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Excerpts From “The Attack on the USS Liberty.”

Note: I published this piece a long time ago. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this event – which is tomorrow – I am reposting this one and another Liberty post from days gone by.

I have  finished reading James Scott’s gripping book: The Attack on the USS Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship.  I have posted some quotes from the book of passages that for one reason or another I find particularly meaningful.

(You can get the book here.)

“Oh hear us when we cry to Thee,

For those in peril on the sea!

(From a Navy Hymn and with which James Scott begins his book.)

1. McGonagle also couldn’t let go. He refused to throw out notes that detailed with clinical precision how each of his men died: “Blast injury to the brain,” “Multiple bullet and shrapnel wounds,” “Basal skull fracture.” He also clung to copies of the letters he wrote to the wives and parents of the dead, letters he wept over as he composed them in a hotel room in Malta days after the attack.

Over the years, many of President Lyndon Johnson’s former advisors-including the directors of the CIA, NSA, and State Department-acknowledged what many in the intelligence community secretly believed for years: the attack was no accident. But McGonagle would not live long enough to learn some of the darker secrets, including how senior American officials had contemplated sinking his ship at sea to block reporters from photographing the damage and sparking public outrage against Israel. (page 5)

2. Painter pressed the phone to his ear. Twice he tried to raise the gunners, but failed. His frustration mounted. The jets bore down on the ship. On the third try, Painter reached them. “Gun mounts 51 and 52.” Painter watched as the fighters dropped out of the sky before he could complete his sentence. He had no time to warn the men-kids really, he would later say. The guntubs vanished in a cloud of smoke and metal, the sailors blown apart with such force that friends could identify one only by his St. Christopher necklace. The explosion happened so fast that Painter would later tell the investigating board that he couldn’t determine whether the fighters hit the starboard or the port gun first. He now stared at the charred machine guns, the phone still clutched in his hands. (pages 46-47)

3.  An injured sailor on a table in the mess deck below turned to Seaman George Wilson and told him he was scared. The sailor asked Wilson, injured and stretched out on a table beside him, to pray for them. “Praise be God,” Wilson began as sailors on nearby tables joined him. “All are his servants, and all abide by his bidding!” (page 70)

4.  More than two dozen lawmakers in the Senate and House–many from states with large Jewish populations, such as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut–took the floor the day of the attack to applaud Israel for its stunning war effort. Others rallied for emergency economic aid, urged America to reinforce its commitment to the Jewish state, and argued that Israel should be allowed to keep the territories it captured in recent days. One senator even inserted Abba Eban’s June 6 speech before the U.N. Security Council into the Congressional Record. But the laudatory speeches came even as American sailors aboard the Liberty struggled to put out fires, stop bleeding, and prevent the ship from sinking.(pages 103-104)

5. That residual hostility soon dissipated when at 3:20 P.M. one of the rally organizers climbed on a platform and announced that Egypt had accepted a cease-fire. The crowd roared. Thousands sang “Hatikvah,” Israel’s national anthem. The sudden emotional outpouring even moved reporters covering the event. “We were all Jews in the park,” observed columnist Mary McGrory of the Evening Star. “Instant Israelization is occurring all over.” (page 107)

6. Kiepfer sank in defeat. There was nothing he could do to save Blanchard from bleeding to death. The doctor pressed packs over the open ends of Blanchards major blood vessels to slow the bleeding, then he and his assistant stitched up the incision. The men gave him a final dose of anesthetic to ease his suffering.  Blanchard’s blood pressure dropped. The men gathered around to watch as the twenty-year-old sailor stared at the lights above. His breathing grew labored. At approximately 3 A.M. he died.

Kiepfer pulled off his surgical gloves and ordered the corpsman to retrieve a body bag and haul Blanchard’s remains to the ship’s refrigerator. The doctor collapsed on the red vinyl couch in the corner of the wardroom. Thirteen hours had passed since the attack. He wondered where the helicopters and the extra doctors were. Why had no one arrived to help? How had he, an inexperienced doctor who had never completed a surgical residency, been left alone to tackle such an operation? (page 118)

7. Other sailors voiced the disbelief many felt about Israel’s explanation that the attack had been a tragic accident. Sitting at the rectangular table in hte wordroom where thirty-six hours earlier he had held down Seamn Gary Blanchard during surgery, Scott detailed his views in a five-page letter to his parents.  “I don’t see how they made a mistake,” hte officer wrote. “It was too well planned & coordinated. They knew exactly where to hit us and they did.” (pages 149-150)

8. “It was no help if you had a lot of people getting angry at the Israelis,” recalled Katzenback. “If the Israelis screw up the relations, then the Jewish groups are going to bail out the Israelis. It ends up with  you having a more difficult situation than you would have otherwise.” (page 166)

9. The embassy turned to Supreme Court justice Abe Fortas, a close friend of Johnson’s, and Washington lawyer David Ginsburg–referred to in Israeli documents as “Ilan” and “Harari” respectively–for advice and to help pressure the president. (page 196)

10. “Authorized to sink her?” asked one of the controllers.

“You can sink her.” Kislev ordered, asking a minute later for a report on the pilot’s progress in the attack. “Is he screwing her?”

“He’s going down on her with napalm all the time, replied another controller.

. . .  Another [pilot] quipped that to sink the Liberty before the torpedo boats  arrived would be a “mitzvah.” “Oil is spilling out into the water,” one pilot excalimed. “Great! Wonderful! She’s burning! She’s burning!” (page 216)

11. Soon after her husband’s burial in Arlington, Weetie Armstrong wrote a letter to the crew. “Your lost your XO and I lost my husband but we were fortunate to have been a part of his life. I know all of you prayed and did what you could for him in his last hours and for this I thank you.  I don’t understand why God chose to take Philip but I accept God’s will. This was His plan for Philip. My children and I are fine. Of course our future looks a bit dim but God will give us the strength to take life a day at a time,” she wrote. “I’m not going to make any definite plans until I have some time to think. In any case please feel free to call on me and my children when you are home again. May God bless and keep all of you safe. My prayers are with you.” (pages 247-248)

12. Ignatious turned to McGonagle afterward. The secretary of the Navy, against a backdrop of whirring cameras, placed the Medal of Honor around the skipper’s neck. The five-pointed gold star, suspended from a blue ribbon, rested just beneath McGonagle’s chin. The son of a sharecropper-turned-janitor, the man who had guided his ship to safety by the North Star, lowered his head and wept. (page 281)


Zionist Helicopters

1. Many readers of Mantiq al-Tayr are well-informed concerning the vile-criminal nature of our nation’s ruling elite especially the machinations of the traitors on the public payroll in the US Knesset.  In the spirit of public service, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr are taking a break from our current tour of several of these United States to give you a sort of bird’s eye view of someone who will no doubt be a Knesset member soon and will be off on junkets to Israel with the likes of Eric Cantor and the absolutely disgraceful Steny Hoyer.

Here is a nice photo of your future feature creature:

Move over Rahm Emmanuel

Move over Rahm Emmanuel

Such a nice looking boy. Hope he finds a nice girl to marry.

Oh, he did. But let’s hold off for a second and we’ll get back to his wedding plans.

Jon S. Cardin is a Maryland State Senator who has been “serving” the hardworking and highly overtaxed citizens of Maryland since 2002 when he finally stopped piling up one useless college degree after another, with in-between jobs with the Baltimore Jewish Council and the Project Judaica Foundation, and decided he needed to get on the public dole. I mean what’s a poor Jewish boy to do who has an MA in “policy sciences” from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and another MA in Judaic Studies from Baltimore Hebrew University and a law degree from the University of Maryland? I mean, he did clerk for a while, but since his uncle was, back in 2002, a senior member of the US House of Representatives [today he is a US Senator and a supporter of the mass murder of Palestinians – hold on we’ll get to it], little Jonny decided he should get involved in politics and now is the proud holder of an office in the state capital of Annapolis. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Jon’s grandfather and his uncle’s father was the oldest person in the Maryland State legislature at the time. Yes, Maryland politics often has that smell of a family affair.

Anyway, when Jonny won the election to the Maryland State House his Palestinian hating US Knesset member uncle, Benjamin Cardin, Likud, Maryland, proudly announced “the next generation’s taking over”. You can read about it here.  And no doubt, just like uncle Ben, Jonny is going to move up from Annapolis to service in one of the two legislatures that make up the US Knesset.

Anyway, Jonny is about to turn forty and he was without a woman. Can’t imagine why, but I digress. I also almost forgot to point out that he supports in-state tuition fees for illegal immigrants. But back to the important thing, his wedding plans.

Well, it turns out that instead of just proposing to the poor woman he used his political influence to involve Baltimore city police department marine and helicopter officers to help him propose. Kind of cool – and maybe a harbinger of the future – using the police to force citizens to do what their legislators want.

Being poor and with no rich friends, Jonny managed to get his girlfriend, Megan Homer, onto the boat of  a friend that was sailing in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Then the police officers boarded the boat with the helicopter flying overhead and involved in the operation and searched the boat pretending to look for contraband. In fact, they even claimed they found some and began to act like they were going to arrest the woman and they went for the handcuffs. “They ordered the soon-to-be fiancee to turn around as if they were about to handcuff her, according the report, and then she saw Cardin “on bended knee” and holding the ring that had been in the box.”

Megan then bitch-slapped him in the face shouting “how dare you waste public resources to get me to marry you, you slimy bastard.” Just kidding. But wouldn’t that have been cool?

It also would have been cool if the Baltimore City police officers involved in the prank had found some real contraband and had to arrest Megan and Jonny. Man, that would have been great, but I digress. Let’s get back to Megan. What was her reaction?

She accepted the proposal.

Here is your potential future first-lady with her charming future US Knesset member and possibly future US president.

The Love Boat Couple of Baltimore

The Love Boat Couple of Baltimore

2. Uncle Ben is on  the advisory board of The Israel Project [TIP], a sleazy and elite K Street PR agency that is part of the Israeli Lobby That Does Not Exist (the ILTDNE) whose main goal is to con Americans into thinking that Israel is just the greatest thing since, well, Israel. Below is a nice snippet about this outfit – one of whose main employees, btw, works for the ADL.  The original text comes from the Electronic Intifada site where you can get the entire document, though I’m quoting here from the Neocon Europe webpage. It is about the Wexner Document produced by TIP and another Zionist outfit. As usual, red highlights are mine.

“The document, entitled “Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003,” counsels pro-Israel advocates to keep invoking the name of Saddam Hussein, and to stress that Israel “was always behind American efforts to rid the world of this ruthless dictator and liberate their people.” Despite his solid support for Israel and Ariel Sharon, the document warns pro-Israel advocates not to compliment or praise President Bush. At the same time it acknowledges that Yasser Arafat has been a great asset to Israel because “he looks the part” of a “terrorist.” The installation of Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian prime minister, and potential replacement for Arafat, comes “at the wrong time,” because he has the potential to improve the image of the Palestinians, and that could put the onus on Israel to return to negotiations. The document advises supporters of Israel to appear to affect a “balanced” tone, but admits that in arguing for Israel’s policies, the illegal “settlements are our Achilles heel,” for which there is no good defense.[2]

Anyway, Uncle Ben is on the advisory board of the outfit that produced the above text. You know, maybe little Jonny’s helicopter idea was not a fluke at all. It turns out that TIP has another great program and maybe it was TIP that gave him the idea.  TIP’s program is called the Intellicopter (I am not making this up):

“Through its Jerusalem office, TIP operates “Intellicopter” tours—two-and a-half-hour guided helicopter tours with expert guides that give reporters a bird’s-eye view of the situation on the ground. The TIP “Intellicopter” educates journalists about security threats and opportunities for peace. Hundreds of journalists from more than 140 media outlets have taken the “Intellicopter” tour, including top journalists from the United States, England, France,Germany, Russia, Italy, Latin, America, Australia and Asia. Millions of people around the world have seen footage shot from these strategic aerial views—views which show Israel’s tiny size and enormous security challenges.“[3]

I wonder if they sell t-shirts

I wonder if they sell t-shirts

Sorry for that digression. Back to Uncle Ben.  Here is a list of the other members of TIP’s advisory board. I’m putting the list right here as a service to USS Liberty Survivor Gary Brummit’s efforts to compile his lists of heroes and traitors. I’ll leave it up to Mr. Brummit’s judgment as to which list he’ll put these names on.

By the way, you can usually hear Mr. Brummit on RBN radio on the Internet every Saturday morning at 10:00 am Central Time. He is now a sort of third co-host of the Liberty Hour along with Mark Glenn and fellow USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney. For just $1.33 a month you can also download all of their past shows. They’ve had some great ones and they hereby receive the Mantiq al-Tayr Seal of Approval and will get free copies of the Tafsiranator. But I digress.

Official Mantiq al-Tayr Seal of Approval

Official Mantiq al-Tayr Seal of Approval

Note that at least two of the TIP advisory board members have been featured before here at Mantiq al-Tayr. One is Steven [I used to be Michael Collins Piper’s roommate) Israel and the other is Eliot Engel. Anyway, here’s the list. Take a look at it and tell me if there is anything about this list that strikes you as absolutely totally fucking outrageous.

Okay, so what’s the outrageous thing (or to put it better, the MOST outrageous thing) about this list of advisory board members? I’ll give you a hint – especially if you one of you dudes is an idiot like the folks  in the Shas party – it is NOT the fact that Ron Silver is an actor and a director. No.

Here’s what we here at Mantiq al-Tayr noticed about this list: The ENTIRE advisory board of The Israel Project, save for actor Ron Silver, an organization dedicated solely to the interests of a foreign country, is composed ENTIRELY of members of the United States Congress. You’ve got the names, go call your Congress critters and tell them they are traitors and demand that they resign. Did you notice the words ENITRE and ENTIRELY? Yes, I know it is redundant. But I really wanted you to notice the the ENTIRE $&!K*!!!! board is made up of Congressman.

So it is not just that Congress is completely controlled by the Lobby, in fact that would be an improvement over what we have now. Because what we have now goes beyond mere control by a foreign entity, Congress is actually a part of the Lobby itself. When these guys talk about Israel, they are literally representing Israel.

Oh, btw way, TIP is a non-profit.

Did I mention that Uncle Ben supports the mass murder of Palestinians? Here is a link to his statement dated January 7, 2009 about the insane Israeli rampage in the Gaza Strip.

Here is an excerpt:

“I strongly support Israel’s right to defend its citizens against threats to its security and its existence. I whole-heartedly agree with President-elect Obama who so defined the problem very clearly: “If somebody was sending rockets into my house, where my family slept at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that.” The recent military action in Gaza is in direct response to numerous rocket and mortar attacks from militants in the Hamas-controlled Gaza, which have killed and injured Israeli citizens and currently paralyzes the southern regions of Israel.”

So that’s Uncle Ben and soon little Jonny will be joining the big boys.

So I suggest you all be on the look out for Zionist helicopters.

Click on the picture to read the article from Electronic Intifada

Click on the picture to read the article from Electronic Intifada

Lobby Denial

1. Hey everyone, it is now safe to speak out against the Israeli Lobby again. It’s time to take the kid gloves off and really hammer away at it because, as Gary Wasserman so predictably tells us in Monday’s Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post, the Lobby doesn’t really exist anyway. So how could there ever be any repercussions?  And the beauty of the argument Wasserman makes is that the AIPAC spy scandal proves that the Lobby is a figment of the anti-Semitic imagination of the FBI.  Therefore, one can only conclude that to maintain the thesis that the Lobby actually exists in a meaningful way is to believe that the United States didn’t go to the moon, that OJ didn’t do it, that Elvis is still with us, and that Jesus Christ will return at the end of time. I can tell you this, the Lobby sure as hell doesn’t believe in that last one. Many Muslims do, of course, but I digress.

Wasserman's Creed: See no lobby, hear no lobby, speak no lobby

Wasserman’s Creed: See no lobby, hear no lobby, speak no lobby

2. The Lobby that doesn’t exist is pissed off at Obama again and is doing so in such a way as to reveal what we have maintained here at Mantiq al-Tayr since time immemorial – the Lobby is not loyal to the United States, it is loyal to Israel. So, for example, to receive the highest civilian award one can get in the United States you must be silent about or even support war crimes against the Palestinians carried out by Israel.  We learn this, surprise surprise, from an article that appeared recently in the Baltimore Sun, a newspaper owned by a slum lord and “a committed Zionist” named Sam Zell.  Zell, by the way, seems to actually believe that the Lobby exists, since he is part of it.  Zell . . .” is a strong philanthropic backer of “both Israel and the Israeli support association in the U.S.–AIPAC.”

Anyway, here’s what the Lobby and its members who don’t exist are up to. “Jewish congressional members and lobbying groups are protesting President Barack Obama’s decision to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Irish leader Mary Robinson, who they say has a long record of harshly criticizing Israel.”

Goy vei! That crypto Muslim Jihadist Communist halfbreed with funny ears and lots of mysteriously sealed records had the audacity to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to someone who speaks out for freedom for Palestinians.  Now in a world where people are not insane it should be a requirement that defenders of freedom receive medals specifically for speaking up on behalf of the downtrodden Palestinians. But only in America (well, probably in Chanada too) is it considered a human rights violation to speak against Israeli atrocities. After all, only a true human rights activist would speak out in favor of murdering Palestinians [such as the ENTIRE United States Congress]  according to the Lobby that does not exist.

But that ignorant slut Mrs. Robinson actually spoke out against Israeli racism, therefore she, unlike say someone like Natan Sharanksy, is wholly undeserving of recognition. Yes, the inveterate racist and war monger Sharansky received the very same award in 2006. No doubt the non-existent Israeli Lobby serverely criticized this. Frankly, Mrs. Robinson should turn down the award.

Here is vicious anti-Palestinian bigot Natan Sharansky receiving our country’s highest civilian honor.

Not to be viewed by those under 18 years of age

Not to be viewed by those under 18 years of age

Shelley Berkley, Likud, Nevada, informs us that the “biased views expressed by Mary Robinson against the nation of Israel remain deeply troubling, and her tarnished record of actions on this issue cannot be erased with the awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.” Man, what traitors these people are, but I digress.

Not to be outdone, Eliot Engel, Likud, New York says that giving her the award was a “screw-up” and a “mistake.” We’ve noted Engel’s  toal and unquestioned loyalty to Israel in a previous post.

Sen. Christopher S. Bond, Likud,  Missouri,  and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Likud, Florida, “the ranking member of the House Foreign Relations Committee – issued criticisms on Thursday.”

The World Jewish Congress also weighed in and “accused Robinson of an “endorsement of Palestinian violence as legitimate political activity, and the outrageous equating of the Holocaust to the suffering of the Palestinians,” adding that Robinson’s record “renders her unqualified to receive the nation’s highest civilian honor.”

Yes indeed, as it says some where in the Bill of Rights, when you talk about Israel you are required to mention the holocaust. The latent reason for doing so seems to be this. Since six million Jews were killed by the Nazis in the holocaust, Israel gets to kill up to five million nine hundred ninety nine thousand and nine hundred ninety nine Palestinians before Israel can actually be criticized for its decades long murderous campaign against the Palestinian people and its stealing of their lands and resources.  The whole world knows what bull$hit this is, but somehow, for reasons that Wasserman could never fathom, the people of the US can’t seem to figure it out. Wonder why.

Anyway, just to drive the Holocaust all the way up your ass, the article quotes someone – I bet this will really surprise you – from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  If you want to read what Abraham Cooper, a major honcho of the Simon Wiesenthal Center had to say, you can go to to the article I’ve already linked to above. If you want to read about what an unbelievably huge liar Simon Wiesenthal himself is in an article recently published in the Times of London, go here.

Simon says

Simon says

(BTW, BHO is giving the medal to 16 people this year. Here you can find a list of who they are. Enjoy doing your research. Let us know if the Lobby is complaining about any of the others.)

3. Well it’s August and the US Knesset is on recess – and no doubt the American people are thrilled. At least when they are out and about going to town meetings they can’t pass any more stupid laws or give our money away to Israel and pro-Israelis.

Well, don’t rejoice too much. Because, as they often do in August, a bunch of your Knesset members are off to Israel on all-expense-paid trips funded by Gary Wasserman. Ha, just kidding. These trips are funded by the Israeli Lobby that doesn’t exist and even if it does, it just has a teensie weenie little polka dot bikini amount of influence.

Could this influence you? Just a little?

Could this influence you? Just a little?

The trip was led by the truly disgusting Eric Cantor, Likud, Virginia who took 24 other members of his party a few days ago on a junket to Israel where he went out of his way to visit an illegal Israeli settlement, to proclaim that Israel cannot return to its 1967 borders and threw in some war mongering against Iran for good measure. The trip is funded by the American Israel Education Foundation That Does Not Exist Or If It Does It Does NOT Have Much Influence (known as the AIEFTDNEOIIDIDNOTHMI for short.) It is part of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee That Does Not Exist Or If It Does It Does NOT Have Much Influence (known as “Traitors R US” for short.)

Cantor made sure to announce that he was bringing the largest single delegation of US Knesset members to Israel in history and that they were there to grovel at the feet of their masters. Red highlights are mine, as usual.

“Representative Cantor told President Peres at the start of the meeting that the delegation was the largest delegation of Congressional members that has ever visited Israel. “To a person, all of us will tell you that we are here, first and foremost, to reconfirm the message that the U.S. Congress stands staunchly on the side of  Israel and its struggle, and we are here to figure out how to strengthen the U.S-Israel relationship.”

Yes indeed, the US Congress, what a joke, “stands staunchly on the side of Israel in its struggle.” What a bunch of disgusting traitorous pigs. Your government, ladies and gentleman, has been hijacked whole-sale by a Lobby that does not exist.

Unfortunately for Ben-adict-Arnold-Cantor, his delegation of traitors, sellouts and Israeli paid for whores will soon be in second place if press reports are true. Yes, an even larger group of Israeli ass-kissers and G-d knows what else will soon be led to Israel (Rahm Emmanuel’s middle name, but I digress) by the great Steny Hoyer, Likud, Maryland. He’s taking thirty five street-walkers with him.

Steny loves to go to Israel. He did the same thing in August of 2007. In fact, as of 2007 he’d been to Israel “eight or nine times.”  He loves to go to Israel.

I hope he stays there this time.

So here’s your Cantor:


Whore for Israel

Whore for Israel

And here’s your Hoyer:

Whoyer for Israel

Whoyer for Israel

All we can say here at Mantiq al-Tayr is “No more whores for Israel.”

And just for good measure, here’s that polka-dot thingy again. Don’t let it influence you too much.

Blogging can be fun sometimes :-)

Blogging can be fun sometimes 🙂

Okay, okay, I can hear the Anonymous Arabist howling and scratching the furniture. Ms. Anonymous, this one’s for you:

Rahm Israel Emmanuel

Rahm Israel Emmanuel

بدون تعليق

بدون تعليق