Tis the Season for Treason

1. As an Irish-American, I ask myself, Which of the two is the greater Judas to his nation: the Irish prime minister, Brian Cowen, or the American president, Barack Obama?

The above quote is from Alexander Cockburn’s latest post on Counterpunch.com.  I have to say, also being of Irish descent, that I have often asked myself the very same question. There is no doubt at all what the Irish would say, this was made abundantly clear to me while I was in Ireland last summer.  Cockburn however does seem to favor Obama in the contest.

My view though is that it really is the wrong question.

2. We’re fucked.

3. That’s right, we’re fucked.  Talk about being screwed blued and tattooed. As a loyal American, I feel that I must report some extremely suspicious behavior to the FBI guys who read (and who do seem to very much like) this blog.  I mean, I’m just doing what it says on the Big Brother signs that are on our highways that say something like “If you see someone who looks like a Muslim please call 666-666-ARAB” or something like that.  Or maybe it just says to call if you see something suspicious – but maybe especially if it is a Muslim. Something like that anyway.  Anyway, FBI guys, some psycho-looking bitch is trying to get people to stalk me and no doubt lots of my friends and even your friends. Here’s the proof. Please have her arrested immediately.

4. Anyway, back to traitors.  This one is thanks to Mondoweiss who I think credits Jeff Blankfort. That’s a pretty good isnad. :-)But I digress.

Anway —-

The Hollywood Jew this week brings up a pretty interesting one, one who has been featured in previous posts on this site about traitors, Haim Saban.  This guy is apparently tireless. He’s just come back to the east coast after raising nine million dollars for Palestinian victims of Israel’s murderous rampage in December of 2008-January 2009.

What! Of course I was just kidding.  Actually he raised 9 million dollars FOR THE FUCKING KILLERS.  I am not making this up, he just raised 9 million dollars for the Israeli Defense (sic) Forces.  Send one fucking worthless US dollar to some non-Zionist-approved Muslim charity and your ass is in jail, send millions to war criminals and you are a hero. Is this a fucked up country or what?

But is gets even better. (Note to Shas Party members, “even better” here means “even more fucked up.”) You see, Saban actually was raising money for the western chapter of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces. Yes, there really is such an organization and they have a real nice web site too.  It was a great gala and I’ll provide some quotes from The Hollywood Jew in a minute to show you that a good time was had by all.  But first, let’s learn a little bit about the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces.

It is headed by a retired Israeli General who lives in the US named Yitzhak Gershon. He pulls no punches when he links the American Jewish community to the IDF. Red highlights, as usual, are mine.

I have always been proud of being Israel’s soldier, whether in Israel as part of the IDF, or in the United States as the National Director of Friends of the IDF. The bond between the community in America and the soldiers in Israel is extraordinary and powerful – it has changed the lives and created opportunities for thousands of IDF soldiers.

Turns out that the butt-kicking handed to the IDF by Hizballah led to Gershon’s retirement.

Anyway, the web site  informs us:

The Israeli government is responsible for training IDF soldiers and providing them with the necessary tools for their service. FIDF is committed to providing these soldiers with love, support, and care in an effort to ease the burden they carry on behalf of the Jewish community worldwide.


Their job is to look after Israel. Ours is to look after them.

In fact “Their job is to look after Israel. Ours is to look after them” is the motto of the Friends of the Israeli Defense forces. So this is an “American” organization that is solely devoted to the military of a foreign nation. And they do quite a lot for them. Among the many things they have done (the whole list is on this page)

  • · 4,913 soldiers enjoyed seminars, workshops, discussion groups, and field trips through the FIDF Identity and Purpose program.
  • · FIDF’s Sunday Culture program funded the attendance of 1,246 soldiers at concerts, art exhibits, plays, dance performances, film screenings, and lectures.
  • · FIDF sponsored 37 SPIRIT weeks, enabling 19,014 combat soldiers to enjoy a vacation week at the R&R facilities in Ashkelon and Givat Olga.

You don’t have to be a USS Liberty survivor to consider this to be giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Now, I know what you are thinking. “Mantiq, can I give money to the Friends of the Israeli Defense forces too? Can I get a tax deduction on top of that?

Yes, goys and girls, you can give money to Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, just like Haim Saban does, and since the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces is a 501 (c) (3), the American  Taxpayers will finance it! Doesn’t that just make you want to come all over Monica Lewisnky’s dress? Here’s a link to the form.

By the way, the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces have even got a deal where they can send you to Israel so you can cuddle up with the IDF care of the American taxpayer.

Anyway, the western chapter of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces sure did have a good time last Friday night. What a great way to celebrate the Sabbath.

The Hollywood Jew tells us:

“The event, hosted for the fourth consecutive year by Saban and his wife, Cheryl, was a lesson in how to throw a party. There was the astonishing entertainment (Andrea Bocelli), the better-than-average food (smoked salmon salad), and syrupy videos of IDF soldiers designed to tug at the heartstrings. All of which proved that no one else in the Los Angeles Jewish community is quite as deft at enticing others to take up a cause than the Sabans.”

Jason Alexander of Seinfeld was the emcee, must have been really cool.  Saban contributed big bucks himself that night and tons of others pitched in, really a lovely evening:

“FIDF western regional director Miri Nash, dressed sharply in a black cocktail dress that accented her long blonde hair, began dashing around the room with a microphone in hand, tossing it off to anyone who wanted to pledge more for the pot. A 17-year-old named Dominic pledged $1,000; another family gave $18,000 on behalf of the Persian synagogue Nessah; yet another family promised $100,000; and on and on until the final major gifts—$500,000 from Guess jeans founder Paul Marciano and $1 million more from his brother, Maurice—concluded an exceptionally energizing and effective philanthropic ploy.”


Go here to download the full text of the Goldstone Report.

5. Scott Horton  of Antiwar.com is one of the better alternative radio interviewers out there.  One of Horton’s strengths is his ability to summarize complicated points in plain and often funny and satirical English. In honor of Scott’s excellent work, from time to time here at Mantiq al-Tayr we will post a brief excerpt of Scott doing exactly this. Today’s inaugural download, though we do disagree with the first half of the comment, is down right funny and very true – at least the second half anyway. Enjoy. (The excerpt is from his most recent interview with Phil Weiss.)

Scott on SOBs

Here’s a link to antiwar.com and here’s one to their donation page (yes donations are tax deductible) and here’s the link to antiwar.com radio.

6. Okay RoHa and company, it’s time for your Arabic lesson.   The first time students of Arabic come across the formula recited in Arabic when the name of the Prophet Muhammad is mentioned they stumble over it repeatedly before getting it down.  The formula means “May God bless him and grant him peace” and it has a certain charm due to its rhythm, alliteration and assonance. Here it is in Arabic script and transliterated.  Note to Shas Party members, the first line below is the one in the Arabic script.

صلى الله عليه وسلم

Salla llahu “alayhi wasallam

Now, thanks to a UK based musical quartet called Shaam (basically meaning Syria), anyone can learn how to say this phrase perfectly.  I don’t think that this fine musical group intended to teach this when they performed the song below, but it sure is perfect for it.

Now the song is almost ten minutes long. It starts out slowly and there are two major transitions and I will give you the time hacks. If you don’t have patience the song really picks up at 4:20 and is really gorgeous as they sing the Madad portion of the song.  Then at 6:28 the song transitions and focuses on the Arabic phrase I discussed above.  Also, the verses in the song from this point onward are in English and are then framed by the Arabic.  The video is below. Here is another link to their site featuring photos of the group.

Listen to this song and sing along and even white boys with no rhythm will master it. Maybe a certain “Queen” should show this one to her husband.

Beautiful job gentlemen, beautiful job.

22 responses to “Tis the Season for Treason

  1. WTF!

    “Miri Nash, dressed sharply in a black cocktail dress that accented her LONG BLONDE HAIR”

    Blonde hair? I thought Jews were olive skinned descendants of the patriarchs who miraculously returned to their God given land in 1948.

    Oh Wait! that’s right! I need to stop listening to John Hagee.

    (Sarcasm off)

    Damn Khazar imposters!



    I bet she even had blue eyes.

  2. That trademarked face sitting at Janet’s right hand reminds me of a reverent marriage took place some eons ago at Starwood. Thanks for the golden memories and keep up the good humor man!

  3. skulz fontaine

    “The Hollywood Jew…”
    So it’s true. Jewlywood is Israeli occupied territory. Say MT? Have you ever been to Compton? Cause you know, Compton ain’t nothing compared to Jewlywood.
    I’m willing to bet that Jason Alexander has NEVER oh no ever been to Compton. I could be wrong and I can concede the possibility.
    I’ve been to Compton. Yup. Been to Jewlywood as well. Hmmm, I MUCH prefer Compton. Better class of folk and all that.

  4. And our soldiers beg for food and shelter when they come home after fighting wars for isreal. Suicide, mental problems dealing with what they have done, and alcohol and drugs. What the hell is going on folks?

  5. Skulz,

    I’ve never been to Compton, but I’ve been to Jerusalem. . . .

  6. Mantiq:
    In 2003 two Secret Service ‘special agents’ (that’s how they described themselves) came to my house and questioned me about my political writing. Both of them were twenty-something law-school graduate types. At one point I asked them if they had actually read anything that I had written (which was the whole point of their investigation of me). “No,” they replied, “our regional director has a file of your writings, but he wouldn’t permit us to read any of it.”

    So the two SS ‘special agents’ who were sent to interview me, a dissident writer, were not allowed to read anything that I had written. What that shows me is that the SS leadership doesn’t want their lower echelons to be exposed to subversive opinions, even when their job is to investigate the people who promulgate those opinions.

    The incident gave me an insight into the psychology and functioning of repressive institutions and the ‘yes men’ who work for such institutions, and also a greater confidence and pride in the importance of my work as a dissident writer.

  7. bro, check out this song:

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  9. Fuck these Ashkenazi Europeans!

  10. Americans Against Zionists

    All is lost.
    The Zionists Jews have won everything.
    They act and react to EVERYTHING that’s in their interest.
    We just sit and watch them win.
    They have gained, everything that we have lost.
    They took advantage of the situation and we didn’t stop them.
    So, are they to blame? No. We should have known they have no morals.
    We can only blame ourselves for not crushing them first!
    The longer we do nothing about them, the harder the job to rid our lives of them.
    So, quit bitching about what they have done and are doing.
    Begin to do something. What?
    Think for once about what to do!
    Stop paying them your tax money.
    Cheat when ever possible.
    Steal their goods.
    Steal their money.
    Ignore their threats.
    Destroy their image, destroy their future.
    Win back your future.
    Real Americans don’t roll over.
    Real Americans fight to the death for their honor and freedom!

  11. The manipulation and ignorance is mindboggling, when will we wake up? Tell the truth and you wind up like Helen Thomas or the poor pathetic Rick Sanchez. Time ‘they’ started paying up.. Here is a good article on how the neo-cons never take responsibility http://www.thecactusland.com/2010/08/banging-drums-of-war-iran-and-neo-cons.html

  12. Gregory, thanks for letting others know that Americans are being questioned by their own government just for writing books. What a government we now have.

    Will be interested in another new book just out about Americans who stand up to federal tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s a thriller with the FBI/CIA fighting each other over saving the country. I recommend it cause it could be our true destiny in history is about to happen.


    Counterpunch is a respectable website & to see this written shows me that more Americans are finally waking up. Great article!!

  13. http://www.lexiline.com/lexiline/lexi000.htm

    This site will explain why we have never found ANT archeological evidence that David or Solomon or Moses ever lived. The simple answer is, THEY DID NOT! The entire Old Testament is a LIE! God never gave any Jew or anyone else anything. Fact: Moses is a myth
    Fact: Mohammed was a schizophrenic. Fact: Jesus never lived on Earth. Israel has no more legitimacy than Nazi Germany.

  14. If these benefactors can send all this money to foreign military members than they have too much if it. I would like to reduce the amount they have by not purchasing anything from their family owned companies. Does anyone have a list of companies owned by these miscreants? The article mentions Guess so they will be on my personal boycott agenda. Who else?

  15. Am gettin the feeling that the first step we all need to take is to assert ourselves as Americans, first & foremost with the main goal of pursuing foreign policies that benefit ALL AMERCIANS rather than just those livin in Hollywood, Miami and else where.

    Hey I too visited Compton several times and Jerusalem once before the Moldavians took it over.

  16. Well – here are some American Jews making up the story that Iran is supplying missiles to Venezuela to attack Uncle Sam – You know sort of reliving JFK’s ‘Cuban missile crisis’.


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  18. The girl on the website link has her own website called “model4jewbucks.”

  19. ad David,

    You need to do a little reading. There was absolutely nothing illegitimate about Nazi Germany.

  20. “Doesn’t that just make you want to come all over Monica Lewisnky’s dress?”

    Hee hee. Not necessarily, but it does make me hard. Great writing Mantiq. I have thoroughly enjoyed your wit & talent as a new comer here.
    Bring us more!!

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