Do Not Buy Israeli Hummus (Or Israeli Anything)

1. It’s always nice to be vindicated. Since the inception of this blog I have argued that the “peace process” has never been anything but a complete fraud serving as a front to aid Israeli designs toward displacing as many Palestinians as possible and taking as much land as possible.  Those who thought that the lawn jockey Barack Obama would change anything in this regard should get on the next flotilla to Gaza.

2. As on openly practicing hummus-sexual, back in September of 2009  I  posted about Sabra hummus, Sabra being owned by Strauss, an Israeli company, and I urged people to boycott hummus made by Israeli-owned firms. (As  have many others before and since.)  Now, thanks to the Sabbah Daily, I have learned that well the cat has hit the fan, if you will, at Depaul University (school motto “We don’t need no Finklesteins”) where a student group called “Students for Justice in Palestine” has been urging the University to stop selling Sabra products.  There are some pretty good graphics on the page I’ve just linked to and one is below.  They also have an on-line petition that you can sign here.

Wake Up and Smell the Apartheid

Now it turns out that Strauss is a big supporter of the IDF and in particular the infamous Golani Brigade and the Givati Brigade. Strauss is proud of its support of these notorious human rights violators –  and brags about this on its websites. Oh, wait. On their English website they took this info off, but they kept it on the Hebrew page according to this report. Man, where is MEMRI when you really need them? But I digress.

According to the Indymedia report to which I just linked above – and I am quoting directly from that report – Strauss had the following wording on its website in English until recently stating that its

“connection with soldiers goes as far back as the country, and even further. We see a mission and need to continue to provide our soldiers with support, to enhance their quality of life and service conditions, and sweeten their special moments. We have adopted the Golani reconnaissance platoon for over 30 years and provide them with an ongoing variety of food products for their training or missions, and provide personal care packages for each soldier that completes the path.”

However, on that same page on January 18, 2011, I found this wording:

Israel Defense Forces

As part of its donations program, the Sales Division of Strauss Israel has made a contribution to the men and women who serve in the Golani brigade. The funds are designated for welfare, cultural and educational activities, such as pocket money for underprivileged soldiers, sports and recreational equipment, care packages, and books and games for the soldiers’ club. Yotvata, our dairy in the south, contributes likewise to the southern Shualei Shimshon unit.

This down plays the 30-year connection but I guess they are just so proud of their support for human rights violations that they just had to have something in there.

Adalah notes:

Historically, the Israeli army has been a flagrant violator of human rights and international law. Even in this context, the Golani Brigade has attracted particular attention. According to a January 2009 article in Ha’aretz Daily, the Golani Brigade “is known as a brigade that struggles with no small number of disciplinary problems and scandals, caused by bad behavior ranging from revolts against commanders to abuse of Palestinians.”

Breaking the Silence“, a group composed of ex-Israeli soldiers, has documented numerous cases of Golani Brigade involvement in human rights abuses. For example, in November 2008, members of the Golani Brigade filmed themselves forcing a captive, blindfolded Palestinian to sing humiliating songs, some, as the BBC news describes it, “of a sexual nature,” and some about the Golani Brigade. In December 2005, a Golani Brigade officer was convicted for beating a Palestinian detainee and threatening to cut off his penis.

These guys are real sons of bitches. Samuel Nichols, whose report in Indymedia I quoted from above, writes in that same report of his own experiences with the Golani Brigadge.

Back in November 2009, when I was with a Christian Peacemaker Team in the West Bank, the Golani brigade was stationed in Hebron. Throughout their stay I witnessed and documented the extreme and unwarranted use of violence on Palestinian residents as Golani soldiers inflicted head wounds, broke civilians’ hands, and sexually harassed women at checkpoints. The Israeli military’s occupation of Hebron is consistently inhumane, but the maltreatment of Palestinian residents by the Golani Brigade is unparalleled.

Buy Sabra hummus and kill a Palestinian.  Sounds like a good deal to me. Or how about, “Buy Sabra hummus, cut off a Palestinian’s dick.” ?

As is usually the case with Israeli entities, Strauss’ website is filled with information about what a shitty outfit it is once you can see through all of the Zionist Bullshit. (Which is why you need to buy your ZBF today and if you do we will give you a free hummus-making kit.)

For example, while the besieged Palestinians in Gaza are barely allowed enough to eat, Strauss is doing the following:

At a time when many children are living below the poverty line – satiation is a basic and instinctive survival goal. As a leading food corporation, we see ourselves as the spearhead in this war and naturally provide food products to dozens of organizations on a daily basis. These products reach thousands of our needy throughout Israel. This is done through “A sandwich for every child every day” project, in which our employees prepare 450 sandwiches a day (130,000 per year), that are distributed to nurseries, schools and clubs in Carmiel and adjacent settlements. Collecting and packaging food baskets for Rosh Hashanah and Passover for thousands of needy families throughout the country, which is carried out by our employees and volunteers at food organizations.

What is Carmiel? Note Strauss is not talking about Carmel but rather another “Israeli” town of Carmiel (also commonly spelled Karmiel) in Northern Israel. Here is how that town of about 50,000 Jews came into existence:

In 1956, about 1,275 acres (5.16 km2) of land in the Israeli Arab villages of Deir al-Asad, Bi’ina and Nahf were declared “closed areas” by Israeli authorities. This area, near the main road between Acre and Safed, had been an important marble quarrying site. In 1961, the Israeli authorities expropriated the land to build Karmiel.


Of course, this fact should come as no surprise since the whole country is just the result of one big land grab.  But isn’t it comforting to know that by buying Sabra hummus you are feeding Jewish kids living on land stolen from Arab kids?

3. The Macy Gray story is getting out. On Facebook in response to her request for input, I told her to go ahead and go to Israel and perform but to then travel in the West Bank and Gaza if possible and get to know the Palestinians and then hold a press conference, if she so desires, to talk about what she has seen in front of the cameras. Anyway, she’s getting endless shit from Israelis not for going, but for criticizing Israel in the first place.  You can never do enough to please these people. Never.

4. Part II of “A Problem in Bumfuck Idaho” will be coming out soon. Stand by.

5. I will also be posting about Michael Collins Piper’s recent podcasts, at least one of them anyway. You can find them here.  Mike is unique, if you’ve not heard him, give him a try.

6. Now, as a tribute to Zine El-Abidine ben Ali ben Kalb, we present the following video played at over a zillion sports events around the world. You know, I bet the Saudis have room in their palaces for Husni and Saleh and . . .


21 responses to “Do Not Buy Israeli Hummus (Or Israeli Anything)

  1. It’s not fair to not buy anything from any group or people. It’s of form of racism, segregation & hate. I think the best thing we can do now, is let things be, did you all ever think, that maybe everything that was happening for a reason? Think about it the fact that you have the facts you do, is a major improvement to what was know to use a s a people just 15 years ago. How fast we have grown, and how great the pains have been, but never forget, if it’s sour at the start, then it’s sweeter in the end…

    Instead making our own facts, why not get the facts from a real honest Jewish Woman who lives in Israel,

  2. Most of all do not buy the Zionist lies about fractional reserve banking, the assassination of JFK, the attack on the Gaza flotilla, the occupation of Gaza and Palestine, organ harvesting, the trafficking of white slaves, and a lot of other crimes. The Zionists are at the center of every evil known to man.

  3. wayne pacific

    I never buy Israeli products or services.

  4. Bring back Palestine (minus the Israel section) it was much more peaceful then. Boycott Israel? What’s an Israel?

  5. Thank you, we can spend our money wisely and support those who are peaceful,

    There’s more to Israel than meets the eye

  6. Yes indeed, where is Memri when we need them?
    Zionist product sellers have adopted the stealth bomber tactics. In Southeast Asia they export to Muslim countries through Singapore (a Zionist handmaiden that once advocated eugenics to purify its people, under the leadership of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew. So brilliant that its people are still blinded by it). In Europe they export through their South African collaborators. Avoid Jordan Valley dates from Hadiklaim. Avoid anything by Karsten of South Africa. Don’t date Zionists.

  7. Crypto Gatekeepers

    The biggest of them all is the swindle that only ONE ethnic group on the planet has- the KOSHER TAX. There is not such thing as a halal tax. Every product tamped with their U or K symbol in a tiny ciricle on anything- the jews get $$$. FROM EVERYONE EVERYWHERE AND TAX FREE! this outrageous sluch fund also needs to be publicized far and wide and ELIMINATED.

  8. Fabian Starr. (I hate people like you!!) You are a pathetic joke. I am racist against anyone who behaves like that POS little stolen country. So f*&k YOU!!!! That’s great. The most racist, demonically deplorable people in the world crying about racism. That’s rich! No shame. Absolutely no shame.
    Yeah crypto gatekeepers, good point. You really cannot buy anything that does not have a friggin U, K or Parve on it. Mexican coca cola that you buy at taco trucks, (made in Mexico) have no U’s or K’s anywhere. It also is made with real sugar and not HFCS. Everyone says the Mexicans are so dumb. Hmmm. Who’s the real dumb-ass here?

  9. Costco sells the sabra brand of hummus?????

  10. Hey, let’s not stop here… Don’t buy FRAM Automotive filters either.
    That new Fram oil filter was made in Israel too!!

    We shouldn’t buy ANYTHING made in Israel.

  11. Joe,

    Agreed. Interesting about FRAM. I did a little research and it looks like FRAM has made filters in Israel and might still be doing so. People should check before they buy. But it’s not just FRAM. I ran a search on “Auto parts made in Israel” and found some interesting things.

  12. George LoBuono

    Zionists truly fear the power of boycott. When we worked on a boycott of Israeli products locally to protest the hate-filled brutality of the Sharon-Netanyahu interim, their fear was palpable. Activists say it’s just like apartheid—if you boycott Israeli products it will force them to concede basic human rights like South Africa did.

  13. I will never buy anything from gaza ever and I am not going to buy anything from any arab country whatsoever. Besides, who eats Israeli hummus? YOu can make that yourself! can of chick peas, a little garlic, some tahini sauce and whammo! Hummus! And about 1/20th the cost of buying it prepared!

  14. @Fabian Starr thanks for the hasbara. Always love the smell of kosher bullshit first thing in the morning.

    That wretched woman you reference, is a vile, hateful strange and very unwholesome creature. Hard to imagine what sort of crazies would think that hag is a good foot to put forward.. As for listening to the facts from inside the fake state, we get plenty from Bt Selem and Breaking the Silence thanks.

  15. IDF conscript

    Why don’t you Americans focus on the stuff that YOUR troops are doing wrong, first?

    Seriously, if you care about human rights so much, then fight the fight that you can win. U.S. troops abuse poor Iraqis/ Afghans every day, just as much, if not more, than Israeli troops.

    The U.S. is not even in direct danger of these “enemies”.

    Why do you find the need to bother OTHER countries of their faults? You cant do anything, they’re on the other side of the planet.

    Don’t be such hypocrites, focus on your OWN countries faults first. There are atrocities being committed from your own back yard. Take care of your own problems before you bother others.

    Abuse happens in every military ever. In Israel, where buses full of innocents actually DO get blown up, the rage is justified, but maybe mis expressed.

    Do buses blow up in the U.S.? Is the U.S. bordered by enemies from all sides? Was the U.S. immediately attacked from all sides when it was formed?

    P.S. Israeli humus is delicious, don’t bad mouth it, the product itself has nothing to do with the companies agenda.

    P.P.S. your hypocrisy discredits your movement on the global stage. Take care of your own faults first.

  16. 5 dancing shlomos

    i throw all their crap into a local trash container.

    certified kosher is important. now i know that alum foil and plastic bags and clorox products are safe to eat.

  17. this makes me intend to buy israeli products only, you anti semetic bastard. i am a christian, screw mohammed.

  18. What if Israeli product is sold as being made under another country? That is shipped to a friendly country labelled as being made in those countries and exported to the Arab countries.

  19. To all the hasbra Trolls, shove your Megaphone someplace else. You and your apparthide state can no longer decieve us. Most of us won’t buy your lies anymore, leave alone your hammus or anything else. In fact hammus is originally a Arab / Palestianien dish. Or do you think the kossars of east Europe invented it? no way.

  20. Sabra. My favorite brand. You morons have no shame. I will support Israel–the only non-apartheid state in the Middle East.

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