of manner and what our “Major Minor” is saying is- ‘Muslims bad, Jews/Christians good’. Guantanamo entombed Afghan farmers bad, Guantanamo goons and ALL military personnel (be they torturers or whatever) good. Ummm, close enough?
    So and to interject a completely irrelevant point of grammatical/hermeneutical exegesis here, there are no vowels in the Hebraic. Right? So and strictly in an oddly orthodox fashion, YHWH becomes the “Name which cannot be spoken.” Right? Which is to bring up the “Christian” notion that Jesus had to gits born so folk could actually “speak the Name of God” and not get pounced upon by a tribe of hostile Semitic types which by their very nature, are looking for ANY FREAKING excuse to go ‘ape-shit’ for whatever the reason. Close? No? Okay so-
    Yahweh and an LA freeway can and will get one killed simply for being in close proximity to either or.
    Oh yes and just a little further- Iyad Allawi bad, Iyad Nassar good.
    Thank you all very much and Skulz has left the building.
    HAH! I am too freaking funny.

  4. Allah/Yahwek/God : all the same invisible old man in the sky, jealous of his worship, arbitrary in his rules and not worth the air it takes to praise him. His followers confirm that at least some parts of humanity are not evolving.

  5. Tatiana Covington

    All religions are totally ridiculous and should be thrown away immediately. There is no God, there is no Allah, there is no Yahweh. So too, there are no chosen people, there is no promised land, there is no covenant.

  6. Independent Voter

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life

    Allah is not Jesus or the heavenly Father.

    Islam is a cult of deception and violence, proven worldwide daily.

  7. American Patriot

    There is only one God of all creation. Call Him what ever you want. No He don’t belong to the arrogant jews. He created and belongs to all mankind.

  8. Robert Gamboe

    I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion (or no religion, as the case may be). Anyone who tries to deprive me or anyone else of those freedoms for any reason is my adversary. If they’re not willing to let others exercise those freedoms, then they are free to leave! People may call me anti- or -phobic, I don’t care. I’ll believe what I wish and will keep silent when I feel like it. I expect the same from others.

  9. hybridrogue1

    Whassa mattah you no believie in war on tearah?

    My TV tell me all true things like how to catch me hot chicks and not stink under the arms and how to be cool like the Good Guys and wear a white hat.
    Only real idiomps turn the sound down on those commercomicals with the good advice on how to get boners and be a real man.

    Now it’s time for summa that yummy Ameerkun jingoberry pie with some red white and blue sherbert……


  10. tatiana, if there is no Allah it should be easy for you all to give life back to the dead when the soul is leaving the body?
    as for that independent bullshit artist, its not muslims deceiving and overrunning countrys around the world and making wars based on lies and deception killing tens of millions in the process its western illegitimate bastards who believe that they are invincible. these leaders of yours who are mostly zionist jews will lead you to destruction like the pharaoh of old who led his people to destruction, when the command of Allah comes for your nation it will perish be it by a volcano, earthquake or meteorite from space, wait and see!
    if any do not believe this will happen then read the predictions of a muslim saint from the 11th century called NEMATALLAH SHAH WALI by googling his name and see what he foretold about your nation!!

  11. Jews and Satan must love the useful idiot who fabricated that piece of zionist propaganda.
    1.Yahweh is the name of God.
    2.No-one abuses his name unpunished.
    3.The god of the religious orthodox Jews is Satan / Lucifer, and not Yahweh.
    4.Guantanamo and all worldly wars are of the devil, and is / are run and fought by his servants.
    5.The “holy” books of the Jews make it clear, that Jesus Christ is the main enemy of orthodox Judaism. Judaism is not the religion of the Bible, but the opposite: the babylonian Talmud.
    6.By your article, you demonstrate that Satan stops at nothing of inciting hatred against God / Christ.
    7.You should feel ashamed by abusing the victims of warcrimes as means of accusing God / Yahweh, who opposes these forces and condemned them to hell.
    8.Either you are an idiot, who does not know what he is talking about; or a willful prostitute.
    9.Faked “christian zionism”, orthodox Judaism, Masonry, Islam and Atheism are all the same: heresies and of the devil – while i admit that the islamic deviation is the least violent and anti-Christian of all of these.
    10. Christ tought the freedom of will but no tolerance of other Religions.
    Criticizing and rebuking false Doctrin and lies is one thing, starting bloody wars against them is the opposite.
    11.Christ wants all men to be saved – killing, torturing, kidnapping them and lying is the opposite – “recognize them by their fruits!”
    12.Read the Bible before you dare dragging Gods holy name through the mud, and before telling falsehoods and lies. Your soul is at stake.

  12. mr hans, islam is not a deviation of as you claim!!

    it claims to be the what All prophets of god taught throughout history. surely even you must agree that christianity is going to one extreme by worshipping a messenger of god jesus and putting him on a pedestal as god when he never claimed such an honour.

    the other extreme is the jewish clique who refuse to recognise him and accept him as a messenger of god when he himself claimed that position!

    i dare any of you non muslims to read the koran fully and then state here clearly ANY anti human verses or against logic or fairy tales.
    islam came to correct the jews and christians from they deviant beliefs as jesus came to correct the jews, in your perception which is very biased against islam and muslims perhaps you need to take off the veils over your eyes and see the reality of what islam is and not what is shown to you by jewish zionist movies etc!

  13. Pingback: Top Posts —

  14. Almighty God is One – Universal message – Worship One God .

    Any pagan worship to the sun or moon is not Islam.

  15. The first video is from the Onion. The Onion is a satire site.

  16. hussein, some dumb pricks never realise the story fo Abraham pbuh in the koran , when he saw the moon,sun and stars rise and set and said” i love not those that set” these can never be my lord!

    how is it possible for some of these imbeciles to believe we worship a creation of god and not god himself who is most gracious unseen???

    the suns, moons, planest, stars are the creation of god morons, no muslims worship them!

  17. mantiqaltayr


    Really? The video is from the Onion, a satire site? Who would have thought that? You are hereby appointed an honorary Shas Party member.

  18. Hey, thanks for the shout out to my blog, muy Señorio Mantiq. Personally, I come here mainly for the cultural experience. Th at could be referring to the great belly dancing. It’s definitely not for the dumb cat videos.

    Seriously, your latest is invaluable for appreciating just a bit what Muslims in this country are having to bear regarding the dumbed down American goyim. Yes, that Orlich typifies the dumbing down and programming of Americans by their jeiwh masters. He doesn’t have a clue between fact or fiction [in fact he only knows fiction] and he sure knows who he’s supposed to hate. He’s a very useful idiot. In other words, he’s good goy, i.e., human cattle.

    I suppose it would be in vain to tell Mr. Orlich that Muslims didn’t do 9-11. It was the same guys that attacked the USS Liberty, that killed Kennedy, and Rachel Corrie. It’s the same guys that are keeping you in the dark about 9-11, the same guys that are ensuring that you’re dumber than dirt, making sure you stay a good goy.

    LMAO, yes the first video is from the Onion, a satire site. When it’s periodical was only in print form, it was the best print newspaper in the country, regards flirting closely to the truth of things. Now that it’s online, it may turn out to be the best online periodical in the country.

  19. mantiqaltayr


    Yes, Muslims seem to be very intimidated these days in the US. As for the briefing and the briefer, I’m hoping Loonwatch will pick up on this and do some research. I may do more myself if time permits because there’s something more to all of this than meets the eye.

    You are right about the Onion, the print version was excellent, but the videos are even better. I noted one Onion post back in 2009 that I can’t believe they got away with doing since it basically outed Israeli’s disgusting history. Only made it in their graphic show, too bad because the visuals could have been fantastic.

    I am trying hard not to be offended by your cat video comment. 🙂

  20. hereticdrummer

    The God of the Old Testament, by whatever name, is obviously a demon god. What true, transcendent God of absolute love, light, purity and power would feel and convey base human emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred, duplicity and spew forth murderous cruelty and sadism by demanding that his “Chozen Pipple” slaughter not only all the men of “His” enemies but women and children as well with livestock thrown in for good measure. If that be God, I’m joining the Church of Satan tomorrow.

  21. Just read the old testament & you will understand that the jewish god is like the jewish people . An evil psychopath!
    As Horst Mahler said when asked about the jewish problem:”Just kill their religion only”

  22. 5 dancing shlomos

    the jewish god is the jewish collective. they worship themselves, their fictions.
    the collective is evil. their god is evil. pure evil.
    Jesus came to warn and save mankind from this disease from hell.

  23. Papa Ziaus


    Are you suggesting pointing out your error immediately makes someone a Shas Party member? I reckon that is similiar to when Zionists claim the truth looks anti-Semitic.

  24. mantiqaltayr

    I did not make an error. You did. You can join the Shas Party by going here:

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