“Kill a Palestinian and You Shall Enter Heaven”

A picture from AIPAC’s website

1. Keeping track of the activities of the Zionist traitors to the US is sometimes time consuming, often very aggravating,  but it can also be fun.  The US government is so permeated with these traitors that they barely try to cover it up and at times they seem to not only be boasting about it, it is also like saying “Whatya gonna about it?”.

And sadly, all we can do is expose and make fun of it. Since the US government is Israel’s toy boy, there’s not a whole hell of a lot we can do.

Let’s start with the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC).  They just loved the veto the US issued yesterday of a proposed UN Security Council Resolution that says (in part):

“Israel, as the occupying power, immediately and completely ceases all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem and that it fully respect its legal obligations in this regard.”

The UN News Centre also reports:

The resolution, co-sponsored by over 120 of the UN’s 192 Member States, also called on both parties to comply with their obligations under the Road Map plan, sponsored by the diplomatic Quartet of the United Nations, European Union, Russia and US, which seeks to establish a two-State solution of Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and security within recognized borders.

It urged all parties to continue with their negotiations on final status issues in the Middle East peace process and called for the “intensification of international and regional diplomatic efforts to support and invigorate the peace process towards achievement of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

So you have a resolution that is in full accord with official US policy. It says the settlements, all of them are “illegal”, calls on Israel to stop building them, supports the US Road Map Plan which it notes was sponsored by the so-called Quartet that just happens to include the United States, and it calls for everyone to get back to the negotiating table.

Therefore the US vetoed it and the official reason given by the US is that the resolution’s calling for peace talks based on principles specifically outlined by the United States will make it harder for there to be peace talks. As US (ha) UN representative Condoleeza Susan Ricestein said:

Unfortunately, this draft resolution risks hardening the positions of both sides. It could encourage the parties to stay out of negotiations and, if and when they did resume, to return to the Security Council whenever they reach an impasse.”

Remember that the Palestinian Authority is staying away from the table specifically because of continued Israeli settlement activity.

The message is so plain and simple that even Shas Party members can understand it. Obama works for the Jews. The NJDC’s statement shows how happy the Jews are with this.

On behalf of the National Jewish Democratic Council, we applaud the action this afternoon of President Barack Obama and his representative, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Susan Rice. Once again, after days of unfortunate and unproductive speculation, our President stood alongside our democratic ally Israel in the Israel-obsessed United Nations.

The statement also proves beyond doubt that all these NJDC members really care about is Israel:

We, like all Americans who hold dear the special U.S.-Israel relationship, owe President Obama and his Administration our deep collective appreciation for his stalwart support for the State of Israel – today and always.

Yup, “stalwart” support “today and always.” So no matter what horrible crimes against humanity that Israel does on a daily basis, these traitors will always see to it that the US will support Israel. The US is Israel.

I’m surprised their statement didn’t end with “Nice work, boy.”

2. Okay, let’s move on for a second to a goy traitor who is doing his best to act like he’s Alan Derwoshitz. That would be IRA terrorist sympathizer and therefore Chairman of the House Fatherland Committee, Congressman Peter King (Asshole, New York). King  has been featured here before and he’ll be featured many more times until this website is forcibly shut down.

As many of you know, King is engaging in an anti-Muslim witch hunt and is using your tax dollars to do it. His Fatherland Security committee is holding hearings looking into how Muslims in the United States whose relatives are being blown to smithereens by:

1.      Israel

2.      Other US Allies

3.      The US itself

4.      Any combination of the above

get radicalized and go off to do some pretty dumb things. When asked to include other groups in his sham investigation he did not say, but should have: “Look, this is a great big fucking hoax so I can get more attention, get the Jews to support me, and I get to fuck up brown people. I consider that a win-win situation for me. So I am not going to include any other groups.”

Anyway, since King is a supporter of terrorism he is naturally calling on another supporter of terrorism, Walid Phares to come speak at his witch hunt. Now this Walid Phares is quite a character. He currently works for, among other things, an insane outfit called the CI Centre which is a bunch of wackos from within and without the US government who get cushy contracts to train government employees about how Muslims are all hiding under their beds waiting to kill them. An outfit called Political Research Associates is set to publish a report that “ profiles three key counter-terrorism firms offering highly politicized, biased seminars and industry conferences, in their capacity as quasi-official voices against the influence of “radical Islam” in American society:”  The CI Centre is one of those three firms. And the people they train are US public servants.

Here’s what the teaser for the upcoming report has to say about the CI Centre:

The Counter Intelligence Centre (CI Centre) functions as a training academy and speakers’ bureau in the D.C. beltway. Here, veteran cold warriors mingle with a new breed of Muslim converts and terrorism pseudo-experts to propagandize about Global Jihadi Threat Doctrine—a conspiracy theory that renders all Muslims suspect and replaces the Soviet threat with a new existential, permanent threat from Islam. CI Centre’s high-profile faculty garner media attention as experts, and forge connections with senior officials and a network of neoconservative foundations, many of whom join the Centre on its annual Spy Cruise.

Hey PRA, please please get that report out now.  Thank you.

Walid Phares is one the CI Centre’s speakers. Of course it gets worse, much worse.

Enter the Angry Arab.

First of all, I have to say I am getting to like the Angry Arab more and more. I mean I’ve been a fan for a long time, but I swear this guy is just getting better and better. But I digress.

For some time, the Angry Arab has been saying that Walid Phares is a former member of the Lebanese Forces (this is not the Lebanese military), a vicious militia responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Loonwatch has recently picked up on this and has an excellent post which also draws on some of the Angry Arab’s work. I’m going to reproduce some of this stuff here because I want you to read it.

Back in 2007, As’ad AbuKhalil, the Angry (and very funny) Arab, posted the following material and did so underneath two photos of the Arabic news clippings to which he refers below. You can find those photos at the link to the Angry Arab’s post and also on the link for the Loonwatch article, but you won’t need them to get the point.

Walid Phares and the Lebanese Forces. I am aware that Phares now likes to deny his past role with the Lebanese Forces (the right-wing, sectarian Christian militia that–among other war crimes–perpetrated the Sabra and Shatila massacres). Somebody yesterday posted a comment challenging my statement about Phares and his association with the Lebanese Forces. These are only two of many newspaper clips that I have in which his affiliation is clearly noted. In the top one, (As-Safir, 12/6/1987), it said that “Member of the Command Council of the Lebanese Forces, [and] head of the Lebanese Immigration Apparatus in the Lebanese Forces, Walid Phares, lectured on “the Role of Free Christianity in Lebanon and the Middle East.” In the lecture, he also “criticized the mechanism of the development of Lebanse Christian resistance over 12 years.” In the second one above, (As-Safir, 27/8/1991), Phares was identified as the “vice-chair” of the Extraordinary Emergency Committee for the Lebanese Front (the political leadership committee of the Lebanese Forces) (the chairperson was Etienne Saqr (who founded the Guardians of the Cedar, which during the civil war raised the slogan “Kill a Palestinian and you Shall enter heaven,” and he now resides in Israel). And it has to be said that his rise in the Lebanese Forces took place at a time when it was aligned with the regime of….Saddam Husayn.

And it gets even worse.

AbuKhalil also posts here:

Regina Snayfir was a fighter in the Lebanese Forces militia in the 1980s. She later saw first hand scenes of torture and murder and left in disgust. She wrote a revealing account about her experience, and how the Maronite Patriarch did not react when she informed him about the dungeons of torture in Lebanese Forces’ prisons. She also said (in her memoir, Alqaytu As-Silah) that when she underwent military training, she remembered the most fanatic anti-Islam bigot who spoke to the fighters during training. She said that Walid Phares was the most passionate in mobilizing Christians to fight Muslims at that military base that she was at.(pp. 119-122).

So this is the guy that Peter King is bringing in to testify at his witch hunt.

3. King does support Israel’s murdering of innocent civilians. He makes this very clear in this press release. The press release is on his own webpage.

June 13, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Carol Danko,  (202) 225-7896

NEW YORK, NY – Today, Congressman Pete King (R-Seaford), along with religious and community leaders, declared their support for Israel and their opposition to a U.N. investigation into last month’s flotilla incident, involving an Israeli interception of a Gaza-bound ship.  The leaders called for passage of Rep. King’s bill, the America Stands with Israel Act (H.R. 5501), which was introduced on Thursday.

King’s legislation reaffirms America’s support for Israel by calling for the removal of the U.S. from the United Nations Human Rights Council and prohibiting the use of American taxpayer dollars to fund a U.N. investigation into the flotilla incident.  It also reaffirms Israel’s right to defend itself and expresses U.S. support for Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.

“As one of our closest allies, we should be standing with Israel, not endorsing a U.N.-sponsored attack against it,” said King. “By participating in this investigation, the Administration is driving a wedge between the U.S. and a long-standing friend. American tax dollars should not be used for this purpose, which is why I introduced the America Stands with Israel Act, calling for the removal of the U.S. from the U.N. Human Rights Council and from participation in the investigation.”

4. Speaking of traitors, this year’s AIPAC conference starts May 22. It will be fun to watch the AIPAC website as it gears up for this annual event where US government officials, no doubt trained by Walid Phares and the CI Centre, humiliate themselves in front of the whole world as they lick the boots of the Israeli dominatrix.  I hope Walid Phares will be I invited as he has described himself as having been one of Israel’s “faithful allies.”

5. Then there is the story of Mossad Jane Harman.  She announced she’s going to replace shill Lee Hamilton as the head of the Woodrow Wilson Center just weeks AFTER winning re-election. She will be leaving her seat at some point in the near future. I find this rather odd, something else is clearly going on.

Anyway, Mossad Jane serves on the very same committee that Peter King is chairing.  She would have been on a much higher committee, the House Intelligence Committee, and according to this article she was talking to an Israeli agent about forcing Pelosi to give her the chairbitchship of the HIC.  But poor Mossad Jane got passed over due to the brouhahahahahaha that ensued.  But it does look like she’ll be around for the witch hunt. Imagine, innocent Muslim Americans being witch hunted by a guy who supports IRA terrorism, a guy who used to work for the vile Lebanese Forces militia, and by Mossad Jane.  Is this a great country or what?

6. While no doubt tens of millions of people, including millions of Egyptians have seen the song below, some of you all may not have. It’s a celebration of the victory of the Egyptian people over Hosni Mubarak. The Egyptian people have a very long way to go in their quest, and they are much more aware of this than all of the “patriot” bloggers  who continue to pontificate on Egypt as if they know something, but the great people of Egypt also have a right to take great pride in what they have done.

For King Abdallah bin Hussein, the English translation of the lyrics can be found here.

20 responses to ““Kill a Palestinian and You Shall Enter Heaven”

  1. skulz fontaine

    But but, “like all Americans who hold dear the special U.S.-Israel relationship,” what IF that’s bullshit? You know, “Americans holding dear the special US/Israel relationship.” Cause you know, it’s bullshit. How can any American “hold dear” a nation of apartheid occupying mass murdering psychotic lunatics like the Israelis? I just can’t. Not in good conscience, no, I can’t. They’re fucking insane! Israelis. Not all Israelis, just the government Israelis and then the insane fucking Israelis in America’s Congress. You know, like Wasserman/what’s-her-name. She’s mostly nuts. She is cute but, she’s bat-shit crazy.
    Oh wait, I must be an “aunty-Semite.” Yup! Okay, I’ve cleared that up.
    Ta-ta for now MT and thank you. You rock my brother you surely do.
    Rock the Casbah!
    love and respect,
    el Gran Norté Blanco

  2. American Patriot

    skulz fontaine, AMEN to what you say about these greedy lying warmonger barbarians. Jesus described them very well in John, 8:44

  3. That’s why they are the chosen people.
    Chosen to make sure mankind fails every time.
    Can the almighty pick em’ or what?

  4. You might not remember this song: Kill a Commie For Jesus by Frank Zappa. Actually, I am not that old so I might have some of the lyrics wrong. Just now on the web I saw Kill a commie for your mommy.

    The point is we need someone to write a hit song satirizing all these witch hunts and insane wars.

    Something about Osama Been Dead Awhile. We occupy 135 countries. Have 850,000 spies inside the US. I think we fire 400,000 bullets to kill one Muslim overseas.

    And we have to work in something about China owning America.

    Maybe this should be a series of satirical songs.

  5. The US is Jewish controlled!It has been since the enactment of the Federal Reserve of 1913.WW1-WW2,and yes the Cold War were Jewish creations.Before 1945 there was open resistance to them.Even later.But the Jews destruction of German identity,Hollyywood,AIPAC,Coup of the Vatican in 64 and building up of the fundementalist/Evangelicals did the rest.How nuch more power can they have?Only the US Constittion prevents a complere shut down of the internet which is the last defense line against them.The worse grou are the NEOCONSERVATATIVE/Fundementalis/WallStreet combine which controls the treacherouse GOP.They dont get Jew botes,(VE ARE ZO LIBERAL.)but they get Jew money.The Demococratswerealways disgusting hypocrites on the Jews.Wilson,FDR,Truman(Not Kennedy,Carter)Johnson,Mondale,Clinton were there lackeys.UNcle Tom Obama is scared of the Jews.Personally and politically.BUt his lack of courage is going to cost him.One redeeming thing:The US is in long term decline.The country is just not sustainable.Economicaly,ethnically,race,cculturally.The Jews will be controlling an empty husk.

  6. Well, the irony and the most disgusting thing is that all these US Zionist ass kissers who continuously promote anti Arab, anti Muslim hate mongering events, spit on the Arabs/ Muslims, stabbing them in the back, and yet, you will find these Arab dictators , (the family run thief tons), welcome them with open arms . These US Zionist slaves will stop their mongering once you have them black listed and banned from visiting any Muslim or Arab country. The Arab/Muslim so called leaders is the ENABLERS for these thugs. They need to be brought to justice or justice brought to them for their hate mongering.

  7. Great, very informative article. Yes, it is virtually impossible to keep up with the traitors running our country. Keep up the great work.

    I agree that the people of Egypt deserve applause. They should have been supported in their efforts with more than telling them and everybody else it’s all just a zionist plot. I say, hijack the zionist plot.

  8. Rick,

    You are right on.



  9. Rick,

    I just read your piece on Finkelstein. You get it. You are touching on a theme I’ve been alluding to on the blog to see if people get it. You do.

  10. Cloak And Dagger

    So here’s the good new – history is about to pass Israel and leave them behind in the dust. The Mayans were right – February 2011 would begin the chain of events that will accelerate to full bloom by December 21, 2012 (+/- a few days). Each of the next months til then will bring on world events, faster and faster, overwhelming the capacity of US/Israel to do anything to control them.

    The end is nigh. Rejoice!

  11. hereticdrummer

    Magnificent as always Mantiq. The Europeans (Euro-Peons of the Global Plantation)) refer to the US Congress as “Knesset West”. Many decades ago Mark Twain stated that America has one native criminal class, Congress. Actually the executive and judicial branches are just as vile and corrupt. All you pay-triotic hamericans, keep waving your red, white, and blue masonic dish rag.

  12. Few days ago, Sean Hannity of Fox network was selling fear of Iran’s nuclear weapons on his show to his loyal viewers , and the discussion was about a documentary called ‘Iranuin’.
    (A Neocons produced documentary made to scare Americans and other audiences about Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities.)
    Not only non-existing Iranians weapons were discussed but also the religious Iranian fanatic leadership’s aims to destroy earth with these non-existing devastating weapons.
    Hannity was encouraging his viewers not to miss watching this Neocons documentary applying fear and suggesting war with Iran as the only option left to save the world.
    And whom did Hannity use to sell his fear and the documentary that night on his show…?
    Hannity had Walid Phares as his guest to help him in scaring Americans from Muslims..the same man that Rep. King will be inviting to get his opinion about what’s called ‘Muslim radicalism’ in America.!!

  13. Pingback: Tweets that mention “Kill a Palestinian and You Shall Enter Heaven” | Mantiq al-Tayr -- Topsy.com

  14. 5 dancing shlomos

    if i have the right interview (no time to read) from counterpunch, finkelstein comes across most definitely as a zionist. for a long time i have considered him as a chomsky sort – a shephard who leads his sheep astray.

    Norman Finkelstein in The Netherlands
    By JELLE BRUINSMA, January 5’6, 2008


    to add: ” jewish lobby” is the wrong term. petras is right to describe this entity as a power configuration. it is throughout all western societies and israel is part of this. israel is the untouchable sanctuary for criminals. it is a legal assassin (state sanctioned).

  15. Please do a post about idiot Santorum. http://www.balloon-juice.com/2011/02/23/know-your-audience/
    “The idea that the Crusades and the fight of Christendom against Islam is somehow an aggression on our part is absolutely anti-historical,” Santorum said…

  16. Snaarla: As you know, our motto is “So many traitors, so little time.”
    Actually Santorum is correct in the article you cite when he says that the awful things the west in general and the US in particular
    have perpetrated against the Muslim world reflect “core American values” and that this is all part of what Christianity is all about. He is correct.
    American Christianity – on the whole – is pure unadulterated Zionist Bullshit. And if there are Christians out there who don’t like it, it’s up to
    them to change it. I’m much more worried about political Christianity and the havoc it wreaks than I am about political Islam.

  17. Hey Mantiq, thanks for the positive comment regarding Finkelstein. I don’t know much but I do know Finky’s schtick… and it is schtick. Since one of your responders [5 dancing shlomos] expressed some doubts about the as-much-justice-and-peace-that-zionism-can-allow rock star, I’m posting that blog that you referred to here. At the end of the blog I link to a performance of the rock star that was a bit revealing. His supremacist undies were showing themselves. There I wrote my response to his schtick.

    Finky doesn’t like to talk about zionism [although he admits that it is Israel’s founding principal]. I encourage anybody that has an opportunity to see the zionist peace rock star to go ahead and please ask him about zionism. It sets him off his game a bit. He reveals his supremacist undies. It’s fun to watch. So please, anybody, if you go see the rock star, ask him about zionism. Ask him how there ever could be justice with zionism in the equation. Ask him why such a fair minded and logical man that he is has never, ever, denounced zionism as a bankrupt, indefensible idea. And please, please ask him if the reason for that might be that he may be a zionist himself…. and how that might affect his reasoning.

    That blog on Finky is here: http://ww3zionism.blogspot.com/2011/02/anti-semitic-musing-015-is-norman.html

  18. LOL… sorry Mantiq, correction… thanks for the positive comment on what I wrote about Finkelstein. The only thing positive about Finky is that his supremacist undies are showing. People are beginning to see through his schtick.

  19. 5 dancing shlomos

    “American Christianity – on the whole – is pure unadulterated Zionist Bullshit. And if there are Christians out there who don’t like it, it’s up to
    them to change it. ” – mantiq
    there are only 7 christians in the usa. use to be 8 but rachel corrie was murdered.

  20. “American Christianity –on the whole — is pure unadulterated Zionist
    Bullshit.” Amen to that.

    Also, the American Patriot movement is by and large a bowel movement of canary-crap crazy Zionists, Judeo-Freemasons, Hebrew Roots crypto-Jews, and dupes who think we live in a “Judeo-Christian” culture, which is about oxymoronic as calling it a Devil-Christ culture, and of course, as always, the boot licking toadies eager to lick the spittle off Big Brother’s boots if it will make them a buck. Orwellian doublethink keeps them from seeing the truth. Sometimes truth is harder to face than the worst enemy.

    See http://heimbich.tripod.com/APOC1984.HTM.

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