At Witte’s End

1. Griff Witte spent the entire week presenting beleaguered Washington Post readers with the way Israelis look at things using the elections in Israel as an excuse to pad his resume for an eventual job working for AIPAC, apparently.  However, he did drop a couple of good paragraphs in his pieces this week, comments which will no doubt cause JDL types to say that Witte is in league with Al-Qaida.  His Valentines Day piece was based on the mythical premise that there is a peace camp in Israel and that Tzipi Livni (of all people) is part of it.  He also describes the vicious anti-Arab racist Avigdor Lieberman as “ultra nationalist” which is the way the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post always describes the most racist elements of Israel’s racist society.  However, he does an end around on Lieberman comparing him to the horrible Meir Kahane who was expelled from the Knesset for having “racist” views. Score one for Witte.  (BTW, getting kicked out the Knesset for hating Arabs is sort of like getting kicked out of the KKK for hating blacks.) But then he portrays Benjamin Netnayahu as almost a peace-nik hanging out in the Likud camp. Too bad he doesn’t point out in this highly misleading discussion that Likud’s official position is that there can be no Palestinian state in the West Bank.

Witte also treated us to the usual baloney about the poor Israelis who live in fear all the time at the start of the week. However, he ended that piece with the following quote – a quote which is probably going to prove to be true in part because newspapers like the Post support the Zionist cause. The red highlighting is mine.

“The possibility that two states will be established here does not exist, because the ‘independent’ Palestinian state that we ‘want’ or can offer the Palestinians is not a state, but rather a parody of a state,” wrote Kobi Niv in Monday’s Maariv, a Hebrew daily. “Between a state (the large and strong Israel) and a joke (a divided and weak Palestine under Israeli auspices) there can never be peace, but only war and terrorism, for all eternity, or until one of the sides is wiped out, whichever comes first.

2. Tzipi Livni is a former Mossad operative who worked with assassination teams.  Both of her parents were arrested for violent  terrorist crimes.  Her mother was a train rober and also participated in blowing up a train.  This is the person Griff Witte tells you is the moderate who will create a Palestinian state. I wonder if her parents knew Rahm Emmanuel’s parents.

3. We pause here to give you message from the Jewish Defense League, founded by Meir Kahane.

thugfinger4.  Brian Wilson is our hero.

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