A Problem in Bumfuck, Idaho (Part I)

Captain William L. McGonagle (1925-1999)

1. The photo above is of a true American hero who, while seriously wounded, guided his crippled ship  by the North Star over the Mediterranean on the night of June 8th, 1967. The photo is from the website of the USS Liberty Veterans Association.

Ignatious turned to McGonagle afterward. The secretary of the Navy, against a backdrop of whirring cameras, placed the Medal of Honor around the skipper’s neck. The five-pointed gold star, suspended from a blue ribbon, rested just beneath McGonagle’s chin. The son of a sharecropper-turned-janitor, the man who had guided his ship to safety by the North Star, lowered his head and wept. From “The Attack on the Liberty” page 281.  James Scott is the author.

2. MASA‘s founders, who base their thinking on research findings in the field, recognize that participation in the long term program in Israel is the most effective tool for shaping the next generation of Jewish leadership in Jewish communities, for cultivating their Jewish awareness and their sense of shared destiny with the State of Israel, and for contributing to the creation of a common worldwide Jewish agenda.

3. You know, there is so much to write about that it is really hard sometimes to be able to focus. I’ve been meaning to write about the living mummy Pamela Geller again, but basically Max Blumenthal beat me to it. His piece here is excellent and should be required reading for IRA terrorism supporters who are on the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives. And this piece of his is also quite good and below I’ll be posting a couple of pics Mr. Blumenthal posted there taken from sites belonging to the living mummy herself. The living mummy is advocating genocide and is doing so in part with an organization that you can make tax-deductable donations to.  Yes, advocating genocide in these United States is considered charitable work.  Maybe the chief IRA terrorism supporter on the Homeland Security Committee, who like Geller, lives in New York, ought to have investigators from his committee pay her a visit? Here’s her picture so you can find her.

Pam Geller

Yes indeed, we have troops fighting and dying all over the world so that the head of a major intelligence committee can be a supporter of terrorism and so that raving lunatic bigots can advocate genocide at taxpayer expense. Gee, maybe that dimwitted draft-dodging cocksucker George W. Bush was right when he said that there are people who hate us because of our freedoms. But I digress.

Here are some pictures that your tax dollars are supporting.

Poor Hitler, he’s surrounded by Mooselims

The tuyuur here kind of liked this one too. Max Blumenthal got this one from the mummy’s Facebook page.

I think this is Netanyahu’s screen saver

But this one gets the prized Sanhedrin Award (SA) from all of us at Mantiq al-Tayr.

Peter King's screen-saver?

4. Also, blogging takes up way to much time. You see, I had this great idea but blogging got in the way.  I bumped into this Muslim Imam, we’ll call him “Fred” to hide his true (and non-existent) identity. Fred is from Pakistan and he is an Imam at the USS Liberty Mosque in Bumfuck, Idaho. It’s a nice mosque.

USS Liberty Mosque, Bumfuck, Idaho

He has a Ph.D. in Islamic studies from Al-Azhar, speaks five languages, served six years in the US military and has been a major proponent of reconciliation between Muslims and assholes like Pam Geller.  He does lots of charitable work in the community helping the homeless, works as an aide in Bumfuck’s hospital (he even introduced doctors at Bumfuck General to the science of anesthesiology), and he teaches adults- who themselves are teachers at Bumfuck High School (school motto “Exit”) how to read. Needless to say, Fred, in his role as a Muslim leader has been approached by at least 7 different FBI agents who have tried to get him to blow up Bumfuck Middle School,  the Bumfuck Jewish Day Care Center, Bumfuck’s ADL chapter headquarters and most recently, the Sarah Palin’s Birthplace Museum in downtown Bumfuck. Fred says he damn near agreed to that last one but it turns out that the Museum is right next to Bumfuck’s only Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, so Fred and his interlocutor decided not to do it because the blast might kill all the FBI agents while they are having lunch or dinner.

Anyway, back to my great idea. You see, Fred’s recently been in touch with the head of a country that considers itself an Islamic State (we’ll call it Bombistan) and which sees itself as a custodian for Muslims world-wide. This Muslim leader, we’ll call him Billybob, has set up two organizations designed to get Muslims to travel to Bombistan in order to make them see how important Bombistan is to their Muslim identity so that they will consider moving there permanently and becoming Bombistanis or to at least be willing to spy on the United States for Bombistan.   Billybob has gotten his government to provide millions of dollars as seed money to for the two organizations and has also solicited funds from the Muslim World League (MWL), Muslims United Against Fucking Assholes Like Pam Geller (MUAFALPG), The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Hizbullah (SHI’ITES!) and the Organization for the Establishment of a Bomb Making Factory in the Ground Zero Mosque – General Command. (OEBMFGZM-GC).

So I told Fred “You know, I bet you could set up chapters for those organizations in the United States as tax-deductable charities. It’ll all be perfectly legal and you can send your agents into all the mosques and the country’s 6 million Islamic schools to ask for money and the stupid fucking shit-eating football-watching American taxpayers can foot the bill. At the same time you can recruit all those Mooselims to go to Bombistan and learn where their true identity lies.”

Fred liked this idea a lot. So he set up offices for both organizations in Washington, DC, New York, Bumfuck, and in Lakewood, New Jersey. He staffed them with current and former members of Bombistan’s military and with local hires many of whom are dual Bombistan-US citizens. He got both organizations recognized as tax-deductable charities and started raking in the mullas, er, moolah, you know, money. Lots of it.

You’ll never guess what happened. Surprise! Surprise! The FBI, CIA, NATO, ADL, Scotland Yard, KGB, MOSSAD, Shin Bet, DHS, DHL, UPS, ATF, NYPD, Shomrin, Ateret Cohanim and the PLO all raided all of Fred’s offices, Fred’s house, Fred’s mother’s house, the houses of Fred’s 22 adult children (hell, he has four wives), and the KFC in Bumfuck all on the same night and took everything away as evidence.  Fred is in Gitmo, his employees are being put on trial for espionage and there’s no KFC in Bumfuck anymore. (To be continued).

5. For some reason, I like this picture.

Skulz Fontaine has done it again.

6. The following video is a  tribute to the Shas Party. I think the song says it all and its title should be their motto.

16 responses to “A Problem in Bumfuck, Idaho (Part I)

  1. skulz fontaine

    Holy crap MT, I laughed I cried and this one became a part of me. Oh yeah. Did you know that I live just a mere one healthy spit from Bumfuck, Idaho? It’s true. I know a number of the crackers and nimrods that live there. Oh yeah. Burley T. Turley is considering a run for Mayor of Bumfuck. Burley is a half decent sort of Klanner. Yes he is. However, it is imperative to NEVER and I do mean EVER engage Burley in any conversation that might diverge from the weather and the price of beef.
    And speaking of souls wanting to get in touch with their ‘inner Jew’, well turns out Jared Lee Loughner is a Jew as is Congresswoman Giffords. AND, it turns out “gun-boy” Loughner and our shot-through-de-head Congresswoman Giffords belonged to the exact same synagogue in Tucson. Oh yeah it’s true it is ever so true. Tucson by the by, will on Monday next, be changing the name of Tucson to “Shoot out at the Safeway On Saturdays”, Arizona. This nifty little plan is by way of Sheriff Nazi Joe Arpaio who also by the by, does NOT get along with the good Sheriff of Tucson. Sheriff Nazi Joe wanted to call out Tucson’s Sheriff Dupnik but, after Sheriff Nazi Joe discovered that Sheriff Dupnik was a crack shot with his .357 well, Sheriff Nazi Joe chicken-shitted out. Oh shit, I digress…
    So getting “in touch with that Jewishness and/or that inner Jew” thingy well, from this day forth will require that the ‘seeking Jew’ must and should buy a brammy new Glock 19 and take out his “inner Jew angst” with any other Jew that just so happens to be an elected member of the U.S. Congress.
    Ummm, just a point that’s all.

  2. The Jews that control America used their control over our nation to open our borders to all these non-Whites and Muslims, yet, they demonize the Muslims. Race war is being planned for us Americans by our Jew overlords. Prepare yourselves, White man.

  3. The jews live by these simple 10 commandments:
    1 Always impose your will on all other beings-especially inferior non-jews.
    2There is always an excuse (lie) for violence so that we can always get away with as much violence as we please.
    3 The universe is unfair-the evil jews do will never return to us.
    4 Destruction of life is the meaning and purpose of life, but to be safe call it punishment and revenge, because of rule number 2.
    5 Always use fear as motivation.
    6 Never admit Guilt for anything.
    7 Always set up a fall guy ahead of time to take the blame for your crimes.
    8 Sociopaths (God’s Chosen) are smarter and superior to weak stupid people who have a conscience.
    9 Evil is Good
    10 Good is evil

  4. Skulz: The Nazi here is Dupnik, the Sheriff who said the new AZ immigration law was “stupid” and that HE would not defend it. Oh and he’s been in “law ‘enforcement'” for 52 years. The JERK needs to retire rather than running his mouth.

  5. The Loughners are Irish and they are Catholic skulz. The kid yakking the story in MotherJones was using a can of hearspray.
    You are repeating a rumor as “yes it is oh so true”–it is hearsay.
    And it does nothing but put a buzz of jejune thrill through your facist asshole to repeat it.
    The Tucson event is clearly a military industrial PSYOP–ongoing via MSM.
    Running with every brill of prittle prattle is not critical thinking, it is trivial bullshit.

  6. Raleigh Swails

    So many people don’t know the difference between real and false Jews. Judah was one of the 12 original tribes of Israel. People similar to us, as expanded original tribes people all over the world now. Jude in his epistle sounded the alarm that evil people were sneaking into the tribes (sociopaths). Many of the international (if not all) are these evil sociopaths.

    The uncivil and profane language posted by some on these websites is a mark of immaturity. This now the age of Aquarius, whose characteristic is revolutionary change. This can be good or bad change. Let’s change ourselves to reflect civility and decency. This is the message from within that I am getting.

  7. I am sorry to ask, but is this comment stream really happening ?
    Or is my messed up subconscious dreaming you freaks up ?

  8. hereticdrummer

    Reading these comments is producing a 60’s LSD flashback. Truly the ooo-ees-aaa is the world’s largest open air lunatic asylum. Mantiq is the man. Great stuff, I salute you. Alot of it soars over goyim heads.

  9. Have you seen this putrid slop?

    I imagine ‘Captain Israel’ and his glitzy costume would be REAL popular on San Francisco’s CASTRO Street.

    Gilad Atzmon: Captain Israel- A Sickening Hasbara Magazine For Jewish Diaspora Youngsters

    Look at this new Jewish -cartoon magazine. PDF version

    It has become pretty obvious that that Israelis and Zionists do not try to disguise their morbidity anymore. Zionism is clearly a threat to humanity and humanism.

    Airplanes and tanks, decorated with Jewish symbols, are consigned to spread death and carnage in the name of the Jewish people.
    Captain Israel, a kosher superman, is holding a Menorah torch. He is there to set the entire region on fire.


    Set the entire region on fire? With the help of its colony, the USSA, I’d say Captain Israel is doing what his Zionist masters sent him out to do in a spectacular manner.

  10. 5 dancing shlomos

    giffords synagogue: congregation chaverim, a reform synagogue, in tucson (fr wikipedia).
    call and ask if lady loughner a member.
    dont expect honesty but you can try.

  11. 5 dancing shlomos

    the contact number for chaverim: (520) 320-1015

  12. Boise is also going to allow communist chinese to build a separate village inside their city along with a secret? airport.
    Yes that’s right kiddies, the village council of Bumfuck I mean Boise is going to allow communist chinese another toehold in the USSA. Might as well, being such that china now owns Long Beach sea port as well as the one in Houston. I guess they’re claiming the right of ownership of U.S property since the feral government in D.C. (district of corruption) can’t pay back all the money they borrowed from china.
    Oh well, they can fight it out with the zionist juze. I’ll stand back and watch the jue bodies pile up.

  13. That pic you have of Pam Geller is a few years old. She’s had some sorcery done since then.

  14. Greg,

    Yes I have. I’ve been thinking about posting about it. I’m hoping I can get someone to be Super Mooselim and put my own mag together. 🙂

  15. Yes, Snarla, you are correct. This pic was before her asshole lift.

  16. Found this site while doing some online shopping. I was amazed by the number of online outlets that have already inserted ‘cookies’ on my computer. Might be worth checking out, as the ‘opt-out’ function is free.

    Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

    The NAI Opt-out Tool was developed in conjunction with our members for the express purpose of allowing consumers to “opt out” of the behavioral advertising delivered by our member companies.

    Using the Tool below, you can examine your computer to identify those member companies that have placed an advertising cookie file on your computer.

    To opt out of an NAI member’s behavioral advertising program, simply check the box that corresponds to the company from which you wish to opt out. Alternatively, you can check the box labeled “Select All” and each member’s opt-out box will be checked for you. Next click the “Submit” button. The Tool will automatically replace the specified advertising cookie(s) and verify your opt-out status.

    Opting out of a network does not mean you will no longer receive online advertising. It does mean that the network from which you opted out will no longer deliver ads tailored to your Web preferences and usage patterns.


    After opting out, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to confirm that the opt-out did its job.

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