Charles Schumer (Likud, New York)

1. Before we get into the exposing of traitors section of today’s post, I want to point you all to one of the most interesting and intriguing podcasts we here at Manitq al-Tayr have heard in a long time.   All the tuyuur here are abuzz about it. Every Friday, RBN-exiles Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof do “The Ugly Truth” radio podcast together and this past Friday they hosted non-other than the great Michael Collins Piper, whom we here at Mantiq al-Tayr think should be either elected as president of the United States, or at least be put in charge of the ADL, which as far as we can discern is pretty much the same thing. Yes, yes, I know, the ADL job is really closer to say being Director of the CIA, but do you all out there really believe that the guy in the White House actually runs the country anyway?  But I digress.

The subject of the podcast is the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995 and the reasons Piper believes that Israel played an important role in it. The further you listen into the podcast the more interesting it gets.  Download this thing, listen to it and share it with friends. Hell, send a copy to Abe Foxman.

2. Now with that done, let’s take a quick look at Mantiq al-Tayr’s “Traitor of the Week.”  This week’s winner of a Golda Meir inflatable doll is US Knesset Senator Charles Schumer (Likud, NY), who has managed to outdo himself.  Last week this disgrace was sending a letter to Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Whatever His Name Is, demanding that he impose “crippling” sanctions on a country that is abiding by international law on issues related to nuclear energy because that’s what Israel wants.  This week though, he has gone even further.

Schumer appeared on the Nachum Segal ‘s radio program “Jewish Music in the AM” and proceeded to inform listeners that Schumer and his fellow Jews in the so-called US Congress are going to dictate US policy on Israel to Israel’s benefit.  Here’s one quote from Schumer.

“So I called up Rahm Emmanuel and I called up the White House and I said ‘If you don’t retract this statement you’re gonna hear me publically just blast you on this’ and of course they did retract it. And now what’s happened, and many of us are pushing back . . .”

We interrupted this quote (quotus interruptus) to highlight something.  What does the red-highlighted word “us” refer to in the quote above? As you shall see immediately below the “us” refers to Jews in Congress working with Schumer on Israel’s behalf.   Let’s resume the quote:

“And now what’s happened, and many of us are pushing back some of the Jewish members will be meeting with the president next week or the week after. We are saying ‘this has to stop, you have to have in terms of the negotiations you have to show Israel that it is not gonna be forced to do anything it doesn’t want to do and can’t do, and at the same time you have to show the Palestinians that they are not going to get their way by just sitting back and not giving it and not recognizing that there is a state of Israel.”

You can hear the short clip from YouTube below.

You can hear the whole interview here.

So Schumer’s Jews will be marching on the White House in a week or two and telling Obama’s Jews – Emmanuel, Axelrod, Ross and the rest, that the charade of there being a difference between the White House and the insane Netanyahu government must now come to a complete stop. And as this article makes clear, it really was a charade.

Oh, Schumer also claims, falsely, that the housing units which were the subject of the dispute were in “Israeli Jerusalem”.  No they were not, no matter what Israeli agents say about the matter, the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, in its entirety, is illegal and is part of Palestinian land occupied and colonized by Israel. But “Israeli-Jerusalem” is code for “Israel will do whatever the hell it wants, so fuck you. Thank you.”

(Richard Silverstein has an interesting take on Ramat Shlomo.)

The White House fought back with courage that only a mother could love. Part of the Administration’s response was (and no I am not making this up, I wish I were)  “We have an unwavering commitment to the security of Israel and the Israeli people,” [White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs] said “You heard General Jones speak about that earlier in the week. We have said that from the beginning of the administration.”

That’s really standing up the Israelis, isn’t it? Now that ought to scare the shit out of the Israelis, right?

Actually goys and girls, it ought to scare the shit out of you. Hope you enjoy the coming war with Iran.

And here’s a shot of Charlie Schumer’s award.

3. About a year ago, we talked about the Pope’s visit to Jerusalem in part of his ongoing efforts to make the Roman Catholic Church look bad. He’s very good at this. Anyway, we noted that he had to meet with six “holocaust survivors” one of whom is Edward Mosberg who was then and still is under indictment for bribery and fraud.  Nonetheless, Mosberg was allowed to leave the US for Israel to hold hands with the Pope. Well, it seems he’s back. Still under indictment, but somehow, although three others have long since pleaded guilty to Mosberg-related schemes, Mosberg’s trial continues to be postponed. In a moment, our legal birdies at Mantiq al-Tayr will offer Mosberg some legal advice, but I just have to mention a couple of things.

First of all, Mosberg and his buddies all live in, surprise surprise, New Jersey (Motto “We have more crooks than Maryland). And apparently, in New Jersey, there is so damn much crime that the judges there don’t seem to care anymore.  One of the Mosberg-three is John Montefusco Jr., who plead guilty to not paying taxes on money he made in a house flipping scheme with Mosberg.  He also embezzled 18K worth of expenses.  He got 3 years probation and a 10K fine.  Why such a harsh sentence? Remember, this is New Jersey:

“But U.S. Judge Anne Thompson opted for probation, saying Montefusco and his wife, who both suffer from health problems, have a responsibility to care for their adopted preteen sons.

The judge also said the taxes he failed to pay the IRS on $160,000 of undeclared income was “not a great sum” compared to other offenders who have appeared before her.”

Anyway, Mosberg’s trial is being postponed until three separate Supreme Court rulings come down, one of them involving Conrad Black and another is Enron-related. Mosberg is in good company.

“All sides involved in the upcoming Mosberg trial are waiting for the nation’s highest court to decide on Black v. United States, Weyhrauch v. United States and Skilling v. United States — cases involving fraud that could offer “guidance” in how the Mosberg trial is conducted, lead prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni said today.”

Why would you wait for decisions to come down in other fraud and bribery cases? We aren’t lawyers here, but you’d think that in New Jersey, of all places, they’d know how to investigate cases of bribery and fraud. Well, here’s why.

“U.S. District Court Judge Freda Wolfson said in a court order in January that the three Supreme Court cases could affect several factors in the Mosberg trial, such as the final jury instructions and the arguments from the prosecution and defense.”

We hope that lead prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni is hoping to use the decisions, expected to come this summer, to leave Mosberg no wiggle room at all. But who knows, this is New Jersey after all.

But anyway, I think we have come up with a great defense for Edward Mosberg. You see, Mosberg is a “Holocaust Survivor” (HS) and HS’s are just different from everyone else and should be “judged” by a completely different standard.

What? You all don’t agree? You think Mantiq has become Mantiqinstein?  We have judicial backing for this opinion.

Let’s take the case of Florida’s Jack Barouh, a former “watchmaker” who has been, according to this article, engaged in shady financial dealings going all the way back to 1976. Unlike Montefusco above, who hid an amount of less than 200,000 dollars in income, Barouh has hidden, and no I am not making up this figure, 6 million dollars from the IRS using a Swizz bank.

“Barouh, 65, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Adalberto Jordan in Miami. He admitted in February that he skimmed money from his company and didn’t report income on $10 million in assets, including $6 million in offshore accounts at UBS.

His lawyer asked for a sentence of a year’s home detention, saying in court papers Barouh is the son of Holocaust survivors who taught him to “hide and hoard” and compulsively “want to establish a secret nest egg.” Prosecutors today asked for a 15- month prison term.”

There’s your out Mosberg. Hitler made you “hide and hoard.”

Barouh received 10 months in prison. This for over 30 years of committing financial fraud – fraud he admitted to.

I predict that Mosberg will not do any jail-time whatsoever and I suggest that Barouh move to New Jersey.

4. A song for Palestine

Okay, last week we did feature a belly dancer, (much to Roha’s amusement as she expressed on Mondoweiss).  So this week, we are featuring a handsome and apparently Palestinian lad who lives in Barcelona, Spain. His name is Nabil Mansour.  Here he is signing a song for Palestine (and yes I do know that the refrain and other words in the song are in the Egyptian National Anthem).

Here is the link to his YouTube page where he posts a version of  “Helwa ya Baladi”  originally done by the great Dalida but here done by someone else.

Nabil  says on his site: “Music about Palestine from my heart to the hearts of people all around the globe.” So maybe this post will help him reach a few more.  If you don’t like this, man you are at the wrong blog.

5. Speaking of “Helwa ya Baladi,”  Chantal Chamandy does a very nice rendition of it here at the Pyramids. She’s pretty helwa, herself, in our humble opinion. (Freeman gets the last word on this). She’s Egyptian-born and Canadian-raised. [Good news for Nabil, btw, I hear she’s studying Spanish :-)]

It’s a song written about love and appreciation for one’s country, not something Americans would understand, apparently.

Anyway, give this one about one minute to get going and you’ll enjoy it.

وا أمريكاه

11 responses to “Charles Schumer (Likud, New York)

  1. Cat Callahan

    Jews consider Israel their first duty and responsibility. That is why I would NEVER vote for one. This is just further proof. When the Jew bankers and politicians take down the US, where will they find another country to bleed dry?

  2. skulz fontaine

    1- OKC bomba and U.S. military. Israel maybe.
    2)- Chucky ‘lickspittle’ Schumer. Classic case of Pavlovian Zionism. With the added trick of on-his-knees posturing. (“his” being of course ‘lickspittle’ Schumer) Bibi rings his magic bell and in prototypical fashion, ‘lickspittle’ Schumer salivates like a rabid dog and falls on his knees babbling inanities. Insanities? Hmmm well, maybe yes. Ergo, ‘lickspittle’ Schumer is the prototypical Pavlovian Zionist.
    3)- Pope’s a pedophile dope and golly, ain’t much more can be said about his Grope-ness. New Jersey is of course, that classical Amerikan example of shrewd-lewd-proximitude to NYC and ain’t much more can be said about proximitude.
    4)- Still about my favorite tune 4 Palestine is-

    5)- Oh mommy!

  3. abraham was not a khazar, jacob was not a khazar, david was not a khazar, jesus was not a khazar, all those claiming rights to palestine are khazars, khazars have no claim to palestine, they adopted judaism, phariseism around 750 a.d. schumer is a khazar, why doesn’t any muslim people know of this hoax?

  4. It looks like the Final solution of Zionism will have to accomplished by the Jews thmsekves.

    As explained before Americans tend to be sheep like as far as the ways of the world is concered.

    Israel’s ‘guardian,’ Sen. Schumer says Gazans are suffering but they deserve it
    by Philip Weiss24 April 2010

  5. When Americans, finally, understand the treason of Schumer and the rest of congress, my guess is, he won’t be so arrogant.

  6. Onesimus, what makes you think muslims don’t know that?

  7. Northern Light

    Now-now;don’t be defaming the brilliant people of the book.Your obviously jealouse of there beauty,talent,and honestly derived at all times wealth.God chose them to rule us in every way’Be a light unto the nations’,so take heed and stop this slander.Don’t you listen to the Vatican 2 Catholics,or the fundementalists,or the evangelical tv preachers?The Jews are perfect,and above all law,and decency.Democrats and Republicans suddenly hold hands and embtace tightly when Isreal calls.This displays how miraculous are there works on the harts of men.But keep in mind,they will always just be are only powerless victims of madmen and evil doers.That really means, can kill Christ,start wars and revolutions,and knowone should mention it,let alone fight it.How dare anyone oppose them.Call someone an anti-semite and thy are through!Why they might be another HITLER,ooooooo.Doesn’t the Jew run media keep him,and the absurd lies about him personally,and his motives alive forever?All this despite otherwise excellent historical evidence.(SEE WEBSITE ADOLF THE GREAT DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT)But remember.The Jews are God;they are reality,they are truth itself,so there opposition is the devil himself.

  8. Salam Mantiq 🙂

    ..get a load of this “American” :,7340,L-3881377,00.html

    ..makes Natanyahu seem like a cuddly kitten!!
    With ‘Americans’ like these, truly, God help America.

    what’s next? Let’s nuke Wasahington ?


  9. mantiqaltayr


    Thanks for the link. The article is very revealing and proves everything we’ve been saying since the blog started. Beyond that however, it also shows how the right-wing Neocons have taken over the so-called Tea Parties. Basically what you have is AIPAC VS Jew-Street. All are committed Zionists battling out the issue of whether to impose a final solution on the Palestinians sooner, or a bit later than sooner. That’s why I phrased it as Schumer’s Jews vs. Obama’s Jews. The rest of us, and most tragically the Palestinians, are mere spectators. And horribly awful for the Palestinians is that they get to watch the political drama while also getting bombed, burned, shot at, bulldozed and demonized.

    I’m getting tired of this shit.

  10. The treasonous kosher zionist tripe should be shot.