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We Are All Palestinians

1. Hi FBI guys who read this blog. How about a little multiple choice test? It’s a pretty easy test, so easy in fact that Shas Party members don’t even get a hint at the correct answer.Now here’s the question:

Let’s say you have a person whom you suspect may be guilty of a crime, any crime really, but one that is serious enough that you will want to send someone out to arrest the person. Let’s say the person is suspected of doing any one or more of the following: dealing drugs, using drugs, exploiting child labor laws, murdering innocent people on the high seas, exposing fraud in the police department by uploading videos of policemen engaged in criminal behavior, selling nuclear weapons to South Africa, or maybe something really awful, like hitting Israeli commandos over the head with a stick.  Anyway, whatever the reason, you all out there in the FBI have a warrant and need to go arrest this guy.  The guy is 28, you have his name, you know who he is, so you:

A. Enter his home early one morning with a professional and capable team of agents, surprise him and his family, scare the hell out of them, and arrest him and bring him in for questioning.

B. You put him under surveillance and determine that he is unarmed. When he goes into a public place in the evening you send in a couple of well-trained agents who surprise him, verify his identity, arrest him, and bring him in for questioning.

C. As he leaves his home for work in the morning, you follow him in an unmarked car, then you turn on your police lights, pull him over, rough him up a bit, steal anything in his car or in his wallet of value, arrest him, and take him in for questioning.

D. Either A, B, or C except that just before arresting him you ask for a huge bribe. If he agrees to pay, you go easy on him and eventually let him escape.

E. You follow him late a night into an internet café. You ask for his money and then, when he acts scared, you begin to beat the shit out of him in front of all the customers and the manager and make sure to smash his head against a marble table. Then as he screams begging for mercy you stick illegal drugs in his mouth, drag him out of the café, take him to a building nearby making sure to smash his head against the metal door of the building since suspects make good battering rams. There you continue to beat him to death even as two doctors try to revive him and then when he is dead you still continue to beat him. Then you lie like the Israeli government about everything even as human rights groups around the world condemn you and call for a real investigation.

Okay, so which is the correct answer? Now I am sure that Shas Party members would have no problem picking the correct answer.  Likewise with Likud party members, Kadima and whatever.  In addition, the Egyptian government and police – and I use the term police loosely here – would also pick the very same answer. That answer is E and that is just what happened to a young Egyptian man named Khaled Said on June 6th, 2010 in Alexandria, Egypt.  It is all over the internet in certain places. It even made it in the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post – a newspaper that really cares for the rights of all Arabs, as we know. Here’s a nice quote from another article about this disgusting and all too-typical event:

“The victim’s brother, Ahmed Said, maintained that the beating was revenge for his possession of a video showing the policemen dividing the spoils of a drug bust among themselves and so they confronted him at the cafe. He said he saw his brother’s body a day after his death. His jaw was twisted, his rib cage mangled and his skull cracked, he said. Similar images were posted on bloggers’ websites and he confirmed their authenticity.”

What’s going on here and has been going in Egypt for basically ever, is that the Egyptian government is treating its own citizens the exact same way that Israel treats the Palestinians. Actually, let me revise that a bit. Egypt is treating its own people not just the way Israel treats the Palestinians,  Egypt treats its own people just like Egypt and Israel treat the Palestinians.

Many governments are treating their own citizens the way Israel and Egypt treat the Palestinians – most Arab governments do this, for example, but the situation seems to be getting worse, not better, even in the US of A.

FBI guys, it is your job to make sure that the government here does not treat Americans the way Egypt, Israel and the US treat Palestinians.  Same for all of you out there in law enforcement.

Now, if you can find a way to treat BP officials like Palestinians, on that issue maybe I can be flexible.

2. Before and after photos of Khaled Said are all over the net. You can see them here. I am not posting them below because it is just so gross. Be warned.  But if you think you can handle it take a look. Then let the Egyptian embassy know what you think. Here’s their contact info:

3521 International Ct. Nw
Washington DC 20008
Website URL:

Ladies and gentlemen, no one should be treated like a Palestinian.

3. It would probably surprise no one to learn that all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr are huge fans of Deek Jackson. But right now, thanks to Deek Jackson, I can’t go anywhere now without hearing the tuyuur singing his latest song.  It is so bad that I can’t even drive alone in my car without the words “Fuck off”, sung so beautifully at a key part of the song, running through my head.  So I close this post with the link to his song below.

To all of you in authority who abuse your power at the expense of common men and women, “fuck off.”

(Music starts at 33 seconds into the video. It’s worth the wait. And if you aren’t patient, I’ll notify the Egyptian police.)

Forsaken: The USS LIBERTY, Gaza, The Rachel Corrie and You

My blogging hiatus continues, but I am putting up the post below which I did a back in 2010

“Oh hear us when we cry to Thee,

For those in peril on the sea!

US Navy hymn, quoted by James Scott in The Attack on the LIBERTY.

1. It is June 6th, 2010, a Sunday morning. The MV Rachel Corrie was illegally seized yesterday by the Israelis and forcibly hauled to Ashdod. Today’s Washington Post made no mention of this event whatsoever. It didn’t happen. This is why that loathsome organ is called the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post on this blog.  The sins of the Washington Post are innumerable. Yesterday, Max Blumenthal called out Glenn Kessler, an Israeli shill masquerading as a reporter, for his lies and distortions about the Freedom Flotilla.  These are just two examples among countless others of the Post sacrificing truth to the G-d of Israel.

43 years ago yesterday, Israel launched what came to be called the Six-Day War during which it captured the Gaza Strip and the entire Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. On the fourth day of this war, the ramifications of which are today finally becoming clear to people around the world, Israel deliberately attacked the USS LIBERTY in international waters near el-Arish which in turn is very close to the Gaza strip.  The Israelis killed 34 US sailors and wounded over 170 others in their attempt to sink the USS LIBERTY. Fortunately for the men on board the LIBERTY, the Israeli torpedo boats were not only manned by war criminals, there were manned by incompetent war criminals, thus four of the five torpedoes the three Israeli torpedo boats fired from close range at the LIBERTY missed their target.  One did hit the ship, near to but still missing the boiler room. The LIBERTY rose up out of the water due to the  impact of the explosion, came crashing back down onto the sea and began to list. Had any of the other torpedoes hit the ship, you dear reader, would probably think today that it was Egypt who sank the USS LIBERTY.

In light of the incompetency of the torpedo boats, the Israelis sent helicopter born commandos to finish off the ship. (Sound familiar? Keep reading.)  As one of the helicopters hovered directly over the ship with a well-armed commando sitting on edge of the helicopter staring down at Petty Officer Third Class Phillip Francis Tourney who was standing on the main deck, the Israelis suddenly turned and sped away. Word had gotten out that it was Israel who had attacked the ship. No sense coming on board to slaughter the remaining sailors and to blow up the ship. The jig was up. This was at about 4:00 in the afternoon, June 8th 1967. No help would come to the LIBERTY for 16 to 18 more hours. Too late for poor Seaman Gary Blanchard who died at 3: AM, June 9th, 1967 as the overwhelmed and heroic ship’s doctor had exhausted all means available to  him to save Blanchard’s life.

Four days after the attack on the LIBERTY more “help” arrived from the US Navy. This help was in the form of Admiral Isaac Kidd, Jr., whose very own father was killed on board the USS Arizona during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I can’t help but wonder how Isaac Kidd Sr. viewed the actions of his son on board the USS LIBERTY as he watched from above. If Jr. had been my son, I would have been ashamed.

Kidd Jr.  met with many of the sailors on board the ship in small groups, ostensibly to find out from them what happened. Con artist par excellence, he would take off his stars and put them on a table, claiming to be just one of the guys. Once the men opened up to him telling him of Israel’s horrible crimes, he would put his stars back on, scowl at them and tell them that if they ever breathed a word of this to anyone ever, he would jail them or have them killed.

Below are excerpts from Phil Tourney’s gripping book on the USS Liberty massacre, entitled What I Saw That Day. These excerpts are from Chapter 9 of the book which recounts Phil’s reactions to what he had just seen and heard from Admiral Isaac Kidd, Jr. The chapter’s title is “Forsaken.” Its prescience in light of events this past week is eerie. No red highlighting this time, none is necessary.

I am not as forgiving as Jesus was. Murderers are murderers. As far as I’m concerned, what they do once they will do again if given the opportunity. The fact that Israel slaughtered thirty-four of my shipmates and yet are receiving over 30 million dollars a day from the US means they view the whole affair as a profitable enterprise. Why then would they not do it again?”

This is my greatest fear.

That day, when Kidd left us standing there like a woman thrown out of a car after being raped and told by her attackers “don’t even think about calling the cops, bitch”, my world changed. What’s worse than the attack itself has been the knowledge – the personal knowledge – that we were set up and now would be deprived the justice we deserved. That has been the most bitter thing about this whole ordeal.

The other sailors and I stood there, still hearing the reverberations of Kidd screaming at us and slamming the door. You could have heard our hearts breaking. We wailed out from within our souls, knowing and yet not knowing that the rest of our lives would be a nightmare. I thought about Mom telling me the story of her people, the American Indians who had been forced to walk their trail of tears and whose lives were cheap and expendable…

…And now I realized that my life too, was cheap and expendable, especially when compared to Israeli blood.

I did not know it at the time, but bringing us in in small groups was a deliberate maneuver on Kidd’s part. He had wanted to scare us and knew it would be easier if we were few in numbers. Had we been in there with twenty other guys, we would not have felt so helpless.

After Kidd left, I walked over to the door he had just slammed shut and beat my hands against the steel bulkhead as hard as I could. They exploded with pain, but the pain was refreshing because it let me know I was still alive. What I was saying with my fists that I could not say with my mouth was, “FUCK YOU, ADMIRAL, SIR! MY LIFE AND THE LIVES OF MY SHIPMATES MEAN SOMETHING, SO FUCK YOU, SIR! GET IT?!”

And in that instant I lost all respect for authority. I lost my respect for the US Navy. I lost respect for my country. I would never trust them again. Ever. From then on, although I would salute as required, what I would be thinking within the confines of my own mind would be, “KISS MY ASS SIR.” As far as I was concerned they were – all of them –  accomplices to cold-blooded murder, and the worst part was that they knew it. This is not the mark of a leader, it is the mark of a coward and a traitor.

It was not just Admiral Isaac Kidd, but also his boss, Admiral John McCain, and his bosses, Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara and President of the United Stats Lyndon Baines Johnson. May they burn in hell for allowing themselves to become nothing more than puppets to Israel – just as virtually every elected American official is today.

Nothing has changed since 1967. For me, every day is June 8, 1967. Now – just like it was then – Israel rules America and the only thing that has changed has been the seasons.

The question is not whether or not Obama or the US Congress will get the message. They know what’s going on and are actively participating in Israel’s crimes.

Nor is the question whether or not the people of the world will get the message. They already have and they are doing something about it.

The question is, will the fat, lazy, ignorant Zionist-Bullshit fed American people ever get the message?

Not if the Washington Post gets its way.

National Jewish Democratic Council and the Israeli Commando Assault

1. A while back I did a post on “Representative” Deborah Wasserman-Schultz (Likud, Florida), an Israeli firster, who, among other things, is a member of the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), an organization we’ve been wanting to do an expose on here at Mantiq al-Tayr for quite some time. Sadly, the vicious assault by peace activists upon elite Israeli commando units in international waters this week has distracted our attention from the fine patriotic work of the NJDC. The NJDC is more evidence of the theory held here that the US Congress is not just controlled by the Zionist lobby, the US Congress is actually a part of the Zionist lobby.  The NJDC website seems to exist to prove that thesis.

The CEO of the NJDC  is Ira N. Forman. Here is an excerpt from his bio as provided on the NJDC website.

“From 1977 to 1981, Forman worked for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), where he served as legislative liaison and Political Director. From 1983 – 1985 he was the New York Director of the National PAC – at the time the largest pro-Israel PAC in the United States.”

So the head of the NJDC is a former paid lobbiest for two of the most powerful pro-Israel lobby groups in the United States.

I can hear you all now bitching, whining and moaning as usual “Mantiq, we want good stuff about the peace activists deliberately murdering, well not murdering, but pushing around and beating up superbly trained, pacifist, peace-loving Israeli commandos who were vacationing in the Mediterranean and were holding hands and singing Hatikvah when they were assaulted! We don’t need no info about no NJDC. Plus, you haven’t even had one anti-cat video in a hell of a long time. WTF is up with you?”

Well, guess what? Ira N. Forman has issued an official statement on behalf of the NJDC about the vicious assault on those commandos and we will post it in full below.  But first, go here for a list of all the Democratic and independent Jewish members of Congress according to the NJDC. You might want to write to them and ask if they endorse Forman’s statement.

I am not going to comment on the statement itself, though I have highlighted certain parts in red. The statement itself says oh so much, oh so very much.

“We at the National Jewish Democratic Council are saddened by the regrettable loss of life during this weekend’s events. We know that Israel will investigate the matter fully and impartially, as it has done in the past.

[Okay, I have to make a comment, just can’t help myself. I gave a lot of thought to recording this statement aloud and putting a laugh track on it. Maybe I will at some point. Now let’s get back to business.]

However, every nation has a right to self-defense and Israel is no exception. Israel has a responsibility to enforce its naval blockade as a means to protect its citizens from the ever-present threat of weapons entering the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip – weapons that historically have been trained on Israeli civilians and soldiers alike. Those around the world who are so quick to judge Israel should pause and reflect upon how they would react if challenged under similar circumstances – since they would most likely react in the same way, in defense of the security of their citizens.

The American Jewish community should also understand the role that our government has played in the past 24 hours, from President Barack Obama’s close contact with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to our representation at the United Nations. As Politico reported today, it appears that President Obama is the only world leader to give Israel the benefit of the doubt regarding this unfortunate incident.

NJDC applauds President Obama and his Administration for all of their productive efforts in support of Israel. The Obama Administration’s successful work to keep this incident in perspective – and replace a one-sided anti-Israel statement within the UN Security Council with a more measured one – demonstrates yet again that President Obama will not waiver from America’s time-honored responsibility to  ensure that Israel is treated in a fair manner in international bodies. Through its actions, the Obama Administration has made it clear that a biased investigation into the matter will not be tolerated and that Israel’s enemies will not be able to use this incident as a tool to delegitimize the Jewish State.”

2. The NJDC  has great love for the Palestinians. We know this because the NJD supports “Mossad Jane” Harman who in turn supports the two-state solution. However, (apparently) fellow Jew, Marcy Winograd, running against Harman for the Democratic nomination for Harman’s seat, does not. Winograd is warned by the NJDC that she had better support two states. The warning, and believe me it is extremely revealing and in a way downright funny, is entitled:

“Jewish Dems to Marcy Winograd: Support Two States”

Yeah, she better or they’ll cut off the head of a gefilte fish and put it in her bed. From the text of the warning itself:

” Harman is a staunch advocate for Israel and supports a negotiated two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, placing her within the mainstream. Winograd, in complete contrast, supports a bi-national one-state solution—the same solution supported by some of Israel’s fiercest detractors.”

So, just like Alan Derwoshitz accusing Judge Goldstone of being a traitor because he dared criticize Israel’s barbaric behavior, Ira Foreman and his outfit are telling Winograd to shut the fuck up.

Except, it seems that Ms.  Winograd does not intend to shut the fuck up. In fact, according to the very same document she did something that in and of itself would get all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr to vote for her – twice if possible. 🙂

“Not only do I think a two-state solution is unrealistic, but also fundamentally wrong, because it only reinforces heightened nationalism. You cannot establish a democracy in a state founded on the institutionalized superiority or exclusivity of one of [sic] religion, ethnicity or culture. I do not support the notion of an Islamic state or a Christian state any more than I support a Jewish state.”

But Ms. Winograd gets even better, and I am sure the following, all quoted in the very same document, is what really pissed off Forman and company and which also would get all of the tuyuur here to vote for Ms. Windograd three times. (With electronic voting machines, anything is possible. It kind of reminds me of all those Xero commercials years ago with Christian Monks, looking stupid and saying “It’s a miracle” but I digress.)

Winograd also questioned the loyalty of Members of Congress who support Israel, saying “I would hope that all of our lawmakers would pledge allegiance to this country as the country they represent.”

Well, goys and girls, that comment  really jerked Forman’s uzzi, so the NJDC fired back with:

“Today Ira Forman, CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council, said of Winograd’s position:

“Winograd’s position on Israel stands in direct contrast to President Obama’s efforts to foster a two-state solution between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It’s also a slap in the face to the current leadership of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, who just received high praise from Obama’s Special Envoy for Middle East Peace, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, because of their commitment to achieving a negotiated two-state solution.

“A one state solution means the end of Israel, period. Winograd needs to know that support for a one-state solution is not acceptable to Jews, Democrats, and those who care about peace with dignity for Israelis and Palestinians.”

So, as you can see, the NJDC just loves them there Palestinians. That’s why it supported the murder of pro-Palestinian peace activists by Israeli commandos. I mean, even Shas Party members can understand this.

Even more interesting though is that the NJDC supports Jane Harman, who seems to be knee deep, maybe waist deep, actually mouth deep,  in Israeli espionage in the US, over Winograd, all because of the NJDC’s support for the state of Israel.

3. Okay, here’s two videos, neither about cats. I’m not in the mood.  Shas Party members, see if you can find the relationship between these two videos and the material above.

Now here is part of a GRITtv interview with Huwaida  Arraf.  This is just part of the interview which included Norman Finkelstein as  well,  although this excerpt does not.  He too had some good things to say. Ms. Arraf  got beat up  pretty good by the peace-loving pacifist Israeli commandos Ira Forman and the NJDC love so much.

4. Hanin Zoabi (a terrible transliteration of her name, but it seems to be a common one), is an Arab-Israeli Member of the Knesset who was on board the Mavi Marmara. Since being released from detention she has been, not surprisingly, treated like dirt  by her Knesset “colleagues”.   One MK, Miri Regev, even told her in Arabic, “Go to Gaza, traitor.” [Actually, Ms. Zoabi would have done just that had not the Israeli commandos stormed the ship at night and killed a bunch of people and taken the ship to Ashdod instead. But I digress.] Another MK, Mutz Matalon – who really ought to join the NJDC – said “Unfortunately, the (commando) fighters (who raided the aid flotilla) acted with too much restraint. They left only nine floating voters.”

Anyway, Ms. Zoabi (for you Arabists, her name is حنين الزعبي), is quite the fighter. She has more guts than all of Capital Hill combined.

Here she is on al-Jazeera talking about how people died because the pacifist commandos refused to provide medical attention. [That’s in the last section of this clip.]

And  here she is on the Israeli ass-kissing Al-‘Arabiyya channel kicking ass. She knows that we cannot allow Israel to control the narrative and she will not let the “interviewer” do so. You don’t need to understand  Arabic to see the kind of spirit she has.

الله معك يا حنين

5. So, today we have looked briefly at Ira Forman, the NJDC, Jane Harman, Marcy Winograd, Huwaida Arraf and Hanin Zoabi.

Which ones do you like? And which ones are “traitors” as MK Miri Regev said of Ms. Zoabi?

Freedom Flotilla: Separating Truth from Zionist Bullshit

1. “We will not stop. We will go again. Please, donate for the next trip. We have the Rachel Corrie and another boat.We WILL go until Gaza is free.”

Quoted from the twitter account. Their website is here. Donate.

2. “It was clear from the size of the force that boarded the ship that the purpose was not only to stop this sail, but to cause the largest possible number of fatalities in order to stop such initiatives in the future.”

Hanin Zoabi, Arab member of the Israeli Knesset who was on board the Mavi Marmara.

3. Janine Zacharia, the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post’s Wolf  Blitzer analogue, just not quite as feminine looking, has begun the propaganda campaign to make sure the Israeli position on Israel’s crimes against the Freedom Flotilla is the dominant one in what’s left of the minds of the American public.  Her article on the front page of JWNYPT today is a microcosm of all that is wrong with American journalism when it comes to the Jewish state. By the way, by “Jewish State” I mean Israel, not the United States, though frankly I could not find fault with any of you if you were confused for just a second. I’ll even give Shas Party members a break on that one.

Here you have an obvious case of murder on the high seas, piracy, and just plain thuggery on the part of Israel. But  the Zionist-Jew owned paper in the nation’s capital has a Jewess with years of ties to Israel presenting the Israeli side of the story.   She minimizes the death toll by saying “at least 9” people were killed, while at the same time on her very own twitter account she says the death toll could go up to 19 or 20, and presents almost everything from the Israeli perspective.

She starts right of the bat by describing Israeli’s commando raid on the Turkish ship as a “melee”. You know, a sort of Pier 6 brawl. Shas Party members, please note that the red highlights are mine.

“A nighttime Israeli naval operation to seize control of an aid flotilla headed for the Gaza Strip ended in a fatal melee on Monday as passengers battled with helicopter-borne Israeli commandos aboard a ship sailing on international waters. At least nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed.”

Israel sends in crack troops to seize an unarmed ship and the result is a “melee”. Hmmm. How about the result was Israel’s “killing at least nine passengers”? She knows how to use the passive voice.

This quote is worth looking at as well.

“Eight previous flotillas were either allowed to reach Gaza or were diverted by the Israeli navy without incident.

The above line is so misleading as to constitute an outright lie. Readers will think that boats carrying aid to Gaza either get there, or get diverted to the wonderful Jewish state, all without incident. This is pure, Grade J, kosher, stinking hot Zionist Bullshit.

Read this article: “Israeli gunboats ram boat carrying Cynthia McKinney, the people’s secretary of state.”

CNN, (Cabalah Network News), reported the same story. It sort of had to since one of its very own reporters, Karl Penhaul, was on board the ship, the DIGNITY, with Ms. McKinney.  Mr. Penhaul reported that one of the Israeli boats “very severly rammed” the ship.

“When the boat later docked in the Lebanese port city of Tyre, severe damage was visible to the forward port side of the boat, and the front left window and part of the roof had collapsed. It was flying the flag of Gibraltar.”

Ms. Mckinney, in that same article, reported:

“Our boat was rammed three times, twice in the front and one on the side.”

The attack on the DIGNITY was in international waters. The ship could have been sunk, according to its captain.

“It could have ended with people drowning if they hit us more square on,” Dignity’s captain, Denis Healey, said. “It could have gone down in minutes.”

An interesting note, is Ms. McKinney’s comment on Karl Penhaul and CNN.

“Another incredibly committed journalist who was with us was CNN’s Karl Penhaul. Karl reported the truth even when his own station was repeating Israeli disinformation.

Ever heard of the “SPIRIT OF HUMANITY”?

Here is what Paul Craig Roberts, now retired no doubt in part due to being tired of dealing with tons and tons of Zionist Bullshit, reported about that ship which also went to Gaza to deliver aid.

“On June 30 [2009], the government of Israel committed an act of piracy when the Israeli Navy in international waters illegally boarded the “Spirit of Humanity,” kidnapped its 21-person crew from 11 countries, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire, and confiscated the cargo of medical supplies, olive trees, reconstruction materials, and children’s toys that were on the way to the Mediterranean coast of Gaza. The “Spirit of Humanity,” along with the kidnapped 21 persons, is being towed to Israel as I write.”

[Note to Mr. Roberts: Please come out of retirement, we need you more than ever.]

The folks write on May 31, 2010 concerning the “Spirit of Humanity” the following:

“Israel has yet to return the Spirit of Humanity, registered under a Greek flag.”

Now the Israelis, and there are many places on the net where you can find their quotes, are also saying the Flotilla had links to al-Qa’ida. Here’s a link to a typical Israeli hysterical claim published by one of Zacharia’s former employers, the Jerusalem Post.

So it is no surprise to find that Zacharia uses that talking point as well, but instead she uses the term “militant groups” as she markets Israel’s brand for the zombified American public.

“Because of the much larger scale of this flotilla, and because of concerns about the presence of activists with alleged links to militant groups, Israel mounted a far more aggressive military response than it had before, officials said. Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu consulted with his top security advisers and approved “Operation Sea Breeze” to try to stop the flotilla from reaching Gaza.”

The entire article is like this. Yes, she does quote some sane people who point out the illegality of what Israel is doing, but everything is framed from an Israeli perspective.

This is what you get from a Zionist owned newspaper employing a reporter as its Jerusalem Bureau Chief who has worked for five years as the Washington Bureau Chief for the Jerusalem Post (Wolf Blitzer’s former paper – he was also stationed in Washington for the Jerusalem Post), and who has worked in Israel for “The Jerusalem Report” and for Reuters. (Blitzer did something similar – working for Reuters while in Tel Aviv).

On this note, here’s a link to Alison Weir’s excellent article a while back talking about how so many “US” correspondents in Israel have what appear to be conflict of interest issues.

It’s time to hold the media’s feet to the fire. Do not let the main stream media and its zio-spondents get away with whitewashing Israel’s crimes.

4.  Here’s an interesting contrast.  This is a link to the’s twitter account. Here’s one to Janine Zachari’s twitter account. Compare.

5. I just found out from looking at Xymphora’s site that the MV Rachel Corrie is headed toward Gaza. See here to learn the names of some of the people on board.