Shlomo and Shoshana


1. 5035 Mayfield Road – Suite 230
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124

Lyndhurst is by all accounts a very nice small town suburb of Cleveland. Nestled in what appears to be its business district is the office of another major Israeli intelligence operation run by a former officer of the IDF named Shlomo Lifshitz, known by his many fans and his many detractors as Momo. Shlomo Momo ain’t no homo, that’s for sure. One of his claims to fame is that helped coin the term“sexual Zionism”. He wants Jewish kids born in the United States to go to Israel, marry Jews and start having sex immediately. Any if any of you goy guys are thinking about converting, Momo Shlomo advises that Jewish women are the best looking in the world.


But I digress.

Let’s get back to Shlomo the Momo.

He runs an organization called Oranim Educational Services which specializes in getting American Jews, especially those who are not already Israeli citizens,  to go to Israel for anything from “birthright” trips  and honeymoons to long term internships lasting several months. His goal is get all of  his customers to move permanently to Israel and he pushes them strongly in that direction the minute they land.  You can read about his strong-arm tactics here and here.

In the past ten years he has shipped over 50,000 potential recruits to Israel for trips that are usually free – since they are paid for by US tax-deductible contributions to other agencies, Such as Birthright Israel,  which fund Shlomo’s ain’t for homos trips. (Birthright-Israel has recently cut ties with Shlomo due to his high-pressure tactics, but never fear it still gets US tax-deductible contributions to give to private companies to get Jews to go to Israel.)

But Lifshitz’s “message” — alumni say he routinely pushes aliyah, pressures participants to date only Jews and stresses that they should “make Jewish babies” — has drawn criticism over the years.

His staff is entirely Israeli and they operate widely across the United States to recruit potential US traitors as their twitter site makes clear. Some of his staffers are people who started out on one of his trips. Their mini-bios are here.

Oranim’s main headquarters is in Israel, of course.

2. Go to Israel for Free

Another outfit that works closely with Oranim was invented by Ariel Sharon. It’s called MASA and is a non-profit organization that is actually a part of the Israeli government  It gets money from Jewish groups around the world, including the US.  They use that money to make long-term trips to Israel either free or less expensive than a vacation in New Jersey. Want to learn about their programs and see if YOU can go to Israel for free? Click here, here and here. Oh, just one thing. You have to be a Jew.

From MASA’s website:

MASA enables young Jews (18 to 30) from around the world to build a lasting relationship with Israel, strengthen their Jewish identity, and gain meaningful and beneficial experiences by participating in a long-term program in Israel.

And then what do they do?

3. Oh, don’t forget to go to the MASA/Oranim presentation at Shoshana S. Cardin School in Baltimore on November 8 just like the twitter links point out.  Previously we at Mantiq al-Tayr have noted how odd it is that Maryland seems to have so many traitor types and we have also noted, in a different context, some of the antics of the Cardin family in Maryland.  (Shoshana Cardin seems to have married into the Cardin family – her husband is Jerome Cardin – maybe the same Jerome as mentioned in this Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post article about how wonderful US Senator Ben Cardin is because he is such an observant Jew. ) According to this website, I have found the right Jerome. He went to prison for stealing $385,000 from a savings and loan association. Maybe that’s why she turned down an offer to be on the Federal Reserve?

Once again, I digress.

The photo at the top of this post is from the school’s website.  It think that photo says it all.

Here’s a nice quote from the school’s Israel page.

At Cardin, the study of Israel is woven into the formal and informal parts of the Judaic Studies and Hebrew language program. Yom Ha-Zikaron and Yom Ha-Atzmaut are two of the major observances and celebrations.

One of Cardin’s goals is to show our students that Israel also is their home.

The two holidays mentioned above are Israeli national holidays. The first is Israel’s Memorial Day the second is Israel’s Independence Day.  I imagine it is put in Hebrew so that goys reading the site won’t know what they are talking about.

Naturally, Talmudic studies are important at the school.

Shoshana Cardin’s bio is extremely revealing and worth reading. Here’s just one interesting tidbit. Red highlighting is mine.

It was while in that position that she interceded with President George Bush in September 1991, after he made remarks implying that he was being victimized by Jewish lobbying efforts to get the American government to guarantee $10 billion in loans the Israeli government was seeking to borrow on the international market, to fund the resettlement of the hundreds of thousands of Jews from the collapsing Soviet Union who were pouring into the Jewish state. After some thirteen hundred Jews spent the day lobbying their congressional representatives to release the loan guarantees, Bush angrily told reporters at a White House press conference that he was just “one lonely little guy” opposing them. Cardin wrote to the president, calling his remark “disturbing.” In short order Bush apologized for sounding “pejorative.”

No doubt that this school, founded by a woman who has been dedicated her entire life to serving Israel, is an excellent recruiting ground for Shlomo Momo and MASA.

4. Anyone who laughs when watching the video below is a bad person. Very bad. (Warning, language is not suitable for children.)

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  1. Mantiq,

    that was a laugh I needed, and indeed everything was gong great until I read the link to the Forward about ‘sexual zionism’. Doesn’t that qualify as beastiality?

  2. I must be a baaaaad person because I laughed so hard at the cat video I think I hurt myself. How DO you find these things?

  3. An amusingly serious message that should have carried a warning that it contained a picture of an old hag!

  4. I am sorry, I did laugh…:( please forgive me…. who was that any way? marco polo

  5. Does anyone know if the precious jewish children at the Jewish school are getting vaccinated? With the Swine flu shot, and if any have Autism?

  6. I’ve been to Lyndhurst, Ohio. Every house there has 40 menorahs and a jew and bagels in every pot!

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