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The Mermaid’s Lament

1. As I again prepare to leave town for another trip, this one an escape from هموم الدنيا as we say in Arabic, I regret not being able to blog as I was before – there is so much I’d love to rant about.  I hope you all enjoy the war with Iran, it might even start before I get back to blogging regularly.

2. Before I finish packing, I leave something for all you Arabists out there. It is the entire content of of a recent post on the Mermaid’s Sea blog – we are mutual fans though we have never met and most likely never will.  I take it as a lamentation for Khalid Said, now known as شهيد الطوارئ .  If any of you Arabists out there would like to post a poetic English translation in the comments section so those مستضعفين في الارض who do not know Arabic can appreciate it, please do. It would be nice to see more than one rendering so folks can compare.

Here is the Mermaid’s Lament:

يا من أظهر الجميل وستر القبيح، يا من لا يؤاخذ بالجريرة ولا يهتك الستر، يا حسن التجاوز، يا واسع المغفرة، ويا باسط اليدين بالرحمة، يا صاحب كل نجوى، ويا منتهى كل شكوى، يا كريم الصفح، يا عظيم المن، يا مبتدأ النعم قبل استحقاقها، يا ربنا وسيدنا ومولانا، ويا غاية رغبتنا

!  اعفو والستر وارحم يا رب

3. No doubt some of you will find that these lines have a ring of familiarity.  You can find some of these in a prayer said upon the completion of the recitation of the Quran. Here is the Arabic script of the prayer.  Here is a link to Shaykh al-Afasy’s webite were you can download it and also his actual Quran recitations. And to make it easy for you, here is the link to the  file by the Shaykh himself.

4. Somehow, the opening couplet from Rumi’s Masnavi seems appropriate here for كل خالد سعيد  and every Rachel Corrie and every Iman al-Hams.

بشنو از نی چون حکايت می کند
از جدايی ها شکايت می کند