Rahm! Bam! Thank You Maam!

1. Rahm Israel Emmanuel, who did volunteer work for the Israeli military but not for the US military, was featured on the front page of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post on April 13th and portrayed as if it were he and not Barrack Hussein Obama, a likely natural born US citizen, who is the messiah. The fawning puff piece provided many clues to the careful observer as to just who it is that is running this country. It also managed to bring up Emmanuel’s Wikipedia entry without referencing his Israeli military service and his support only for pro Iraq war Democratic candidates in 2006, nor the fact that Emmanuel’s father was a member of the terrorist Irgun gang, that Rahm went to summer camp in Israel and that the family changed its last name to Emmanuel in honor of a relative who was killed in Jerusalem. It’s almost as if the author of the piece wanted to write about these things but could not and so was asking her readers to look it up for themselves.  Almost.

We at Mantiq al-Tayr found the comments by Rep. Peter T. King [Likud, New York] to be particularly weird. Among other things, King says he doesn’t mind being beaten by Emmanuel:

King added: “If he can knock me off in the next election, he will, and I totally accept that.”

King is so proud of his contribution to the article written by Shailagh Murray in the JWNYTP, that he posted the article to his website.  We at Mantiq al-Tayr find this to be bizarre.

2. The article also did not talk about Emmanuel’s rabbi in Chicago, Asher Lopatin, who is one of the most influential rabbis in the United States,  and serves on the executive committee of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA).  The RCA completely supported Israel’s actions in Gaza in December of 2008 and January of 2009 and issued a statement that reads in part (red highlights are mine):

The Rabbinical Council of America fully supports the government of Israel in its campaign to stop heinous terrorist attacks directed for too long against Israeli civilians. Hamas must bear full responsibility for the current loss of life in Gaza, in light of its direct complicity in encouraging, supporting, and carrying out acts of Islamist terror. . .

We commend the government of the United States for its unambiguous support of Israel’s actions over the last few days. We congratulate the Bush administration for its recognition that responsibility for the violence lies entirely on the heads of the leaders, enablers, and supporters of Hamas and its allies. As with the pursuit of Al-Qaeda and its offshoots, terror must be met with resolve and force, as needed.

Lopatin is quite familiar with Emmanuel’s loyalty to Israel, as this excerpt from an interview Lopatin did about Emmanuel makes clear:

Do you think Emanuel’s Israeli roots and religious practice will reassure Jews who are skeptical of Barack Obama’s commitment to Israel?

I think they will, and I think that even more significant is his work in the Clinton administration and his reputation as someone who wants to promote successful policies, policies that have broad-based support. I think it’ll assure people that the Obama administration, if anything, will have very pleasant surprises and no real nasty surprises.

Another interesting question and answer in the same interview:

Do you think that rabbis in the Orthodox world are calling Emanuel a traitor to Orthodoxy in Judaism?

No, not at all. I think they’re giddy. Everyone’s giddy. Certainly Orthodox Rabbis are very happy and very proud of him, you know? There’s some disagreement over policy and all that, but I would say we’re very excited to have someone who’s a member of a modern Orthodox synagogue right there in the White House helping to shape the future administration and their actions.

Lopatin informs us in that very same interview that in the DC area Emmanuel likes Rabbi Jack Moline, a rabbi who on the surface appears to be a moderate or a centrist.  Do a search on him and see if you can stand reading his prose.  He is a quintessential example of what Xymphora calls “Zionism light.” But he may be getting heavier. He spoke at the 2007 meeting of John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel Group justifying doing so thusly:

The Jewish Week quoted Rabbi Moline as saying: “We’re no longer in a position of being too selective in choosing our friends,” and citing “the threat posed by Iran and Israel’s growing isolation.”

We at Mantiq al-Tayr await with some trepidation the “very pleasant surprises” that the Obama administration,  with Rahm Israel Emmanuel at its helm, will bring to the war weary and bankrupt population of these United States.

3. Thank G-d for our troops dying for Israel in Afghanistan and Iraq that the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated is now on the supermarket shelves with a very revealing cover photo of draft-dodging Israeli model Bar Rafaeli on the cover. I’m sure it has made its way to bases in Iraq and Afghanistan by now. Now we at Mantiq al-Tayr only read  SI’s swimsuit issue for the articles, just like we do the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post, and would advise our troops to do the same.  Bar, what a name, has become a very controversial figure in the Jewish state because she managed to evade the Israeli draft, move to the United States, and then made fun of serving in the Israeli military. So we can understand why the those poor Israelis she has left behind are so outraged. I can hear them bitching and moaning over matzah bread  “The White House Chief of Staff volunteered to serve for the Israeli army, why can’t this little b****?”

Bar has an answer to this in which she also deliberately mocks an Israeli hero, Joseph Trumpledor.

“I really wanted to serve in the IDF, but I don’t regret not enlisting, because it paid off big time,” she said. “That’s just the way it is, celebrities have other needs. I hope my case has influenced the army. “ Israel or Uganda, what difference does it make? It makes no difference to me. Why is it good to die for our country? What, isn’t it better to live in New York? Why should 18-year-old kids have to die? It’s dumb that people have to die so that I can live in Israel,Refaeli added.

Yes, Bar it is dumb. It is also evil.  How many more people must die around the world so that a minority of Jews can live in Israel? Next time I’m at the supermarket  maybe I’ll pick up a copy of SI. If I ever run in to you, I’ll ask you to autograph it.

4 responses to “Rahm! Bam! Thank You Maam!

  1. Peter King? Isn’t that the congressman who vociferously and financially supported Irish terrorist murderers for years and then post-9/11 said “all recent terrorists are Muslims”? That guy?
    Plus, no fair posting about Rahm without including a photo.

  2. mantiqaltayr

    Does it not strike you as funny how quickly the guy turned around?

    We’ll post a photo of loverboy in pic of the day section. It needs updating anyway.

  3. Here’s Rahm doing something good:

    We’ve banned these techniques and practices,” said Emanuel. “Banned them. Because we didn’t think they were consistent with America’s security… Second is, we’ve enhanced America’s image abroad. These were tools used by terrorists, propaganda tools to recruit new terrorists. And the fact is having changed America’s image does have an impact on our security and safety and makes us stronger.”

  4. mantiqaltayr

    I hope it was Obama who made the decision and not Rahm. Rahm seems to credit Obama in the original article. Of course Rahm also says that Bush made most of this same information public anyway, basically asking “so what’s the big deal?”

    We don’t need the children of Israeli terrorists working in the White House. Eliminating that fact would “enhance” our image much more than releasing torture memos.