Noam Chomsky Appointed Honorary Spiritual Leader

1. Noam Chomsky, that beloved gadfly whose work in linguistics is virtually incomprehensible and whose  political views are essentially banned from the US main-stream media, has finally made the big time. Rael has appointed him as an “honorary guide” of the International Raelian Movement.  No doubt Noam is thrilled. 🙂 Maybe he’ll even convert and receive the “cellular plan.” (Folks, I am telling you, I am in the wrong business. People will believe absolutely anything and Rael is living proof.) On the other hand, how bad can a religion be that calls on its female members to go to demonstrations topless? Good grief.

2. Wikipedia’s founder has an interesting history having started out in the Internet porn business with Maybe he should become a Raelian? Yup, Jimmy Wales is a most interesting character. Enjoy researching him.

3. The Anti-Defamation League is an organization dedicated to defaming the Palestinian people and to supporting Israel in its racist policies against the Palestinians.  Noam Chomsky,  an involuntary Honorary Guide of the International Raelian Movement and who does not think the Jewish lobby is very powerful, says this of the ADL “…one of the ugliest, most powerful pressure groups in the U.S…Its primary commitment is to use any technique, however dishonest and disgraceful, in order to defame and silence and destroy anybody who dares to criticize the Holy State (‘Israel’).” The ADL’s letter to the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post on February 9th is an excellent example of the fact that the ADL is an agent of a foreign government.  In this letter the ADL viciously attacks the Palestinian people who respond to Israel’s olive branches with “violence and terror” and with “Hamas and rocket attacks.” Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Likud platform rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, is portrayed in this letter as a man of peace. The ADL is as anti-semitic as they come.

3 responses to “Noam Chomsky Appointed Honorary Spiritual Leader

  1. Ah, the Raelians. How is the little clone child doing? It’s been too long since a gullible media reported on him. Or was it her?
    I hope you’ll keep us posted if Mr Chomsky responds to them.

  2. Bomis, not Boomis.

  3. Correction made. Thanks.