Pray for the People of Egypt

From a dear friend in Egypt. A young lady of substance, class, talent and courage.  She’s been featured here before.

“If only the Americans would just look at what is happening here in Egypt in a serious way, not the the way the dictatorial Egytpian government wants  the world to see it! Please publish the truth as much as you can.

“May your prayers be with us. All of  you, we need your prayers.

“Oh Lord.”

3 responses to “Pray for the People of Egypt

  1. My prayers are with all the non-ownership class of people in the world (us commoners) who suffer at the hands of their Jew controlled “governments”. Special prayers for the Palestinians always and the Egyptians will now be included.

    Can you get any info from on the ground as to what is really happening?

  2. Egypt Opposition Leader Mohamed ElBaradei Arrives In Cairo To Lead Tomorrow’s Massive Protest

    My hope is that Ireland, Iceland, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and other nations can show us the way out of darkness.

  3. Perry, I don’ really have any special access. I would recommend reading the foreign press – the Guardian for example – and also reading Dr. Juan Cole’s blog.

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