Mantiq – Brief Observations from Dublin

1.  Have been on the road a great deal as I indicated this summer. A few free moments have come up and I thought I’d post some short random comments. I do have lots of stuff in the works, but for now just a few snippets.

2. Wonkette has a great article on the Grand Mosque fiasco (written in rather Mantiqiyyan style).  This one issue really exposes to the whole world just what a bigoted fucked up shit hole of hate these formerly inspiring Unites States have become. As a temporary expat who, as he writes these words, is sitting in Dublin eating a great donner kebab sandwich made by a refugee from Jalalabad, Afghanistan and listening to Gaelic radio playing lovely Irish music, I don’t even know what to say to people. Thanks Wonkette for writing what I should have written despite my current time constraints. And thanks to the Anonymous Arabist for the heads up.

3. I understand that Greg Gutfeld is Catholic (maybe it’s because he’s a “judeo-catholic” but I digress). Since I am yet again on the road, I don’t have all the tuyuur here to help with my rather extensive research. However, about 2 minutes of research using Google in Gaelic (as far as I can tell, the word for “Google” in Gaelic is “Google”), shows he hasn’t written much on sexual perversion in the Catholic church, though Irish papers, including today’s Irish Independent seem to have no problem bringing up the subject.  But maybe good old Catholic Gutfeld figures too many Zionists have been writing about Catholic sexual perversion, so instead, he, as a good Catholic, is advocating opening up a homosexual gay bar for Muslims next to the bigotedly-named “Ground Zero” mosque. Apparently the bar is only for Muslim homosexuals – at least this will prevent them from being molested by Catholic priests, so maybe he will be rewarded for this in the next life. He won’t be serving alcohol, so he figures this bar will be Islamically kosher.  I hope Muslims around the world will pray about this guy.

One thing that Catholic Gutfeld could do though, since the real estate he wants to put up his Muslim gay-bar in is no doubt very expensive, is that he could get financing from an Islamic bank.  That way he won’t have to pay huge interest rates to a bunch of people of the book – interest rates that could drive him into bankruptcy and then the bank will turn is lovely God-focused establishment into a Jewish homosexual bar – G-d forbid because they’d be serving alcohol and let Jewish rabbis screw little boys.

4. Devvy Kidd, we hardly knew ye. You are no longer an official Mantiq al-Tayr babe. You know why.  If you don’t know why, “you” not being Ms. Kidd but the readers, go to Jeff Rense’s site and read her Zionist posts about how Shari’ah law is coming to court house near you soon. What pure Zionist Bullshit. Ms. Kidd should be ashamed of herself.  So right on about a number of things, her doing this makes me think she’s either being black-mailed for coloring her hair or something, or that she’s lost her mind. We hope to replace  her soon with a new Mantiqiyyan babe. We usually have just three, but now we are down to two. Nominations can be posted in the comments section.

5. Lots of weird shit going in Ireland with the former head of Irish Nationwide Building Society getting some rather bad press for doing the kind of shit that has been going on the States. 1 million Euros, that’s 666 million dollars, he got as a bonus after getting a nice bailout for his company. No doubt he is an Islamofascist.

6. The unnamed head of Dublin’s mafia got arrested today. Pretty cool.  Today’s edition of the Evening Herald has an article that I can’t find on the paper’s wesbsite entitled “Dublin’s No 1 Mobster Arrested.”  The Mobster is unnamed. It is interesting to note the amount of eastern European language one hears in parts of Dublin. Also this article about the link of the Russian sex trade to the Irish mafia is worth reading. Of course this sex trade is just about everywhere. Just hadn’t come to my mind I’d find it here.

7. Having been here for a short time, as far as I can tell after watching American tv news for far too many years, makes me an expert.  Right now, I’d say that I know as much about this intriguing country with lots of really cute tuyuur as Devvy Kidd knows about Islam.

8.  I am a man of no importance and I do not know Rachel Bay Jones at all. I have no clue whether she’s been here. She sings this song like she has. I walked through Phoenix Park yesterday with company, walked on Henry Street today, alone.  It still has an echo from the song Ms. Jones sings.   It’s a nice listen. Give it a minute or so and you’ll agree.

Ms. Jones – if this makes you famous, you owe me a beer on the streets of Dublin. 🙂

What I woudn’t give to walk into an Irish pub tomorrow and find the great Alex Cockburn. (Won’t ever happen. But man, would I be asking for autographs.)

10 responses to “Mantiq – Brief Observations from Dublin

  1. hey mantiq, can you help me out — not that I’m not already beyond helpless, or something. I’m thinking of becoming a muslim. So, now where do I start?

    here’s my short take on the horizon — starting with the flaws (ignorance really) of Devvy Kidd (a kind of cute red-head from Texas — what can one expect from a fifty plus something turned into a groovy-squeaky teenager — she had done some nice work on the 17th amendment back when — but that was back when)

    the Sunni faction is the only one that truly preserves the teachings of the Prophet

    which cannot be extracted from his poetry.

    but I am a lot wierder than anyone you will meet … the Saudis are not Sunni. They are Islamo-Talmudic. How’s that one? Something like Judeo-Roman? Immediately upon Mohammet’s passing (may his poetry live forever) the Zionistas of his time setup the Shi’ia faction, as a reaction designed to submarine his teachings. Thus, the Shi’ia prescribe that spiritual citizenship (on earth as it is in heaven) is based primarily on your daddy’s ball juice (my daddy was a big squirt, how about yours?, etc.). Between the Shi’ia “men,” the ideal case is that your daddy is direct ball-juice descendent of Fatima’s hubbie, as though getting into her uterus somehow (Sumarian magic perhaps?) got him closer to the poetic powers of the Prophet. In any case, ball juice descendency is how degrees of righteousness are measured in the Shi’ia community of “men” — the rest can go outside and flaggilate themselves with sticks and chains (hmmm, in latin, they are called fascisti, from which the modern word fascism is derived).

    the jews did not stop their attack on the Prophet and the intellectual and commpassionate power of his living poetry. They then setup the Sharia Law. It’s just a Sumarian-Babylonian transmorphing of the teachings of the Prophet, called oral “tradition” (something like chewing cummin and then giving a blowjob innoculation to a circumcised baby boy — whose brain has just been altered by administration of extreme and intentional pain — a practice perfected as Sumerian Voodoo as well as CIA MK/ultra). So much as the Talmud is an “oral tradition” which transmorphs the OT into its opposite, by extracting the inextractible, which is the poetic part, so also does the Sharia Lawbook attempt to transmorth or linearize the living poetry of the Prophet.

    In short, you can teach a donkey how to be a Shi’ia if its daddy has the right ball juice, and you can teach a donkey how to read Sharia Law (maybe even red-headed donkeys from Texas!) but you cannot teach a donkey the teachings of the Prophet, because their brains cannot do the higher poetic parts.

    Want a headache? — just try to imagine in your mind, Henry Kissinger, maybe at an interview with Charlie Rose. Arghhh!

    Want a migraine? Now, try to imagine Henry the K. reading a poem. Any poem. He can’t. His brain is too stupid. So this is the analogy of the donkey. And that donkey is good friends with the Sauid family, so they are Sharia donkeys as well.

    I have compared the Sunni translations of the Quoran with the Saudi translation. The two are completely unrecognizable. The Saudi translation reduces every contest down to a binary, up or down, brute force-like solution. Something like who’se your daddy’s ball juice? The Sunni translation, by Yusuf Ali is much more poetical, and tries to teach the arabic meanings of words …

    am I wrong … delete this if it’s too controversal to handle .. I don’t want to divide the islamic community, but these zionist Sumarian-Babylonian corrupters are smart, and the community does have its enemies within, just like the christian communities.

    if I decide to join, which will be very controversal (my father was in the CIA, he was assassinated by GHW when he released the real pentagon papers, which showed that the Pentagon was running BOTH sides of the Vietnam war, Ho Chi-minh was trained by and got his weapons to kill inner-city Americans via Pentagon shipments from Guam and Manilla orchestrated through his pentagon contact, Gen. Philip E. Gallagher), how do I tell a Sunni mosque from a Shi’ia one? I’m more interested in the language and the teachings than I am in getting sniffed out and judged for my daddy’s ball juice.

    in your travels, BTW, have you read the work of a Flemish historian of antiquities, named Henri Pierenne. Mohammet and Charlemagne. Charlemagne ran a war against the Venetian Jews who destroyed Greece and then moved to Venice, where they then setup the Catholic Church to subsume and dogmatize Christianity (much as Shi-ia faction was setup later to destroy the teachings of the Prophet). Ask any European and they will tell you that when Charlesmagne won, he launched European Civilization. Basically, his theme was that the Jews were changing the value of gold, depending on whether it was coming or going. So, like Mohammed, he said, enough of that shit, and he organized an army and kicked some banker butt. And he won. Well, wouldn’t you know it. According to the reserch of this completely honorable historian, who died in 1895 or something, Charlemagne’s army was a continuation of Mohammed’s army. When Mohammed passed, Charlesmagne continued his fight, and with the help of Mohammet’s soldiers, he won.

    In short, the birth of European civilization, based on a principle of state control of the value of gold, thus stabilizing the value of money and thus putting the Venetian moneychangers, e.g. the usurers, out of business, stands on teh shoulders of the remnants of Mohammet’s army, who got as far as Romania and Bulgaria, and Charlemagne organized them (actually their sons) and finished the job.

    so many paradoxes …

  2. On Devvy, my thoughts exactly.

  3. On Devvy my thoughts exactly. Will Grigg has some interesting observations on the Sharia Law panic here:

  4. Tis sad to see anyone join the mcarthyist anti-sharia crusade

  5. On Divvy…
    “We hope to replace her soon with a new Mantiqiyyan babe. We usually have just three, but now we are down to two. Nominations can be posted in the comments section.”

    WHO are the remaining two?
    WHAT am I missing here?

    & Ramadan Kareem

  6. mantiqaltayr

    Hi Freeman,

    The two remaining Mantiqiyyan Babes are Katheryn Albrecht and Laura Dawn Lewis. Search the site and you’ll find the articles that mention them and raise them to such a sublime status. It does seem that Haifa Wehbe is in the lead to replace Ms. Kidd. (Although I’m also thinking of nominating the young lady who does the Mermaid’s Sea website.)

    Ramadan Kareem,


  7. Hey Mantiq, I found some hot Zio-Nazi babes and a place to meet them without joining the IDF or risk being terrorized by them in occupied Palestine. Take a look at Miriam Schwab!!

    This video is of a Zionist conference where young fanatics are taught how to edit Wikipedia to make Israel look like a peace loving nation.

    I posted this video the other day on my new WordPress blog: The Video Rebel

  8. Hey Molecule,
    I just read that somewhere about the Islamo-Talmudic thing. Interesting, except I don’t feel like it even matters since most of us have them pegged as imperialist/US/Zionist whatever it takes to keep having the blondes feed them grapes and little boys in-waiting in the other room. Nothing would surprise me, the more I learn about who’s who in the world it sure looks like all the world is a stage, for sure. Never knew what that meant till maybe 9/11/2001.

  9. 5 dancing shlomos

    time you left dublin.

  10. I’m just back.

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