Obama Announces He is Not Running for Another Term as Egyptian President


1. Feb. 1st, 2011Image courtesy of Skulz Fontaine whose offices in Cairo were shut down by the authorities in Israel last week.

2. If you can’t smile when you see the image below, you must be either Israeli or Husni.

14 responses to “Obama Announces He is Not Running for Another Term as Egyptian President

  1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    The people of Egypt don’t need Obama’s endorsement. It is too late for Obama. He will only support freedom in Egypt, if he knew in advance who will rule Egypt after Mo-bar-rock is dumped or flee the country or suffer the same fate of Showshisko of Romania- the firing squad.

  2. Did a few double takes, thought it was a Rense.com typo and then realized it’s just more Mantiq madness.
    Hilarity wrapped in shining steel that goes in like a stilleto. Well done.
    Egypt was chosen, once again, for good reason though, eh? The birthplace of civilization as we know it, only morphed into dystopic madness.
    Rock on MAT.


  3. Now, that was funny!

  4. EGYPT:
    Edward G. Robinson’s voice; “Alright you guys, this is how it is, see? We are going to rip them off big time. See? Yea….and they ain’t gonna like it. No, not one bit. Their gonna get mad, real mad. So we gotta have guys…yea. We gotta plant some guys in there. These guys gotta talk against the local bosses. They gotta steer any talk away from us though…but have’m talkin’ up bad about our locals, and yea the locals will be in on it, so they don’t kill one of our plants.

    You got that? You get that? You see how this works?

    {A voice speaks in the background, unclear garbled}

    Robinson sticks his thumbs in the armholes of his vest and rocks back on his heels,
    “Well, I’ll spell it out for you. The people are going to get mad. Don’t you get that? We gotta let one of them take over from time to time. See?
    Well, that ‘one of them’ will be our guy, the one we let dirty talk our local talent. See? The new guy is just one of our local talent who has become popular with the folks were robbing blind.
    We think ahead see. That’s why we stay on top. Yea.”


  5. Thanks hybridrogue1, that’s pretty much all I’d like to say about it too.

  6. Captain Liberty

    I tought Obbama was running as king of the entire planet.

  7. funny, some uprisings (Tianemen Sq.) get put down hard.(remember when even CNN was chased out by the chinese?) and some like this are allowed to happen and succeed. who calls the shots?

  8. After all Edward G. Robinson was a Jew. He would have known the union gangster game as well as the wallstreet ponzie sceemers knew theirs. He was so good at acting like a gangster he got tons of mail from inmates who praised him for being the best at it. If he hadn’t been an actor he quite likely might have been a real gangster and could have given Al Capone a run for his money. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

  9. The ADL is accusing the New York Times Maureen Dowd of anti-semitism over a recent op-ed titled “Virtuous Bankers? Really!?!” The article about corruption on Wall Street specifically involving Goldman Sachs. In a letter to the Editor in the NYT, ADL National Chair Robert G. Sugarman stated, “While one can agree or disagree with Maureen Dowd’s portrayal of Goldman Sachs and other bankers (column, Nov. 11), her statement that “the bankers who took government money and then gave out obscene bonuses are the same self-interested sorts Jesus threw out of the temple” potentially raises one of the classic themes of anti-Semitism linking Jews and abhorrent money-lending practices. However unintentional, Ms. Dowd’s invoking the New Testament story to illustrate our current financial mess conjures up old prejudices against Jews.”

    Writing in The New Jersey Jewish News Menachem Rosensaft and Jason H. Dolinsky also suggested that Dowd’s article was anti-semitic, saying “we have heard these terms far too often to let them pass. Anti-Semitic tracts and Web sites are replete with references to “blood-sucking Jews.”

    And Ms. Dowd is too intelligent not to have realized that the depiction of Jews as greedy money-lenders has resulted in persecution and pogroms over the course of the past two millennia. Ms. Dowd has given new life to such ancient anti-Semitic incitements. We dread the prospect of swastikas smeared outside Goldman Sachs offices, or of learning that some street hood, inspired by Ms. Dowd’s column, broke an observant Jew’s leg shouting “let Goldman Sachs buy you a new leg. At a time when a virulent Judaeophobia is on the rise, especially in Europe…

    The ADL and the establishment media were silent over Dowd’s assertions about Anglo’s being responsible for the financial crisis, however now the ADL is accusing her of anti-semitism for an article that does not mention anything about Jews.


    Yes, it’s true, the TRUTH does hurt, doesn’t it? If you ‘dread’ the prospect of someone smearing Swastikas outside of your Zionist owned, Jewish run Goldmine SACKS, then don’t tell one of your sayanim to do the painting.

    “Judaeophobia is on the rise, especially in Europe…”

    It is?

    I must of missed that news because it was buried under all the hateful discussions on the Zionist owned, Jewish run MSM vilifying Muslims.

    And hidden behind all that war-mongering directed against Iran, in the non-stop effort to scare the hell out of Americans so they’ll beg Congress to ‘Shock and Awe’ another of Israel’s ‘existential’ enemies.

    Hey ADL, here’s a suggestion; Tell all of those ‘Too Big to Fail” Wall Street banks, nearly ALL owned by Jews, to stop ripping off people and maybe us GOYIM won’t get so pissed.

    And please, stop smearing Ms. Dowd by equating her with those sites calling you blood-sucking Jewish bankers ‘blood-sucking Jews.’

    I’ve read many of her columns and she is a talented writer, yet respectful when she skewers someone.

    P.S. When I used my computer’s spell check, it didn’t recognize the word ‘Judaeophobia’ and offered up the word ‘Hydrophobia.’

  10. Greg Bacon: Hydrophobia is not entirely wrong since it is fear of water, i.e. a symptom of rabies, and by extension, individuals having that condition?

  11. God Bless the Egyptians. Obama and his jewish handlers can pound salt.

    Ever since a certain carpetbagging group of people showed up in the middle east with their book of tales and lies, the world has seen continued strife. Anyone who adheres to the Torah or the Talmud is an enemy of humanity.

  12. Here is what the Arab people and Public want.
    1. No more leaders for life for them and their sons and families. It the 21 century not the stone age rules of governing
    2. Their government control media must stop their self grand zing and glorifications of these leaders, blah blah. All of these Arab leaders are not able to stop Israel from building one Inch of concentration camp wall , stop the demolishing of one house or releasing one Palestinian or one Arab prisoner from Israel Jails or liberate one inch of the occupied land. They brought nothing but humiliation to the Arab people and disgrace to 300 million Arabs.
    3. Prime ministers, presidents and parliaments must be free elected by the people and appointed and dismissed at well.
    4. Arab leaders must stop using their countries as their play ground for them, their families, and their corrupt cronies. Everything is named after them, universities, hospitals, airports, streets, you name it, and they own it.
    5. The Military should be a professional independent force to defend the nation, the police should be a force to protect and serve their people, not to control, torture, humiliate and subjugate them. It is amazing how these leaders are Heroes against their people, but Zeros when they face the Israelis
    6. There is a need to develop future leaders , not arrest them and silence them
    7. Respect the well of the people, provide democracy, freedom of speech and bring pride to every citizen. It amazing to see the foreigners visiting these countries are treated with respect and best accommodations, while their own citizens are treated with discontent and disrespect.

  13. Ali,

    Well said.

  14. Bibi could writing such announcement by Ben-Obama, if Hosni Mubarak is not replaced by a pro-Israel non-democratic dude. However, what we are watching – was predicted by Imam Khomeini overthree-decades ago – as the only solution for the Ummah to recover Al-Aqsa from the Zionazi thugs and their western collaborators.

    Road to al-Quds passes through Cairo, Baghdad and Riyadh

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