Killing Arabs is Good for Them

1. Americans are the stupidest most ill-informed people on the face of the planet and one of the reasons this is the case is the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post [JEWNYTP] whose demise we pray for every day here at Mantiq al-Tayr.

Let’s take a look at the Iraq war for second – doing so on the eve of Barack Hussein Obama’s decision about whether or not to send tens of thousands more US troops to Afghanistan.

A little background. The US government trumps up lie after lie about former CIA asset Saddam Hussein being a threat to vital Western interests what with his Nukes and other weapons of mass destruction and how Saddam can launch a missile and in an hour kill your grandmother while he and another former CIA asset, Usamah Bin Laden, sit around laughing like crazed drunken hunters on George Bush’s rented ranch in Texas. After fabricating ALL the evidence against Iraq, after more than a decade of horribly vicious, inhumane, ghastly sanctions that led to deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, after all that shit, the US, at the instigation of the Nazis, oh wait, it wasn’t the Nazis was it? Anyway, at the instigation of the Vatican, the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, the Quakers, the Mennonites, Blacks, Hispanics, the Tooth Fairy, women, gays, and almost all other groups of significance except the Jews, the US invaded Iraq FOR the SECOND TIME and laid waste to vast parts of the country, destroyed its government, created the conditions for a brutal civil war between Sunnis and Shi’ites, filled the place with depleted uranium, lost thousands of soldiers in the process and caused directly and indirectly the deaths of well over one million Iraqis and turned millions more into refugees.  So what does JEWNYTP then ask? They ask the obvious question – I mean wouldn’t you? They ask “Was the Iraq War Worth It?” Guess what the conclusion was – surprise surprise – yes it was. Killing Arabs is always worth it, why would you even have to ask?

The article is absolutely disgusting but at least it is illustrative of the incredibly low level of US discourse on the subject and why Americans as a result are a bunch of big fat self-righteous ignorant dumb asses, and thus has potential as a teaching tool.

Want some examples? Sure you do.

The author of the piece, Ernesto Londono, writes: [red highlights are mine]

Was it worth it?

I posed that question to several of [Lt. Col.] Whitehurst’s men in August during a visit to their outpost near Samarra, which is now closed. Many said it was. Children no longer throw rocks at Americans. Attacks against U.S. troops are as low as they’ve ever been. They were leaving behind schools and clinics and small businesses that the soldiers hope years from now will be the cornerstone of the American legacy in Iraq.

There were skeptics in the crowd, too.

Millions of casualties were worth it because kids aren’t throwing stones at Americans and because attacks on US troops are down? We invaded Iraq so that Iraqi kids wouldn’t throw stones at Americans? As you might expect, it only gets worse.

Following the well-worn tactic of allowing a “skeptic” to speak, Londono quotes Spec. Lorenzo Sanchez, who after three tours in Iraq is starting to get it. Nonetheless his comments are even more revealing than he may realize. First we are told:

“We’re sitting here in the middle of a little revolution between Iraqis, and we’re sitting here being security guards,” said Spec. Lorenzo Sanchez, 34, of West Covina, Calif. “We should let them do their thing and get out of their way.”

So far, so good. Sanchez has come to the same conclusion in 2009 that many readers of Mantiq al-Tayr came to before the invasion of this country that had not attacked us.

Sanchez continues:

“How do you tell someone’s parents that their kids died in Iraq?” he asked. “For what purpose? I mean, at the beginning, when we first invaded Iraq, it was for our freedoms, for our rights. . . . Well, here we are a few years later, and is it really for our freedoms and our rights?”

So even Sanchez, who has figured out the whole affair is a mess and believes, correctly, that we need to get out, even this man has his mind filled with bullshit. We invaded a country that had not attacked us to defend our freedoms? You have to be mentally retarded or an American to think this way. And don’t worry, Londono will do everything he can to make sure that you do.  But before I get back to all that, I do want to digress for a second.

I hope that Sanchez makes it back to the United States, gets an honorable discharge from the military and is able to get on with his life with his family. He has served three tours in Iraq – but that’s not enough for the military. Londono does give us the following interesting info:

I ran into Sanchez one night as he was emptying sandbags. He was being punished, he explained, because he tacked additional days to his two-week home leave to spend time with his 2-year-old daughter. Having been deployed three times to Iraq, he said, he was leaving “a lost man,” with no hope for the country.

Please keep Sanchez and all of those troops who have had to sacrifice so much in a war for Israel – please keep them in your prayers this holiday season. Don’t let Obama send him and thousands more others to Afghanistan. Make Obama put an end to all of this now.

After this brief interlude with sanity, Londono takes us back into the Israeli asylum.

Londono features Lt. Col. Samuel Whitehurst in the article. He is a battalion commander – not sure if he is the one who is punishing Sanchez for spending a couple of extra days with his daughter or if its just the military itself, but I digress.  Whitehurst  has no doubts. A father of a fallen soldier asks Whitehurst the following:

“I just want to know one thing,” the father asked. “Was it worth it?”

There were fewer reasons to be optimistic then, but the colonel knew his answer. It was worth it, he responded, looking the man squarely in the eyes. He will say so again today, when some of the parents of the four soldiers who didn’t make it back from this latest deployment attend a welcome-home ball.

And then the article closes with this quote from Whitehurst.

We have lost a lot of great guys; we have lost so much potential,” Whitehurst said. “But this country now has that potential. And there are people in this country that are alive today because of the sacrifices made by those soldiers. I do think it was worth it. I can look back, and I think all of us can hold our heads very high.”

I am sure that Lt. Col. Whitehurst is a brave and sincere man.

But I am so utterly disgusted with this kind of thinking, with this kind of Zionist bullshit. . .

At first I was going to end this piece with a pretty funny cat video, but I just can’t get into the mood. Instead, I leave you with this.

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And this:

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And this:

US troops have suffered 320,000 brain injuries

And this:

Looks like there’s going to lots more old men walking through parks.

2. Oh alright, you’ve read this far.  Here’s the cat video.

Warning: Only really bad people laugh at stuff like this. So kids, if you see your parents laughing, turn them in to this person:

42 responses to “Killing Arabs is Good for Them

  1. The only fact you neglected to mention, are the 5 Million Orphans Now in Iraq, according to official government statistics.

    (It also confirms the total death toll estimates.)

    Way to go, Neo CONs.
    Makes me prouder n sh*t.

  2. I have zero respect for anybody joining the military these days… thinking they’re serving their country. They’re morons… at best.

  3. That cat video isn’t funny. It reminds me of U.S. troops in Iraq, tossing puppies into the air & shooting them, as documented by some journalist or other…

  4. Karma Scwharma

    …simple fact is; they wouldnt be getting what theyre getting if they didnt deserve it somehow, someway. Teaches them a lesson for their past invasions of foreign countries and raping of the women to spread their vile genes & religion. Now that the whites are kicking their ass technologically and things arent going their way, Im supposed to feel sorry for them? Yeah, perhaps if I had the long term memory of a fruit fly.

    Karmas a bitch, they shouldve stayed in the Saudi penninsula.

  5. Rick B,
    I think you are a moron don’t you get it serving in the milatary is an honer.You serve for the red white and blue not the politics.
    I love my country not the leaders.
    Phil Tourney
    Combat Wounded Veteran

  6. Fail to see how US troops could have suffered 320 000 brain injuries. The only US troops with functioning brain cells have already buggered off to Canada, Switzerland etc they are certainly not in Iraq.

  7. Mantiq – sorry but I laughed my ass off. istill don’t feel bad about it. If i feel guilty by Monday – I will turn myself in to that lady Gestapo chief – female Alfred E Newman look alike – Napolitano? It makes me nauseated to even think that this creature is one of ‘my people’.

    I find most of our military are pure 100% moronic red-neck scum – so i don’y even want to go there. I do’t even want to be reminded that i once served – even if with honor

    BTW – I would like to see a new blog from your fertile mind concerning the nonsense that many of our intellectually challenged neighbors still have about the good-jew – bad jew Zionist nonsense. Can we still be that stupid as to believe that if you are a Jew and NOT a card-carrying ‘Zionist’ – that you are somehow exhonorated from almost two thousand years of the most evil conduct know to mankind and are really kind truthful caring sensitive family value oriented folks?.

    I mean – after all – Christ condemned the Jews — CLEARLY ALL – every – collective etc Jew as being the Sons of the Devil. Shouldn’t I be able to confidently say – ” I rest my case”?

    So – was Jesus a LIAR? Was he an ‘ANTISIMITE’? Is He guity of a hate crime? Did He make that harsh statement in John 8-14 with His hand on a Bible -if so – what did He say?

    I swear to tell the truth – so help me – ME

    Joe Cortina

  8. Hi Joe,

    Good to see you back again. I think your response is a fitting one to the Karma Schwarma comment.

    I do want to say that I cannot describe our military as you do. I will point out the contradictions, but these young men and women are my fellow Americans and their lives are being put at risk for Israel and they do not know what is going on.

    Best wishes to you.

  9. I feel said for ALL. But I can tell you that one group of peoples, around the world, take in knowledge of the Truth, inculcate this Bible Truth into their children, and would never take up arms against anyone. Those people are JEHOVAH’s Witnesses. For I am one now but before was a military man for many years. The TRUTH is out there and it is in the Bible. The “Next” Time a Witness knocks at your door, listen to them, you may learn the Truth. Peace to ALL humans on this earth.

  10. Phil Tourney, just how are our troops serving our country in Afghanistan and Iraq… and next up Iran?

    I won’t be one receiving our troops home with a hero’s welcome. Rather, I’ll ask anythat I happen upon how many people they killed, and whether they were armed.

    Will you still be holding our troops up on a pedestal when they’re obeying orders here to put radicals and dangerous elements –all who will be a threat to zionism– in camps?

    My daughters served this country more than any of those troops obeying orders in Afghanistan and Iraq by protesting the war.

    The troops deserve no special praise.

  11. And, Phil, my daughters served their country more by staying out of the military. I thank God for that.

  12. This is bullshit.
    You can insult us and pray for our deaths all you want.

    All you are doing is shitting on those few Americans who want this war to stop.

    Freedom fighters are just slaves killing other slaves.

    Islam has the ability to reach the money changers who enslave us all, too bad they are just as bad if not worse.

    From a moral standpoint you are no different than the 400 lb American slob who loves seeing Arabs die, you are the other side of the coin.

    Unless I see some jihadis running into lord Rothschilds house I would say you are also full of shit.

    God Bless our troops, you and I pray you all see the error of this war and stop fighting.

  13. Rainbow Warrior

    We must not forget the Aftermath of what the invasion has done to the people of Iraq. Thought a few of you might be interested. Unfortunately this happens everywhere Nato and the US go. This will also happen in Afghanistan. It also affects those who serve and their children.

  14. the more muslims dead the better

  15. the radical jehad type peoples real target is the zionist banker class , I say pull OUT and that them fight it out

    I am tired for being a slave in the jew slave banker slave system, I hope the other side Wins

  16. Despite the comments by many American soldiers who are in fact not all that cognizant of their Iraqi experience there are many sincere and honest American soldiers who understood from the start that this was an immoral war and hated what they were doing. And there are many such honorable soldiers here in America that are speaking out against this terrible tragedy brought upon the Iraqi people by a lawless US administration.

    And of course there are still plenty in America that cannot get beyond their own arrogant noses when commenting about such atrocities. Madeline Albright is the classic example of a woman who apparently has no connection to the nurturing aspect of her own gender. When asked if the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth the 1991 Gulf War and the subsequent sanctions that were imposed on the country she answered that she did in fact think it was worth it.

    That comment alone should have landed her in front of the Hague for sanctioning mass murder…

  17. Black Falcon,

    Thank you

  18. Few wars are ever “worth it.” However, I can see why our youth joins the military. Look at the commercials, look at Hollywood and how they glorify military life. look at the video games. Look at how much marketing is done by the military. How wonderful they make it sound to a young person just out of school with little job prospects. Money for college, fun, adventure and a chance to be a HERO.

    They seduce our youth. Never before has there been such a seduction of youth to join the military…except during Hitler’s reign.

    None of the kids who join the military actually think ahead, place themselves in the middle of a fight and see themselves blown to pieces…that always happens to the other guy. Or they see themselves saving their comrades from crazy suicidal bombers.

    The brainwashing has been going on since the 70’s. After the protesting of the 60’s the government figured out it needed to make the military look “cool.”

    They give out medals for pissing in the potty now. During ww2 there was such a shortage of metal the vets didn’t get medals until after the war was over.

    Look at the military complex. The amount of money spent on research, development and stock is over half the national budget. How many military surplus stores do we really need?

    The problem isn’t brain dead Americans. It’s Americans who eat up the marketing of the military. Breaking the military grip on our youth will be very hard. It can be done…with some very graphic pictures and a lot of publishing.

  19. Well of course any American deaths or injuries is tragic. As for the ragheads, fuck ’em. They don’t value human life anyway. I mean, they are Muslims after all.

  20. stupidest is not a word

  21. I will express my very humble opinion as I have never been in the military. God Bless men like Phil Tourney of the Liberty Hour who when he entered the service he did so to serve his country and he did it honorably but his country betrayed him and that is what has been happening to these young men who have gone into Iraq. They believe they are serving their country and there is nothing evil about serving one’s country. The real villian is the demons, banksters gangsters-call them whatever you want, have hijacked our gov’t and our military and yes they happen to be of a particular race of people and they also have their goyim dupes, or useful idiots who parade as our representatives. One thing you forgot to mention Mantaq, are the hundreds of thousands of Christians that have been run out of that region as well.

  22. I live in a military area. I saw a bumper sticker today: “Proud parent of a soldier.” Knowing what I know, I re-translated it: “Stupid parent of human cannon fodder for Jews.”

  23. The living dead

    Nice to read how Americans feel about the whole thing, many Canadians don’t like the fact our soldiers are dying to protect a drug family in Afghanistan, the whole thing has been a damned fraud right from the start (9/11).
    But what can we do? The CIA knows how to work the media, and practically runs the illegal drug business, arms trades, mercenaries slaughtering women and children knowing no court system will touch them. Dick Cheney can’t stay out of the public spoutlight, even if he tried. The last 40 years or so between Halliburton, the Pentagon and in and out of the Whitehouse a couple times proves he’s been running the show, and probably still is the overseerer, only now he’s pissed cause his buddies Rumsfeld and Gonzalez got the boot. I

    Just look at what America allows to happen, instead of getting prison sentences Cheney is getting award ceremonies. America, YOU made torture legal, not the zionists. Now if you can’t see what’s coming next then you are already dead. America is the new bully on the block, and you will kill anything that gets in the way of you pleasing your masters.

  24. C. Adamopoulos

    I wish the US Military destroyed not Iraq but Islam and without the casualties. Islam remains as being the Number One in today’s world.

  25. Most of you should by now be aware that the person behind this blog is a simple minded racist with little or no understand of why America went to war in the Middle East to begin with.

    The Middle Eastern police actions are about pumping money into industries and ventures that most people are no longer interested in.

    Small threats were hyped up into large threats that demanded expensive responses by the first world nations and this allowed the military industrial complex to continue receiving the enormous funding they were accustomed too while appearing to be busy at work solving a problem shared by all.

    The majority of the human race is switching to a social culture where there is no room for war and this would mean the end of an industry that is as big and even more powerful than OPEC and they will do anything they can do prevent from becoming unnecessary just like OPEC has done many times in the past when they purchased and shelved alternative technologies that would have benefited the majority at the expense of their enormous wealth and power.

    No offense dude but you need to drop the racism and wake up to the money trail. When it comes down to racism and money, money will use racism every time to make more of itself and divide the very people who could prevent it from happening.

  26. C. Adamopoulos

    The missing word is “threat”.

  27. ” there are many sincere and honest American soldiers who understood from the start that this was an immoral war and hated what they were doing.”

    Understanding that this was immoral and then doing it anyway does not make them sincere or honest. It makes them war criminals.

  28. The world has seen nothing yet. Be prepared to watch millions more killed in Iran, Syria, Sudan and Somalia for the survival of the Zionist entity. It’s not the mainstream media which has been propagating war on Islam, but in fact the Judaism has turned into a Holocaust of Gentiles.

    I believe that when the Israeli professor Yeshyahu Leibowictz defined holocaust as the new Jewish religion – he was trying to be modest – as it practice it has long passed the threshold of ‘religion’ since Israel’s 1967 invasion of its Arab neighbors during which it occupied the entire pre-1947 Palestine. One can insult the Bible or ridicule the Biblical prophets – but one must not be blasphemous about the “Six Million Died” doctrine.

    Holocaust is new Jewish religion


    i am egyptian and i was working in iraq during 81 up to 84 …engineer …please dont believe all what usa say about the victory in iraq …any one can ask himself …for what he must die ? …for what any familly must lost her son …..

  30. This war isn’t for anything but kikes! We need to get all kikes out of the government, media and finance!! Jooz are the maggots of the human race!

  31. Great piece Mantiq, but then, what more would I expect?

    Great to see the idiots coming here and posting their ‘kill all the muslims’ business. It really makes our job so much easier when they do things like this.

    As far as those joining the military these days, I understand how both sides feel. I understand parents–even those such as my good friend Phil, who are aware of what is really behind the war and who has set it all up–nevertheless being proud of their kids. At the same time, if one of my kids announced they were joining up (after I had spent countless hours telling them what an evil thing this war was and how as decent human beings we can have NO PART in something like this) I would be devastated if they did not listen to me and joined up nevertheless.

    In the run up to the war I had young men I had taught previous years come up to me for advice abuot whether they should join up. I told them that if they felt an inclination to wearing a uniform that they should try joining the police force (something we can always use more of) or something like that, but that morally speaking they had no business being part of mass-murder. I would council them likewise today.

  32. With an economy in retreat and shedding jobs the military is a last resort. For some it is just economic survival.

    What we Americans should review is who personally got us into these wars and who personally is profiting by these wars…

    Here is one example of profiting: Senator Dianne Feinstein steered over a billion dollars worth of military contracts to firms her husband represented. Fact!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now the real news would be a list of people who profit from the killing and plundering of other nations people and natural resources. Pipelines and fat oil contracts and military contracts and who invested in them and profited by them.

  33. I am a old man raised in Hitler germany.
    It is the old, old story as it was then and is much more so now.
    Old immoral people with limitless greed for riches and power devoid of any consience send young people out to kill and be killed.
    Of course it’s much easier for them today having complete control over the almost world wide media. Just switch on your TV or read you news paper.

  34. uncoveringtruth

    Thanks for the great piece and what a disgraceful article by the washington post. I have difficuly coming to terms with why people would buy such a shit paper and in doing so, they pay for the propaganda.

    It is a truly mad world we live in. When will sanity be restored, or is this it?

  35. Another war Satan himself has peddled and with hell bound humans gleefully carrying out his demonic plan. “I will fill Hell with all of them” as Allah says…too right….

  36. Gelvan Tullibole

    To Rodger Ward.
    All I can say about your comment is that the Bible, as we are permitted to know it, is extremely “economical with the truth”. That is what causes all this double standard killing, rape and torture in the name of freedom and christ.
    Read all the Apochrypha and weep.

  37. Lets get something CRYSTAL CLEAR HERE. There are NO PATRIOTIC CHRISTIAN DECENT MORAL people deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan – PERIOD!

    ANY – American who VOLUNTEERS to go to another human being’s country and defensless civilians is a COLD-BLOODED MURDERING SCUMBAG – PERIOD!

    My OWN flesh and blood – my own beloved youngest son has just joined the Army. He KNOWS that if he EVER EVEN deploys to these killing fields – he will mock every decent thing I ever stood for – in and out of uniform – and he will be dead in my heart – so perhaps you know why it has become so personal for me.

    I PERSONALLY trained well into FOUR Figures of young paratroop wariors more than TEN years before that soulles Jew- puppet scumbag Sam Whitehurst was even BORN! – so no lectures on patriotism. HE and his ILK are the ones disgracing the uniform. Are you going to tell me that this bastard doesn’t know the score?

    Are you going to tell me that murdering war criminal scum like that chicken-shit ass-kissing Gen. ‘peachy Betrayus’ doesn’t know ‘what is going on? WAKE UP – and if you can’t handle the truth – and still feel that these demonic mega-murderers deserve something stupid – like ‘respect for their rank’ – then get out of my kitchen if it is too hot in there for you!

    ANY MAN with TWO BALLS between his legs still has the free will to say “screw you” – I will NOT murder people – I will NOT assist criminals commit war crimes. Have you ever witnessed innocent defensless children butchered? I have – lots of them.

    I talk to a LOT of people and they virtually ALL ‘know’ what is going on. The problem is that they SIMPLY DO NOT GIVE A FLYING RAT’S ASS about it, if it interferes the SLIGHTEST bit with theur precious NFL games or tailgate parties or their next car purchase. I am talking ADULTS here – who SHOULD be setting GOOD examples for their childen.

    IT IS CALLED FREE WILL – and WE ALL HAVE IT. You had better start learning to get mentally tough with these scum in uniform. they are NOT patriotic – they are NOT good people – they ARE SCUM! Mantig – believe me – these young people DO know what they are doing. I know that better than most human being you will EVER meet. They simply do NOT care – and ‘dissident voices’ are hardly ever heard.

    IF – any of you who really undertstand the reality of the evil we have in this sick nation – chose to cut ANY SLACK to these scum – you may as well bend over and kiss your asses – AND this nation – AND your freedoms goodbye. Our military does not resemble in ANY respect what we used to be. Evil IS evil – and if you can’t tell the difference any more – YOU ARE AS MUCH OF THE PROBLEM AS THE JEWS.

    If you cut ONE soldier slack for the horrible crimes he has committed or at lest been an acomplice to – you may as well join their ranks and pull the triggers on the children your selves

    This is NOT some sort of kids videogame. It is the FINAL life and death struggle for what goodness maybe left here. I’m not looking for ‘agreement’ to satisfy my ego or any other such shallow bullshit.

    I KNOW what is coming. I have been in places where people have ‘lost it all’ because they were not willing to stand up and shout the truth instead of whispering it as if they were worried it might ‘hurt someone’s feelings’. It is to late for them.

    If you want to fight for the survival of this country with one hand tied behind your back – knock yourself out – but don’t ask me to.

    Phil’s comments — “I think you are a moron don’t you get it serving in the milatary is an honer.You serve for the red white and blue not the politics.”

    I’m sorry Phil – but as much as I respect you and what you suffered – “serving in the militray ” is NOT an intrinsic ‘honor’. If it were – the Red chinese and the Soviets Communists were all honorable. Lets get this matter straight before it destroys our unity of purpose.

    Serving in the military — WAS – an ‘honor’ when I served and when Phil served. Our miitary has DISHONORED ITSELF today. Phil – our ‘politics’ as you termed it — IS what the USA IS – and it STINKS today! It USED to honorable . China USED TO BE honorable = Cuba USED to be honorable – Russia USED to behonorable and so it goes.

    I cannot immagine any educated moral citizen today being able to claim in public that this country and its military today are HONORABLE – with out the hypocrite words chocking in his throat like warm vomit .

    THE people – THE Government – THE military – here are no longer honorable – get it? Phil – you are honorable – I am horable because we have kept faith. I have kept faith with TRUTH – DECENCY – KNOWLEDGE and honor itself.

    We are playing a VERY VERY dangerous game with the Devil by honoring EVIL in ANY way. STOP IT! Phil – you and whoever else, can think what you want of me – but I will continue to ‘walk-the- walk’ – and expose EVIL people and EVIL organizations.

    There is a HUGE difference inthe ‘betrayals’ of young people today and what happened to your shipmates. YOU were betrayed by the govet and military that you served with honor.

    In the case of the uniformed filth is Iraq – it is THEY who have done the betrayals to the honor of the uniform – God – AND country! Get it?

    In similar significance to the words of Ronald Reagan when asked about his party loyalties == I have not now or ever dishonored the United States militray – IT HAS DISHONORED ME!

    I WILL continue to expose filth war criminals who disgrace the uniform – with or without your approval. I believe in the righteousness of my conduct of trying to bring back goodness to my country – with every fibre of my being. If you had walked in my sandels for the past half century – you might better understand.

    ‘I KNOW what I know’ – and I WILL NOT compromise with the Devil.

    Joe Cortina

  38. the Legendary Bill

    Talmudic Judaism is the ONLY religion in the world that teaches that all the rest of the world are “beasts without souls.” Oh, and the four planes on 9/11 were hijacked electronically, remotely using Homerun DARPA program..which is why not a one got off a “we’re being hijacked” transponder signal.

  39. the Legendary Bill

    And remember that Pat Tillman was murdered by the CIA in Afghan bc he had realized what bs it all is..Yeah, right “support the troops.” It’s pretty easy to hate these bastards.

  40. (re wapo headline) when did the war against iraq become “was”? still is.

    iraqs slaughtered, lives wasted, destroyed.

    then there is the assault on iraqi and muslim history and culture. ancient buildings and artifacts, museums destroyed. information, education manipulated to create a “new” iraqi muslim. the schofielding of the koran.

    all these various assaults, wars against were plotted in big oil’s boardrooms. all know big oil, even small oil, hates history, especially old history. only yids value the history and the culture of others.

    news flash:

    big coal and big glass behind iraq war and coming war against iran. higher oil prices mean higher coal prices and big glass now has access to middle east sand.

  41. By themselves, our puppet rulers and their bloodthirsty Jewish supremacist masters can do nothing, as they are only a small number of “people”.

    What makes them so dangerous is the fact that they can get masses of mentally and morally defective people to completely abandon common sense and instead follow them and do their feral bidding…people like Phil Tourney, for example, who are easily able to deceive themselves into “believing” that murdering and subjugating people on the other side of the world (who never did anything to us) is somehow “patriotic”.

    It’s really sad that, unlike the Vietnam era, here we are, in the age of the internet, where the truth is literally at our fingertips, yet some of us refuse to see, and instead let ourselves be blinded by laughably absurd propaganda and flags and medals and whatever shiny trinkets our masters throw out.

    Put simply, anyone who joins the U.S. military today is not only a morally incompetent fool on a doomed Zionist crusade, but a traitor working for the certain destruction of what’s left of the real America.

  42. Mantyq al tayr is a very good place. excellent to uncover the truth about the monsters! the day is coming when all the pain we feel in our chests will go away because the murderers are gonna pay.