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1. Yes, I am happy. And why is that? Because the Liberty Hour and the Ugly Truth are available via podcast here and  here. They are free and are getting a fair number of downloads and not even John Stadtmiller can stop them.  Anyway, folks, enjoy hearing Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn discuss the USS Liberty and lots of related issues on their show and never let yourselves forget what happened on June 8th, 1967. And listen to Mark and his many guests on the Ugly Truth. The latest Ugly Truth podcast features frequent commenter on Mantiq al-Tayr, Joe Cortina. All the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr will be sitting around the camp fire tonight to listen to that one. There’s even a rumor going around that Mantiq al-Tayr might make an appearance sometime soon on one of those podcasts.  A little birdie told me.

Psst: Mantiq may be on MG’s podcast soon

2. Well, Frosty the Fake [FTF] is at it again. Apparently there isn’t any more money to be made in bashing Mexicans and Americans of African origin, so he’s continuing his poorly-researched and poorly-written and just plain embarrassing series on how Islam sucks and all the Muslims want to kill you [when they aren’t too busy having to defend Jesus and the Virgin Mary from Israeli attacks since the “Judeo-christians” won’t do it].  There must be good money in the Islam Bashing Business (the IBB) because so many people are into it these days. Frosty is just a “bigot-come-lately”.  His stuff is so awful a middle-school teacher would toss it into the trash and give him an F for Fake.

Unable to perform basic research or to document properly any of his sources, Frosty The Fake [FTF] resorts to making things up and hoping that enough people out there are so stupid that they will believe him. And on that point he is correct. Thank you Main Stream Media and thanks also to our educational system. Working together you have created a nation of imbeciles and Zionist stooges with little or no ability to think for themselves. I am sure the United States military is equally grateful.

FTF’s horribly written and barely coherent articles provide such a target-rich environment that it would take us years here at Mantiq al-Tayr to handle every single half-truth and outright false hood contained within them. The same is the case with respect to his utter inability to document or cite anything properly.  So all you Mantiqiayyans out there will just have to settle for just a few selections from FTF’s so-called articles.

Of course I can just hear all of you bitching and moaning like a rich Zionist contributor to the Obama campaign who didn’t get invited to the White House’s Hanukkah party this week: “But Mantiq, we come to your site to laugh our asses off, not to worry about things like quoting sources properly. We don’t have any jobs, we are losing our homes, our sons our away fighting useless wars for Israel – we need to laugh!”

Okay, before I get into Frosty the Fake’s writing – this ought to make you laugh. Scroll down carefully though.

Get ready, I mean it.

Go slowly.

I am serious here. Maybe you should put sun glasses on.

You think I’m kidding don’t you? Okay, but I warned you.

Frosty the Fake: Making shit up for idiots

And how about this?

Now that was pretty good wasn’t it? I mean, not as good as watching Amir Khan beat the shit out of Zionist boxer Dimitry Salita, but still not bad.

Now let’s take a look at  three of FTF’s treasures.

In this masterpiece he talks about a fatwa issued in 1998 by Usama bin Laden. As usual red highlights are mine.

Fatwa world war: The new Islamic conquest began February 23 1998; (Published) A Statement signed by many Islamic Jihad leaders from most Muslim countries, first by Sheikh Osama Bin-Laden: “In compliance with Allah’s order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims: The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies, civilians and military, is an individual duty for every Muslim who can, in any country in which it is possible. We with Allah’s help call on every Muslim who believes in Allah and wishes to be rewarded, to comply with Allah’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. Unless you go forth, Allah will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place.” Muhammad, prophet of Islam

Well, the Fake got the year right and part of the quote. First of all though, the fatwa was not signed by “many Islamic Jihad leaders from most Muslim countries.” That’s pure, unadultered, Frosty-Faked Zionist bullshit.  The fatwa was signed by exactly five people. Usama bin Laden, two Eyptians, and two Pakistanis. Most of the signatories are not even qualified to issue a fatwa – to include bin Laden himself and his side kick goofball Ayman al-Zawahiri. This evidence is easily available all over the internet. In addition, the fatwa and many other bin Laden documents can be found in “Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden” edited by Bruce Lawrence and widely available. Lawrence seems to have himself misidentified one of the five who signed the fatwa, but no one doubts that the number is five.

Now let’s look at the actual quote, not the made up one by FTF. Here I will use the translation in Lawrence’s book. The translator is James Howarth. BTW, I am not 100 percent pleased with the rendering, but it is certainly good enough for our purposes.

On this basis and in accordance with God’s will, we pronounce to all Muslims the following judgement:

To kill the Americans and their allies-civilians and military-is an individual duty incumbent upon every Muslim in all countries, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Holy Mosque from their grip, so that their armies leave all the territory of Islam, defeated, broken, and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in accordance with the words of God Almighty:  ‘Fight the idolaters at any time, if they first fight you;”  “Fight them until there is no more persecution and until worship is devoted to God.” Why should you not fight in God’s cause and for those oppressed men, women, and children who cry out: ‘Lord rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors! By Your grace, give us a protector and a helper.!?”

With God’s permission we call on everyone who believes in God and wants a reward to comply with His will to kill the Americans and seize their money wherever and whenever they find them. We also call on the religious scholars, their leaders, their youth and their soldiers, to launch the raid on the soldiers of satan, the Americans, and whichever devil’s supporters are aligned with them, to rought those behind them so that they will not forget it.”

The fatwa then closes with more quotes from the Quran.

So, Frosty seems to be incapable of using an ellipsis and he then adds a statement, attributed by FTF to Muhammad, that does not appear anywhere in the fatwa.  And  he does not use the ellipsis because the stuff he deliberately took out adds context that FTF will never discuss.

Does the fatwa suck? Of course it does. Most [meaning damn near every single one] Muslims will have nothing to do with it.  However, many Americans – the products of our media and educational system and of FTF’s sloppy writings – don’t seem to  have a problem with secular fatwas issued by our Department of Justice allowing torture, or military fatwas sending our troops into Iraq, Afghanistan and tons of other places. The fact is: the West wages far more Jeeeehad than the Muslims do. And kills a hell of a lot more people.

The Fake also likes to cite things that most likely never happened to justify his vicious positions. Case in point is the Fake’s recycling of the old Internet story about the prison Imam who never existed who and was engaged in an argument that never happened while making it look like it is something new. The event comes from the words of Rick Mathes, a prison evangelist who claims that back in 2003  he confronted a Muslim Imam in a prison whom he claims he  forced to admit that Muslims want to kill and the Christians and the Jews. The entire discussion between the two is obviously totally contrived, but the Fake quotes it in full without acknowledging that the prison itself says no such confrontation took place and that the “Imam” was not an “Imam” at all, but was rather an ordinary prisoner.

The man who gave the presentation about Islam was not a Muslim minister; he was an inmate pressed into service to present a short film on Islam and answer some questions when the prison’s Volunteer Coordinator was “unable to find an Imam to speak.” Moreover, reported Mr. Kniest, the prison’s Volunteer Coordinator said that “The inmate did a good job,” adding, “He was asked a few questions that were beyond his ability to answer. But he was not asked anything like that question [in the editorial]”:

. . . the Volunteer Coordinator at the prison said that no such exchange as the editorial reported ever took place. “He certainly did not ‘Hang his head in shame’,” according to Kniest. In fact, the inmate was thanked by the assembly before being escorted back to his quarters. Furthermore, the coordinator does not recall any questions dealing with jihad [Holy war] against the infidels of the world as reported in the editorial. In the editorial the inmate is presented as an Imam, or Islamic minister, which he clearly was not.

So at best it is Mathes’ word against the prison official. But again, the conversation is so contrived that you’d have to be an American to think it is true.  And since Americans are so brain washed, the Fake can take this retreaded and obviously phony statement and push it out to be devoured by the retards.

Another fake story that the Fake circulated allegedly took place on an airplane recently. Again, the portrayal of the event cited by FTF is so patently ridiculous that on its face you can see that the story is a wild exaggeration of events.  The alleged eye-witness is named Ted Patruna who claimed he was on Air Tran Flight 297 back on November 18th, 2009 when a 11 Muslims got on board and began to act like crazies and Ted, brave Texan that he is, helped save the day and prevented the terrorists from raping your grandmother – or something like that. The story is totally stupid. FTF reported it on December 7,  after the fact that the story is a fake was public knowledge. Yeah. After it was public knowledge. Hmm. I can hear you asking, “Mantiq, how can you say that Ted Patruna did not in fact stop Adam Pearleman Gadahn from raping my grandmother?”  Thought you’d never ask.

Here’s the link to the point-by-point rebuttal of Petruna’s obviously fake statement issued by AirTran on December 4.  AirTran maintains Petruna was never even on the plane. Furthermore, Petruna claims that after all the commotion caused by crazy Arabs on the plane that the flight was cancelled. But it wasn’t. It was delayed for more than two hours but then did indeed take off and go to its original destination. Snopes covers the event as well and adds some other interesting info provided by someone who was indeed on the airplane to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Her account makes sense.

Sadly, Petruna won’t talk to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Wonder why?

Fakes like FTF will say and use anything at their disposal and they do so with no remorse whatsoever. They care not a wit about the consequences of what they are doing. Unfortunately, these Zionist bullshitters have a large audience of Zionist-bullshit-fed Americans to feed on so they feel, correctly, that they can say anything they want to and get away with it. Stay tuned for more to come on this phony.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we have come across some information about why he is doing what he’s doing. . . as I said, stay tuned.

3. This video is dedicated to Stefania and her dad.

7 responses to “Frosty the Fake

  1. Mantiq – I just had to watch the match. i must admit – I had an IO ( ideological orgasm) Just wathching ANY kike bastard gives me joy.

    I have day dreams of taking my old Green Beret A-team inside Israhell and taking out an entire company of kike demons bbrrr – It gives me goosebumbs just thinking about it. THAT would be my ultimate wet dream – killing IDF scum joos – 24-7 – till my trigger finger cramped.

    If I can’t kill the ‘Devil – his sons will do nicely. AND If I can’t find IDF scum – creatures like frothty mouth will do. Hard to believe that evil twisted ibecile egomanical pervert had a mother


  2. LMAO… Salita, you weren’t supposed to really box. You were supposed to star in a Spielberg boxing movie.

  3. Mantiq, I know you are a humble man, but at the risk of embarassing you nevertheless I am going to say it–you are a gift from God. Your humor, your wit and intelligence is exactly what we all need. The only item about Frosty and his inane BS is that no one listens to him. A few individuals who have it in for dark-skinned people is the only thing he can count as his ‘army’ of supporters.

    I loved Rick’s comments as well. No doubt, in order to set the historical record straight and snatch some victory from the jaws of death indeed Spielberg WILL do a ‘rematch’ between Salita and Khan on the big screen with Salita as the winner.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  4. Frosty Wooldridge is an idiot and has no intellect to engage in some hidden agenda. He also bashed the
    Germans as well and at the same time said that communism is bad and coming to America. I called him up and explained the Germans tried to extinguish communism and asked him if he read “Mein Kampf” and revealed he hadn’t, exposing himself as a sloth/loud mouth.

    As for the boxer he’s typical of the filthy jews in America that hide behind my righteous American flag that these jewish creatures soil daily.

  5. There’s an old misogynist saying here in the ‘United States of Israel’ about women that goes:

    “Keep them barefoot, pregnant and walking three steps behind you”

    Which is an apt way to describe how the Zionist MSM keeps the typical American informed about Apartheid Israel.

    We blindly support that bastard entity, thanks to decades of ceaseless brainwashing that makes most Americans immediately engage in a “Two Minutes Hate” anytime the see or hear anything about Muslims, Arabs, Gaza, Palestinians or Iran.

    And to turn into blubbering fools offering up money and weapons anytime they hear the word Jew, Israel or Judaism.

    Thanks to all of the toxic slop infecting our brains, we’re pregnant, having been fucked repeatedly by Zionism, we’re barefoot, going broke and unable to take care of our country from supporting the same and we’re downright stupid, from watching Zionist MSM outlets like the ‘Cartoon News Network’ and FUX who teach us to think that celebrity gossip and sporting contests are somehow important.

  6. Fuck off and die, Nazi filth.

  7. 5 dancing shlomos

    many blessings for the decent and just in deadend jumurderka. may the ersatz entity fall on its many bloody organ-removing scalpels and complete its rotting away from humanity – surrounded by one of the collectives many walls.