Chemical Moshe

1. “Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nations in which they live.”

Nice quote isn’t it? It’s all over the Internet and comes from a book written by pardoned criminal and “passionate advocate for Israel”,  Elliot Abrams called Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in Christian America written back in 1997. I happened come across this sweet little quote in an article by Daniel Levy whose own biography is an illustration of just how a Jew does exactly what Abrams describes. Now of course Levy sees himself as a man of peace and loathes Abrams. Nonetheless Abrams’ prescription is an epitaph for far more among the tribe than they would have you think.

2. But I’ve got some even better quotes for all you all out there in the Zionist States of America (ZSA).  Regular readers of this somber little blog are well aware that my opinion of the so-called “Peace Process” in the Middle East is that it is a complete scam designed as a cover to allow Israel to take everything away from the Palestinians. Well, goys and girls, that sweet dear little old rascal, Israeli Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs, Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon, confirms this view. And he is in a position to know since he is actively engaged in the charade.

In this article from several comments from a recent Ya’alon interview in Yediot Ahronot are translated from the Hebrew and Ya’alon makes it completely clear that all the world is indeed a stage, and the idiotic Americans don’t even know which play they are watching and that they are the laughing-stock as far as the actors are concerned.

The article makes it clear that the peace process is nothing but a bunch of “manuevers” and that Netanyahu’s positions are all stratagems for increased settlement expansion.

“And I say so out of knowledge,” Ya’alon told Yediot. “Nobody in the forum of seven [senior cabinet ministers] thinks that we can reach an agreement with the Palestinians.”

Q: So why all these games of make-believe negotiations? It’s possible to announce that we will not reach an agreement, and that is all.

YA’ALON: . . . .  Some of what we have to do is maneuver with the American administration and the European establishment, which are also nourished by Israeli elements, which create the illusion that an agreement can be reached.

On the phony fake ridiculous settlement freeze Moshe tells us:

The prime minister reiterates all the time,” Ya’alon said, “and also brought a decision to the security cabinet that says clearly, that immediately after the freeze, we will continue to build in Judea and Samaria as we did before.”

Q: Will we evacuate settlements in the end?

YA’ALON: I do not accept that. What has happened to us in recent years obligates us to stop with everything connected to withdrawal.

So just who is this Moshe, I mean in addition to being a Vice Prime Minister of Israel and Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs and being an asshole buddy of Obama’s master?

Well for one thing, he is a professional Palestinian killer. Yes, yes, yes, I know what you all are saying. “Mantiq, how does being “a professional Palestinian killer” make him any different from any number of Israelis in Israel or Israelis in the US, the UK or Chanada?

Well, a couple of things.

He was a commanding officer for Israel’s Central Command during the second Intifada and in 2002 became the Chief of Staff. He also has a long record of service in Sayeret Matkal, an elite Israeli military intelligence outfit. He took his duties in crushing the second Intifada very seriously as you will see below.

He is also sometimes chased around the world for being a war criminal as this quote from Wiki makes clear.

In December 2005, relatives of the victims of the 1996 shelling of Qana filed suit against Ya’alon in Washington, D.C., for his role in their deaths.In late 2006, Ya’alon was in New Zealand on a private fund-raising trip organised by the Jewish National Fund. An Auckland District Court judge issued a warrant for his arrest for alleged war crimes arising from his role in the 2002 assassination of Hamas leader Salah Shahade in Gaza City, in which at least 14 Palestinian civilians were killed,[4] saying that New Zealand had an obligation to uphold the Geneva Convention. The Attorney-General of New Zealand, Michael Cullen, overruled the warrant after advice from the Crown Law office that there was insufficient evidence.

He came close to getting arrested in the US too. Too bad he wasn’t in Virginia at the time.

He also openly advocates the assassination of heads of state he does not like. He’s picked a good one in Ahmedinejad, Israel’s and therefore America’s, favorite boogeyman.

“We have to consider killing him [Ahmedinijad] . All options must be considered.”

One wonders if the Jewish State has killed other world leaders in the past, but I digress.

In the Sidney Morning Herald interview that Wiki was citing, the interviewer himself says this of Moshe – who is known as “Boogie” by the way. [Spelled “Bogey” by Haaretz, but we will go with the Sydney Morning Herod spelling for now.]

He is not known for making idle threats. Ya’alon is a former paratroop commander and was deputy leader of the Israel Defence Forces from 2000 to 2002, then chief of staff from 2002 to 2005, during the most recent Palestinian uprising, or intifada. He is credited with shutting it down.

And of course, Moshe Boogie Ya’alon wants Americans to die for Israel by invading Iran. He is a prime mover in creating the next war for Rachel Corrie’s killers and the sons of bitches who attacked the USS Liberty.

Boogie Ya’alon agrees. He has long regarded Iran as the main wellspring of instability and terrorism in the region.

“I was chief of staff during Operation Iraqi Freedom [the US invasion of Iraq in 2003] and I was surprised the US decided to go into Iraq instead of Iran … Unfortunately, the American public didn’t have the political stomach to go into Iran.”

Which is exactly why these bastards are feeding you tons and tons of Zionist Bullshit so you will accept an attack on Iran. And you will.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, Boogie does not think that attacking Iran will NOT be a one-night stand, it will be more Tiger Woods like – Boogie says “Military intervention would not be one strike. It needs to be a sustained operation”.

So folks, kiss your sons and daughters goodbye, because for Israel they shall surely die.

One last quote, this one from the Paul Sheehan, the guy who interviewed Boogie for the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The Boogie doctrine is mainstream, not fringe, in the Israeli strategic debate.”

Now in Haaretz in August of 2002, when he was crushing the second Intifada,  he did another very revealing interview and if you want to understand how these people think, you need to read it. Twice, a day.

I love how he calls himself “a humanist, a liberal, a democrat and a seeker of peace and security.”

Here is how  an Israeli “humanist” thinks.

“The Palestinian threat harbours cancer-like attributes that have to be severed. There are all kinds of solutions to cancer. Some say it’s necessary to amputate organs but at the moment I am applying chemotherapy.”



3. The world’s elites who laugh at you behind their backs as they steal you blind and feed you Zionist Bullshit by the truck load do seem to be having a few spats now don’t they?  Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) and Bibi’s Bitch (BB) Barrak Obama (BO) still seems to have really pissed off his master, Israeli Prime Minister (G-D), Benjamin (“Rahm Emmanuel is a self-hating Jew”) Netanyahu and he won’t be coming to his vacation home this week to participate in Obama’s talks on nukes and how the Iranians are going to turn your grandmother into glass.  His refusal, the subject of much (worthless) speculation in both the Main Stream Zionist Bullshit Media (MSZBM) and in the Zionist Infiltrated Opposition Networks (ZION), is just another example of no matter how much Zionist ass you kiss, you’ll end up getting kicked in the balls again and again. If Obama tries to get re-elected (hahahahahahahaha) in 2012, his campaign slogan should be “Hit me again, Bibi” but I digress. But hell, I may as well explain my digression.

You see, and it was that UK-born, J-Street Advisory Board Member and  Zionist Israeli insider Daniel Levy who provided the  link from which I will be quoting, the US last week went out of its way to reassure Israel that the US:

1. Will not do anything about the fact that Israel has tons of nuclear weapons.

2. Will nuke other countries if Israel is attacked.

3. Will continue to  harass the beJesus out of Iran, a country which has actually signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and of course North Korea.

4. Will strive mightily for justice for the Palestinians.

Oh, one of the four items above is false. As a special hint to the raving idiots in the Shas Party, the false one is an even number.

Here’s the deal. US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs As Dictated by Israel (USUSSACISAADI), Ellen Tauscher,  phoned up her chain of command a few days ago and spoke with Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister (YOURBOSS) Daniel Ayalon and proceeded to humiliate these United States in ways that only a so-called US politician could do. But this just wasn’t enough for Bibi.

“Tauscher said that the US will strive to protect its allies and work against countries which violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) such as North Korea, or countries that fail to meet their commitments to the international community such as Iran.

“The under secretary of state stressed that Washington will adopt a “calculated ambiguity” policy towards countries which do not pose a threat to the US. Despite not explicitly pointing to Israel, it appears her statements were meant to reassure the Jewish state.”

This is my favorite quote though.

“It was promised that the Obama administration will provide Israel with a nuclear umbrella should it be attacked.”

Yes, yes, I can hear you all now saying “Mantiq, there is nothing new here, Tauscher, who must be unbelievably wealthy by the way, is just reiterating same-old US policy.”

And you would be correct folks. That’s the problem. So much for those of you who think Obama represents anything different from the past.

The more things change, the more the Zionist Bullshit stays the same.

4. In honor of the no doubt non-zionist and huge fan of Mantiq al-Tayr person who tried the other day to destroy my computer through an infected email attachment, and also in honor of the Shas party, I insert for you here a nice short and revealing stupid-cat video. I had planned here to talk about Janine “The Female Wolf Blitzer” Zacharia, a leading Zionist Bullshitter for the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post, but that will just have to wait till next time.

5. An imaginary reader of Mantiq al-Tayr wrote in and asked “Are the stupid cats you feature a metaphor for something?”



15 responses to “Chemical Moshe

  1. skulz fontaine

    Ten days. Ten painful days without an updated Mantiq al-Tayr. What’s ya been doing? I mean besides dishing the dirt. So, it’s okie-dokie for Israelites to “stand out” and for us ‘anti-semitic’ types, we’s just supposed to stand there and dummy up? Or down? Well, not me. I’ve been dummy for long enough. However and I admit that I’ve been branded as “anti-semitic” by none other than Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent. Yup. Hmmm, must be true then. I’m an ‘aunty semite’ and I’ll wear that badge with honor. Oh yeah. Cause you know, one ain’t supposed to “criticize” Israel. Not without those ‘anti-semitic’ judgments.
    Hey al-Tayrians? Are there REALLY any “Semitic” people left? You know, on or around Planet Earth. I mean besides Palestinians or possibly Jordanians. Cause you know, seems that most the Israelis are from Europe or Amerika. Uh-oh, there I go again being ‘aunty semitic’. Oh well. Guess once one’s been tagged as such, we just can’t hep one’s self.
    Ummm, is Janine Zacharia any relation to that doofus what’s-his-Zacharia that writes for Newsweek? Sorry, digressing and just being nosy.

  2. mantiqaltayr

    Hi Skulz,

    I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that Ackerman is a fan of Janine Zacharia.
    No, she’s no relation to Fareed. She Jewish, he’s born to a Muslim family in India.

    Sorry for the 10-day hiatus, but I was working (still am) on a couple of other projects. Soon to bear fruit, I hope.

  3. The people in the United States of Israel are still, (for the most part), ignorantly and arrogantly supportive of the parasites bleeding them dry. Monetarily, in matters of sovereignty and literally.
    The group of treasonous swine in D.C. whom, I like to call, the “Renfield” class are probably at this very moment, along with their Ashkenazi handlers trying to buy off Russia and China from interceding on behalf of the apple of Israel’s eye, Iran.
    They’ll get their war and the sheeple will slaughter and die for the demons in Israel. They’ve set their fangs and with the help of their Renfields they’ll drain em dry. And, who’s to say, when the United States of Israel breaths it’s last… may well be the biggest blessing the world has seen in over 100 years. Almost as sublime as the creating of a charred crater where is Israel is now.

  4. Dante Ardenz

    Why the slander at cats?I love and respect felines.All Anti-Zionists like us(I SAY IT PROUDLY)should love animals,and especially,intelligent,andbeautiful,and wise cats.If people were more cat- like;the Jews would be routed as the paristes they are and forever will be.

  5. At another forum someone asked : “Could anybody kindly provide me the link to the page that gave a time line of where Jews were kicked out of each country?”
    the reply: “While It’d be nice to add America to that list a more manageable list would be of the countries they have not been kicked out of. At least you’ll be able to keep it all on one page”
    Then i found it … ( there is a question i have regarding this on the next page ( :)) … Mains Ten twelve; France; eleven eighty two; Upper Baba aria; twelve seventy six; England, twelve ninety; Belgium, thirteen seventy; Slovakia, thirteen eighty; France (again), thirteen ninety four; Austria, fourteen twenty; Lyons, fourteen twenty; Cologne, fourteen twenty four; Mains, fourteen thirty eight; August burg fourteen thirty eight; Upper Bavaria, fourteen forty four; Netherlands fourteen forty four; Brand en burg ,fourteen forty six; Mains, fourteen sixty two; It was Lithuania, fourteen ninety five; Portugal, fourteen ninety six; Naples, fourteen ninety six; Navarra, fourteen ninety eight; No rem berg, fourteen ninety eight; Brand en burg, fifteen ten; Prussia, fifteen ten; Genoa fifteen fifteen; Genoa , fifteen fifty; Bavaria , fifteen fifty one; Prague , fifteen fifty seven; Papal States , fifteen sixty nine; Hungary , fifteen eighty two; Hamburg , sixteen forty nine; Vienna , sixteen sixty nine; Slovakia , seventeen forty four; Mains , fourteen forty three; Warsaw , fourteen eighty three; Spain , fourteen ninety two; Italy , fourteen ninety two; Genoa , fifteen fifty; Bavaria , fifteen fifty one; Prague, fifteen fifty seven; Papal States, fifteen sixty nine; Hungary, fifteen eighty two; Hamburg , sixteen forty nine; Vienna , sixteen sixty nine; Slovakia , seventeen forty four; Mains , fourteen forty three; Warsaw , fourteen eighty three; Spain , fourteen ninety two; Italy, fourteen ninety two; More a via, seventeen forty four; Bohemia, seventeen forty four; MOSCOW ; EIGHTEEN NINETY ONE …

  6. The question i have is …. “Why”?
    what did they do?

    Also, dont judges usually ask if the defendant “Has any priors”?
    What happened to three strikes you´re out?

  7. IT is spelt Sydney not Sidney and is herald not herod as a aussie your bad spelling bugs me no offence.

  8. skulz fontaine

    Hi Mantiq: I know you’re busy. I’m just hacking on ya a mite. The heron rookery we’ve been watching is filling with nesting herons and won’t be so much longer there’ll be baby herons galore. Dang, what magnificent birds. Anyway, I know some Zacharias out here behind the Zion Curtain. They’re Puerto Rican. I don’t know what that means. Oh yeah and our pal Fareed gots him a big-deal job at CNN. Ewww, he’s special. Not very circumspect I think.
    Ackerman, dang if I can figure out how I pissed the brother off. But I did. Oh yeah. As I recall, it was something about J Street and dual citizenship. The dual citizenship with Israel thingy I find mostly treasonous. But hey, that’s just me.
    Anyway, I’ll quit hacking on you about time/space intervals. Well for now anyway. That’s my story and I’ll stick with it. So if Israel “deports” all the Palestinians from Jerusalem and the West Bank and Gaza and well, isn’t that a crime of occupation and a crime against humanity? I mean, seems that international law and the Charter of the UN says a nation can’ts be a doing that. Dang, did I miss another memo?

  9. That Farouk Zakaria is one lucky sob. His Janine must be in like flynn with Condoleeza.

    Elliot Abrams is one lucky guy too. His father in law Norman Podhorets has an in with the God of both Abrahan and Ibrahim.

    And more importantly glad to know you’re back on the I. As for myself have been permanently denied access to mondoweiss. C’est la vie.

  10. mantiqaltayr


    I know it is Sydney. I did get it right three times out of four. Just overlooked it that one time (oh and another time in another post OMG, sorry).
    As for Herod, that was a deliberate pun and again it was only once. Why don’t you click on the link that is connected to the name “Sydney Morning Herod” in the post? I put it there for Herald readers.

    I am fond of some of the stuff the Herald has done in the past, like the work on exposing Norma Khouri.

  11. Is capitalizing the t in “IT” and not placing a comma after “me” proper syntax?
    Nitpickers drive me nuts, no offense though.

  12. Any ‘political aware’ person will tell you that thanks to Zionist grip on the US Executive, Senate, Congress, Justice Department, Homeland Security, FBI, etc. – Israeli lobby groups or Americans with dual citizenship or Israeli spies operate freely and without concern in the US. Most of the Federal branches have been (or currently) headed by Zionist Jews or pro-Israel Christians. Under Dubya Bush, both the Attorney General (Rabbi Michael Mukasey) and the head of the Department of Homeland Security (Michael Chertoff) – were committed Zionist Jews. The current FBI director Robert Mueller II, is allegedly a Zionist Jew (an so was the former director George Tenet aka David Cohen).

    While ignoring the racial tune – Adam Austin posted an interesting article on this subject titled Catching Jew Spies on ‘Subverted Nation’ blog.

    “The FBI has a special way they go about catching the bad guys, especially those involved in espionage, so how do they go about it? They ignore the real bad guys, and create their own patsies to arrest and parade before the media. That was simple, wasn’t it? I admit, it’s not that simple, and maybe deserve a little more explanation. If you’ll refer yourself to my numerous articles like this one or this one or this one which outline how the FBI set up its own patsies to bust, or helps perpetuate terrorism hoaxes to further the agenda of the parasite Jews who run the show around here, you can easily see all of this in action. In all fairness, every once in a while, the FBI will have to arrest a few of the real bad guys to keep up the facade…….”

  13. Today a co worker was watching a youtube video about the Bilderbergers as I listened and watched along not far away. They were naming names and just as I was wondering how credible was the source when Danial Pipes the beatnik devil appears in the video and he was debunking the Bilderberg conspiracy. I startled my unaware co worker as I exclaim from my corner “that’s it! When Daniel Pipes says look right, we just look left! If Pipes is there to debunk we know the source is credible!” All the Zionists and their agents do that. If they say the “Arabs did it” we know that the Zionists did it. If they say they want peace it means they are about to attack somebody. If they say Iran has nukes it means Iran is refusing ZSA’s orders to hand over the country’s resources as Saddam refused. If Netanyahu says he is sorry for a misunderstanding with Obama he means he thinks Obama is a piece of shit. Zionists are EASY to understand and predict. In fact, any MOTHER should have an easy time reading Zionists!

  14. the bilderbergers along with the illuminati must be jewish or dominated by jews. why would pipes bleat.

  15. ZIONNFighter

    The AMERICAN FREE PRESS:1-888-699-NEWS reports this week that THE BILDERBERGERS will meet in Sigas Spain in early June Oh but the Jews say these people don’t exist!I had the AXIS History Forum pull down my comments on The Rothhchilds,from the establishent book:CHURCHLL AND THE JEWS By that madmans own Jewish official bioghaper!The war the Jews fight against the planet is relentless.There dupes across the globe operate on the automatic pilot of false piety,nd morality.They control the right(FOX NEWS,The Vatican,US TEA PARTY/Republicans Gallup 77% support Isreal,Evangelicals)and they cow the wimpy Left.Get the AFP, HOFFMAAN WIRE,DAvID IRVING ACTION REPORT.