Notes, Quotes, Hate Speech and Goats

1. Mike Rivero made a most interesting comment during one of his excellent radio shows this week when he noted that with all the torture stuff coming out now we can really see just how much lying we’ve been subjected to by our so-called leaders.  He noted, correctly, that there is probably much much more that we’ve been lied to about that has never ever been brought up. Well, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr have come up with a potential solution that will enable our learning what it is that we don’t know that we don’t know that we don’t know – whatever. Anyway, we got that solution from the disgusting Michael Scheuer who about two weeks ago in the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post had an article in the Outlook section that promoted torturing detainees because torture, according to Scheuer, works. I’m not even going to link to his disgraceful anti-America article. If you want to read it, go look for it yourself. He’s not worth reading and it is because of people like him that the CIA is the sick and perverted institution that it is. At least he’s not there anymore. But, yet again, I digress.

Since “our” or should I say “Israel’s” congressional leadership is composed of liars who support torture, I suggest that we have Mossad Jane, Nuremburg Nancy, Death-camp Diane and a host of others arrested and have them waterboarded, slam their heads against walls, and expose them and their children to wild insects. Then maybe we can find out what else it is they are hiding from us.

Just a thought.

2. There’s lots of the usual bitching and moaning among the Israel-first lobby about how the Obama administration is screwing Israel by making the mildest of suggestions that just maybe, perhaps just for a few seconds, Israel might, pretty please, might want to think about obeying international law. Researching some of this has been fun and has led to my finding some really hilarious quotes.

Am I the only one noticing that Obama and Biden are not so much assembling staff, as gathering a minyan?

Here is a howler of an article. The title itself is worth citing.

Obama Administration Should Defer to Israel’s Expertise

Now at first glance you probably would think that the author was talking about torture techniques. But he isn’t. He’s wailing about the so-called two-state solution being back on the table.

Here’s a sample from the article itself, written by an obvious Islamofascist  named Roz Rothstein. [I bet he is a Shi’ite to boot.}

It was wonderful to see how AIPAC continues to grow and to feel the sense of global support for Israel which fills the air with a steady buzz. Speakers reinforced the importance of the American-Israel relationship and were greeted with applause and standing ovations.

[Good God, what a bunch of traitors these people are]. Anyway, it gets better.

The halls were filled, the mission to avert an Iranian imposed nuclear catastrophe was clear, and the love for Israel was palpable. Yet I left Washington with a heavy heart.

Poor Baby. He was most upset with Death-Camp Diane.

Senator Dianne Feinstein encouraged the large delegation of California voters to help push in this direction. She said, “Talk about it in your synagogues, your communities. Talk about the two-state solution in Israel.

[Gee, if they are talking about politics in the synogogues, shouldn’t their tax-exempt status be revoked?].  Not to worry, though, Roz informs us. Israel knows what’s best. It’s more revealing than he realizes.

Contrary to Senator Feinstein’s claim, now does not seem to be the time. Unjustified “excuses” have not prevented a two-state solution. There are real and serious obstacles to its realization.

Yes there are. Israel.

Israel wants peace and knows first-hand the facts on the ground that have prevented it.

A most interesting choice of phrase. The entire settlement movement was based on the premise of creating facts on the ground in order to keep most, or all of, the West Bank.

The U.S. administration should defer to Israel’s expertise, not repeat the misguided policies of the past and impose premature solutions from afar which could have disastrous repercussions.

I see the above quote as an almost unveiled threat. If Obama does anything Israel doesn’t like, then there could be “disastrous repercussions” for him. Kind of like what happened to Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Paul Findley, Cynthia McKinney and maybe even JFK.

All supporters of Israel should work together to ensure that the administration does not pressure Israel into premature, dangerous concessions, but treats it as an equal — a sovereign, successful state that desperately wants peace but that knows from bitter experience what will and will not bring peace closer.

“All supporters of Israel” – another nice choice of phrase. What about “supporters of the United States”? But that’ is not what AIPAC and Roz are all about. They are about one thing and one thing only – Israel.

Here’s an insightful quote from another article about Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden’s speech to AIPAC. It shows that all this “tough love” commotion in the Main $tream Media is baloney.

While Biden sought to portray the White House’s emerging policy toward Israel as a break with the preceding administration’s agenda, it actually didn’t differ all that much from the Bush playbook.

Now here’s a great story by a female Islamofacist named Janet Levy. She is pissed, and I mean pissed, because two Jews working with Cindy Sheehan have put up some billboards. She writes like she considers these two Jews to be traitors. I consider them to be Americans. In fact Richard Baehr says that those two Jews are “working for the enemy.” That would be true if you consider the enemy to be the United States.

Here’s the billboard that Jerusalem Janet calls a “billboard of hate.”

bill boards of hate

I like it. Spread it around.

Levy’s article is very much worth reading because it will tell you a lot about the very good people who are behind the billboard.  Some very good organizations that all of you should know about.

3.  Here’s a great link about the massacre at the Gaza Zoo in January 2009. It also contains an article about a previous Israeli massacre of animals at the Gaza Zoo in 2004. I guess the Izzies hate Palestinian animals as much as they hate Palestinians.

From the 2004 article:

The butchered ostrich, the petrified kangaroo cowering in a basement corner, the tortoises crushed under the tank treads – all were held up as evidence of the pitiless nature of the Israeli occupation. . .

The army also initially denied that soldiers deliberately wrecked the zoo that provided Rafah’s children with virtually their only contact with live animals, even ordinary ones such as squirrels, goats and tortoises.


4. The Ornithoscopy section has been updated.

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  1. Gaza: War Crimes Against Children and Civilians

    By Badi M. Ali, Muslims for a Better North Carolina

    The sad fact about Gaza is it is wrong. There should be no argument that the Israeli military aggression, Occupation, blockade, starvation and siege of Gaza is, as Dr. Mads Gilbert said, “against everything it means to be a decent human being.” Gazans have the right to demand that: an immediate on-going ceasefire is enforced; borders are opened; the blockade is ended so food, medicine, and reconstruction materials are brought in, the barrier walls are torn down, and the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank by the Israelis is ended so Palestinians can recover from illegal and abhorrent attacks. Reconstruction must be effective and immediate.

    There is no doubt that the crimes committed against the Palestinian people are war crimes. Many thoughtful analysts gathered for the symposium for Gaza cosponsored by MIT and Harvard and are in consensus. The Gaza offensive targeted civilians and used drone, white phosphorus, and DIME weapons.

    DIME weapons result in multiple amputations. If the victims survive, they acquire cancer and die soon after. So beyond the 1,400 deaths reported, how many of the 5,000 wounded will die within the next year from cancer or lack of access to medical care? Ambulances, doctors, emergency, medical workers, hospitals, and neutral sites were targeted in the campaign. Now reports are emerging that the injured, even children, are being interrogated by Israelis when they try to access medical care outside of Gaza. Many have been denied access and died. White phosphorus weapons burn their victims and their environment. The white phosphorus continues to burn and remain a threat. Youtube documents infants, children and innocent civilians covered in burns. Youtube shows the multiple amputations that result from DIME bombs. The internet brings home the effects of sending US funds and bombs to Israel. Americans now know what their tax dollars are buying for Israel. This tragedy against a defenseless and imprisoned population is immoral and horrific. Demand Congress stop all funds and weapons going to Israel. It is a time to heal, rebuild, and find a solution that respects the Palestinian people as equal partners with rights as protected by international law and described in the Declaration of Universal Human Rights

  2. “Tell Congress” American’s gripes is a good idea but seems not to accomplish anything. I bet an “else” added to all “tell Congress” messages would if backed up get Congress’ attention and accomplish something positive. “Else” like “honor the Constitution’s Oath of Office or else lose my influence and Vote.”


  3. Madame Butterfly

    “…the disgusting Michael Scheuer who about two weeks ago [wrote] an article…that promoted torturing detainees because torture, according to Scheuer, works. I’m not even going to link to his disgraceful anti-America article. If you want to read it, go look for it yourself.”

    What article, Mantiq? Can’t you give us the title? After all, Scheuer has written quite a few articles referring to torture, and I can’t imagine the “respectable” NYT publishing an article that is so unspeakably vile that even its title may not be mentioned.

  4. Let us hope that the Zionist occupation of both Palestine and Washington DC will somehow and sometime soon end and be conveyed to the dustbin of history. Wake up America; take charge of your destiny.

  5. Madame Butterfly

    I haven’t been on your blog very long, Mantiq, but I like what I read. You do it so well — with considerable verve and a sardonic sense of humor that cuts to the bone.

  6. A very important name was left off the list in the following passage:

    “I see the above quote as an almost unveiled threat. If Obama does anything Israel doesn’t like, then there could be ‘disastrous repercussions’ for him. Kind of like what happened to Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Paul Findley, Cynthia McKinney and maybe even JFK.”

    One could make a much stronger case for including the “suicided” secretary of defense, James Forrestal, than JFK. Please go to and follow the links. Forrestal was the most outspoken opponent of the creation of the state of Israel in the Truman administration.

  7. mantiqaltayr

    I’ll give you a hint. It was in the Washington Post Outlook section about two weeks ago.

  8. mantiqaltayr


    You are quite right, Forrestal is a great candidate for the list. There are no doubt many others.

  9. How about putting George Lincoln Rockwell and Joseph McCarthy on the list too?


  10. Madame Butterfly

    This is worse than torture. Say It’s Mantiq. What If HE Won’t Talk?!?

  11. The water is coming to a boil and the tea pot will soon whistle not every American has a 100 or less I.Q. In general I’d say 120 and above and we will not be slaves or dig our own graves. You’re time is gonna come. The “Bill of Rights” is America, it is the foundation, we are well aware of those that disrespected it and at the same time disrespected all America’s brave men that fought for it understanding it would allow their posterity the chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We the people know who continues to disrespect America and your time is gonna come.

  12. Nathan Snail

    Michael Rivero is pretty spot on about the magnitude and the depth of the ‘lying’ by the U.S. Government to the world. It covers everything from the earliest days of the United States as a ‘world power’ to present day events. A willing and compliant media apparatus controlled by the U.S. and Israel, has parroted, for the most part, huge amounts of propaganda and bullshit for so many decades since the radio broadcast of information began, to present day internet dominated information flow.

    so today, one has to ask one’s self; “how much bullshit have I willingly and unsuspectingly incorporated into my psyche that came from a C.I.A. and Mossad operated propaganda bullhorn? Fifty percent? Seventy percent?

    In Michael Rivero’s revelations about the U.S. and the magnitude and depth of it’s systematic and incessant ‘lying’, how much damage overall to the world has occurred, simply because of the spread of U.S. propaganda?

    The real toll is immeasurable and beyond the comprehension of most of us, because the absolute truth about what Rivero is alluding to, is that until recently, not too many media organizations even for a second questioned the integrity of reports and papers coming from the United States about everything from Foreign Policy to Genetically Modified (Monsanto) or GM organisms and crops.

    I guess the only way to remedy the damage, is for the world to do the equivalent of “Fahrenheit 451” massive book and periodical and media ‘burnings’ in every single town square in the rest of the world, with the net effect being the ‘removal’ of propagandized ‘lies’ the U.S. foisted upon the world. And, to a major extent, it would be imperative to not only ‘block’ the I.P. addresses of U.S. (ruppert murdoch) media organizations on the web, but to ‘jam’ or otherwise ‘block’ U.S. mass media broadcasts on the airwaves and on satellite transponders from space. This is the only way to purge the already poisonous effect of the U.S. propaganda war on the Free People of the rest of the planet.

    Rivero only touched on the tip of the propaganda and lies iceberg, it’s our duty as world citizens to get to the task of systematically removing the U.S. propaganda from our lives, from our libraries, and from our thought processes.

  13. We the American people are NOT Israel’s BITCH … Obama and Congress are.,..!

    Israel is NO Friend to America..!!

    Congressional members with dual American / Israeli Citizenships are TRAITORS, they should be lined up against a wall and SHOT..!!

    Israel / Zionist Jews are the Blood Sucking Parasites of the World. They are nothing more then Leeches feeding on Humanity and sucking the life out of Mankind.
    The sooner this World is rid of them the better we all will be.

    “Die Israel Die”

  14. Edward,

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The water has been boiling a very long time and so-called Patriots only beat their chest making threats. Those claiming to support the Constitution while advocating armed revolution are either enemies of the Constitution and America or simply do not know what they are talking about and repeating enemy rhetoric.

    Armed revolution would completely destroy the Constitution and that is exactly what the enemy wants because then the People would be completely without any Rights/Freedom at all.

    At present the people have the ballot box (vote fraud is a hoax perpetrated by an enemy) to elect Lawmakers, Congressmen, every two years. I suggest everyone register to vote and Vote enemy lackeys (criminals) out of Congress is much easier to do that shoot them out. Congress can control the federal government, at least federal money; all Bills for raising federal revenue must start in the House of Congress.


  15. The world has been reduced to a chess game because of a demonic cult called jews that are inculcated with the talmud from the day of their birth. Anyone that believes a vote will loosen their chains is naive there is only one ballot box left in America if we are to truely to be free and this will enable the people of America and the world to instill in their children what was left us by our Christian founders so elegantly stated in the “Bill of Rights” and should be looked upon as a shining light on the hill for all mankind to acknwoledge and the world would truely be a better place.

  16. If Obama goes against Israel, we will get to see his birth certificate and the other documents being suppressed at this time. He will be impeached or forced to resign.


    The worst thing about the Holocaust ™ is that it never happened. The world would be a happier, safer, wealthier, and more peaceful place if the Nazis had instituted a policy of extermination of the Jews.

  18. Edward,

    Well said, you are correct and I agree wholeheartedly, except I disagree that using, or promoting the use of, the ballot box is naive. The ballot box it the only “constitutional” power/force Americans have over government Officials.

    America is indeed infected with a parasite that is consuming all of America and for America to get well the power of that parasite must be neutralized. The American people have absolutely no Right or power/force to neutralize the power of that parasite. But Congress does have the power/force and or authority to neutralize that, or any other, parasite. And the People do have the power/force of the ballot box to control Congress, or at least have control of who is seated in Congress to legislate and can exercise that power every two years over Congressmen.

    Americans, USA Citizenry, have no power or force or authority to do anything “directly” to or about any group of people, except that group of people sitting in Congress.


  19. Corporate Governance


    Congress, different than congress, are the directors of the UNITED STATES corporation. What makes you think they have any power? The shareholders have the power.

    I think you have Congress, a corporate body, confused with congress, a de jure government body. The congress stopped meeting in about eighteen-hundred-and-sixty-two, when the southern senators walked out. There was no more quorum. This left the congressmen separately liable for the havoc the carpetbaggers were causing in the south.

    Lincoln kept the ‘Union’ at *any* cost, all right. The cost of getting rid of the constitutional government, itself a kind of fraud, and replacing it with a corporation.

    Imagine if MCDONALDS agents and employees showed up tomorrow to fill the physical buildings you associate with your government, and could only *act* in accordance with their own corporate rules.

    There is no government in the land known commonly as north america. Or at least, what you think of as a government is in fact, an act.

    CANADA is a corporation registered with the securities and exchange commission. Go look it up on their website. sec dot gov

    When, as the people are doing now, the living men, the word men being gender-inclusive, wake up to the fact they *are* the government, and throw the imposters out -one way or another- in that process, the changing of the awareness of the people, one by one, then two by two and so-on, then you will see change. You are already seeing the change now, but the public, the large corporate body, has a total lockdown on reporting this. Yet, this will not help them.

  20. Na tional Zi onismus

    National Socializmus

    The two political parties co-existed during the ‘nazi’ phase of German politics. They were the only permitted parties. The senior execs in the National Socializmus administration were executed, because they knew what was going on, and would have spilled the beans. Why was, I think it was the one know as ‘eichman’, kept in a sound-proof box during ‘his’ trial?


    I suggest you watch the video, available on google video, by the man known as Jim Condit Junior, called ‘The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler’. Extensive documentation after documentation, most by Jewish authors, showing Hitler was Jewish, his rhetoric about exterminating Jewish people was just that -rhetoric-, & he was paid the equivalent of six-hundred-million USD, thirty-two million in 1930’s money, by the rothschild money group, to take over the twice-economically devastated land where fifty-percent of the ‘original’ ‘settlers’ of north american came from.

    I won’t go over the details in the video; suffice to say, his paypal account was cancelled without notice, and your image of the
    brown-haired, brown-eyed & non-teutonic,
    hypnotic speaker who spoke-one-way-while-doing-the-opposite, baggy-eyed,
    animal- and children-loving painter,
    was nothing more than a patsy for the rothschilds, one of which was his grandfather.

    They always like their incestuous family to do their dirty-work.

    Yes, he had impressive verbal skills, and a hypnotic ability, ala-obama. In case you do not know, verbal/body-language-hypnotism is a dominant jewish trait. Seems to serve obama nicely, for now…

  21. Madame Butterfly

    To Jonborovsky

    Jonborovsky is a Jewish convert to Christianity (or a Christian Zionist) who has been engaged in a debate with me on the previous thread. He accepts none of my sources: Chomsky, Finkelstein, Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Arthur Koestler — even though all of them are Jews.

    In his eyes, all have been “discredited”. By whom he does not say, nor does he mention his own “sources”.

    For him, Israel can do no wrong. He insists that the Ashkenazi Jews have a right to Israel because they have Hebraic/Biblical blood. As far as he’s concerned, Koestler’s ‘Thirteenth Tribe’, proving that the Ashkenazis originated in Khazaria and have no connection with the Holy Land, is total rubbish.

    The Palestinians were not driven out of Palestine in 1948 — they left voluntarily! The Palestinians never owned this land, they were just squatters there for 13 centuries! Jordan and other Arab states should accommodate the Palestinians and give them somewhere to live. This is the type of man I have been arguing with: one with a completely closed mind.

    For his beneft, I cut and post these comments by my friend, poster Xanadu — a published writer — from another site.

  22. Madame Butterfly (quoting Xanadu)

    Xanadu May 6, 2009 at 10:05 am

    Systematic Humiliation of the Palestinians
    (For Jalid)

    Your revelations of the spiteful behavior of Jewish settlers in Palestine come as no surprise to me, Jalid. These psychopaths get a fiendish delight in harassing and abusing the Palestinians. You will find numerous examples of their vindictive behavior in Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians. (Pluto Press, London, Updated Edition 1999).

    1. Children forced to punch their fathers in the face or else be rifle-butted themselves.

    2. Palestinians forced to go down on all fours and bark like dogs.

    3. Palestinians forced to kiss the backsides of donkeys (sometimes while the animals are defecating).

    4. A group of Arab laborers taken to a hotel in North Israel where they are forced to eat sandwiches containing ground glass; also sexually humiliated, i.e., forced to masturbate at gunpoint.

    Believe me, I’m not making any of this up. You’ll find it all in Chomsky.

  23. Madame Butterfly (quoting Xanadu)

    Xanadu May 6, 2009 at 10:22 am

    In December 1982 the Palestinians held a demonstration in the West Bank against the way they were being treated. Ariel Sharon’s instructions to the IDF: Cut off their testicles!

    Think I’m kidding? You’ll find it on page 176 of Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle.

    Footnote 111 reads: Jerusalem Post, Dec. 12, 1982; “Cut off their testicles”, Sharon said with regard to demonstrators in the West Bank. (Chomsky goes on to quote several other Israeli newspapers confirming the infamous Sharon quote).

    And this is the guy whom President Bush called “a man of peace”. LOL.

  24. Madame Butterfly (quoting Xanadu)

    Xanadu May 6, 2009 at 10:44 am


    Israeli journalist Tom Segev [in Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle]is telling us of taking a random walk through the streets of Jerusalem with an Arab. Segev suffers no humiliation at the hands of Jewish passersby. This is because he is a Jew, whereas the Arab is not only an Arab but looks like an Arab.

    Segev describes how the Arab is forced to run the gauntlet. He is stopped repeatedly by Border Guards who harass him. Imagine this happening to YOU:

    “Come here!” the Jew guard orders you. You go. “Jump,” the Jew tells you. You jump.

    The Jew drops your papers on the road with a mocking laugh. “Pick them up!” he sneers. You pick them up.

    The Jew turns to Segev with a wide grin. “These guys will do whatever you tell them to do,” he explains. “If I tell him to jump, he will jump. Run, he will run. TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF! he will take them off. If I tell him TO KISS THE WALL, he will kiss it. If I tell him to CRAWL ON THE ROAD, won’t he crawl? . . . Everything! TELL HIM TO CURSE HIS MOTHER and he will curse her too.”

    He turns to Segev. “They are NOT HUMAN BEINGS!” he confides.

    The Jewish guards then search the Arab. They slap him round the face. They order him to take off his shoes. In despair, he sits down dejectedly on the road.

    The Jewish guard looks at Segev. “Not human,” he says. “Really, not human!”

    What is happening in the busy streets of Jerusalem meanwhile? Carefree throngs of Jews come and go, quite unconcerned. As far as they are concerned, the Palestinian is “transparent”. He doesn’t exist.

    After this episode of Jewish brutality has run its course, the Arab explains to Segev: “I’m lucky. At least they let me go.”

    Every day this shameless cruelty goes on in the stolen land of the Jews.

    Arabs are beaten and taken away for “interrogation”. They are detained without charge. Complaints to the police are not only pointess, they are counterproductive and positively dangerous. Further brutality only ensues at the mere mention of police brutality!

    It’s a losing game.

    The Arab is at his wit’s end. When he reacts to his appalling ill-treatment, when he flies off the handle and straps a suicide bomb round his waist, he is then a “terrorist”!

    Arab scum! Fanatic! Bomb-toting maniac! How dare you disturb the peace in the land of the noble Jew!

    “These are the conditions of daily life for Ahmed,” Chomsky explains laconically.

  25. Madame Butterfly (quoting Miriam K)

    And here, finally, are two posts from an Ashkenazi Jewess called “Miriam K.” Also from

    Read and shudder!

  26. Madame Butterfly (quoting Miriam K)

    Ferd May 14, 2009 at 3:30 pm to Miriam K:

    “If anti-semitism means to puke at every dull and trite sentence you type, then i am glad to be an anti-semite…if i were to judge you by Kant’s standard you would be below human, an aberration and a tragedy…the talmud made you what you think of the goyim: cattle and shit…we stand proud with the Palestinians bec. we know how it is to love, respect human life and be human.”

    Miriam K (May 14, 2009 at 8:46 pm) replies to Ferd:

    “I am almost moved by your eloquence. Everything you say is true. I am evil and those around me are evil too. We take pride in our decadence and depravity as you take pride in your righteousness and virtue. You have chosen God, we have chosen Satan — hence the yawning abyss between us.

    Who will win, Ferd? Sometimes late at night, when I lie in bed weeping, I wish it could be you and your people! You see, I have a sneaking sympathy for your position. You OUGHT to win! The trouble is: we are more intelligent, we have more money, and the instinct for survival is very strong in us. We also derive a superhuman strength from evil.

    Anyway, good luck, Ferd. If ever we achieve our purpose, which is to turn you goyim into a race of docile slaves, be sure of one thing: we will treat you kindly, as we would our pet apes and lapdogs!”

  27. Madame Butterfly (quoting Miriam K)

    Jameel May 14, 2009 at 6:37 pm to Miriam K:

    “So Miriam K admits then, that Israel is based purely on the notion that “might makes right”. Thuggery.”

    Miriam K May 14, 2009 at 9:05 pm re[plies to Jameel:

    “Of course I admit it! There’s no longer any need for subterfuge, as in the old days when we in a weaker position. We now hold the whiphand over you and can afford the delicious luxury of frank speech.

    We stole Palestine. Why deny it? Ben Gurion himself admitted this over fifty years ago in the confines of his private diary.

    Here, listen:

    “Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves…politically, we are the aggressors and they defend themselves… THE COUNTRY IS THEIRS BECAUSE THEY INHABIT IT, WHEREAS WE WANT TO COME HERE AND SETTLE DOWN, AND IN THEIR VIEW WE WANT TO TAKE AWAY FROM THEM THEIR COUNTRY.”
    — David Ben-Gurion, 1938.

    Beautiful, isn’t it? An honest admission of outright theft! And still the world chooses to believe that this land is ours and that we have a right to it!

  28. I have a good idea. Let`s enact a tax whereby the proceeds will go to funding the arrest and prosecution of all the treasonous, traitorous, israeli terrorist controlled mass murdering, war mongering, war criminals in those cesspools known as “the congress” and “the senate” and “white house”.

    And let`s then comprise an international coalition that`s truly focused on eliminating international terrorism.

    That fake-semite ashkenazi/khazar cancer of earth in the middle east would be in deep doo-doo!

    Now that would be a real “war on terror”!