How Does This Sound?

1. “Absolutely. If a Jew who has — who is — a practicing Jew who believes the word of the Hebrew Bible to be the word of Yahweh, who abides by Judaism, who goes to synagogue and prays every Saturday, who prays three times a day — this practicing Jew , who believes in the teachings of the Hebrew Bible, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.”

“A Jew is allowed to lie under any situation to make Judaism , or for the benefit of Jews in the long run. A Jew sworn to office can lay his hand on the Hebrew Bible and say ‘I swear that I’m telling the truth and nothing but the truth,’ fully knowing that he is lying because the same Hebrew Bible that he is swearing on justifies his lying in order to advance the cause of Judaism . What is worrisome about that is when we are faced with war and a Jewish political official in office has to make a decision either in the interest of the United States, which is considered infidel according to the teachings of Judaism , and our Constitution is uncompatible [sic] with Judaism — not compatible — that Jew in office will always have his loyalty to Judaism.”

“Those Jews who are coming into the United States, they are immediately going from the border into the major cities where there is a large Jewish concentration in the United States, such as New York Aviv or Bethesda…”

“We need to see more patriotism and less terrorism, and especially on the part of the Jewish community in this country, who are good at nothing but complaining about every single thing instead of standing up and working with us in fighting the enemy in our country.

“I tell them, if you see a synagogue being built in your community, and you are worried about suspicious activities happening in the synagogue, go down to city hall. Find out who owns the deed to that synagogue. Is it an Israeli foundation? Is it (in) names of some Jewish Rabbi outside of the United States of America? Write those names down. It’s public information — for free. Write the information down. Come home. Call the F.B.I. in your local community. Turn the names to the F.B.I. and the F.B.I. can start checking. Are these people on the most wanted list? Do they have links to terrorism? This is how we can help our government as citizens…”

Original text is included in the article here. Please compare.  In the text above, references to Muslims were replaced by references to Jews. Imagine such a bigot being able to speak to US military academies.

One response to “How Does This Sound?

  1. That’s appalling.