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Freedom Flotilla: “Israel is Threatening to Attack Us”

1. The quote in the title headline is from the video below featuring Huwaida Arraf, an American-born Christian woman of Palestinian heritage married to a Jew, Adam Shapiro, the  head of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Rachel Corrie was with the ISM when she was murdered.  Ms. Arraf  is talking about the Freedom Flotilla, a group of ships heading to Gaza to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza’s shore. In addition, the Flotilla is not just carrying “humanitarian aid” – you know, shitty food that Jews occupying Palestine wouldn’t eat themselves, they are carrying construction materials so that Gaza can rebuild itself after the terrorist murderous Israeli invasion of Gaza about a year and a half ago.  Said invasion being a series of war crimes against the Palestinian people that was bravely supported by both houses of the Congress of the United States of America, a fact which all decent Americans are utterly ashamed of.

Here is Ms. Arraf talking about the Flotilla. There is no question in my mind that the Israelis are far more afraid of people like Huwaida Arraf and the 750 or so good folks on board the Freedom Flotilla than they have ever been of suicide bombers.

As proof of my point go here to read about all the military and propaganda preparations the Israelis are taking to block the Flotilla. They also  intend to detain ALL of the passengers on ALL of the ships and take them to Ashdod, put them in tents, “process” them and deport them.

2. Regular readers of this blog are aware that Israel is not just run by people who are out and out racists, war criminals, crooks, and just plain assholes, they also know that lots of Israel’s ruling class is composed of people who are insane. Evidence for this abounds. Here is what Israeli Foreign Minister Asshole Avigdor Lieberman has to say about the Flotilla and the situation in Gaza.

First of all, he tells us that “”the flotilla is an attempt at violent propaganda against Israel, and Israel will not allow a violation of its sovereignty at sea, in the air, or on land.”

Now ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that the above quote is nothing but pure 100% unadulterated totally kosher Zionist Bullshit.  I love how unarmed ships carrying aid to one of the most wretched places on earth is “violent” propaganda. But again, Israel has a long record of attacking defenseless ships. Just ask Gaza fishermen. You could also ask Phil Tourney. But I digress.

And what is this Zionist Bullshit about the ships violating Israel’s sovereignty? That’s because in the minds of Israeli leaders (and many of its rank and file citizens), Gaza and the West Bank are part of Israel. They know the peace process is just more Zionist Bullshit, as I have documented on this blog.

Lieberman goes on:

There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and despite the Hamas leadership’s war crimes and rocket fire, Israel is conducting itself in the most humanitarian manner, and is allowing the entrance of thousands of tons of food and equipment to Gaza.”

I have an idea, let’s take one of the hundreds of illegal Israeli settlements, for example the illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank called Nokdim where Lieberman lives, and let’s surround it with the US military and block the entry of goods into the settlement, not let any of the residents leave the settlement, bomb the shit out of the settlement, reduce the standard of living in the settlement to that of the Gaza strip, and if the Israelis send an unarmed caravan of trucks with construction equipment, medical supplies and food and in Gandi-like fashion attempt to deliver these things peacefully to the extremist wackos who live in the settlement, let’s have the US military arrest them and treat them like they treat prisoners at Bagram or Guantanamo Bay.  Oh, and let’s take one of the peaceful protesters and run over her a couple of times with a bulldozer.

Oh, sorry, I forgot. The US military is a tool to be used by Israel to fight Israel’s wars. In fact, the US military won’t even defend US military ships if they are attacked by Israel, so why expect them to ever do a fucking thing to protect the real interests of the people of the United States?  Can’t believe I forgot this.  I must be reading too much Zionist Bullshit.  Need to cancel that subscription to But I digress.

Now as I said above, the Israelis are far more afraid of articulate peace loving people like  Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro than they are of suicide bombers. This is because Israel only understands violence – violence is something they can deal with – something which they in fact enjoy.  What Israel cannot deal with are people who courageously and peacefully stand up to its endless crimes against humanity, in part because the Israeli psyche, as Lieberman’s entire life demonstrates, is incapable of understanding motivations not rooted in a zero-sum game where aggression, killing and theft are standard operating procedure.   When Lieberman says that “there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza” he means it. He can’t see it – he is completely incapable of empathy. We are dealing with a nation where sociopaths run the show.

3. To see a live feed from the Freedom Flotilla, go here.  The feed is not always live, as I write this the feed is showing a Turkish music video with political overtones. A few minutes ago the feed had a diminutive Turkish woman speaking from of the ships. If readers find other feeds, please post the links in the comments and I’ll put them in the main body of this post.

Israel intends to bring an end to that live feed and to secretly arrest the people on the ships as this report from Ynet makes clear.

“The Israel Defense Forces said they would block access to the live footage as the ships near the shores of Gaza, meaning a takeover of the ships will be done secretly.”

4. Did I mention something about illegal Israeli settlements? How about the psycho-filled Israeli settlement called “Kiryat Arba” (Hebrew for “crazy motherfuckers”) which sits next to the major Palestinian city of al-Khalil in the West Bank. [Shas Party members know al-Khalil as Hebron].  Kiryat Arba was home to the American-born Zionist Jew mass murderer Baruch Goldstein who was allowed in 1994 by the Israeli military to enter al-Khalil’s major shrine, go into the part of the shrine that is a mosque where dozens of unarmed Palestinians were praying, and calmly to begin spraying the room with machine gun fire, managing to kill 29 Palestinians before the Palestinians overcame him and killed him. Now that shrine is surrounded by Israeli military, why didn’t they do anything to stop it once the shooting started? Because the Israeli military is under orders not to shoot at any Jew.  So Goldstein knew he’d be safe from them. It does appear that some of the Israeli soldiers did fire some shots, but it seems that they were firing at the Palestinians too.

This was done on the major Jewish holiday of Purim, by the way. A holiday that celebrates the murder of about 75,000 Persians. Ian Lustick noted regarding Goldstein’s murderous rampage that “by mowing down Arabs he believed wanted to kill Jews, Goldstein was reenacting part of the Purim story”.  It’s all right there on the Islamofascist run Wikipedia. Go read about Goldstein before the Wiki editors change the story.  Btw, if you ever go to Kiryat Arba, be sure to stop and pray at Goldstein’s grave there, just like many Jewish extremists do.

Anyway, I’ve been digressing. What I had wanted to note is that the crazies in Kiryat Arba have gone on yet another rampage – as they often do – against the residents of al-Khalil and have set fire to a bunch of their shops and homes.  This kind of thing happens a  lot in al-Khalil.  But Lieberman says that the “Freedom Flotilla” is “violent.”

5. I wonder if, when the Israelis arrest the “violent” people on the Freedom Flotilla, they will abuse them like they do Palestinian children when they arrest them? The Palestinian Telegraph reports:

“According to a report published by Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Friday, that the Israeli army harasses Palestinian children that they detain  and put in israeli jails and alongside with the Israeli police they threat[en] those children with sexual assault. The report was based on statements the newspaper took last year by the Palestinian children of the branch of the Palestinian global movement to Defend the child immediately after their release.”

This is interesting:

“The report pointed out that 69% of children who were arrested said that they had been beaten, and 97% were held handcuffed for long periods, and 96% were detained, blindfolded, in addition to deprivation of water and being insulted.”

What is with the Israeli Genocide Forces (the IGF)? Are they a bunch of Neanderthals?

6. Here’s a video of Israelis practicing their sharpshooting skills in April of this year. Go to about 1:40 of the video, if you are impatient. Also the last half of the video features a young Maltese woman speaking English. Her name is Bianca Zimmit. I’m telling you, people like Huwaida Arraf, Adam Shapiro and Bianca Zimmit scare the hell out of the Israelis. That’s why they shot Ms. Zimmit.

7. Now’s let really scare the shit out of the Israelis. Here is the very scary looking Nabil Mansour in two videos. In the first one, he talks about the siege of Gaza. It’s short and worth watching.  No doubt Lieberman is shaking in his boots.

In this video Nabil Mansour sings for Palestine. And this young man can sing.